August 25th, 2011


Poke Bakery Customs + Poke Box Slots + Poke Voodoo Auction

Hey I'm opening up some more bakery slots. :D I finished all my last batch and shipped them all out. I'm opening up 5 slots this time cause I'm also opening up a newer custom of mine. C: ♥

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So you've proably seen me auction off slots for these guys. Well I realized I love making them so much that I decided to just open slots for them. So I'm opening 5 slots, click the cut for more details. :D ♥Collapse )


Lately I've been expermenting with this new style. I love making them so much I had to make some to auction off. :D So of course I just had to make the three main tairners form the Black and White games. ♥ So I'm auctioning off a N voodoo doll, a White voodoo doll, and a Black voodoo doll. These guys are one of a kind, so if you're interested get those bids in because I won't be making these guys again. But I will aslo be auctioning off a custom slot of any trainer in this style. ♥♥Collapse )
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Lot & league sales!

So I decided it's time for some massive collection weeding. Or actually it can't really be called collection weeding because most of this stuff is something I never really even collected. I have just been gathering lots of stuff I don't need, so I decided to concentrate on my collections and find a better owner for these things. Sadly, the postage rates of Finland are terrible even when I'm using economy class mail, and that's why most of it will be sold as lots. GA's are totally approved if anyone wants to make one.

There are also a few items from the last TCG league cycle, and for example a couple of posters up for auction!

Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

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Also, remember my regular sales! Everything can be combined with the things here :3

Pokemon: Politoed Power

adventures in baking

At 2 AM last night I had a crippling need for chocolate. Or cookies. Or anything sweet and edible that wasn't a palmful of sugar. I consulted my boys and they agreed they could use a treat too, and were eager to lend me a hand. We scoured the Internet for a simple recipe that our cupboards held the ingredients for, and also didn't require the use of anything electric (can't wake the neighbours!). We found one that looked just right and set to work.

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Meme: Do your Pokemon help you cook? Or are they too afraid to get messy? :D I've seen a few people posting baking photos recently, and I think they're super cute. <3

On a side note, more mail has come, including a big box from allyson_x containing my custom Politoed plush (that I have temporarily nicknamed "Bigtoed")! Collapse )

Tacking on a side note here: I can't buy anything at the moment due to no monies, but I was wondering if anyone had a mint Turtwig capsule toy from this series:

Mint being, I'd really prefer it to include the capsule and paper, although I can do without the paper and he doesn't necessarily have to be in his original capsule. Turtwig was the first capsule toy I got from the series, but I traded him to my niece for the Pikachu and now I miss him terribly. XD Like I said, I can't buy now, but if anyone wanted to hold one for me that'd be fantastic. Either way, I'd just like to know if he'd be hard to find at all. I've seen a few of the Starlys around, so hopefully he's not too uncommon either.

(P.S. I re-read the rules to make sure this was acceptable, and since it's merchandise-centric I thought it would be okay. Please let me know if it's not, and I'll refrain from doing this in the future unless it's more directly related to my general collection. <3)

Re-Introduction and Collection Update!

I promised it, and here it is! :D

Im, MyVampireLust19, or my real name is Chantelle. Ive been here since late January this year and havent really done a collection update since the middle of February, I think. It was pretty...scarce back then but since then I've had to install a toy hammock and a new shelf for all my merch since being here >__>

Im 21, love figures, plush and customs :D I do have my weebly site with everything pictured individually, this is mainly a post to see how I lay my items out and what I collect! (seeing as I think alot of people dont really know im a huge fan of the 3 Legendary Beasts)

Please chck out under the cut for my images :D

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leaving saaaaaaales!

