August 31st, 2011

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It's been a while...

And I believe a certain site of mine needs an update.

Can anyone fill me in?

Last I heard we had DP15, with Zorua/Zoroark, and hints of a Ho-Oh/Lugia rerelease.
I've seen a few B/W era zukan images floating around since I've been hopping about the recent posts here, but I have no idea how much I have missed.

Hit me with some knowledge, people, and I'll check back tomorrow to refit the website.

A meme - show me your rainbow kids!

Good night to those who are still live. College life is some kind of boring, especially for my university in such a small town. By the way, I am studying in the Penn State as a Junior. So we need to add a touch to our lives. Why not taking a picture of kids to make up a rainbow team? Umm, it sounds like much easier than rainbow plushies, or something else 'cause we have such a HUGE number of kids. So come on guys, stand out and upload your great picture(s) !

P.S. I am still hunting for an Articuno Metal Charm from Pokemon Center. If you have one or you have any clue where I can find one, please PM me!

P.S.2 Somewhere on Y!J there is a nice pokemon lot including Pokemon kids, chocoball figures, rare zukans (i.e. Arcanine and Growlithe, and Squirtle line, who do not like them?), and more. If you are a frequent and industrious browser, I am sure you will find it.

Good night!
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
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KFC/BK Sales, More Random Plush Sales, Gen 1 Auction Part 2 (again), 40+ Plush Auction

Hi everyone, time for another round of sales before my random big sales before the big holiday weekend! Oh man this is like... the first 4 day weekend I had in over a year >__>;;


Sales Permission granted by dakajojo
I ship internationally from Hawaii
Haggling is welcomed! I'm not sure about the prices of a lot of these items, so have at it!
I have the tendency to reuse packing material for food products. I don't use boxes with any food residue, but please let me know if you're concerned due to peanut/wheat/gluten/etc allergies and I will use new/nonfood packing materials for you!
Trading is also welcomed, but I tend to be very picky about what I want/how I want it. Looking for Porygon2 PlushPlush and Natu Pokedoll (and some Sonic the Hedgehog items LOL...)
I can hold for up to 72 hours. Note that if you ask me to hold, this locks you into a commitment of buying the item(s)!

Their tags are curved with minor whiting/very subtle creasing (if any).
Vulpix - $25
Dratini - SOLD
Seel - $18
Zubat - $18
Or all remaining 3 - $55 shipped within US (inquire about outside the USA)

As far as I can tell, none of these have any food residue with the exception of the french fry bags (probably chocolate, not fries)
Togepi BK Child's Cup - $10
Meowth Large Cup - $15
Nido male line bag (2 available) - $18 each
French fry bags - $1 each (has some stains of what may be just chocolate)

(click the cut to see MORE items)
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(click the photo to warp to the auctions)

(They both link to the same page, just samples of what the auction offers)

Noseless Pika GA

Yeah I know there are quite a handful of you guys who pay me, then immediately ask for feedback. I'm the type of seller who likes to leave feedback after the transaction is 100% complete. So if you received your item(s) and would like me to give you feedback, look below!

My feedback page is HERE!
If I owe you feedback, go HERE!

Now for the question of the night!

This is geared more towards Oshawott collectors, but do you prefer merch of him smiling or that :< expression he started out with? Do you think he gained in popularity when they started featuring him as a smily otter? Or perhaps Ash's Oshawott and his tendency to get into various mishaps propelled him to be more likable? DO YOU WISH THAT THEY MADE A GANBARE PLUSH LINE FOR OSHAWOTT LIKE THEY DID FOR PIPLUP?

For me, I think Oshawott looks a lot less like a sad rejected clown when he's smiling, so I guess I like him when he does a :D expression and shows off his cute little canines. The show did amazing in making an initially disliked Pokemon like Oshawott to be so adorable and stalk/flirt with Ash
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Hey everyone is me again, few days ago i just got the pokemon movie charms(Victini/Pikachu enameled charm, Reshiram enameled charm) that i bought from happyjolteon. but i still look for another charm
 (picture borrow from ebay)
so if anyone have this charm for sell i will love to buy it

Got one, Thanks to the people
Shroomish Mad

August Custom Auction~ Shiny Whimsicott!

