August 28th, 2011


I go by this handle, Altomare Latios (if you recognize it... it's that one). I started collecting stuff while I was in Japan since 1999 to about 2005. I couldn't get a whole lot of stuff (mostly because I was on a small enough island, Okinawa, they don't get a lot of stuff), and I didn't have much money. But I've managed over the years, especially when the Pokemon Center had a online store in Japan. Oh and I found a store on my last visit that had old stuff for cheap... I just hope it's still there when I go visit again.

Anyway, a friend of my referred me to this website, and well I just wanted to show what I had! I'm mostly an avid plushie collector, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (the last two kind of intermingle since they're from different times in different locations). I'll be happy to answer anything about them!

Since this is a small picture, I'll describe what's in it from top to bottom:
  • Mewtwo sketch from Sayuri Ichiishi (lead anime character designer for the first three seasons)
  • TCG binder with my shiny rares
  • Pokemon Center Onilne shipping box
  • Pikachu water color from Sayuri Ichiishi
  • shopping bag from the Pokemon Center
  • 5th movie "pamphlet" (it describes half the movie, basically)
  • game boxes for Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire
  • Dark Lugia jumbo card
  • 10th movie pamphlet (it's under stuff)
  • 9th movie pamphlet
  • 8th movie pamphlet and mini posters and... some promo thingy
  • a tin with the rest of my TCG cards
  • 6th movie mini poster
  • Latios and Latias mechanical pencils
  • Post cards from the Ruby/Sapphire sound track
  • A letter from OLM (the anime studio that does Pokemon)
  • 10th movie promotional card se
  • Two programs for the Pokemon Festa from 2002
  • Latios & Latias jumbo card
  • a Jirachi lenticular from OLM
  • A fan from Pokemon Festa
  • Sandart, from Pokemon Festa
  • a New Years card from OLM
  • Pokemon movie ticket stubs

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
  • segamew

KFC/BK Sales, Random Plush Sales, Sheep Zukan, Price Check

Hi, just unloading some of these items hoping they find better homes than here =P I recently won some old Pokemon BK/KFC items, so I'm selling my extras~

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo
I ship internationally from Hawaii
Haggling is welcomed! I'm not sure about the prices of a lot of these items, so have at it!
I have the tendency to reuse packing material for food products. I don't use boxes with any food residue, but please let me know if you're concerned due to peanut/wheat/gluten/etc allergies and I will use new/nonfood packing materials for you!
Trading is also welcomed, but I tend to be very picky about what I want/how I want it. Looking for Porygon2 PlushPlush and Natu Pokedoll (and some Sonic the Hedgehog items LOL...)
I can hold for up to 72 hours. Note that if you ask me to hold, this locks you into a commitment of buying the item(s)!

Their tags are curved with minor whiting/very subtle creasing (if any).
Vulpix - $25
Dratini - SOLD
Seel - $18
Zubat - $18
Or all remaining 3 - $55 shipped within US (inquire about outside the USA)

As far as I can tell, none of these have any food residue with the exception of the french fry bags (probably chocolate, not fries)
Togepi BK Child's Cup - $10
Meowth Large Cup - $20
Nido male line bag (2 available) - $25 each
French fry bags - $1 each (has some stains of what may be just chocolate)

(click the cut to see MORE items)
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Price check the following Pokemon for me~

Wishcash plush from Pokemon Center
Porygon2 PlushPlush
Psyduck PlushPlush
American Velboa Swampert Pokedoll without tag (it would have been the old Pikatag)
American Velboa Sceptile Pokedoll with old tag

I'm also looking for any information (photo especially) about the Farfetch'D plush that is NOT the Banpresto UFO. I must obtain info about this mirage plush djvoiwrovisjiowj!

And now for the NEW random question of the night:

Do you hug/cuddle your plushies? If so, do you hug just untagged plushies, or both newlt tagged and pre-owned/tagged plushies? What about very valuble plushies/grail level plushies? Do you prefer to hug plushies of a specific size? Are there some plush material that you enjoy snuggled your face again a lot more tan others?? What plush you noticed yourself huggling a lot?