Okayyyy, so if you saw my last sales post, you know that I'm a little indecisive and I get super obsessed with things, spend all my moneys on it XD, then not care... and therefore, pretty big sales post! Japanese MWT Pokédolls, some without, and some just pretty cool ones under le cut! Most Pokémon pictured here are brand new and awesome and tagged, with the exception of Togekiss, who has a torn tag :C My prices aren't as good as I'd usually like to have them, as I'm moving house TWICE haha and I have to move family home, and then uni home, and I'm very very very afraid for those bills :3 Thanksss guise. It's been really awesome, but I think I'm leaving, just because I have no money and lots of Pokeymans (': I'm not selling Slows or Rais because they are my two main collections, and my favourite lil guys <3 It's been awesome, and you're all lovely. Thanksss <3 Also I -should- be able to get back to people tonight, but I can't guarantee it, it'll be tomorrow at the latest (: 

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Pretty rare plush sales, and wanties!:

Hi guys! A grail popped up, so i need money! I thought id let go of some of my most rare dolls :3
Wailord, kyogre and manaphy! COME SEE :D 

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Hey guys! Some time ago i realized i had some poke(dex) figures and just thought they were purely beautiful!! So i was wondering if anyone has any pretty cheap ones for sale? Tell me if you have some, ANY!
Thanx very much!
Has some extra spending money, so bring it on! haaha :D
Im especially looking for the regiice one... i have regirock and gettin registeel soon :>
oh, and the attack forme one! :) I hav all other forms.

thanx again for reading/helping out! ^^

example :>

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Reminder: I <3 Pikachu Cushion and bag clip, August MPC Pickup. Sales Pug

Hey guys, just a short reminder about the pickups that I will be doing at my local shop. I will be taking offers till friday (Singapore time which is about 33 hours after this post, so you can take your time to decide till then. Just a preview of the items if you didn't see my previous posts - I <3 Pikachu Cushion, bag clips, August MPC plushies too.

Click on any of the two pictures to spawn at my pickup request page.

At the same time, let me end off with a small sales pug - DX Kids, Zukans, Sugimori Clearfiles, Keychains. Though I don't have a fancy banner yet, here it is!

Click on the Picture to visit my Sales Page
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Sales and kinda wants. >.>

- Granted sales permission on 4th August, 2011, by Denkimouse, I ship from the UK.

- If you feel a price is too high, feel free to mention it and I will correct it - I've never had to price anything before.

- If you feel I am selling something for lower than it's worth, please let me know.

I am in the UK I'm not used to Dollars! So my pricing might be off, that and the fact I really don’t know what stuff should sell for :P Feel free to let me know if I've priced anything too high (Or too low xD;)

Click the banner for sales:

Or go here: "Cliick!" <3

Also, I was wondering what merch Shellos has? For both East and West sea. xD I've recently bought a couple of charms of pokemon that I'd like and wondered whether Shellos has a charm, like the metal/dex charm kind?

What other merch is available generally, as well? Shellos needs more love! :(

Thanks! <3

Rumble Hound

Another boring wants post

I bet you guys are sick of these, haha. Anyway, I haven't been around that much because of staring back to school/other issues, however I'll have more time to be on now. ^^ I just want to post my wants right now. However, please note that I can only pay by CONCEALED CASH. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient.

My feedback is here if you would like to see:


Anything non-flat of Houndour
Sawsbuck Kid
Houndoom Kid (Yes, I actually want something of Houndoom)
Stoutland Clipping Figure
Blitzle MPC
Swoobat Kid

And to make this post totally less boring, let's see who I brought back to Purdue. :)

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Wishcash Love


ok soooo wishcash has officially stolen my heart q_q <3 i blame that he's water/ground since i seem to like all the water/ground type pokemon >>;;;; i always pushed him away since i was collecting swampert and some quagsires but lately he's been showing up everywhere! i keep doodling him in my notebooks :O


id love to get one *mainly the one the left**or both of these adorable fish kids*
id like to pay around  $2.00-$2.50 for them if thats possible or would love to trade my bunary line zukan, slugma line zukan, OR zigzagoon kid for him! i also have a bunch of TCG cards as well XD

if you have any other wishcash items for sale/trade as well let me know! <3 if anyone has the plush ill gladly trade quite a few of my plush for him! not looking to buy one atm.

