September 4th, 2011

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Dakajojo GA Final shipping

Sorry, it's been forever everyone.  I have totals here!
please send all payments to whalesales AT with your username :)
if you see it says (packing issue) by your name please leave a comment here and I will let you know what's up.
Packages will go out Saturday so that gives you plenty of time to pay! :)
Hope to have a collection update soon.  I started moving back into my apartment after worlds and I'm still not really done! x_x
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Back to School!

Well hi everyone! I'm back at school and just finished getting my room set up and wanted to share a collection update!
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And I got everything set up for sales to open back up again! Yay! I'll be back Monday night :)


Possibly a long shot but worth a try!

Hey guys. Has anyone here got a Houndour Pokedoll they're willing to sell?

I know its a long shot cause I can understand why NO ONE would want to part with theirs xD but theres no harm in asking

If anyone does have one, please contact me, im VERY interested.

Sorry for the boring post, I'll have a new GA to put up tomorrow :D

a small wants post

In my collection, my top priority right now is re-collecting the toys and stuff i had when i was a kid.
These items include:

Charizard DX Tomy*
Togepi DX Tomy*
2B a master soundtrack CD
a pikachu umbrella
any of the really old polly pocket style playsets ( especially the charmander and eevee pokemon centre playset)
And finally an original pokedex toy in near mint condition

* Im not totally sure if this is the proper name, but i think it is. They originally came in red boxes i think?
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"you're pregnant, you say? how wonderful! how many are you expecting?"

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the new goods were a bit few, and it turns out the desukaan pencil case is going to be a very limited item :( however there are cute handkerchiefs, cardboard-like stickers and washcloths with the starters and the full art, if you want to add any to your order, they are 10$ each to add to an order, or 14$ each shipped separately :)


and now...for a record gap of 5 months between zukan sets. a zukan set coming in december!!! i know some of these will be very popular :) i am personally happy to be able to complete the electric legendaries!
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Flygon plush offers and small sales

So I have decided to put my Hasbro Flygon plush up for offers. I think there are other people who would be happier having him then me. ^-^

I also have a custom Cyndaquil and Furret sculpture up for direct sales. If they get some interest then I should be opening up some custom slots in the future. :3 If your interested, they would most likely start at $15 and go up depending on complexity.

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Thanks guys! ^-^

EDIT: I will be back an hour or so after the offers end time. Just so you know if I don't reply right away. Just thought I should post that. >.
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Charm Auction Reminder!

Just posting a quick reminder for the charms I've got up for offers! Pikachu, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Gothitelle have no bids and a couple things are only at starting bid. My auctions end tonight at 8pm PDT don't miss your chance!

I also have a Zekrom Keychain and several plush available still~

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(no subject)

First up, I updated my sales post with a bunch of new BW goodies! Click the banner to go!


Now, the big announcement. Some of you may already know, but I thought this was very important. There is going to be a BRAND NEW POKEMON CENTER. But not just anywhere, no.

In Tohoku.

When I confirmed it for myself, I couldn't help but start to shake and cry. As you all know, the Tohoku region suffered major damage from the earthquake back in March. I, along with many other members, were in the country at the time. I felt it, but I didn't suffer as much as these people did.

For those people, those children that lost everything to get a brand new Pokemon Center, my God. I've never been more emotional during my three years as a collector. The tears will not stop.

Not to mention, Snivy finally got a logo, and Victini as well! Congrats to all you collectors out there!

Thanks so much guys. Seriously, I'm so elated I got to make this post. <3

-Through the grapevine from elisha1288
- (Thanks for the reminder, feathercrotch

Rare Derpachu?

I won this guy last night on ebay and he is brand new and 15 inches tall. The seller sells some old school pokemon things so, I'm guessing he is from the 90s. I had to have him because well I had never seen him before! I'm pretty sure he is a booty because if his face, but his cheeks glow and he talks! Usually I will pass on a Pikachu booty, but this one seemed to catch my attention immediately and I jumped on the opportunity. He was an easy win because I had only one other person bidding against me.

Here is his back and I was surprised his markings are all accurate.

This is the tag. Doesn't say a company or anything which I expected. When i get him I will post more and a video of him talking and lighting up.

Seeking Pokemon Time Cubone strap (and others)! D:

Okay okay, so a few months ago, you guys might remember I posted about my boyfriend and I looking for two pokemon in particular: Cubone and Vulpix.

Well, on ebay we located a Cubone Pokemon Time strap and rejoiced. However, recently, we discovered that it had gone missing. Quite possibly, down our english bulldog's gullet. We still love him. THAT BEING SAID, THOUGH, I am desperately seeking a Cubone Pokemon Time strap. I am willing to pay up to ~$100 USD (we really liked our little strap).

I am also looking for the Large Tomy Vulpix plush, which I'm willing to pay significantly for~.

SAVE OUR POOR LITTLE MINDS~. Contribute your items. :<
You can contact me through PM. <3


sales! sales! sales!