For me, I don't actually hug my plushies because the majority of them are under 7 inches XD I do however pet or squeeze them (almost like a stress ball). I prefer to pet snuggle/cuddle plush that are not absolutely brand spanking new unless I have a duplicate =) I have a duplicate Oshawott Pokecen plush so he is often the victim of being overpetted! I love plushies made out of minky or some other soft fabric <3 I also love whatever the Banpresto UFO Farfetch'D is made out of, I find myself tugging on his feather hairs a lot!

I probably won't touch valuable tagged Pokemon plush beyond inspecting the condition/quality though~


My feedback page is HERE!
If I owe you feedback, go HERE!

And also, Noseless Pika GA
Custom Trainer - Front

ModPost: Monthly Reminder, Video Collection Update and Wants

Good day everyone!

It's that time again!

That's right! ModPost: Monthly Reminder time! I will be reiterating and covering rules that have been consistently broken and/or ignored lately as well as introducing some new ones! So please read this post thoroughly regardless if you are a new or tenured member.

Image Size (Not under a cut)
I understand that we have a lot of new members, however this is one of the easiest rules to follow but it is continuously broken. Per our community rules images (AND VIDEO) must no exceed 500px in width. We have tried being nice by asking members to kindly resize the images... however, some members have either completely ignored the friendly reminders or simply failed to comply in a timely manner. Thus, just like any other rule breaking post, they will be removed.

Off-topic Posts
If the focus of your post is NOT Pokemon merchandise, it is OFF TOPIC. Of course discussing your in-game team, anime happenings, even cameos by merchandise of other franchises are OK, as long as they are not the focus of the post. This includes posts about how people should contact you because you aren't going to be on or will be away... it is YOUR responsibility to contact those who may need to contact you, especially if you owe payments. On that note, "who do I owe?" posts are not allowed. It is your responsibility to keep track of your purchases and what GAs you've participated in.

Customs in commission posts (as long as you have sales permission) and in collection posts are allowed. However, if you are posting your most recent Pokemon creation or art we need to make it clear that this is not the proper community to be doing so. You should really be showing off your custom creations and art over at poke_arts . If these posts are seen, they will be deleted.

GA Claim Disagreement/Issues
If a disagreement or issue arises regarding a GA runner's claim to an item, please contact a mod and do not argue or badger the GA runner in question. This way a mod can evaluate the situation and resolve the issue to avoid potential drama on the community.

Do Not Post More Than Once A Day
Our community is extremely large, and by posting multiple times per day you are cluttering up the page. The only exception to this is if you’re posting about newly announce merchandise. Otherwise, your post will be deleted. This rule does not mean you SHOULD post once a day every day. Please do not do this unless every single post has new and original material.

Please take a moment and read our community rules. It will make the world a happier and cleaner place... errr well at least, this community. ;)

Side Notes: The Shops/Permanent Sales Post and Collection Site Master Lists will be going away soon... only to be replaced with something more dynamic which will allow you, the member, to post your own listing. I'll have more details mid-September if everything works out the way I'm wanting. :)

Also, if you need to contact me directly please do so by e-mail or AIM (both modes of contact can be found on my profile). I'm finding too many PMs are not reaching me. That could partly because of the amount of traffic my poor PM box receives. <3

It has honestly been forever since my last collection update. I've been meaning to post one for months now, but I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and put it together. So, I decided an entertaining video collection update would be much better. Be sure to have your speakers on for this one. XD

As indicated in the video, I unfortunately forgot to include my DX Pikachu and Lapras pokedolls, so they are here:

A few fun facts about dakajojo's collection:
*Mew and Snivy are main collections (and also, my favorite Pokemon)
*115 Pokedolls total (this includes my duplicates - however, most are unique)
*3 DX Pokedolls (Mew, Pikachu, Lapras) though Lapras is a custom. :3
*4 PlushPlush (Meowth, Oddish, Chikorita, Bulbasaur)
*If you saw an empty space in the video, that just means something new will be moving in shortly. XD

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my collection (as well as jamming out to old Pokemon songs!)... it's been ages, and I do plan on posting updates that are not mod related more often. It is somewhat crazy to think about where my collection is today, when it all first started with just an Espeon pokedoll that my boyfriend dappermiju gave me. :)

I am still working on The Brass Tower, and am hoping to have it up and running soon. It will be nice to have a permanent place to display and catalog my collection. I will also offer hosting packages for members of this community who would like to have a collection site of their own. :3

Also, I will have a decently sized sales post that will be going up later this week. So be sure to keep your eyes out for that. It will be Pokedolls galore. XD

If anyone has any of the following, please let me know!

