September 2nd, 2011

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Huge lot for sale

Hola amigos!
I have a lot for sale. I am looking for around $300 for it. Feel free to make offers. (I may be way off)
I don't feel like putting it up on ebay and I don't want to separate everything out one by one. I am getting lazy in my old age XD
This lot is HUGE @____@
It includes stickers, posters, mangas, books, cards, bottlecaps, tin, bucket, chess pieces, key chains, figures, stationary, etc
Shipping shouldn't be too much. Like $35 I am guesstimating. I'll know more later.
The Vaporeon sticker in the link labeled img _076 is not part of the lot anymore. I changed my mind XD

I am attempting to do a with me D:
Just click the other links so I don't clutter the community. <3

The posters and books are front and back. The stack of cards with the box shows that they are a special edition tournament brand of the cards.
gizamimi plush

a very girly wants post

Well, pkmncollectors, something is new in my world!
For the past couple weeks since I started visiting this community, I had been enjoying all the different kinds of merch and buying cute things from the wonderful members here, usually relevant to a couple specific wants that I had. However, I had not really seen anything that I was dying to get, or anything that was out of my normal spending range but still a must-have.
That changed a couple days ago, though: Turns out that now I have my own holy grail!

(image found here)

The Banpresto Hikari/Dawn buildable figure.
I nearly lost my mind when I saw this while browsing the interbuts one day. Turns out checkyoufeet made a post from a while before I joined; as you can see mentioned in that post, there's also a Jakks Pacific Dawn figure that I had no idea existed. I am also looking to get that at some point, but it's a lower priority to this amazing buildable figure.

Unfortunately, both the Banpresto and the Jakks figure have really shot above their original selling price, at least from what I've seen on eBay. If any of you know of any other sources for these figures, or maybe even have one you're willing to sell, please let me know. ;^; <3

As for Unova region trainers, I also have some wants to mention:

- The Iris kid figure. It comes with a clear Axew/Kibago, but honestly I'd be just fine buying Iris on her own. <3

- Touko/Hilda merch from the dot sprite promotion! In order of priority: key holder, cellphone strap, clear file and badge [I believe that's all the non-flat merch? Aside from the clear file being flat, of course. XD]

Thanks for reading~! <3
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random searching!

so I'm looking to see if anyone is selling Misdreavus or Mismagius Jakks figures! I'm asking for a friend who loves the little ghosties :3 prefably out of the package so shipping will be less and all that ;D

and the Mismagius Pokedoll... is it really worth $70? I only see one on ebay and it's worth almost that. I was considering buying one for my friend for xmas but maybe not if they are that much... I wouldn't be surprised since it's so cute but thought I'd double check x3

Also I am looking for the cherubi zukan set and the misdreavus zukan set if they are a decent price for the same friend. Christmas shopping early! :D

AND of course if you have any awesome marill merch you think I don't own, please let me know!

sorry for the boring post! For participants of the jakks GA i did... lyndsaygorawr just received the lot from ebay recently and will soon be making a post ;D look forward to it!

How about a random question for my fellow collectors since I love to hear yours thoughts! :P If the Pokemon world were real, what would your profession be? Trainer, Breeder, Professor...? Or would you keep doing whatever it is you do now (if you work?) and have Pokemon help you? :P so random I know!

I would work at an office like I usually do ('cause I'm too lazy to travel the world as a trainer!) and have an army of marills help me all day and do my filing. And then we'd go swimming after work! OHHHH YEAAAAAAH

First and Only Reminder :]

My individual auctions for a bunch of pokedolls is ending in about 24 hours!

They will be over on September 3, 2011 at 1:00:00 PM (PST)

A few of them are still at their starting bids of $10.95 so if you want to snag some for cheap, now is the time!

Also some news for US Pokedoll Pickups!

These guys are back! (So is Celebi, but I need to get a new photo of them all the next time I go. xD)

If anyone wants them or some of the Black & White Pokecenter Plush they still have...
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The Jakks are in!

This is for all the people who participated in Jakks GA of awesome!

They all arrived safely at my house yesterday! :D
I have looked over them all and they all seem to be in pretty good condition! with a few of them have very minor marks or scratches.

I have them all sorted I just need to get shipping prices together which will be ready here in the next few days. So look out for my next post!

In the mean time there are some extras out for grabs for all who took part in this ga.
All the extras are a $1 each :)

Claimed: Gardevoir, Gallade, Shinx, Electivire, kricketot, 3 Wormadams, Sudowoodo, Grotle, Carnivine, phanphy, Dustox, Meowth, Geodude
If you want to claim any it will be added to your shipping total. :)

Thank you.
maractus 2, cute

Let me throw money at you!

Long story short, I'm participating in Angels for Christmas, which is basically where you sponsor a child and send them gifts and essentials, etc.
The kid I got is 6, and loves Pokemon =D

So I'm looking for your sales posts~! Prefferably with smaller, cheaper things since I don't have too much money. Also only people shipping from the US, sorry guys D=
Let me throw money at you <3

I think I have enough for now, thanks you guys! And if you'd like to sponsor a child(s) as well, there are links in this post~

Also, still looking to swap my McD Snivy toy for a Tepig

Also, are LJ email notifications not working for anyone else? I feel like that's making things harder than they need to be...