Singin&#39; Wottz

Time for a re-introduction!

Hello all!
It's been quite a while since I've been really active here, and there are always plenty of new faces coming in! So it seems it's time for me to re-introduce myself.
I'm rocket_chick, 24 years old (really old ;-;) and living is Australia (the land of high shipping!). I joined this community over two years ago now - gosh, it really has flow by though! As you may have noticed it's generally a pretty nice place here.
Like most of us, I loved pokemon when if first came out, and after some time away have found myself coming back to the fun little critters. I like quite a lot of pokes and different merchandise, but my favourite by far, and the main focus of my collecting is Pokemon Time. For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Time is a line of merchandise exclusive to the Pokemon Center, and super-charming! And especially for my introduction, and the purpose of spreading the PT love, I present my website --

Click through to see more!

You can find plenty of info about PT, and photos of my collection items all there! Banner/link trades welcome!
But hey, as anyone who collects pokemon knows, it's very hard to stick to just one thing, right? I have afew other collections, and lots of other paraphenalia which I am itching to show you all.
Lets begin with Starter Pokemon! Including my DX Torchic Pokedoll!
Forgive me if some of the pictuers are a bit meh, I was trying something new that didn't work out.

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But hey, I'm not all about the starter mons! I have a few other bits a pieces that appeal to me, too, which I have amassed here for your viewing pleasure.

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And that, ladies and gentlefolk, is that!
I hope I've inspired and informed, and I hope you're all looking forward to the next Pokemon Time Promotion as much as I am (hopefully this September)! I am 100% certain that I've forgotten things or left things out, so this is by no means everything I have! I guess we'll just have to cover that in future posts! See you then ;)

A suggestion to the mods - do you think we could get a Pokemon Time Tag? It would be much appreciated!
Wooper Gif
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Simple Commissions Open!

Hey Guys! I don't have a collection update sadly, as lack of funds. But I'm going to be ordering that halloween dicebag and flail around like a school girl when I get it. But as for the main purpose of this post, it is all about simple commissions from me :3 By this I mean that I am opening spots for Drifloons, and Pokeball Change Purses/dice bags/hackysacks. Follow the salesman Typhlosion for the information!

I am currently: Offline, but will reply later on!

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Oh man. multi double post of pure awesome.

So I finally set up a complete permanent sales post, and got a whole bunch of stuff up that i had been too lazy to take pictures of up before. so here it is! follow the fake cut to the post in my journal : )
Follow your nose!

I'm also prettyy sure that I haven't posted any for of collection update in. forever. But since my SD card and its port n my laptop don't get along at all... It's going to be a lot crammed into few pictures : (. Hope you all enjoy anyways! I'm also certain i forgot things.. oh well, next time!

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LJ question + 'I Love Pikachu' question

Hi! I'm here with essentially two quick questions:

1)  'I Love Pikachu' plush

Are any of our usual Banpresto go-to orderers (e.g. nanoplasm, or our friends in Japan) intending to help the comm with orders for this? I understand donny9 is collecting pre-orders for this, but the stipulated arrival time of these plush at the shop in question is about a month after the Japanese release date (it arrives virtually in October), and I want to know if it's necessary to wait so long as I want to get it for a friend's birthday. =D

If nobody is selling this, I suppose I would have to get the plush at the local shop when it does come. While I'm there, I might be able to help a couple of people pick up a Head or two when the time comes, as the ordered stock (50+ heads in total) should be enough to go around, but for those who need it like burning, a safer bet would be to rely on someone who is more committed to helping with pre-orders since they are a dead cert in getting the plush as opposed to me getting them while I'm there. ;)

