September 6th, 2011

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The internet is made of cats. Also Lucario's huge behind.

Hey there!
It feels like an age since my last post. I'm finally home (my own home) and able to get online. :) So it's time for a collection update!

If you have a question about a GA or GB or sale you took part in with me, then do let me know.
I'm sorry for being absent lately. I can provide proof of postage for all the items posted last month, or if there's a problem I can do my best to help!

I finally got a resolution on the Gothy Kids GA! The seller sent me a bank transfer refund, as the other buyer stole the Pokemon and did not return them (boo!). If you would like a refund, let me know, if you would prefer me to have a look through my colleciton and replace your figures instead, let me know. I'll be PMing everyone tomorrow.

Onto the update! My items from Segamew's Lotto GA turned up, including bootilicious Lucario! (So named because of his gigantic butt, not because we doubt his authenticity)

A full exploration of this giant beast, and other goodies (including cat tummy) in larger photos beneath the cut.
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another super quick battlle dice GA

do i love these things or what?

only catch? there's only a day and 19 hours left on it...


as you can see, there is a lot of more stuff than just the dice. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOME OF THESE ARE! so please bid at your own risk.

RULES (copy and paste from my last GA lol)

-ALL COMM RULES APPLY, you shouldn't bid if you are not familiar with them.

-this auction ends Thursday September, 08 at 12:00am PST WARNING: this might change due to the
fact that i SUCK at calculating time.

-i will be using SMJ for this GA (shopping mall japan for you newbies)

-there will be 3 payments
*payment 1: SMJ total, including fees and shipping from seller to SMJ
*payment 2: shipping from warehouse to me
*payment 3: shipping from me to you!

-i will be claiming venusaur expansion set, articuno box, and psyduck box

-DON'T RETRACT YOUR BIDS, just please PLEASE don't! it just makes everything so confusing. you
may ask if you can retract them but i will most likely say no since it is against comm rules.

-no sniping, any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will result in a 5 minute extension

-bid increments of $1

-wait for me to place all the threads!

-paypal only!

-and last but not least! try not to be late on your payments

and that's about it!

please wait while i make the threads


WE WON! stay tuned for payment 1!

Hey manga fans!

Well, I know I like collecting Pokemon manga, and I always pick up the movie editions too! It's been a while, and I was wondering if they were going to license the Zoroark movie manga in english... Looks like they did!

It's shown on the Pokemon official site through a contest they're holding. Funny though, because I haven't even seen this manga ANYWHERE for preorder, and yet it'll be out Sept 20th? Interesting... I want it^^
(Don't forget about the daily contest on there too!)
Pokemon - Omnomnomnom

Weeding! Sales and offers! Some rare stuff in here, too...

I'm thinning out my stuff! Under the cut includes some misc figures (grimers, anyone? no?), plush, and some misc stuff!

The three big things under the cut include:
Umbreon Canvas plush! (tag included, not attached)
Umbreon Johto Dex charm!
Talking Oshawott/Mijumaru!
Giant Lucario Lotto plush!

Everything else is for direct sale, come on it!

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Please do not post until I have threads up!
Okay all done~
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Looking for owls!

Hello! I come today with some very small wants XD

I'm looking for Hoothoot and Noctowl Keychains! I've always loved owls, and recently fell in love with these guys (I mean, I always liked the, but I started liking them more XD). I'm really only interested in keychains at the moment - no figures or flats please! Plush are a maybe, depending on the price ;P And please don't be offended if you offer something and I say no - I'm quite picky at times, haha.

The one I really, really want is this guy here:  
However, I have NO idea how much it's worth. If it's really expensive, I'll save him for another day XP If you have one you're willing to let go of, please let me know!
Got one, thanks so much kassia9! :D

I don't have a lot of money to throw around, due to college, so while I am open to buying (for reasonable prices), I'd much rather trade XD; I have lots of stuff left in my Sales and TCG Sales posts! Check them out!

Thanks guys! :3
Jessie Grace


hello all

this is a quick message to all that parcipated in the Jessie_Grace_89 GA ran by segamew


these payments went directly to me and i have already sent the items to segamew

he reasures me that ALL YOUR ITEMS will be posted with tracking !!!!

so please do not create a more difficult situation than this already is by disputing the payments you made to me :(

and give segamew a chance to send your items before us dicussing how we would go about getting your money back because otherwise i loose my payments for my items and shipping and the items (which were half of my beloved collection).

here is his journal entry about this GA if you would like to read it:

Hopefully this journal entry is allowed if not i'll more than happily remove it, i just really need the particpants to know whats going on.

Any questions feel free to ask me 


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Custom sticker sales!

Hello everyone!
I'm making my first sales post!
I'm finding the LJ Cut thing to be a little different to usual, and the new layout is confusing me, so I'm hoping this post is all correctly formatted, I've used a mix of html and rich text, so if it goes wrong I'll try and fix it asap!

There's info under the cut!! c:

I'm currently only doing custom stickers!

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Quick wants. (calling plush artists and sellers!)

So, I've had this itch for a custom plush for a while, and I realize this is a bit of a long shot, but maybe not so far of a long shot to newer plush artists?
I'd like to commission a 10" or so chibi-style Camerupt or Feraligatr, in either anti-pilling fleece, minky or velboa..
and I was hoping to find this in the range of $50-60 before shipping. I can do a little more than that if needed, but my money is limited so not too much more.
Additionally, I am looking for Cacnea merch :> I'm not looking to buy every Cacnea thing ever right now, but I am lazily side collecting the cute little guy, and would like to grab up a little bit of merchandise for him.

Side note: I have a collection update coming soon (belated birthday update and more!) just waiting on a few things. So keep an eye out for that!
Thanks for reading!

School. Stuff. Sadness.

So... I started school today and my locker is quite boring. Many people had magnets, pictures and such on their lockers and I just have a boring old shelf XD But here is some wants:
*'Pen Caps' preferably ones with those 'clips' on them, so I could attatch them to my folders?
*Notebooks (Low Priority)
*Folders (Low Priority)
*Retsuden Stamps <333
*Little art-card-thingys that I could hang (Please no customs, in case they get stolen D:)
*Any other stuff you think'd be nice for school! <3

I'd prefer to buy a 'lot' of items,

Thanks! <3
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