September 7th, 2011

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Calling all plush makers!

My best friend's boss is looking for a Froslass plush for his 9 year old nephew. The problem: there isn't an official plush for Froslass. :C So I suggested a custom plush, and they agreed. Is anyone commissionable right now for a Froslass plush? :o They'll looking for a Froslass that looks like the Pokemon itself (as in, not chibi/pokedoll style) and can take a beating from a 9 year old. (he likes to make his plush battle haha)
Prefered materials: anything that's not felt, but soft.
Budget: keep the prices reasonable.
If you're interested on taking this mission, please comment with examples of what you have made in the past, so my friend's boss can choose. :D

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Jensoxen's GA!

I am running this GA for jensoxen's lot of wonderful things! Amongst the wonders are  plush, figures, Zukans, kids, DX kids, mighty beanz, stickers and some lovely lenticular (picture changing) flats. There are also some quite charming customs!
Let's do jensoxen proud!
As it is a comm member GA, things will not work out with as many fees as a Y!J auction. What you bid will be pretty much what you pay, aside from final postage of a few dollars.

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Eevee Dangle

Noseless Pika GA - Segamew

Noseless Pika GA

It's really late for me and I have to be up really early, so I'm going to just make a short announcement post here, and update it when I have more info, hopefully tomorrow.

1. Segamew plans to refund all payments made to her. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYPAL CLAIMS FOR THEM UNTIL SHE HAS A CHANCE TO DO SO!
As much as some of us are annoyed at the items we lost in GAs to her, please try and remember that at no point has she ever shown dishonesty in her transactions, and takes money very seriously. The money in her paypal currently is for the Noseless GA, and now that people have opened these disputes against her, the funds for the GA may be frozen. She did say, however, that she would be refunding all payments no matter what, and that she would hopefully do so within the next couple of days.
Segamew has always been a really sweet person to me and has been very cooperative and willing to try and make ammends best she can. She is going to keep me informed, and I will update this post with any new relevant updates as she does tell me anything. I will mark off refunded payments on the spreadsheet as she tells me which ones she has done.
Segamew has been very brave about this, which, please understand, takes a lot of guts in her situation. She is trying her best to make ammends best she can, and I believe that she really will go the extra mile to solve some of the problems caused by this event.

2. When money is restored to everyone, I will instead have everyone send money directly to meowllz herself.
We have been in contact with eachother, and meowllz has been very patient and understanding. I will update with a spreadsheet when Segamew lets me know that all payments have been refunded.

3. We have a new shipper. 
Technicolorcage has offered to ship the items and I have gratefully accepted. Should she not be able to when it comes down for it for any reason, meguroku and acciolucius are both also willing to help. Thank you so much, guys, and meowllz too, who also offered to ship. You guys are really awesome in your willingness to step forward in a situation like this, thanks so much =')

4. Segamew had $100 of plush in the GA.
Actions have been discussed. The liklihood is that there will be a mini-GA for these remaining items to be added to existing shipments etc. Nothing is confirmed though. 

Just keep in mind that at this point, everyone should have their money refunded, resent to meowllz and then should all recieve your plush no matter what. I will keep everyone informed!

sharing a TCG seller + possibly eeveelutions lot for sale?

So I just bought $55,- worth of TCG from this guy's webshop: as well as from an auction he had on Ebay (someone thought they could snipe me in the last 15 seconds but I was on top of it and outsniped him! HA! Take that!)
For those who do not know the webshop, I just wanted to share it. He's got amazing stock when it comes to Japanese cards. Many of his cards sell way cheaper than they do on Ebay

I'm sure many of you already know him, but for those who don't I can recommend his stock!


While I'm spending all this cash on TCG I really do have a less happy anouncement to make. I will probably have to get rid of the pokedolls and some more non flats I own. Most of them I bought from the community and even though I really like them, I feel I'm losing focus in my collection.
When it comes to Pokemon I'm a flats collector and ever since I joined, seeing all the wonderfull plush made me want to have them. I'm keeping my favorites and the rest will very likely be up for sale as a lot.
(reason I'm selling it as a lot is because shipping worldwide is $24,- for any package under 2 kilos, which means I can ship the entire lot for the same price I can ship 1 plush for)

I'm not sure if I want to do this yet, any input would be nice since I'm kinda stuck on what to do. For those possibly interested, the lot contains: eevee pokedoll MWT, 2x jolteon pokedoll MWT, flareon pokedoll MWT, flareon attack kid, jolteon attack kid, eevee kid, hasbro eevee bouncer MIP, hasbro vaporeon bouncer MIP, hasbro flareon bouncer MIP, Umbreon Nightfall theme deck (missing umbreon cards) & some (non-eevee)sticker sheets.

When I'm sure I'm going to sell I will post pictures and perhaps this lot can be GA'd
But for now, I'd just like some input, thanks :)
Galvantula and Joltik
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One quickie question and Moving out sales, part 2!

Hi there people!

As promised, I told I will make a sales post journal and also another chance of around 50 items giveaways before I move. Before I will though, one quick question. Does somebody know where I can buy the Pokemon Manga for cheap, or is somebody willing to give up some? I have read the manga, but I do not have much space to own them all, so that's why I would just like to have the manga with Gold/Hibiki on it. I wanted to get it of Borders, but could not find it. Any help would be appreciated! <333

And now, what you all have been waiting for! Please take a minute or two to read my rules. 

If you will comment incorrectly, that will show that you did not read them. If you will not read, you will not claim the items I am giving out. As simple as it is.

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And here are the sales and giveaways!
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So that's it folks, thank you for taking a look! <3333
bachuru dance party


Let's keep it short... and sweet!

It might seem like all too perfect timing, but believe me it's been many months and weeks in planning.

