August 27th, 2011

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Seeking Hoppip, Skiploom, Cottonee, and Maractus merch

Hi again c: I'm in the process of taking photos of my collection, and also trying to get sales permission- so I can sell some of the stuff I don't collect anymore :3 But in the meantime, I'll write out a wants/seeking list, and what I collect! Maybe you can help me?

I'm after Hoppip, Skiploom, Cottonee, and Maractus merch! If you have anything please tell me about it!

I love all of those Pokemon and they all are my top favorites! ♥
I dunno why but they're kind of all related haha XD What can I say? I love the roundness of the faces and the one-color eyes and happy smile :) Who knows, maybe next I'll like Oddish too?!?
I don't mind booties or customs, in fact I really love them c: I don't think Maractus has much, if any merch yet but if you know about some please tell me! I haven't found any myself :C

Please note that at the moment, I'm not looking for any TCG. I have tons of cards and need to sort through them, I'm not entirely sure what I have and don't have! Any other things are fine, especially plush since I am seeking that the most.

Pictures and specific wants below the cut!

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Thank for looking! :3
Pokemon: Politoed Power

happy birthday to me!

I was gonna post after Monday when I've opened EVERYTHING, but... I can't resist. C'mon, I know you wanna see too. :B

So. It was my real birthday today. (Yay for turning 22 and getting all Pokemon prezzies. ;D) While I have to wait for my "second birthday" on Monday to get the rest, today I was allowed to open the present my mom paid for.

The one in this box:

You want to know what it is, don't you? Look at it. Look at the box.

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Sorry the photostory this time around isn't as good/detailed. I am VERY tired from my day. XD I hope to make a nice, entertaining one on Monday/Tuesday! But for now, I quiet tiem snuggles with my new 'toed. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll reply to everyone later tonight, or tomorrow if I conk out. Seriously, sotiredomg. But I love you all! ♥
raichu is happiest happy chu

Mirage Plush

"So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide." --Mew

As a result of recent research, the origins have been determined for a small group of Pokemon plush that surface on the community sparingly each year!

We begin with a brief history: During the late 90's Poke-craze, everyone wanted in on the money to be made in Pokemon merchandise, and licenses to create toys were handed out to so many companies, Nintendo even lost track of who had them or not, as did we. Now, there are tens of thousands of Pokemon plush out in the world. This particular post will pinpoint a small handful of mostly-European (but some have been found in South America and Australia, etc, as well) companies that went on to create exotic novelty Pokemon plush prizes that were distributed in crane games, at amusement parks, and in one known case, at festivals promoting Pokemon game releases. These (more than likely) unofficial plush, made on a very small scale, now lay scattered around their origin countries of Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, and more. They also happen to be some of the rarest and hardest to find collector's items.

I originally began researching about them years ago, after I realized there was more to them than I first thought. Before I knew anything, or took the time to discover they are not counterfeits. Because of their appearances I'd simply brushed them aside into the same category as "Hong Kong bootlegs", which are the mass-produced, deformed, misshapen copies that look like official plush, only uglier and with multiple missing body parts. Naturally it took a Raichu plush for me to realize they not only aren't copies, they are so original that most of them barely resemble any Pokemon plush available on the market!

A German community member provided me with information regarding additional origins of the mystery plush, especially the ones created as festival prizes by small, independent companies in Germany. Assumed to be unofficial and incorporating unusual and often very silly-looking designs, the plush are all unique to themselves and designed by the companies as novelty items and prizes. Unlike both official plush and Hong Kong bootleg plush, these plush were never mass-produced in factories to sell in stores at all. Because of those circumstances, now, over a decade later, these plush are ridiculously hard to find.

Additional research into the history of these items found parallels in other collectible merchandise. One example is found in the My Little Pony collecting forums. This is not referring to 2011 Friendship is Magic's flash animated ponies, but goes back to nearly three decades ago when MLP began in 1982. MLP collectors are surprisingly hardcore for a group who collects colorful horses with cutie-marks on their hips and tiny plastic combs for hair-brushing. They are not only our senpai's, they are much bigger than Pokemon Collectors and could probably kick our butts, so, respect those guys. The My Little Ponies groups have entire forums dedicated solely to the often silly in appearance, and certainly extremely rare foreign ponies. They have massive galleries and have even pinpointed each country of origin for these wacky and often unofficial ponies. They call it "Nirvana".

