August 30th, 2011

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End of Year MPC Plushies and Chibi Plush (Banpresto)

Hey guys, I just dropped by my nearby store to pre-order the I <3 Pikachu pillows and I saw their new catalogue and behold, the New MPC plushies and chibi plushies. The photo quality isn't very good because I didn't have a camera on hand so I used my terrible iPhone camera. If such pictures have already been uploaded please tell me and I'll remove the info tag (And maybe post since its my other post is on the same page)

For some reason I can't post anything at the end so I'm going to put my sales pug in front instead ><:

First up, the MPC Plushies
October Samurott Set - Samurott, Whimiscott, Foongus, Beheeyem, Bisharp, Sawsbuck (I assume November) Serperior Set - Serperior, Swoobat, Scrafty, Galvantula, Litwick, Gothita
December set - Lilligant, Darmatian, Deerling, Rufflet, Simipour, Yamask
Now if you're wondering, where the heck is Emboar, I tell you, I have no clue why it wasn't in their order list, maybe it was in the previous catalogue. And there's one more I reckon it hasn't been posted on the comm before: Chibi Plushies!
3 Starters Remake (But I only see Oshawott and Tepig looks different, Snivy looks almost the same) Scraggy, Victini, Dwebble, Minccino, Cubchoo, Emolga
Also, I've got news that December, they'll be releasing a 27cm I <3 Pikachu Plush which I will probably be opening a Pre-order when that time comes (It will arrive in January). And apparently the shop is also thinking of bringing in the lovely I <3 Pikachu Keychain plushies that you've been seeing in denkimouse photos, but this is not confirmed. I will be updating more closer to the date
Spinning Hypno
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2 Day Pokedoll GA Reminder - less than 12 hours remain

This auction ends at 1:30 EST/10:30 PST on August 30th! We have 2 chimchars, a manaphy, and 2 mantykes with absolutely 0 bids! Nab them cheap and while you can! Quite a few others are still at or near their starting bid of $5, so here's your chance to grab some of those "side collection" pieces on the cheap.
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Quick question!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been active - it's been a sort of busy summer for me. I'll be sure to update soon with my collection!

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is allowed, and apologies if it isn't, but I sort of need to know as soon as I can.
Does anyone know where my_chapstick went? 

I've yet to receive a couple of items from her that I bought at the beginning of summer - one from a GA, and one that I purchased in sales. I've contacted her just now, so I'll see if I get anywhere with that, but I've noticed some recent negative feedback that has been left. 

If anyone knows her name/paypal address so I can maybe consider making a paypal dispute in the future, if my items don't turn up.

Thank you for your help guys!

Group Buy shipping reminder and wants

This is a reminder to the following people who still need to pay the shipping payment for their zukan:

Sigilph: [info]thrivis  $3.50

Please send payments to and include what zukan you claimed and your shipping addy in the note if the one paypal provides is incorrect.

Secondly, does anyone know when the Jakks pantslizard plushie is due to be released? I want to get my hands on one :P

mystery plush solved! but who's the reshy?

Well, I'm back from PAX! It was a great trip with a few... minor... setbacks (7 hours at the airport...) but I will soon have a big collection update and even my FIRST sale coming up! So look forward to some goodies I got from the Pokedex 3D booth for sale :) Anyhow, I got to check out the Kinokuniya in Seattle and it's so far the BEST one I've been to! Some of the prices were high, but can't go wrong with $3.50 Kids^^ However, there were cell phone charms at $5.99 which seemed WAY over priced! I was thinking of getting this clear overdrive Reshiram, but not only did the price seem high, but I have NOT seen this guy before! Not sure if bootie or not... Although I did see copyright stuff on all the charms, I'm still curious on this guy, especially what set hes from (and hoping to buy him off the Community in the future for, hopefully less than $6).

Also, I noticed these funny looking plush amongst the authentic Jakks. These guys, looked like Jakks plush, but were more like immitations. They apparently had zippers on their backs, so I guess coinpurses? There was also a Tepig that was sitting.


Here's a closeup of the hangtag, with a company I've never even heard of. Once again, looks like a Jakks immitation. The tushtag had just "Pokemon" on it, no copyright info like the tag, which was of course, even more suspicious.

Anyone have any idea on the Reshy or the strange plush? It was just odd if they are booties, to be found in a Japanese import store, full of legit goods, although I know it does happen sometimes.

any dittochus for sale / nayumatapapa

Let's keep this short.

