August 24th, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
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Reminders, Payment Needed, Customs Question

Click the photo below to warp to the 50+ Plush Auction! Ends this Friday. MANY PLUSH STILL HAVE NOT BEEN BIDDED ON.

jessie_grace89's GA TODAY @5 PM Hawaiian time. Basically about 16 hours 30 minutes from this post. We're making some progress, but there's still plenty that are still at low bids or no bids at all :D Go Go GO!

I need Payment from the following people:


Please check here so see what you owe me. If you believe you have paid, please give me the date and such of when you paid~! Payments go to segamew_art_emporium at yahoo dot com!
I was going to post some customs I have received, but I'm still waiting on one more custom @__@; And I've been packing all day so I didn't get a chance to get some nice photos.

That leads to the question of the night! How much would you pay for a custom? What sort of qualities/traits/kinds of customs you tend to commission? Would you rather buy an already premade custom, or have them construct it from the ground up? When you commission someone to make you a custom, is this item rather generic, or personal to you like a Pokesona/fanchar/Pokemon with unique traits?

I tend to ve very choosey when it comes to comissions. I have been known to be less choosey if the price is dirt cheap though XD; But I love to commission for plush constructed very nicely and accurately/appealing. I more or less commission lesser known plush artists not because they're cheaper, but they usually have slots available Q___Q;;; These big timer plush artists either have slots full or closed forever (or run commission auctions that I never win).

When I commission people, it's usually of a Farfetch'D with designs closer to the original Red and Green (and Blue) version sprites XD Just because they have the white stripes on the back of their wings.

This is the first and only plush I ever completed almost a year ago. completely handsewn and I did it completely by eye <____< IFAILHARDISHOULDGOBACKTODRAWINGFFFFFFF.

Took me an entire weekend. I wanted to offer a different time of commission offering other than digital art, so I blew a lot of money on plush material and utterly failed at it. Maybe I expected too much from myself on the first try? .___.

Tips on how to plush make is appreciated, I may go back to it after I leave the Navy.
pkmn; skorupi

Darling Skorpions + other wants, etc

I made a joke in my title, haw haw haw.

So something happened that was never supposed to... Skorupi worked its poison-tipped spikes into my heart ;___; I never liked him, but I swear his merch is FOLLOWING ME. First I get him and Drapion in a Jakks figure tube for Christmas one year, then I get 2 Drapion holos in my TCG purchases, and the other day I pulled a reverse holo Skorupi. I've decided to give in ;___; Skorupi really is adorable. Drapion I'm not as keen on but Skorupi is cute XD

So my question... what kind of merch does he have!? I know he has a Kid figure, and I have his Jakks figure. I've also seen some Battrio of him and some pan stickers, and he obviously has some TCG. But what else do you guys know of, particularly in the way of non-flats? :3

I also have a few other miscellaneous wants! I don't have a ton of money right now, but I'm looking to buy a few things :3

- Pokedolls (I'm always looking for pokedolls! At the top of my wants right now is a plain 'ol Pikachu, Minccino and a Jigglypuff, who I know is much more rare and can be expensive. But really, I'm looking for any and all pokedolls that I don't have. I'll gladly buy loved pokedolls, but no rips, stains or tears please!)
- Any Bidoof/Bibarel merch I might not have (flats mostly but I'm looking for the elusive bento eraser featuring Bidoof and Starly, the clear Bidoof/Bibarel chous and clear kids)
- Miltank merch especially the Moo Moo Milk kid and the TOMY relaxed beanie plush (this is my number one grail that I've been looking for about 2 years for ;__;)

Also, as a side, since my Leafeon Canvas didn't sell in my auction, I've decided to put her up for direct sale: $125 shipped anywhere, add extra for tracking/insurance.

And so this post isn't just text... I'll share this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks! =D

Gauging interest - Puzzleballs + (gasp) 1:1 cyndaquil!

Firstly, puzzleballs.
Right guys, my local toy shop has a few bits and bobs of pokemon from time to time, but it's quite big so they're hard to find. But, right now they have PUZZLEBALLS! YAY!
They had Pikachu, Giratina, Shaymin (land forme), Luxio, Palkia and Dialga and a big one with EVERYONE on it :) (well almost)
Click to see them!

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They may have had a piplup too, but I can't remember D:

Secondly, 1:1 cyndaquil interest and recommended price to sell/auction at?
Mine is in mint condition with tush tag and no marks/scuffs.

I know, I've not got sales permission yet, but I'm working on it, and I didn't say I was selling them, did I? Just seeing what the comm thinks ;)
indiffernt quagsire
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Custom Bags

Hay all! I know I've been gone for a while (Work is keeping
me busy) but I have some time off right now and would like to offer you guys
some customs! I'm moving away from plush making for the time being but I'm sure
I'll go back to it at some point.