As if my sales post couldn't get any more gargantuan... it has XD.
I have put up a TON more TCG in Japanese and A LOTTTT more in English.
Also there are now Banpresto plush, Pokedolls, and a few figures including some McDonalds toys.

Since this is a huge post, read the ITEM CATALOG section at the top to find stuff easier!!!

Click the banner below to go to my sales (warning: VERY, VERY IMAGE HEAVY):

If you guys think I should split stuff into separate posts let me know. @_@
Buneary and lopunny

cotton-bunny wanted!!!

Hey pkmncollectors!

I come to you today with a simple request... I want your cotton-bunnies!
So if you have any buneary or lopunny merch let me know!

Its been far to long since the rabbits got any attention from me which is bad as they are my favourites.

I have quite a bit of their merch already but unfortunatly cant post a picture as im on my phone.

However let me know what you have. Non-flats prefered.

Im in the UK so telling me totals with shipping will be useful ^^.

Thanks guys!!!
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Collection Update

Hey all! Just doing a collection update.. I think its been a while now! My collection has grown like crazy since I've started here! Between Y-Japan, eBay, and you all! :)

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Also I'm looking to clear out my sales. I thought I'd offer the items again before boxing them all up and just trying to clear it out as a lot on eBay or something. :) Feel free to make offers, my prices aren't set in stone.

(click the pic to go to my sales)
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Poke☆Sweet Auctions + Commissions + Straight Sales

So I just finished the remaining few from my last batch - while will be shipped out this week :) ! Please check [info]

xmelodyvirus for your status, if you haven't seen it already.

Also!! I am looking for a plush-maker who uses minky! I am willing to trade, pay, partial trade~ ^^ so please let me know if you're avaliable! I'm recently really addicted to custom plushes @__@ since I love how each person has their own unique touch on it.

Now onto the Poke☆Sweets!

I am actually closing commissions on Poke-Icecreams, Poke Sugar Cookies, and holding only 1 Auction for a Poke Parfait. This is mostly due to the fact that I need to remake stock items for them, and no time at the moment for a bunch of them. (The pokeblocks, ect~)

However I am auctioning again as well, the Poke☆Sweets Train, and opening a new auction for your own Poke☆Sweets Frame!


However I have new and cheaper creations now avaliable that are only $10 each!
(Picture can be seen on the lower left and right corner)

Lots more info below the cut!

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(no subject)

Hey guys, in order to maybe be able to bid on the deffy and attack dolls in the upcoming GA, i have gotten the pokestuff i dont collect into a lot, here!
feel free to ask any questions, id be more than happy if some1 GA:ed it :)

Im looking for $310 shipped for the lot to anywhere! Theres plushes, flats, stickers, kids, zukan, customs and misc figures in it.

come have a look!

Im like, sittin here shakin out of deoxys-excitement :P
lol on me.. :/

My Wants! :)

1.Large Pokemon Centre Dittochu.

Willing to pay up to $30 - $35 shipped to the uk :)

2.Large Cyndaquil Super DX UFO.

Willing to pay up to $30 - $35 shipped to the uk:)

3.Medium/Large Standing Takara Tomy Glaceon.

Willing to pay up to $30 - $35 shipped to the uk:)

Last but not least....
Large 1/1 Scale Tomy Cyndaquil.

Dont know how much i would pay for this
just checking if anybody is selling them, comment
if you have one on auction and i might be intrested. :)
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wants and needs!

ok first my needs lol
the charizard chess piece. ive been searching for this forever adn i really need it!

ok my wants
any thing charmeleon that isnt a tcg, anything whirlpede thats not tcg, and some pokabu things non tcg

also if you sell tcg from hgss on im interested!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Quality Check, please!^^"

Good evening everyone, I've just got a quick favor you could do me.^^ I've recently gotten a Cresselia Pokedoll, but I'm kinda unsatisfied with her shape and everything, so I wanted you guys to check her out, whether she's in a good condition or if I've made a bad deal. x.x Here goes nothing!

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Sorry for the craptastic picture quality, my camera is BAD... So what do you think? Maybe this is just me being nitpicky all over again, but something about her bugs me<.<

Also have a link to my permanent-wishlist:

And sorry about my collection update, it went all glitchy so I deleted it D: But I promise I'll repost in greater shape next weekend!


Love: Pokedoll style and some wants!

As always I have been lurking, but after a while, I decided to post a collection update, and turned it into a photostory! (I hate this new livejournal layout. I used cut and lost everything ._. Does anybody else have this problem? sorry if the cut fails, I'm really trying...) Plus has anybody ever ordered anything online from There's something there that's on my wants list, and i'd purchase from them, but I'm not sure if they are a reputable sellers.

<lj-cut text=

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Small Collection Update! And Question?

Hai, there~! I got a new l'il member in my PokeFamily~! XD

He's so soft! n///n He's a Jakks Pacific Snivy plush, whom I adopted from Target. XD
He really needs a name. If you have a good name for him, feel free to suggest one in the comments~! :D
Also, does anybody have a legitimate minky Leafeon Pokedoll they're willing to trade? I'm desperately trying to find one that isn't a bootleg or reject.