As our dual PKMNcollector and MLP collector fizzycat has explained, a nirvana pony is a pony that was not a mass-marketed design. Back in the 80's, Hasbro gave out the license so loosely that it actually lost track of which ponies were actually licensed! So its unknown whether a lot of them are truly 'official' or not. Thus you can see the similarities to our mystery plush here, even if nirvana ponies countries of origin are incredibly different (as it is a hobby that began in and spread from America, not Japan).

So are these plushies OUR "Nirvanas"? Nirvana may not be the word that comes to mind when one sees, for example, the Chansey plush in my examples below. AND NOW, thanks to the VOTES of over 200 members, OUR plush have been nicknamed "Mirage Plush!" Why? The reasons are rather eloquently explained in the PokeDex entries of Mew (see quote at the top of this post) and Dratini, the Mirage Pokemon...

"Long considered a mythical Pokémon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater."

In at least ONE case, the only plush a Pokemon ever had that was company-made was a Mirage Plush -- did you know Pidgeot has a plush? Now you do!

So is your MYSTERY plush with an unknown maker or origin, with a chopped off, missing or blank hang tag a MIRAGE PLUSH? Find out now!

Qualifications for these Plush:

1. They are old (so far nothing beyond Gen II has been found), made at least a decade ago.
2. The were not mass produced, and are very rare. Usually less than five people are known to own the same kind of mirage plush, and the majority have only been seen one or two times total! The reason these plush were never mass produced is probably because:
3. They have unknown origins (probably unlicensed), but ARE company-made, with limited-info tush tag or none at all, and created by small/independent companies that lacked the ability to mass market (see above). Notice this does not specify Europe -- but 90% of these plush do come from there.
4. They are created from a 100% unique pattern (not a reject or a copy of an existing product). The PPP is a great resource for comparing what might be a Mirage Plush to plush made by, for example, Play-by-play (which often resemble these Mirage Plush). If it's a mass-produced copy, bootleg, or factory reject of something official, it does not count as a Mirage Plush.

sneak peak of the gallery:

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AND UNVEILING MY NEWEST......................

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The point of this post is to document, catalogue, and inform about these Mirage Plush in the hopes we can one day dig up so many of them that we have a gallery that can rival that of our predecessors in the MLP collecting hobby!

Please comment with any photos or information you might have, including company names, more specific countries of origin, or photos of tus
h/hang tags!

Pokedoll Auctions

Hey everyone :] I have some auctions today!
I recently had to downsize my pokedoll collection due to needing some extra money, so I am auctioning off 8 of my pokedolls:

Blaziken, arceus, cyndaquil, totodile, chikorita, turtwig, chimchar, and piplup.

Please give them a good home ♥

Click here for the auction info, details, and the pokedolls!



Hello all ~
Just a quick wants post for this elusive beast:

Seriously, I'm kicking myself in the head for not buying this back in the day on a daily basis now. I am only looking for Clefable. If anyone has this charm or knows anyone who has it, I would be more than willing to pay a lot for it. I've been looking for it forever now.

If anyone is interested in trades, I've got the Celebi, Growlithe, Exeggcute, and Pupitar HGSS charms in mint/near mint condition (only Celebi is MIP). It doesn't really matter HOW I get this thing, I just WANT it. XD

  • donny9

Last Pickup Reminder (Extension)

Hey guys, I know some of you are sick of seeing this, but due to my schedule I've decided to only go preorder it this coming monday , so this is a last chance/reminder for y'all to get your I <3 Pikachu items - Bag clips and cushion. Don't miss out on this as I've heard its only attainable through Y!J since its a namco exclusive, unless you live in japan of course, by which you have ufo machines. So I will extending my pickup requests for one more day until Sunday Singapore Time which is in about 24-30 hours
Once again this is a link to my sales:
Alola Vulpix
  • allinia

Updates and New Sales

Just a reminder, I haven't been able to reply to PMs/comments/emails because I don't have internet at home and likely won't for another couple of weeks. About 95% of questions I've been asked will be answered below :)


PokeCen Pickups and Sales: EVERYTHING anyone has sent payment for has been shipped! There were a few packages that went out earlier this week and today, so everyone should have their goodies shortly if not already. I apologize that there was no clear order to how they were sent - basically, whatever was on the bottom of my boxes was sent last.

UFO and Mew & Friends Plush GAs: I have requested shipping invoices for both lots, please keep an eye out over the coming few days for payment info.


Now that old sales are completely taken care of, I have some new sales for you all. I don't mind if someone wants to GA anything below, but I am in a bit of a financial bind so I would prefer if the auction could move relatively quickly. I'm not looking to split up any of the lots right now, if you're interested in only a few things a GA is probably the way to go.