Today I am offering customs in a new project I have been working on:

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u mad? maggyo

Tynamo's Who'll Be the Next PokeDolls? Part 2!

So the last "Tynamo's Who'll Be the Next PokeDolls?" contest was very popular, but nobody guessed exactly right! This is the official part 2! But now with some new guidelines!

・Comment here with your guess for the next PokeDoll lineup (after Sep 17th's). Please guess THREE Pokemon!
・You can guess the same as someone else did, but only the first person to guess the correct lineup will win the prize.
・If the next lineup only has two dolls, then this contest carries over to the next three doll set. If it has four or more dolls, you will win as long as you guessed three of them correctly.
・What's the prize? Once the real lineup is discovered, if your guess was correct, you can pick one of the Dolls as your prize, for free! If you don't like them, you can pick another PokeDoll (regular size)!

DRAWINGS of your guesses makes it more fun! :D

I won't guess, in case I accidentally win (you never know), but I will say this is my number one wanted Pokedoll for them to make. A manager even hinted to me that the possibilities of him being made were very high. It's up to you if this affects your guesses! ;D

So guess away!

super multi-purpose post!

Hey everyone, I'm finally doing my very first collection update! :D Warning: Image heavy!

Firstly though, I'd like some help identifying whether or not these Espeon and Vaporeon plush are legit. Click the cut for pictures :) Let's hope this cut works, it's the first time I've used one! :S

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Now, onto the collection update! :D Here's a preview.

This is my entire collection so far (of course, excluding the mountain of cards, marbles, figures and a few other items I have back in Australia). It's all thanks to some amazing comm members that I even have this much right now :) I'm still waiting on some more stuff to arrive though!

And here's some more detailed pictures under the cut.

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Now for some questions!
1. How exactly do you make names blue?
2. What Piplup line plush are available?
3. What Team Rocket merch is available? And how hard to find is it? Also, is it expensive?
EDIT: Does anyone know a good place to find cells? And how much you would expect to pay for one? Thanks!

And finally, I will soon have sales permission, and will be able to sell some stuff, including customs. I do paintings, drawings, watercolours, bookmarks and cross stitch sprites :D Would there be any interest in the above^^ items? And what sort of price should I be looking at selling them for? (No, I'm not trying to sell them, just trying to see who would be interested!)

rill pd

Worlds 2011 Auctions & Sales!

Hello everyone! I got home from VGC Worlds earlier this week and managed to get some extra Worlds merchandise, now available to you! Some items are up for auction, some are for direct sale.

My boyfriend and I were first in line to get Pokedolls signed by Junichi Masuda (programer, producer, director, composer, designer for Game Freak) and Shigeki Morimoto (game designer and programmer; creator of Mew). These three will be up for auction, but you can see the plush that we kept for ourselves under the cut. ;D Also up for auction are two Worlds 2011 binders, Worlds 2011 and 2010 exclusive Pikachu plush, Worlds 2011 and 2010 battle dictionaries, and Worlds 2010 and 2009 posters.

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Also forgot to mention that I have one super high priority major want... =[ Does anyone have this Mewtwo plush that they would be willing to sell? Or trade for? Or know where to find? I also have oodles and oodles of TCG not included in this post if that's what you're after. 

ace attorney, dahlia hawthorne

Just a quick pricing question!

Hi! I haven't made a "real" post here in a while, but I'm Dollie, and I collect pokedolls! =D

I was watching Pokemon Heroes last night in my dorm room when the desire to collect the Lati@s pokedolls struck. Does anyone know what price range they're in? I would prefer the minky variety, which might make them more expensive, but seeing as I can't buy one right now, I'd just like to check the pricing. I believe the minky Lati@s dolls are blue tag Japanese releases?

EDIT: I'd also like to know price ranges for American kiosk Lati@s dolls or untagged minky mist-dragons~

Thanks for the help, everyone!

PokeMinion Commission

Hey everyone!  I have a week where I have all afternoons/evenings off from work and would love to make some minions during these off hours.  I have a bucketload of yarn and am horrible at motivating to make things for myself. Sales permission: denkimouse Jan 20011 feedback is here  Here are some examples of past minions!  I will be taking 3-5 and will have them completed within 2 weeks give and take their level of difficulty.    
Collapse )And so this post isn't completely is what my personal project is currently.  He just needs a foot, body and his iconic feature completed before I can stick him together!  WHOS THAT POKEMON?! Thanks so much for looking!
run jolt

Moving Sales and Small Collection Update

Hi everyone!
I'm back with a small collection update plus a moving sale.
So these items arrived recently :

A clefairy swingcharm, and a turtwig charm. Clefairy really grew on me so i might start to collect her ><

Shaymin sukui doll!! He is awesome! i've been after him for awhile. And a pretty loved houndoom tomy, i fixed him up.