Mew 151 Pokemon Center Can Badge or Saporro Pokemon Center Pikachu Plush (Cowboy Pikachu)

The Mew 151 Can Badge has become a grail of sorts. -_-

Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! Keep our friends on the East Coast of the United States in your thoughts and prayers. <3
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RE: The New Class of Plush!

I am really glad you guys enjoyed the post yesterday about Exotic Novelty Plush. And if you didn't see, I added more pics to the gallery and new information about the plush, too!

There were various issues with the term "Nirvana Plush" (which we borrowed from the MLP collectors), but since I thought it is pretty fun and handy to have a special term for these guys when discussing them, I thought we could vote on it!

Make sure you do read the post all about them before voting! These plush have a very specific and simple set of rules (1. old, 2. unknown origins, and 3. original patterns), and that is ALL this term would apply to, if one chose to use it!

Poll #1773382 What do we call our European Novelty Plush?

Pick the word you think suits them best!

Pandora Plush
Fable Plush
Mirage Plush
Origin Plush
Myth Plush

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also a note!!! i have added new tomy plush to sunyshore. and you have until friday to place your halloween orders if you want to get them in september, so have at them!!


♥ Custom Poke Voodoo Auction Reminder ♥

Just wanted to remind you guys of my custom Pokemon Voodoo doll auction is ending tomorrow. C: If you missed it, I'm auctioning off a White doll, a N doll, a Black doll and a custom voodoo doll slot. :D I will only be making these three once, so if you're interested get those bids in before 6:00 PM PST tomorrow!

And White still has no bids. I would be open to haggling for her if anyone is interested. I just want her to go to a good home. ♥ C: Just let me know if your interested! ♥♥♥

I do still have custom Poke box slots open if any one is interested and my I'd still take custom bakery slots if anyone wants. ♥

Everything in this post -

weeding and regular sales

Hello community! I am really sad to say that I have to do a collection weeding of my Lapras collection. ;.; I love her to bits but with all the BW merchandise coming out I need to make room for my new wants and save up for them as well.

In the picture and how much I am looking for are:
*A MWT American pokedoll- 18.00
*A singing kid- 3.00
*A dark blue kid- 3.00
*An MIP Tomy- 12.00
*A Burger King toy- 3.00
*A battrio coin- 1.00
*A 151 badge- 8.00
*A zukan- 50.00
*A HGSS dex charm- 25.00
*A MIB dice set- 10.00
*A MIB model- 10.00


I also updated my sales post with more items and lots, especially a settei lot I am offering very cheap in the flats section! Puzzles, badges, stampers, and more are also available! :D If you want something here combined with what is in my sales post, let me know!

To the pantherotter den!
Custom Ambipom

This is everything I have - plus the weekly wanted list

I posted this earlier, the format was all messed up, so I'm trying again. I haven't done a complete collection update in a while, I thought it would be nice to do one along with my wanted post.

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As far as wanted items go, you should all know what I'm looking for. XD

I still need the Slakoth line and Castform Zukans.

I would pay quite a bit for the Slakoth line, just sayin' :P Castform isn't as much of a priority as Slakoth. Speaking of Zukans... what does a Barboach line usually run? I'm thinking about tryin to find one. An interest in Audino is starting to form too. More on that later. :3
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Tyranitar Plush and Ditto merchandise

Hello, I just thought I'd post a quick sort-of wants post.