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Its that time again, my August plush auction! I haven't done one in awhile due to personal reasons but I just recently gotten new fabric to work with! So keep an eye out for more in September. ;3 This month's plush stars one of my all time favorites from the 5th gen, Whimsicott!

This has got to be one of my favorite shiny's from this gen and you all know its one of the best pokedolls. *Took forever to get one for myself since it kept selling out* You know you cotton collectors want a shiny to match your original pokedoll! Come check it out!

Collection Update and 2 Questions

I should have totally done this weeks ago but with everything thats been happening (hurricane, packing for Japan, etc etc) I haven't had time to take pics for a collection update. So without further ado here we go!

Chillin on the beach.
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And the 2 questions:

1) Is anyone else attending the Japan Studies Program at Tokyo International University this semester or next?
2) Are there any events in Japan that members of the pkmncollectors community attend? or meetups in general in Japan?

I've started a blog (still under construction) about my upcoming travels in Japan if anyone's interested:
The first stops will be Tokyo Game Show and the Pokemon Center in Tokyo!! I promise it shall be filled with Pokemon epicness!!! ^^

But until then I should probably go finish packing for my utterly painful 13+ hour flight tomorrow. *sigh*

Later guys!!! ^^
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Little "Big" Collection Update!

Today I received a much-anticipated package from lyndsaygorawr! :D

Who could be inside? Here's a hint...he's a little small for his kind ;P

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And a tiny update on sales info! I moved into college last week, but I did bring all of my Pokemon sales items with me. So, while I'm still open for sales, please understand that I have classes and homework and things that will make responding to questions and shipping packages out take more time! Just be patient with me :)

Here are my sales!
Here are my TCG sales!

(please note that my normal sales post isn't up-to-date on what;s been sold or not. I can't edit the post without loosing all my spacing ._. just ask if you want to know if something's still for sale!)</div>

French TCG sales

Bonjour !
I have see some people could be interested to get some TCG in multiple languages ! Today I'd like to clean up my desk and sell a part of my cards. Unfortunatly I don't do trade for this sales post because it have for objective to help me to buy a grail.

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
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Give me your Arcanines!

Hi there everyone! C:

I have a small request for you all. I mentioned this in my last super huge multipurpose post, but I don't think it was seen by anyone lol.
But anyways, I am in need of Arcanines.
And this is not for me, but for my younger sister! She loves Arcanine, it's her favorite Pokemon. I have this huge basket of Bootleg Tomy figures that she plays with all the time (it's so cute, ahaha), but there is no Arcanine in there!
So, I'm just looking for any kind of Arcanine figure (discluding Zukans or anything reaaallly small or easily breakable, like glass or something lol), like even a bootleg TOMY, or any kind of kid. Growlithe works too, and if I can't find any Arcanines, I'll probably resort to getting one of those.
Oh! And if you have a bootleg / reaally loved / factory reject Arcanine UFO you'd be willing to sell, that would be awesome.
Thank you so much!

Her other favorites are Chikorita, Latios & Swellow. If you have any seriously cute merch for them you're willing to give up, show me and maybe I'll give in ^____^;;

Introduction + Wants :)

Hello:) I am new to the site and community. I love pkmncollecters, i think its a great idea. As you can see from my picture i am obsessed with Glaceon, also i love CYNDAQUIL! :D .

My wants:

1. Tomy Standing Glaceon
Willing to pay around $25 - $35 shipped to the UK, but i will have to ask my mum first :)

2.Cyndaquil 1:1 Scale
Willing to pay around $60 - £65 shipped to the UK, but i will have to ask my mum first :)
emolga love her afro

Boring post is boring!

So just a few things before I do a collection update to mark my one year here:


1- When participating in a GA, sometimes there are two people involved. The host/threadmaker/bidder/etc, and then the person that plays kind of a middleman for shipping. If that makes sense, which one should I be asking feedback from? I'd assume the host, but at the same time, I try to leave it back for both people involved since they're both doing a large amount of work. I just want to make sure I'm nagging the right people!