Dark Pokemon Lot: $275 + shipping Going to be GAed by bazula!
This is tough to part with but I really could use the money right now. I've collected dark Pokemon on the side for around a year now and many of these are from friends, but it's just too difficult to keep up with most of these popular Pokemon. The price reflects about what I paid individually for the items, and for now the price is firm. If someone wanted to GA this, I could gladly provide closeups and a detailed list of everything pictured (provided I can get online).  

More sales under the cut!

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I'm also looking to trade for Tepig and Oshawott Pokedolls. I picked up Snivy when I was in Japan and I'm regretting not completing the starters trio. I can't purchase them flat out right now but I have the following Pokedolls I could trade.

  • knienke

Group Buy

Personally I love these straps! I want the community to also have an opportunity to get these.
( I hope the image is not too big, I don't understand anything of LJ anymore)
All of these have to have a claim. 
Pichu: minhimalism              
Marill: mommymoose
Suicune: doryphish333
Entei: doryphish333
Raikou: doryphish333
Eevee: havvaiibabe

Pichu: mommymoose
Eevee: mommymoose

The claim price includes shipping to me. When everything has a claim, I'll buy the set, no payment yet at that moment. This charm set will be bought from (sort of Dutch Ebay). There will be only one payment, this will cover your claim plus fees and shipping from me to you.  Shipping is $1.33 anywhere.
I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010.
If there is more interest we can get more sets.
(I have one Marill and one Suicune myself for sale if anyone is interested)

Pokedoll figure slots!

Hey guys! A lot of people seems interested in pokedoll figures by me, so instead of me making 5 and then auction them out, i thought that id finally open up a buncho of slots for straight sale! :D Examples are here!: Stuff:
I ship from sweden I accept PAYPAL ONLY!  
Sales permish granted by Dakajojo
All figures are handmade from sculpey clay
Im pretty much of a slow shipper.. feel free to check my shipping status post :3

 Figures are around $15 each! Some may be cheaper, and some may be more expensive :) I will open up 5 slots for now, but may be opening up more if they all get filld up!(not to sure it will happen... hah :D)
1. Snowtigermar: Happy mew figure!-paid!
2. aarux: aerodactyl- paid!
3.gappamaki: slowking-Paid!
4.Rythen: dunsparce and terrakion- paid!

Feel free to ask how much a pokemon would be! There are some pokemon i wont make! Please ask that too :)
By comissioning a figure from me, u help me out getting a grail ^^ Im trying to raise $80! Thats approx what i need :D

Also, u may get a bit of a discount if you buy 2 or more figures at the same time :) So yeah, bring me the quotes! :D
Also, i wont remake pokemon ive already made, so be first to get the figure your interested in :) I will remake pokemon, but only in the other color variation! Thanx!! <3 And feel free to ask ANYTHING in the questions thread! :D

im on a pokedoll figure creating spreee atm... so order now when ive started hahah :D <3


Card / Sales Update + GA reminder + Shipping Update

Card / Sales Update

Also keep an eye out in a couple of weeks, i've ordered some stuff from Y!J and I got tons of it I want to sell ;D

GA Reminder

(click to go to the GA)

A reminder that this GA is ending in just over a day! so gogogoogog!

Shipping Update

I have all kinds of GA and sales packages all wrapped up, address'd and ready for sending! More urgent packages (needed for birthday gifts and such) have or will be posted out asap!

I hope to have absolutely everything out by next week :D

Also thought i'd post up some customs which I have been doing for commissions recently;



Hi everyone I just had an idea earlier today and I would like to know what you guys think of it. I was thinking that I can make a story of my pokemon applause plushes and by that I mean I can have a cool story and an epic plotline ( which I won't spoil it ) to it and they all go on adventures and battle and train and fight evil together. It will kinda be a short story but not short at all. I need your advance if this is a good idea so please comment on this and tell me what you think! If you do think it's a good idea then, I can do a chapter every 3 days - a week. Also I need your advice of who the main character / the protagonist should be and the sidekick. comment on this and vote who the main character should be and sidekick. your choices are all pokemon applauses ( unless you want the characters to be any pokemon plush and if so please comment on this and tell me and I will tell you all the regular plushes that I have )

I have 25/33 applause plushes so i have a lot. Your choices for the main character and sidekick pokemon applause plushes are:


















Sandshrew ( maybe )


I have other applause plushes that are wartortle, ivysaur , charmeleon, 2 charmanders, zapdoes, and
might be getting a mewto and sandshrew applause so please comment and tell me what you think and thanks so much!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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◩ BELL PLUSH AUCTIONS & MORE ◩ recycled potpourii

Better late than never, but only late due to having a crazy month. BUT since I hope to have a little bit of spending money for an upcoming trip, I have three new products (only two of them bell plushies) and the rest of my customs up for offer are ones that have previously been auctioned and unsold. Also up for auction is a Dialga zukan, the first of many items I've pulled from my collection to eventually sell.

