September 1st, 2011

PKMN: Sailingtoed

birthday update, at last!

First, before I get into anything else: I am pantsu_kudasai! I don't think it'll be too hard for anyone to adjust to this -- I'll keep the same avatar, and let's face it: most of us probably identify people by their icons rather than their usernames. XD So yeah, from now on you can find me as toedychan. (My usual online nick is Toadychan, but I already registered that for another purpose years ago. So... see what I did there?)

Now, onto the topic! My birthday was on the 26th, but I had a second small "party" when my boyfriend had his day off on the 29th. That means... I opened presents. Cue photostory that took me two days to make!

(If you missed the news bulletin, Nathanial Cutetwig, my Turtwig Pokedoll, is really a Politoed. Adopted, but still.)

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Audino figures/shiny repaints?

I was playing Pokemon Black the other day, and much to my surprise, a shiny Audino appeared!
I managed to catch it and wanted to honor him by repainting an Audino figure purple, but I wasn't sure how much merch there was of Audino yet.
If my memory serves correctly, there *is* a kid of him, although I'm unsure on Zukan/TOMYs/etc.

Any way, if you have any Audino figures, let me know and I would be very interested in buying!
This would also be my first time shiny repainting, so I would love any tips the community might have for that as well. Thanks for any help!

My Raichu Plush Collection

Raichu Plush Collection

Raichu has been my favorite thing since I was three years old and frankly probably my earliest memory. To keep my inner child alive in my heart I collect raichu plushes. I love them all very much more than any other plushes I have. They help me to keep going and to remember the care free days of preschool. They make me happy. I love my raichus and I love any raichu I can add to the collection.

My whole Pokemon Plush collection added here because I accidentally double posted. I'm truly so sorry everyone. I'm new here, but I know that's no excuse. U_U"

Canada/PAX trip updates!!

Well, I sure had a great trip and had LOTS of finds! Here's my big update :D Some pretty awesome finds^^

(BTW, did LJ take away the uploading pictures option? It was much faster than going through Photobucket etc... HTML looks like the only option now.)

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  • rere515

shipping update and looking for

Hello everyone, just wanted to update en masse regarding shipping. All US orders have been shipped. All international orders will be going out tomorrow. This pertains to people that participated in my GA and those who purchased from my sales post.

poly_rhythm I'm still waiting for a payment from you for shipping+the stamps you wanted in my sales post!

Collection update from me soon! I am getting some rather exciting stuff in the near future and I'm really excited! I am also looking to get my hands on a few items...

Eeveloution Jaks figures (Umbreon especially)
Umbreon/Espeon Zukan

Deino Merchandise! This lil guy is becoming a fast favorite.

Rattata stuff! Rattata and Raichu got me into the pokemon craze way back in the 90s...all I have of rattata is a very old stamp and some cards. Show me what you've got for sale.  ^_^ I might also be interested in comissioning some custom work for this lil guy since there isn't much in terms of items to collect.  Custom artists let's see what you can make!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Small TCG sale!

- I only accept Paypal - I live in Sweden and I ship Worldwide
- Offers end when people stop to offer or I'm satisfied with an offer
- Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
- Please increase offers with $1 and reply to the last person's offer
- Haggling is okay if an item has not been offered on at all in some time
- Trades are welcome if you have feedback
- Here's my feedback:
- Sales permission granted by Lineaalba (light_touched)

(For some reason, when I do my LJ cut, half my post disappears..if anyone could help me with this I would be very happy. Until then: I'm sorry for my fatass post. ; o ;)
pokemon: flaaffy knitting

Basic HTML Guide!

Hey everyone!
Since LiveJournal presumably messed around with their rich-text posting client, there seems to have been an increase in posts with messed up formatting and HTML, and many complaints of frustration with the client itself. And it seems now that LJ has removed it for use! (At least, I can't find a way to switch over to look at it.) So I figured I could write a very basic HTML guide that can help you make posts using HTML. :)

A Basic HTML Guide for Posting on pkmncollectors!