And a Foongus tin

I'll be moving to Finland on the 28th, because i'll be starting university there, so i'll be moving from Hungary my home country. So please help to get these items out before i move because i don't want to take these things with me to Finland.  

So please give these items a good home. Also there are a bunch of stickers and cards up for claims. You just have to pay shipping.
I'll be shipping your items out before i move, and i'll let you know when did i ship it.
You can claim as many as you want, first come first serve rule apply. 

Click on my banner to be transported to my sales, or click here

Thanks for reading :)))))))

Pokemon - Flap Flap

Want and a fun discussion.

As much as you plan a post out, something ALWAYS gets forgotten.

So, this card keeps slipping by me, and I really need at least one. (but will buy multiples)

Pokemon Collector from the HGSS set.

I would ideally like to pay $2-3 each for them, and am more than open to working out a trade from my sales post!

Also, do you know that feeling after you make a sales post, and made sure everything is there, and then you discovered you forgot something? I did. Added is a Suicune/Entei Legend card (top and bottom half). There's also a Growlithe Canvas that needs a home!

But to keep this from being completely about me, lets have something fun.
Your FIRST piece of Pokemon merch!

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Lets hear about/see your first item!
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Umbreon Plush Want & Cel Collection Update!

Hey everyone,

A friend's birthday is coming up and I really want to give her an Umbreon plush. A plush is preferred but other Umbreon merchandise would cool to look at too!

Also, I updated my cel collection with a cel of Magby and Misty/Togepi:

Thanks for the help and for looking!

Reshiram Zukan set last payment is due!

The zukans (and my zekrom lotto fig :D) arrived yesterday so you know what that means! *dramatic drumroll* shipping payments are due! Everyone owes 3.50 to remember to put the title of this post as the subject and your username/sukan you claimed in the note. IMPORTANT: Also, please include the address you would like the zukan to be shipped to in the note, if you do not do this i will assume the address paypal gives me is correct!

Sigilph: [info]thrivis 3.50
pantslizard/victini: [info]elisha1288 3.50 PAID
reshiram: [info]agkelikos 3.50 PAID
Gothitelle line: [info]usagimakeup 3.50
Hydreigon: [info]shaggy_griffon  3.50 PAID

Secondly i have a mini sales post/collection weeding, including the large talking snivy up for offers! (Disclaimer: I have the right to refuse any offer for any reason)

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Checking in with tons of new sales. <3

Hello, community!
My activity here is fading so fast because of life things, it's quite sad. It's always nice to come a lurk between all the work though~ I have some new collection weeding in my sales, and jeez, has my sales post gotten massive. Haha. Help me clear out the giant plastic tub of pokemon stuff I have by clicking the link below! All proceeds will go to school and and airfaire to go see my boyfriend. <3 Even looking is very much appreciated!

And to anyone I owe packages too, they've all been shipped, including all the ones that were once delayed by the Canadian postal strike. C:

As a small footnote, I'm trying to get in touch with hebilea. If anyone has heard from them, any info would be nice!

Thanks for reading. <3

☂ Reintroduction and Update!

Wow. It's been such a long time that I don't even know when I last posted! So that definitely warrants a reintroduction, I think!

Hello, friends new and old! I'm AutumnRain, but you can call me Raine for short. I've been here since January 2009. I mostly lurk and am here to buy things, but I do occasionally post, emphasis on "occasionally"!

I've been a fan of Pokémon since it first came out when I was 11. My dad brought me home a second hand Gameboy and copy of Blue (and later, a strategy guide because I was so stuck!) and I've been hooked since. My favourite region is Hoenn, with Sinnoh and Johto in tied second and Unova in third. I like the Fourth Gen best and I don't have one favourite Pokémon- there's too many I like!

So what do I collect? Hop under the cut with me and find out!

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Collection update!

Hi guys! So ever since I got my Giratina Pokedoll about a month ago, I've been completely obsessed with collecting and trading and selling and whaatevering Pokedolls! I also wanted to say that this community has been a big help and a part of that, and I'd like to thank you all for keeping the passion alive.

So here are the Pokedolls I've acquired recently! I also purchased a Mime Jr. but gave that to my sister. They all say hiii! :]

I love all of you guys :D Such a friendly bunch of people and fellow collectors. x]

Wants Post + Shipping Update


I haven't made a post here that didn't deal with GA's for a long, long time. ;_____; Oops, that'll be fixed soon! I'm in the works of revamping all the photos of my collection, and hopefully some time soon, I'll have a collection update 8)

But for now, I'll just pimp out my website so you can see my partial collection:

I always love exchanging links, so if you'd like to, I'd be more than happy to! <3

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And one more thing... I remember back in my early days of lurking around the community but not actually joining yet... someone had posted that they recently bought Gengar's Shadow from alibris, and they were questioning whether it was legitimate or not. I've been trying to find that post for ages, in hopes of me being able to even just ask if they still have it and for a non-stock photo, but I can't seem to find it. D:

So I'm just wondering if anyone could help me find that post? :'D

(no subject)

Hello old friends! I know I've fallen off the community (again) but I am back, and offering up some rather sought after plush!
I'm sad to admit, that my days of collecting have come to a close, I no longer have the space for my entire collection. So come on in, take a look, and hopefully you'll find something!