2) Livejournal 'Rich text' nonsense

Apologies for being slow to the party with this one, but what's up with the new post formatting? I tried editing my sales page and it became an incoherent mess. Is it permanently like this, or a bug? There are a lot of spacing issues even when I disabled auto-formatting! Is it only a problem with editing old posts? It's a lot more complicated to post pictures too as I would have to wait for each picture to appear in the window before applying properties to reduce the dimensions to fit comm rules...unless I am being a goof and totally not aware of how to 'work' the new system? =P

3) Shipping update + sales

While I'm here, for those who bought from my previous sales post, half have been shipped and the other half will be going out on Friday. =D

Thanks for reading! As soon as the truckload of plushes I'm waiting for all arrive, I'd commence with the (muchly overdue) Part 2 of my anniversary collection update. =D
N &amp; Snivy

help me unload some TCGs

I'm offering bundles of 5 cards for $1, not including shipping and fees. I have cards from the classic Base Set up to Black and White and everything in between. Bundles will not include Trainers, Energies, or doubles unless requested. The cards are chosen at random from a lot that includes commons, uncommons, and holos.

Most of these cards are not the ones in my permanent sales post. So, anyone who has ordered cards from my sales, please don't get your feathers ruffled. :p

End Of Summer Card Blowout! + Many others

Hi guys, I have TONS of card related items that needs to go. I'm letting these go for as low as possible so please no haggling.
I also have the newest banpresto and Tomy plush stocked so if you interested just let me know. Forgot to mention, I also have cards from the B&W set. Have all cards except the SE pikachu and Secret Reshiram & Zekrom. I really want to clear out all singles so please let me know which ones your interested in and maybe we can work something out.

Anywho, onto the sales!
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Help me pick!

I am picking plump reshi! <3 I cant resist that chubby-ness x3

Thank you everyone for all the help! <3

Hello! <3

Soooo I want to get myself either a resh or zek pokedoll (I want to get both eventually but one for now)

BUT! I don't know which one to get first! D: I love them both. they are both super cute! lol So here is where you guys come in! :D
Which one should I get first little resh or zek?
Which one do YOU like better? (Specailly if someone has them both I would love to hear from you! C:)

Also remember my sales! ;D


Quick Sales!

So I'm still weeding out everything I don't collect. It's getting really tough to choose what to sell. XD; I do like these things, but it's for the best. I will be selling every single item of every Pokemon that are not my main collections.

Everyone who is waiting on items for me, sorry for the delays! School has been piling work on me since day 1. I will be shipping everyone's items off early next week. :3

Up for sale today: Lot of Shaymin Figures, Shinx Canvas Plush, Mall Tour Snivy, Pokemon Center Panpour Plush, Pokemon Center New York Grand Opening Sticker, Zorua figure lot and Ensky Magnets

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(no subject)

Hey everyone, just posting my wants list. I added some new stuff, such as a clear Wailord kid and some Dex figures. If you have any of the tems, let me know!

  • Clear Wailord Kid

  • Lati/os Dex Figures

  • Any affordable, non-DP Zukan

  • Latios and Latias Zukan

  • Clear Latios and Latias TOMY:

  • 10th Aniv. Edition Latios and Latias Zukan

  • Latios/as Kids (Attack and/or regular)

  • Paint scratched Latios/as figures, including kids

  • rusey

*timid wave*

Hey, everyone! I'm Amy, I'm Canadian, and I've loved Pokemon since I first discovered the show and subsequently bought Blue. I've had those stages over the years where I drifted away from it, but my interest always returns with a vengeance. :D I've been lurking here for awhile, envying everyone's items, and finally decided I'd like to start collecting myself. I don't have much of anything to show off yet (I've started a couple sad little custom plushies that I haven't finished, and that's about it), but I'd love to start buying.

Bulbasaur is and always has been my favourite Pokemon. I also have a huge soft spot for several ghost types (Drifblim, Duskull, Chandelure, etc.) and Wailord. And about fifty million others, but I'll just stick to those for now instead of listing half the Pokemon in existence. |D If you've got anything up for sale featuring those guys, feel free to point me in that direction.