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  • lampent

multipurpose post!

Hey collectors :) Just wanted to pop in quickly and do a multipost~!

First off any packages that weren't mailed before I moved have now been mailed. I've touched base with most people, but some have PMs blocked so I wanted to just make a shout ^^;

2nd - Price check?


Anyone know the going rate of the latios/latias Zukan? It's got it's orignal base as far as I can tell and pegs.

Same with the special edition fossil zukan.

Help is appreciated ^o^

And lastly!


Okay I got my very first MPC plush when I moved back to NC, it was waiting for me. It's the summer Sawsbuck. Okay if you don't have an MPC.....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? XD Seriously these guys are amazing, and I will go into more detail when I set up my collection, but omg. MINKY + embroidery details and just kfjdskgjdg gosh so cute. Perfect travel size! I enjoyed seeing these so much, can't wait to get more.

The front row belongs to touchfuzzybug, and the back two are mine ^o^

Myself touchfuzzybug, and my bf met up at one of the local coffee shops, and then went over to roxiexcore and her fiance's new video game shop :3 I love being back with these folks, it was so much fun to hang out with them again ^-^

A BIG collection update is coming soon! :D

Spideyroxas custom Shiny repaints!

Hey guys, hope your all doing well.. I've taken up repaints, to help relax and relieve stress through the insane concentration to stop my hands from shaking while painting tiny eyes... =/

I want everyones opinion and please be honest! but please remember i'm human i make mistakes.. and if you look carefully at your officially painted stuff.. the paint jobs aren't 100% perfect either...

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Hope you guys enjoy it =D and have a great day <3
Bon Voyage!
Dewott - Happy
  • dewott

Offers! And auction/sales reminder.

Got some nice, rare charms up for offer :)

I'd prefer to keep the set all together if possible, but I'll be taking offers on charms individually as part of me really wants to keep dat Venusaur n_n;

jchance1986, can you PLEASE contact me? I'm waiting on payment for a couple items from you!

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Also, a reminder about my auctions (and sales!):

Click on the photo to have a look!

On the search for a dude & Someone saw 0mastar lately? (ó.=.ò)

Heya dudes! Nice greets from your Totodile lover Marc!
I need help. Does anyone have such a Jakks Pokémon Pop ‘N Battle Totodile for sale? One of my dudes wants it but I could only find some for like $35 and more.

Also, did anyone see 0mastar lately? I don't get any responses from him on my notes and he wanted to say me what's up with my items I bought from him.

And to the finish: Happy b-day to pheonixxfoxx! Congrat her! She's great! X3
PS: If anyone has Totodile stuff for sale...Write me! I TOTODILY LUV TOTODILEZ!!(~^.=.^~)
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Pikachu Chibi Pokemon

noseless pika ga ends soon!

We need another $45 to meet our goal as of right now. Segamew and I have been bidding on more plush to try and make up the difference too. If we're going to win this, we need more bids in the next  two and a half hours form the time of this edit or we will loose this GA! D=
 I worked out that if every medium sized plush went for $10, we'd win with discounts, just so everyone knows =) So if you can, maybe consider upping your bid or bidding on more things too? We can do this, guys!

This was doodled while I waited to watch True Blood rofl.

So yes, the Noseless Pika GA ends in roughly 26 hours time! Please please please get your bids in! We are still quite a way from our goal, and there are some plush without bids, and many popular plush going really low including Eeveelutions pokedolls, ledgendary beasts plush, otther popluar pokedolls, canvas plush and big Snivy line plush too =D So get your bids in and lets see if we can win this thing!

Take a look at the picture below - anything interest you? Click it! ;D

h and PS, if you are awaiting a reply from me, I'm getting there XD My inbox is kind of packed. Lolz. <3 Going through everything now!

If you like my doodle, you'll like my real art better lolz =P Look out for my post in the next few days as I'm going to start doing bookmark and charm commissions, I'd really love input from you guys for pricing and ideas too. ;D