Hey there :)
Okay, here's the thing. I have finally succumbed. To the cuteness. Of this.

Well, I would really like one. actually, I need one urgently because I am a desperate person.

And yes, I know there is one on auction, but I would rather buy it now. It's much easier.
And I would like to pay around $20 - $25 shipped to the UK. (if that's not enough, let me know and I will change the price)

Dittochu is available on eBay, so as a final option, I might buy him from there (if I have no offers)
BUT, is nayumatapapa a reliable seller? I'd like to be certain.

Thank you! <3

Best pikachu plush?

So..I've been thinking my collection need just a little, little Pikachu in it. <3 And I need your help in this sea of Pikaplush - which one is Your absolute favorite and why? Please help me decide which one to get! <(^O^)>
Pixel Pair

Fall 2011 Collection Update!

Hi everyone! I've been anxious to get together a collection update since my move, and here it is! The bulk isn't that different from my last update (a video post in February) but there are some new and expanded collections, and since I got rid of all my furniture moved, I had to start from scratch there. Figuring out where to put everything in a smaller place with new furniture was not a lot of fun, but I enjoy looking at the results now!

Here's a little preview:

Toz's Pokemon Collection Photo, August 2011

Collapse )

Former lurker :D

Hello ^-^

I've been here for a while, silently lurking. My name is Rebecca, I'm from the UK, and I've been a huge Pokefan since it debuted in Japan, where I was lucky enough to be at the time.

I found this place while I was watching a program with the World Record holder (Liza?) and she happened to mention it. Is she an admin or something here? Lol, only assuming that with her dedication and all xD Regardless, I'd love to ask her a few questions if she is here!

Onto my favourite Pokemon. As you can tell by my username, I LOVE Oshawott, and I also love Charmander, Dragonair, Aerodactyl and Scraggy. I have more, but these are the ones I'd like to start collecting properly =)
If you have a collection of any, I'd love to see it!

I hope I've done everything right; it's been years since I used LJ for anything, I can't even remember my original account, lol!
N &amp; Snivy

Shipping + Sales Updates

Just to let you guys know, all packages have been shipped out as of today. :)

In a week or so I'll post a commission thread for the month of September. I have new images for my keychains, so keep a look for the post. I hope to have a collections post at least put together if not posted by that time as well. My last few perchases are finally staring to trickle in. (yay)

I've updated my sales page with new images and items. I've also weeded out most of what has already been sold. I'm open to trades. My main collections are Snivy, Lugia, Lapras, and N. I would also trade for these items : Emolga Pokedoll and PC plushes, Axew PC plush, and the Cyndaquil Pokedoll.

Click the banner to be transported to my sales. Granted Sales Permission on 7/20/2011 by dakajojo.

alert! alert! alert!

i know we just had a modpost. but this is an emergency reminder!

please please PLEASE! remember this rule everyone. we want to attempt to eliminate the chance for ANY thieves to come and steal our money, whether it was their original intention or not. if you follow these steps it is possible you cannot have your money stolen anymore.

quoted from the rules:

If your buyer does not receive their item within 35 days of payment and especially if you are difficult to contact, a paypal dispute will be opened. Sellers- keep receipts and other proof of shipment (if possible) in case a buyer becomes suspicious and/or dispute is opened or if you need to prove a package was “lost”.

If the buyer chose seamail, as this is the slowest form of shipping.

If a natural disaster or strike is affecting the mail system.

If the item in question is a custom-made item.

This rule does not apply to GA/GB's as it is not a seller/buyer relationship. See the GA rules for more details.

people have mentioned before "but in my country the receipts aren't detailed enough" -- they aren't in japan either. they only say weight and cost, not even a country. but i still keep them all, and could scan, and show exactly how many packages were mailed out and that it matches up with the amount of orders people placed, if a situation ever arose. you, as a seller, must also do the same.

please, please do this. it does not matter if the seller is someone who has been a member for a long time (as someone like glanth was) or kept contact right up until the 45 day limit on paypal was breached (such as my_chapstick has done).

open a dispute. if the seller is angry at you for it, as long as they really did send the item and you get it, all will be fine. and sellers, try not to be angry, even if you KNOW you sent the item and it is possibly all the postal system's fault. come up with a system for working with buyers if their item goes completely missing in the mail. for example, i will send a 50% refund, or will replace the items in question, if possible, for less than shelf price. it's up to you what sort of policy you want to come up with.

in other news -- the GA rules are finally going to be finished with their update, and we finally are going to have better consequences in place for terrible customers! as the banning sellers with 3 negatives has been working well, we will soon be implementing temporary bans from the entire community for buyers who back out of sales, don't pay, or exhibit otherwise terrible behaviour.

that means -- make sure you are a GOOD BUYER -- it's actually very simple to be one -- read the rules if you are unsure!