Without further ado, the auctions~

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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to comment! However, please do not ask me about commissions at this time! I am tentatively planning to open auction slots in November or December. =)

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting! Go go go, and thank you!! ♥

Name your own price TCG

Hey everyone, long time no see! Long story short, broken computer. But I'm back. :) I've gathered up some new things to sell, as well as a ton of TCG.

I know almost nothing about the value of TCG these days, so they are name your own price. As well as mint-condition cards, I have a bunch of played-condition ones as well, good for crafting or whatever you like. :) Check it out!

(To the TCG Sales!)

Also, are my regular sales! I added these fabric squares.

rill pd

Worlds 2011 auction reminder!!

Just a friedly reminder that my worlds 2011 auctions will be over in less than two hours! This Is probably one of your last chances to own worlds merchandise (including binders, plush, books, etc) and your only chance to win Pikachu pokedolls signed by Masuda and Morimoto and a Mew pokedoll igned by his creator, Shigeki Morimoto!!! Get those final bids in and keep in mind that I can do payment plans if needed. =)

Click here to go to the auctions!

Bidding has ended! Major thank yous go out to all who participated!
Eevee Dangle

some wants <3

Just a few quick wants from me ;D Please, when you make offers, could you please include shipping to Australia and if you have one, a picture of it? ^__^ I am looking for the following:

*Image is borrowed from Cuddlefist's website! ;D* ANY UMBREON KID FIGURE! Umbreon is my favourite Eeveelution, and it's the only one I don't have any kid figures of D= I don't want to pay a rediculas price for him, and some minor scuffs are fine. Just show me what you have! I'll pay fairly based on which one and condition =)  ALL HAVE BEEN FOUND! Thank you, sorcererhuntres and blackfruit bat! <3

Cyndaquil Pokedoll I never got around to buying one of these when they were in the US last year D=. Price depends on the year, where it's US or Japanese, tags etc. As much as I'd love a minky, I'm realistic, so velboa is fine =D
FOUND! Thanks sorcererhuntres!

Banpresto Charizard "Cute" Plush, Small Size I've now missed out on this guy from auctions GAs etc. a total of six times xwx; He's a major, major want, but I need him for the right price (the ones on eBay are over-priced when i compare with the ones I lost *shakes fist at internet connection*). I would be totally happy with one without either tag, although a butt tag is prefered. My 21st Birthday is coming up so I've decided he needs to be with me by then XP

Thank you ^__~

Also a quick shout-out for the Noseless Pika GA, ending September 2nd ;D
captain hammer dr horrible cue cards
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(no subject)

Hey all! I haven't done a collection update in...forever. Um. Here, lemme check my posting history hmmmm...

over a year. June 2010.


Okay, so, needless to say things have happened since then! Probably all the new members don't even recognise me or know what I collect. x) I'm a TFG/Kaiyodo collector, like zefiru and psy_man and kingrarium. :D In three months I'll have been around for three years, wowzors. I meant to do a big old collection update when I hit 100 TFGs a few months ago. Then I didn't get around to it and that became 101 TFG...102 TFG... And then I needed my book shelves back as actual book shelves instead of pokemon display shelves (I love me some books) and the poor TFG had to be stored away in my handy dandy storage drawer and that's where they've been for months now. But I want to show them to you and do that 100+ celebration update before my big Groundbreakers-related update in a couple weeks! But I don't wanna unpack everything!

So here is a Super Lazy Ultra Exciting Everything Is Still Technically In Storage but I Took Colourful Pictures of it All Jammed in There Wooo Update! Yeah, that's the official title. Deal w/ it. /shades

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Soooo, yep, hope that was fun for you, too. 8)

Oh and did I mention my wishlist? Go have a squiz, I'm after a pile of different things - figures, cards, plush, clearfiles, cards. Figures. - maybe you'll have something I will give you money for! B)

Mass of Group Buys!

So, Ive found a few pretty lots that I think we would all like to take part in as a bunch of Group Buys.

Take each image of items as a seperate group buy, Im seriously wanting to do about 6 at the same time :D Any one person can be put down for as many items as they like. And you must be ready to pay on time! If not bad feedback may be left.

There will be two payments, 1st for item and shipping to me then 2nd which is shipping from me to you :D

Please check under the cut for more details

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