I've always really wanted a Tyranitar plush (and when I get a job, I'm going to hunt one down or get one commissioned) but can anyone who knows a lot about the plush merchandise tell me what they ever made in terms of one. Or anyone who knows where I might be able to start tracking him down, that would work too!

Also, anyone who does plush commissions and would be able to create a high quality Tyranitar, I'd love to know!

I'd really love the Larvitar McDonalds plush one day, too haha.

I've heard of a legendary massive plush of him that they made about 50 of ever in the Pokémon Centers but whether that's true or not I dont know.

Also, what sort of Ditto merchandise do people own? I must say I would love a plushie of Ditto too, but he seems just as elusive (he's simple enough that I think I'll make my own anyway lol) or anything similar (I have the Dittochu, of course).

If anyone has any ditto or tyranitar merchandise (anything) to show me for sale, let me know too c:

Thanks everyone! Take care!~

I forgot to mention that I'd really like to get my hands on a Ditto Zukan with the bulbasaur too haha. I'd like to know how much I'd have to pay for one.

2 trainer erika tfg auctions

Hey community! :D I hope you had a wonderfull weekend, or still have <3 Before presenting you the Erikas, there's another TFG I wanna know about.. If anyone ever saw it for real, had in it's hands or something. It's my new major majormajormajor grail ;__;
I NEED ONE IN MY LIFE LIKE SO SO BADDDD >o< Anyways, back to bussiness. I'll be auctioning on these ladies:
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Shi Sitting

Cleaning up Sales Lot

Im cleaning up my sales post,Want everything gone,for some reason Im unable to edit my sales journal,it comes out all blank and now it messed up so unable fix it for now.Im offering these to the community,before I list them on ebay so feel free to browse! Thank you,what not sold be put up on eBay so here your chance x]!

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Pachirisu - :D
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auctions ending soon~

Just a reminder that my auctions are ending in about 2 hours!

Click for auctions!

Also, so this post isn't incredibly boring, have a look at these cute Pokemons I brought back from Japan last month <3

I really super duper want to go live over there (can I say that enough?) and I talked with some of the Japanese girls we met while we were there, and they said working in a cafe has a good hourly rate, and that they thought working in a Maid Cafe would totally suit me xD I really want to live in Tokyo which is obviously more expensive, so I'll have to find something more permanent (although to be honest I'm very "low maintenance", says my mom) cause I really wanna be a voice actress in Japan *w*)9

Also I kinda wanna ask the Tokyo Pokemon Center if they're hiring; I've been practicing my "I KNOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAKARA DERP" but I don't know how far a stretch that is... even if I get turned down I'll spend like 123456789 hours a day there anyway |D
Parfearie Sabi

To Complete My Legendary Dog Collection

I'm thinking that denkimouse is gonna be the only one to offer on my orange eared raichu, but her offer is pretty decent and will definitely be accepting if no one else offers. I want to complete my legendary dog collection. The only figures I want are

1. Keshipoke
2. Super Get
3. Chupa Surprise
4. Moncolle Plus
5. clipping figures

I normally won't buy them separately due to serious OCD, but if you have some for offer, please show me :3 I'm interested!
[Pokemon] Kangastar
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(no subject)

Let's go let's go let's gooo~


#604, Eelectross!! Which means Eelektrik and Tynamo are included as well. :) Post your Electric Eel collections, discuss, etc! Happy Eel Week! (I hope there's enough merch of these guys for a decent pokemon of the week...)
  • kinerai

First Collection post! (huge)

This is my first time posting my colection since I'm new to the pokemon collectors community.
I've been collecting pokemon since it came out in America and never completely stopped since then. Of course I bought less while I was in high school but I recently got back to it now that I have a fulltime job :3

There are a few items missing that are still at my mom's house, but well you can see most of my collection here :D

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Pokemon Playing Cards?!

Hi guys, happy Sunday! I just wanted to share with everyone some playing cards I found in my drawer.. not sure if they're worth anything, so I wanted to ask you guys :D They're pretty cool and four in particular had really cool artwork so I figured I'd share. Does anyone know anything about these? :0

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  • donny9

Updated Sales with TCG. Tornadus Full Art -Offer!

