September 3rd, 2011


Hi guys! Rich text is behaving well today so I thought I'd sneak a chance to do a small sales post. XD Items include these rare Tomy keychain stampers (Torchic line, Deoxys, Mew, Lucario, Plusle&Minun and Eevee!), Battle Museum Figures (Pikachu, Mew, Cyndaquil), MPC plush (Oshawott and Reshiram), a Reshiram puzzle, Reshiram and Zekrom tissue paper packets, a Pokemon Center Starters/Legendaries clearfile and many more! Click my experimental new sales banner to proceed. =D

Also, I have confirmed that stock for the I <3 Pikachu giant plush heads (pictured below) arrives on 21 September this month in my Game Prize import store. I'm going to place my order this week, and I'm going to ask Gin if it's OK for me to help any interested members order too! If you're interested, do let me know and I'd confirm things once Gin gives the green light. It'd be $45 before shipping per head. I hear the winking one's rapidly selling out before even arriving, so now's our chance! XD

Thanks for reading, and have a smashing weekend!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Super Quick Post!

Would anybody be interested in a Pansage reversible plush? I'd let him go for $18 plus shipping. Shipping would be $10 if you want him in the box and $5 if you don't, add $1 international. Let me know, thanks! :D

couple wants

Hello everyone today I have a couple of wants today
First off a...

cyndaquil pokedoll
I want one MWT as shown in the picture

Next a cute charmander pokedoll
this doesn't have to have its hang tag but I do want it to have a tush tag.

If any of you have one of these or both for sale let me know.

Thank you. <3
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Updated Wants

Hey there, just to post an updated list of wants that I haven't done for a while, so bear with me :)

1) Half of my Visible Grail: Minun Canvas Plush, I've got the other half already

2) Samurott DX Tomy

3) Oshawott Dream World Plush

4) Pokemon Zukans of my Team:
Sigilyph, Tyranitar, Scizor/Scyther, Heatran, Garchomp

5) More zukans - Cinccino, Minun/Plusle Diorama, DP12 Plusle/Pikachu/Piplup, Chikorita/Cyndaquil,Totodile Dioramas

6) Pokemon Platinum Cartridge

Note: Those in bold are of high priority. Pictures from Serebii and Pokeplushproject

Just to end off, just let me place my terribad sales banner here, please take a look, if you have any of my wants I wouldn't mind trading/partial-trading anything from my sales post. (Click on the picture to appear there)

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4th Pokemon TFG Set: not real, but play along if you like

I know i'm obsessed but:

here is my proposal for a fourth set of TFG's, Please tell me which ones you like, don't like, wish were in there, absolutly do not belong, ect. but keep in mind my priority is too keeping it similar to the choices made with the other sets that were released. (nothing after 3rd gen, majority 1st gen, avoiding complete evolutions, varrious other rules i can't really prove but  would be happy to try and explain)

also before i start, if anyone knows any sculptors who can make sculptures close to or as good as a kaiyodo (i know its unlikely) let me know ... cause i'm getting closer to being able to reproduce figures off of prototypes, and would love to make this real for you all.

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Some of my Pokemon Art Instead and my Entire collection

I made a new entry since my last one I didn't know what sales permission was. I keep screwing up here and I feel really bad and it makes me look irresponsible in the community. I guess I assumed anyone could sell things and I apologize so, I respectfully deleted the post. To be honest I just started using Live Journal and navigating is really hard for me here so if someone could send me the rule page again that would be wonderful. Again I'm sorry for being a total noob here and if I you don't want me here I could leave. I hope I can make some friends and have fun like I want to do. So enjoy this new post of random things I want to share. ^^;

All of the pokemon stuff I own now except for 3 plush I just found yesterday in storage.

Old Raichu art I did.

My old Pokemon Sona.

Also, people seem to have want lists here. I hope it's ok if I have one too. I just want any raichu plush really. If you have a link to any that would be great. Bootlegs or not it doesn't matter. I already own these:

Posted my old BK raichu for a friend who wanted to see. ^^

quick want post

Hey guys im hoping you can help me out! Im looking to get these pokedolls;
1. Snover
2. Umbreon
3. Raikou *maybe minky if possible*

I have these guys up for trade:
banpresto phione ufo
banpresto bonsly ufo
uxie ufo
cherrim plush
carnevine plush

I few other plush but these are who I thought would be more around the price range for them

Thanks and sorry for the short post!


Has anyone seen or heard from jeansama lately? I sent them payment for a purchase almost a month ago and have not received my items. I can't get in touch with them, either. I think I saw a post not long ago with someone asking about them, but I can't find it. :/ It kinda bothers me, since they were still putting up sales posts when my items should have gotten here.
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Lugia hat!

Hey guys! I just wanted to make a quick post today saying I have listed a custom Lugia hat for sale on my eBay page. Sadly I never got the chance to wear the thing, and I'd rather see it go off to someone who would appreciate it more than I do. He's going cheap with worldwide shipping available.

Clicky on the pic or the link below to go to the auction!

Take me there!

Maybe I should stop lurking more and do a re-intro/collection update at some point too...
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Help with identification?

I bought some Regice/steel/rock lots last week, and they came today. I have no idea what some items are. I don't know if they're just some figures or if they're something specific. I was hoping maybe you kind folks could help me out?

Just a word of warning,... the image is kind of big. I pieced together three seperate images and wanted to keep them kind of big so you could see the detail.
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Just so this isn't only about the Regis, I got this little one today too. Her name is Marcelline. :)

Breloom No!

First & Only Reminder For Shiny Whimsicott Pokedoll

[Click the Photo Or the Link to Head to the Auction]

My auction for my Shiny Whimsicott pokedoll ends exactly in 23 hours! Sunday, September 4th at 6:00 PM PDT. It is still at its starting bid! Be sure to put in yours before its too late! :D

And as usual, Small Wants:

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snivy, heart, cute

Lots of fun customs, and Question: What do you do when you're leaving?

Hello everyone! This will most likely be my last post until around late November, since I'm getting ready to go to college! (Unless I happen to get like 10 things in the mail from now until when I leave xD)

I received a good deal of customs in the mail, so I will begin with those, including my very first prints and bead sprites!

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Now for the main part of my post...I will, as said above, be leaving for college pretty soon! But for some complex reasons, I have ultimately put my N collection safely away in a nice little storage container until when I return.

So my question is, when you have to leave for a good deal of time to someplace away from your collection, what do you do? Do you package them away like I have, or do you leave it on your shelves like you had it before? Do you risk bringing some of your items with you? I'd like to know! xD It really was a difficult decision for me to ultimately put my collection away as opposed to, say, just bringing it all with me.

Thank you all for looking! ;w; And thank you all for your answers! :D I'm going to include a shameless sales plug simply because these are the last few days I can ship anything out if anyone is interested. Thanks again for reading! :D

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Aerodactyl LP: Music!
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Does anyone have this card for sale?

Just a quiiiick question right here. I'm looking for this Aerodactyl card:

If you have one that you don't want, please tell me~ I'd be happy to take it off your hands. *_* Condition isn't terribly important, I don't mind a few scratches here and there (preferably not over the artwork though lol), but yeah. :> Thanks!