AND THANK YOU to all sellers and buyers and members who are beautiful beautiful people who are nice to each other, pay, and ship, on time. You are amazing. And luckily, you are the majority.

one last thing. we have a new mod joining us soon. who could it beeeee? :D

Question + Small Custom sale

OKAY SO. I couldnt wait till it arrives xD I recently won this in a lot;

And I cant express how f!@#ing HAPPY I AM. Because I had no clue this even existed!
Can anyone tell me if there's a possibility a Cacturne exists? Or anything about this Cacnea block because i've never seen it before, and i used to collect the Blocks for ages too!

Collapse )

Also QUICK SHIPPIN' UPDATE! Posted out a bunch of stuff today from my Plush + Flats GA, and also some sales items! Some larger ones had to wait for today becaue i couldnt carry too much down town :( So more will be heading out over the next few days :D
Any worries or questions about it? Just ask! <3

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myntii used charm! (again..)

Oh LJ, how you hurt me. Let's not talk about how many times I've tried to post this. orz

Shipping invoice for this GA is here!

Unfortunately, due to the weak dollar, shipping is sort of hefty. ;w; It's $3 per figure that you claimed to rlin4992(@)! I am paying for all unclaimed figures. Totodile and Piplup have not been claimed yet! Please let me know if you're interested in claiming them. :)

And now, let's get down to business to defeat Team Plasma.

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Looking for Aerodactyl Model Kit or information on it.

For a while know I've watched this group from afar. And had decided not to join because I already spend enough money on ebay Pokemon auctions and other collections. If I bothered to follow this community rigourously..I'd be flat broke lol.

But after a long time of searching atleast for a picture, I finally found one and knew my best chance of atleast learning of the current rarity of the item would be here.

I'm highly interested in the Tomy 199? Aerodactyl Model Kit. I had purchased one back in 1999 at GameStop when I was a kid. Arceus knows what it's fate came to be.

Anyone know anything about it? The odd of actually having the chance to get one? Built or MIB, I don't care..even broken ones.  Any information on this item is highly appreciated.

And I apologize if I made a mistake or broke some community rules with my post.

mpc ga here! Please pay for shipping!

Attention! ruenis myvampirelust19 ruenis ruenis ruenis myvampirelust19 And ruenis I didn't receive first payment so I combined the two... :)  AND WTF NEW POST SYSTEM. DO NOT LIKE X_X Everything's messed up and I don't know how to fix it.... xD ou OK FINALLY. I got this GA in! Sorry for the lack of updates. :(

*** OMG I DON'T KNOW WHY ALL USERS ARE TURNING INTO TOMOKII. I am sorry :( Omgitslph, I need both payments from you and I combined it.

Collapse )Please send payments to cilan AT live DOT com

Collapse ) $11 SELLING: Minccino Jakks Plush. Give him a good home for $11 + shipping. Comment if interested! =D
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Poster auction reminder

Just wanted to remind you that the auction for these two TCG league posters ends tomorrow 10PM CST. Grab them while you can! :3

I also reduced the prices of all the lots I had for sale in my previous post, so please help me get rid of them! Also taking offers on individual items if no one wants to buy the whole lots.

To the auctions/sales post!

And a small want... I'm looking for old Orange Islands and Pokemon Movie 2000 Topps cards. I'm still missing quite a few, so if anyone has them for sale for cheap (preferably around $1 each, or bigger lots), please tell me!
Pokemon - Buds

Just a little wants post~

Nothing big, I'm after two TCG cards - Pokemon Collector from the HGSS set.
I'll buy more, but right now just two is fine.
I'd like to pay no more than $3 each for them.

I am also currently after a Reverse Holo Terrakion from the Emerging Powers set.
Paying $5 for one.

(I may also be interested in a Cobalion from the set (regular holo, reverse, doesn't matter to me) since I snagged a Virizion in the pre-release.

I'm in the US 75006 if you'd like to just throw a total with shipping my way.

(and here's hoping I can find the mini binder with the trio on it tomorrow or Thurs!
Awesome collection update Monday, granted that I get anything neat. It may just be a TCG collection photoshoot.)