Just a final reminder that my auction will be ending in about 7 hours from now. =)

This auction features 2 plush.... A MINT Rainbow Series Dittochu Plush and a TOMY Mew plush. =)

If you are interested please make sure to stop by and place your bids before midnight (Eastern time U.S.)
The link can be found... here!

Thank you. =)

Cute Victini Figure Get & Sales!

Not much is going on in terms of my gets(I'll hopefully get tons at the end of the school quarter.) I recently got a cute Victini figure from a local store(they have more of them along with Reshiram and Zekrom. They also have many kids/light up figures/zukan/talking keychain plush and a bunch of other stuff. I'd be willing to go get things for people if they're interested. It just might take a week or two.) I'm also waiting for a talking Victini plush and a Chillarmy messenger bag!
I also made a cute Victini themed apron for my ceramics class(I'm making a giant Oshawott in a teacup in that class right now. xD)

But first is sales. I'm going back to using one long page of sales rather than multiple links for plush and figures and all that good stuff. My flats/card/other stuff/vhs sales are currently closed, so please don't reply there.

Items of interest: Shinx Canvas Plush, Large Banpresto Cyndaquil, Skitty Pokedoll, Minccino/Emonga Pokemon Center plush & more!

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Custom Ambipom

The calm before the storm...

Hey all~ happy Friday!
I got a few things in the mail this week, I thought I'd do a smaller collection update before the bigger items (hopefully) come next week.

 I'm branching out into other, non-Zukan and figure things, it's going well so far. I can't wait for them all to get here~

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A few things...
  • I made my first Sunyshore order tonight. I'm so excited to be part of that process. :3
  • What would Pokédolls of the Sinnoh Starters usually cost? I'm not looking for them yet, but if I were, they wouldn't have to be MWT or anything. So that might have an effect on the price.
  • As usual, still looking for the Castform and Slakoth line Zukans.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend~
  • kassia9

Wants & Updates

So I'm looking for some pokedolls. Yeah, I know, these are kinda hard to find, but I just kinda want them =;v;= Spiritomb is high priority, Magikarp is medium priority, Wailord is medium priority, Giratina is low priority. I'm looking to have them shipped to the states for those of you that may be looking to sell any of these pokedolls.

.:*:. Anyone that didn't already notice, the plush GA I was running prematurely ended and our bid wasn't high enough when the seller closed the auction. I apologize to everyone that bid :(

~matching unknow: complete - shipping pending [I have to weigh them :) ]
~sleeping female pikachu: 95% complete - just needs finishing touches ;D
~tynamo: 95% complete - just need to put the last few pieces on
~emolga: 35% complete - trying to figure some things out yet

Those of you that are waiting on commissions, I'm hoping to get them done this month some time so that I may do another round of plush for the month of september =^^=

Also, if anyone has questions or concerns, lay em on me ;D
Glasses Shift

Seeking Croagunk flats!

I'm looking to buy (asap) a flat of Croagunk. Postcards and things with pretty artwork are loved. I'm not really sure what flats there are featuring Croagunk so just link me to whatever you have. I'm only really looking to buy one or two things though so I'm not too interested in trading cards, unless its the one to the right (quite interested in this card).

Thank you! ^^
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Mini wants

Hello guys! Kinda unlurking here for a tiny bit to help my friend, and I was hoping to see if you guys could help me help her.

My friend is trying to find a Ho-Oh and Arceus preorder figurine, preferably MIB (with the figurine still sealed in its plastic), and for around $5 each shipped. Let us know if you have any for sale and if that's too low a price. ^^

EDIT: Got a Ho-Oh thanks to peeche00 C: Thank you!

And so this isn't a complete wall of text, here's a pic of my upcoming collection update (with rearrangement of the ones in the photo lol):

Thanks again! :3

EDIT: random question, but how do you guys keep your collections displayed?

As you can see I keep most of my plushes in a hammock, but the bigger ones are on my bed, and the pokedolls are on a shelf. TCG are all in binders, properly secured, and all figurines are on a shelf in the living room next to the tv, or on the bookshelf in front of the mangas. I've been thinking of rearranging everything, but I never had much ideas on the subject. XD

Any comment or pics are welcomed!
bachuru dance party

this is halloween

this is halloween! pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

or just early september, but who is counting?

tomorrow i'll head out to pick up lots and lots of adorable fuzzy little orange tummied wickle ickle baby spiderkinses the halloween goods you've all ordered, PLUS MORE, since there is going to be some more than we had advertised to us, i'm sure.

i'll pick up extras of new stuff so you guys can add it to your orders if you want anything! i will post those tomorrow when i return home, but it'll be first come first served. i won't be back to the center until the 21st, because i need to return home to the states for a human sacrifice.

so if you have NOT ordered your halloween goods by 10 AM saturday morning tokyo time, the next pickup won't be for two weeks, but don't worry because it's extremely rare for things to sell out THAT quickly. the new pokedolls will also be up in sunyshore in a timely manner sometime later next week, but again not shipped until after the 21st.

so what kinds of NEW STUFF did they not advertise?? i dunno. but have a look at this pen case. some folks are going to be the envy of their college lectures and cubicle mates with their stuff in this! EDIT: turns out its a very limited daisuki club prize only ... the first in years! wow :O

and the rest of the stuff... have at it, dark and spooky creatures of the night!