2- How common is it so see bootlegged TFGs? I found a TON of them in Chinatown. Like, serious amount. And they're all super cheap. How exactly do you tell if they are fakes? I wanna start collecting some of those so any info would be sweet! <3

(Since people enquired these are the two I bought with more pictures under the cut!) Camera phone quality though!

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So that's all I can think of. I brainfarted on the third question I had. =/ Probably will edit later if I remember!

With that, if I have bought anything from you, leave feedback here please if you haven't yet! I'm trying to get sales permission but it's hard when nobody is acknowledging me. ;-;

And lastly, wants real quick! Amuse me. If you have any cheap-o stuff that's not listed, feel free to show me anyway if it's of a particular Pokemon I collect! See them here.

I PROMISE UPDATE SOON AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH LESS BORING. ;-; Thanks for all your help! <3<3<3

EDIT: Added pictures of the two TFGs I did buy, Promo Pikachu and Flareon!
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Hello everyone, hope the community is well! I am not sure if I will be able to get online before my auction ends, so I am posting this reminder now! I am auctioning off 2 plush, a MINT Rainbow Series Dittochu Plush and a TOMY Mew Plush. Auction ends on Friday September 2 at midnight. Eastern time U.S. Complete list of rules can be found on the auction page below. Thank you, and good luck
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I <3 Pikachu DX Plush and Sales Pug

Hey guys, more news and pictures on plush coming out in December but this will be a really quick one. To make it short:

Here's the I love Pikachu DX Plush - 27cm coming out in December, and the I <3 Pikachu key chains you've seen floating around Y!J that were Namco exclusives. Just to let you know, I would likely be doing pickups for this DX Plush in around late November as it'll be arriving in my local shop in January 2012. About the key chains I know a lot of you love it (so do I - I might get the whole set) but they haven't confirmed whether they'll be bringing it in, but if you could express your interest I could express OUR interest to them so that I could possibly persuade them to do so. Well that's all about the item update. If you would like a larger picture here's the link:
With that done, now let me end off with another sales pug. Not too good a sales banner, but I'd have to make do with it for now. What you'll find there are Key chains, Zukans, Banpresto DX Plushies, Sugimori clear files, clipping figures and most of all DX Kids (With WAILORD). Well click on the picture to spawn on my sales page :)

And one thing, I'm looking to buy a used Pkm Heartgold and Platinum, if anyone has one do pm me :)
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Lurker no more! :D

Hello, wonderful world of PkmnCollectors ^__^
My name is Maiya and this is my first post to the community! xD To be honest, I've been lurking around here for a long time and have been meaning to post, but my collection is so tiny compared to the amazing ones I've seen, it discouraged me.  But, I figured now would be a good time to post since I've  found the means to collect seriously. xD What do I collect, you may be wondering? Well, the best of the best, of course!

Eeveelutions! xD
Yes, I am a faithful lover of that little fox.  (Jolteon and Umbreon are my favourite pokemon of all time <33) In the last couple months I've managed to collect the full set of Eeveelution canvas plush (my prized pocessions <3) and a few pokedolls. (Three of which I suspect could be fake :[ I bought them off Ebay and they didn' t come with tags.) and a few figures. So, I was wondering... do any of you have any eeveelutions figures up for sale? I am mostly interested in getting their Kid figures at the moment (I <3 Kid figures) or anything else that could be fairly inexpensive. I look forward to being a member of this community and expanding my collection! :D 
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Bulba and Pokedolls GA - Noppin Box Turned Up

Inside cut is pictures and descriptions of each plush.

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I do not have final shipping quotes just yet but I have ordered mailer bags, need to get some labels, and will take a couple down to the campus mailing servies to find out. Once I do, I will let you know directly by either PM or comment. I have a grail on its way to me right now as well as a couple of other gets so keep an eye out HOPEFULLY next week.