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Thank you for looking!


Hello pkmn collectors! :3

I have updated a sales post with some stuff. n.n
Quite a few of plush Jakks hasbro pokedolls
And a few figures
(There is a cute talking/moving eevee! :D)

(I need to make myself a cute banner lol)

I also want to thank this community and all the people here who have helped me with my awesome collection. <3 All you guys are awesome! : D And I can't wait to post a collection update (I have been dying to post it but still waiting on a few things to show up lol)

AND! I am always on the look out for dragon pokemon merch. ;D

Thank you. <3
Galvantula and Joltik
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joltikjoltikjoltik! + other quickie want

Now first question first, who is NOT a Joltik collector, but could not resist and preordered the cute Halloween Joltik plushie like me from Gin? *absolut irrevelant question, but I am CURIOUS* <3333

Picture taken from Sunyshore Pokemart (if you have something against this Gin, please let me know and I will remove it immediately :))

Generation 5 is too addicting and has too many awesome Pokemon that you just have to love! And now Joltik is the next one after Whimsicott (I have a fear of spiders if they would crawl over my body...but I adore them to death! I do not mind small ones near me or tarantulas in glasses though)! <333

Another question, is there anybody who has the Joltik kid for sale? Or maybe where I can find it on another site besides eBay? 
I am looking for ANY flats as well please! :D

Also, is there any other Joltik merch that is out there so far?

Last but not least, other quick want, does somebody have a Mantyke and Charmander megablocks?

Picture permission from larvitarscar, thank you! <3

Thank you guys for reading as always! :D

Some Wants, Questions, and Rambles

Hi, Everyone!

I recently discovered that a Tufty Pichu Pokedoll exists. I was wondering how rare they are and how much they usually sell for? I found this pic which I believe belongs to denkimouse

I'm also still looking for this Glameow card:

And can anyone tell me about this Mew coin? I knew there was a pink coin, but this one was plastic and multicolored (it belongs to my fiance's cousin but she couldn't remember much about it). What set did this come with? And does anyone have one for sale/trade?

I'm also considering starting a "Base Set Charizard Collection". I already have Unlimited Base Set, Base Set 2, and Italian...and am working on getting Shadowless and Japanese ones. Does anyone have any other languages?

This card in case someone doesn't know what card I'm talking about:

Now onto my rambles:

Last week I went to visit family in New Jersey. We also spent a day in NYC where I went to Nintendo World and Image Anime. It was fun! I bought a ton of plushies (more than I probably should've. lol). I got: Flareon, Umbreon, Lapras, Raikou, Dewott, Victini, and Purrloin. And picked up Lapras, Emolga, and Pachirisu for sorjei 'cause she's my bestfriend. XD!

Please ignore the four non-Pokemon related plushies in this photo. ^^;

And....I also got a bunch of random TCG cards since my cousin doesn't want his anymore. That was really awesome. :D Need to update my TCG Wishlist again now. oO"

~ Risha
Biohazard: 狙撃兵

News: Mewtwo to get an Anniversary Kid

Bandai gave out a press release earlier today regarding the promotions happening with the Kids series of figures due to Pokemon celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

One of the campaigns is following along a similar vein to the Kids Special series, which sees card art and kid figure sculpts mirroring each other (reported by denkimouse not too long ago.) Campaigners in Japan can enter to win a pack with a brand new Mewtwo kid sculpted in the booster pack pose from the up and coming Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard TCG sets due out next month, in addition to a pack from both sets.

The campaign will be running from the end of next month through until December, so Mewtwo collectors should keep an eye out between then and after for the new kid on Y!J if you want to snap 'im up.

Mewtwo looks totally clear to me, but nothing is mentioned in the press release at all about if it's metallic, or clear, or any other special pvc. Either way, that's one sweet looking kid which I know some fans will be really excited for.
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Reminder - Honchkrow zukan and glass charms auction ending at noon EST tomorrow!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the honchkrow zukan is still at a looooow $10, and the two charms have no bids at all! These auctions end at 12 noon EST/9am PST on the 25th.

Click the picture for the auctions on LJ.
I have also finished this volcarona pendant and it is on sale on ebay!

Click picture to be teleported to the ebay auction!