Hey guys, just to let you know I've updated my sales with some Emerging Powers TCG, but the main attraction will be the Tornadus Full Art Card that is up for offers. Many of you will thinking, wow this guy is mad he's selling his first and only full art card. But nope, I've decided not to "Collect them all", but only to collect Ground/Fighting Pokemon cards as well as the Pokemon I like. Without further ado,

Click on the Picture to jump to my Sales/Offers Post.
Note that I also have other items there such as Keychains, MIP Zukans, DX Kids, Sugimori Clearfiles and more
So if you don't like clicking on pictures here's a link :) -

Pokemon Groundbreakers Update and wants

Hi everyone!

I am very happy to show you this update for my GROUNDBREAKERS COLLECTION !

Thanks to Denkimouse who sold me : Blastoise, Kabuto, Snubbull and Xatu !
The 11 others was found on ebay two years ago, without base
I have two starters (with the 8 official bases )


My entire Pokemon Groundbreakers collection (23/42):


3.Bulbasaur    4.cacnea
5.Cyndaquil    7.Flaaffy
11.Jigglypuff  19.Linoone
20.Mankey      22.Mewtwo
24.Noctowl     25.Poliwag
26.Psyduck    28.Slaking
31.Spinarak    33.Steelix
34.Venusaur   35.Wartortle 
38.Zubat         40.Koga

the third wave :

23. Minum 26. Plusle
30. ??? 37. ??? 38. Whismur

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Qucik wants + Dittochu Plush Auction Reminder

Hello everyone, just wanted to post a quick wants list. I am a bit short on time, so I will make this quick. sorry to rush though this. >.<

1. Articuno Bell Plush
2. Articuno Poekmon Center Holiday mug
3. If you have any custom Articuno plush to sell, please show me, I am usually up for those. ^.^

Alright, now for the reminder! =)

I have an auction running for a MINT Rainbow Series Dittochu plush as well as a TOMY Mew Plush going on until Friday of next week at Midnight. Offers are still low, so please stop by if you are interested. =)

The link is as follows. =)

I will be back sometime soon with an update I hope.


Wants list ^^

Just made a new wants list! Please check it out will ya? :/
Als, remember, im after ANY deoxys merch i dont have yet! Anything from flats to plush!
Thanx guys! And a reminder of my custom pokedoll figure comissions:
this is the only reminder, and only time i will take commisions for a while.

i figured my prices were a bit too high...
IVE LOWERED PRICE TO around $15 instead of $20! Go get :)

Ill stop taking these comissions at september the 5th! :)

Postcard holder?

EDIT: Even a cool Pokemon 3 ring binder in good condition might work!

Good evening fellow collectors! Does anyone know if an official Pokemon postcard book or album exists? I've found myself gathering a lot of Pokemon postcards lately, and would love something official to hold them in! :)



Hello fellow collectors! I come to you all with some wants! :D

Chatot Pokedoll! Doesn't have to have a hang tag :
Now this is a strange want...

I am looking for the Playa Tropical Worlds 2011 Card. (The Spanish card)  If ANYYONEEE could help me out that'd be awesome. :D I bought a set on Ebay and they gave me 2 Praia Tropical cards and I'm missing the Spanish one -_- Thanks so much for looking! :D         Thank you Dionashi! :D

More wants~

If anyone is getting a kid + TCG set and wishes to sell their Haxorus, Liepard, Bisharp or Liligant cards, let me know! I would be highly interested in getting as many original promo cards from the BW era as I can.
 looking for this card also, the Crimgan from championships.
This Riolu incoming when the new expansions will be realeased, and this Lucario.

Looking for japanese VS series: Karen's Tyranitar

Still looking for Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis
-Gym Challenge (need Giovanni, somehow had no idea it existed)

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards.) ((have VS Will pack and all 3 BW))
If anyone knows where to obtain said boosters (DPt era and up is on Hardrock pokemon I believe) especially the older series, I would like to obtain them if no one does have any empty packs. I have scoured around but Neo3 up to the first Diamond and pearl set seems amazingly rare.