August 22nd, 2011

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Charizard Card (again!)

Hello everyone again!

I posted about finding an original Charizard card (you know the one) a few weeks back, but I cant find the post (Me and LJ dont always get along).

Image example here

I'm looking for the original base set Charizard card - it needs to be nice condition, but doesnt need to be PSA graded 10 or shadowless or signed by Satoshi Tajiri or anything ridiculous haha - but I'd like to see photos beforehand.
Oh, and of course, no fake ones please~

Also, any other sort-of epic looking Charizard items for sale?

The reason for my questions is my boyfriend's birthday is in two weeks and I'm wanting to suprise him with the original Charizard card that he stupidly sold for a couple of quid when he was a kid (I hope it wasn't worth a lot). His favourite is Charizard, and he loves the cards, but anything else particularly flat or awesome looking would be considered!

But, probably not plushes haha.

Thank you for your time everybody!!


Looking for this card!

Hey I'm looking for this card atm! It's the Japanese Toy's R Us Eevee 067-DP-P The picture show the sealed version but I don't really mind if it's sealed or not, as long as it's mint.
BrianJapan sells it for $20,- but I'm looking for around half of that amount.

If anyone's interested, I can also trade you for this card, I have a bunch of double eeveelutions that I will most likely put up for sale or trade this week, they include alot of older rare holos and I also have two vaporeon goldstars I am willing to part with!
I also have non eeveelutions TCG but I don't know exactly what all that includes.

Other cards I need can be found here:
Custom Ambipom

Collection update~! Also, the usual wanted suspects :3

Not a lot of items in this update. It's only one item; but it's a big one~!

The LJ Cut took my stuff away. :( Thanks to poliwhirl, I was able to get the Jigglypuff Zukan. Igglybuff is TINY. Way smaller than Cleffa. It's on a peg though, so it's alright. I never noticed that Igglybuff has red eyes. It's kind of creepy.

Now, I'm still looking for the following Zukans:

Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking

I'm so close to completing my collection... it would be amazing if I could find them by the end of the year. Here's hoping~!


Con Get & Trades!

So I'm really lazy and still haven't gotten around to taking pics of the new pieces in my collection, though I did take a pic of what I found at the anime convention I went to recently. (As Myu Sailor Mercury & Rose!Ciel if anyone's interested. ^^;)
And, I know I owe some people feedback. I'm really behind, but I hope to get to it this week.)

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And I finally have the requisite number of feedbacks to start trading. Yipee! So that means... "I want your cards!!" <-- non-demanding

I'm really looking to complete my Pachirisu, Plusle, Minun, Vulpix, and Skitty collections, though I am looking for a bunch of cute ones/ones to complete an evolutionary line.

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Collection Update, Sales, Website & Meme!

Hey everyone, I'm floating about every so often on the Comm. I thought i'd do a collection update since i've gotten a few nice things that i haven't updated =D So i'm gonna start off with a Small Collection Update.

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If Anyone wants to see all of my collection, Items are viewable on my website here:

Also! i still have many items in my sales post, So just follow the Link to get to it!

Chis Is obviously impressed with Luvdisc the ULTIMATE B.O.W.. Seriously it could take down Nemesis by sneezing!

I wanna see Your other collection types impression of your Pokemon.. I think i have the perfect combination with mine XD

price check please

So I have a few plush that I would like to know there value

Out if these the weavile pokedoll
it says 2005 on its tush tag and it is american velboa no hang tag
The Umbreon tush tag says 2002 on its tag japanese velboa no hang tag
Mime Jr pokedoll 2005 japanese velboa no hang tag
bonsly tush tag says 2005 american velboa

They are all in pretty good condition bonsly is a little loved.
And that's it. C:

the others I don't need to know.
uruha passion
  • risibee

Urgent WTB Skitty Plush

Hi Everyone,

I am really sorry if this breaks any of the rules, but I didn't know where else to go.
It is my bfs birthday soon, he has been really ill recently, in and out of hospital, and I want to really cheer him up, last time I went to Japan I promised I would get him a Skitty plush but couldn't find one anywhere.
If anyone knows where I can get one, ideally shipped to the UK by next week, but if not just one in general I would be so grateful forever.

Thanks so much, and sorry again if this is against any rules.
  • seiichu

Collection Update ^-^

Since I haven't done one of these in...literally forever. I can never seem to decide what I want to focus on x_x.

Aaaanyway, some stuff under the cut~ Mostly water and ice-types :D

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Will be getting some more stuff (including customs~) in a few weeks, so...something to look forward to? ^-^

show me your...

...Rhyperiors! (Art by Pearl Mode)
He's one of my favourite Pokemon, but so far my collection only consists of the Zukan and clipping figure!
I believe nobody collects him on the comm (?) but I'd love to see what you sellers have got! (Flats, figures, everything except TCGs!)
Unfortunately I can't buy everything you guys can offer, but I'd love to get some images for my wants list!

Quick appraisal

I saw this cool guy while surfing the web and was wondering how much it would cost me to get my hands on one of these bad boys. Are they worth much? How much have you seen them go for? Thank you for the help.

  • dragowl

Sales & a Meme!

Posting my sales not because I have updated with more items, but because I want this stuff gone! :P I'm heading back to the university this weekend, and I'm probably going to be taking my sales stuff with me, but I may not have access to it all for a while. Plus, once at school, I won't be able to reply to questions or ship things nearly as quickly as I have been! So if you want something from my sales, I reccomend you buy it this week!

Click here for figure/flat/etc sales!
Click here for TCG sales!

I still have a crudload of TCG for sale. If you're looking to add some cards to your collection, feel free to ask which cards of have of any Pokemon and I'll give you a full list! I have too many cards and I don't want to bring them all to school XD;
I'd also be willing to trade stuff for a Groudon Pokedoll! let me know if you're interested @3@

Annnnd a meme I thought might be fun!
If you had to choose one piece of Pokemerch and have it re-made (and I don't mean re-released; I mean completely re-made from scratch!), what would it be, and why? 
Personally, I'd choose the Totodile Pokedoll. Totodile is one of my favorite pokemon, and Pokedolls are my favorite line of plushes. Yet I hate the Totodile pokedoll XD It's so derpy it makes me cry XP
So, what would you guys choose? :3

Dialga is roam(r?)ing back!

Hello, everyone. I wish everyone has spent a nice summer vacation 'cause we are back to school. For me, I am embraing the suck for my all major courses in bioengineering. Not for free, especailly. hahaha. But I hope you guys are ready for the coming semester. Speaking of back to school want, of Pokemon of course, does anybody have an Articuno dex charm he/she wants to part with? I am not familiar with the price listed of this one, so anyone who sold it before or who is an expert in selling charms, please shout out. I am more willing to offer at a win-win bid. Good luck!


Sales and Pog auctions


I decided to sell my previous lot of items seperatly now, before I didnt have too much idea of prices but with some help from fizzycat I was able to price the items. BUT AS ALWAYS, TCG THINGS TICKLE MY FANCY mmmmmmmm

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And here, I found these odd pogs under my bed. I got them when I was on holiday about 8 years ago! I've never actually seen these anywhere over my years of being on the internet, shopping on Ebay and the comm. I'd like to sell them but no idea on prices.

So i thought i'd do an auction for them. WHY, NAUT, EH?

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