Please welcome our new mod, for the time being with special focus on group auctions, entirelycliched!!!

She has proven herself an expert with explaining and understanding the rules in an easy to understand, logical way, and anyone who is big on GA participation will know her name instantly.

Please welcome her and listen to her wise counsel.

Myself and the triplets along with some other cool Pokemons are hopping on a plane now, so play nice everyone!!

And when I say triplets:

Hope you all have a great day!
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September Commissions

A new month, a new batch of open slots. Same as last month, I will have 20 slots open for my bottlecap keychains. On the commission page are images I have avilable for use, rules and info, and also pre-made keychains that are for sale.
* I also have new images avilable. *

Click the Snivy to be transported.
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Noxxbunny GA

Noxxbunny GA participants!
Pokepalace had something come up unexpectedly and unfortunately will not be in town again (or in contact) till the 15th. They were going to try to get shipping quotes up before leaving and let everyone know what was going on, but it has been brought to my attention that they were unable. So this is just to let you all know that the items have been received, they just won't be able to be shipped for a while because of this.

Thanks, and happy collecting! :)
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collection update! Question? and a want

So its about that time for a collection update. I kept saying I was gunna do one but kept holding it off cause I wanted to wait for stuff to arrive that I have bought (which is endless lol) so I thought I might as well do one now or I will never do it. xD Cause I always have stuff coming I will the mail. Lol
Anyways most of the stuff I have is because of all of you amazing guys! <3 you are all so awesome and wonderful I am so glad I joined this community. n.n

Here is a little sneak peak of what you will see in my collection update click the cut to see more pictures! :D

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Here is a charmander plush I have made. C: (as you can see the face isn't totally finished) anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this guy? I am thinking about auctioning him but not sure. Its made from minky and the "flame" is made from soft faux fur. And! A neat little thing I did was added a little voice box ( the back of the head) to where it says "char charmander char" its amazingly cute and I will get a video of it up here soon. :)

So this is what I want. An amazingly cute cyndaquil pokedoll! I changed my mind I want an older one (more fat) and it doesn't have to have its hang tag but I wouldn't mind if it did. Lol. Please if anyone has one they are selling for a reasonable price let me know. I need one of these amazing cute cyndaquils. Lol thanks.
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Some interesting finds/sale~

Had a rare spare day so spent it looking around town at all the little shops I'm usually too busy to notice. Found a few things and I'm just wondering if anyone here would like anything?

Unknown stamps (with some paint rubs). Slowbro, Electabuzz and Flareon.
These would be $4 each.

Defence Deoxys spin ring figure + launcher.
This would be $10.

Prices don't include postage (from the UK).
Sales permission recieved from denkimouse 01/01/11.
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Trading Post + Mini Update + Question ! <3

Hello my precious little bbys,

I am looking to weed my collection of the bits I just don't love like I used too, and replace them with merch for my main collections! Makes sense, right? :3 Well, for now, I'm putting these guys up for TRADE ONLY for the time being. I'm interested in human merch, eeveelutions, Zoruas, Cincinnos, Hydreigons and Emolgas (and a canvas Vulpix) or anything Scott Pilgrim, hehehe for the time being. NO FLATS PLEASE. And I MAY be interested in custom plush, but don't be offended if I turn you down.

And yes, I have sales permission. <3

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And my question is; Have any of your collections been inspired from another collector? Because of denkimouse

Things and customs and plush and munnas and bugs and <3

Hello all! I have finished all my livejournal commissions and am ready to take two more for this month! Here's an image of the last one I finished from the last round (beware a camera that hates purple and embroidery details).

My price is 150 base and it can change depending on complexity and such. You can find more of my plush here:
So if you're interested let me know! Money this time goes toward my school loans and a Portal gun and orange jump suit for my halloween costume and future cosplays (I'm Chell :D)

EDIT: Commissions filled

Also, I have a small collection update. I was planning on updating my main Larvesta/Volcarona and Reuniclus collections, but I have found new things I need and so those collection updates must wait until I get those things. So for now, have an MPC preview and my Munnas :D and a thing I made :o

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Spin! Spin!

Postcard lot for sale!

Hi :D today i'm bringing you these:

WHAT are they? you may ask. Well, i'll tell you. THESE ARE SUPER OLD YEAR 2000 POSTCARDS FROM BACK WHEN MARILL WAS NEW AND THE SECOND GEN WASN'T EVEN HERE O: And guess where they come from? Latin America xD (seems like we can't stop digging out old stuff from there, right?)

These are in Spanish, i can provide better pics of them upon request, as some of them are quite... interesting. These are 100% official and even have the Nintendo seal hugely stamped on the back!

Includes a Team Rocket's pokémon, Dragonite line, Gary and well, you can see the rest xD

I was looking for around $70 shipped for it, it's exactly $5 for each. If anyone wants to GA this, i'd be glad C:

(my sales permission was granted in march, if you're concerned about feedback or anything, please ask!)
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15th Anniversary Kids/Serperior Kid set Group Buy

Hey guys, I'm intending to buy a set of kids from the above two sets but I don't need them all so I'm opening it up to the comm through a group buy. I'll likely only get a set of each unless demand states otherwise.

Set 1: 15th Anniversary Kids

Set 2: Serperior Set Kids

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Edit: Sorry guys 2 Sets of serperior and 1 set of 15th Anniversary Kid as there weren't any additional claims for the serperior set. (still need 10 more)

Just to end off: a Routine sales post :) Please take a look


Captainangel shiny plush GA

You guys remember this GA, RIGHT!? Well, we were so close to our goal of $670. We raised $595 and, captainangel ACCEPTED!

I've made the spreadsheet already, so we all need to pay asap for them to be shipped to me.

Spreadsheet here!

Payments need to go to
Please leave her a paypal memo and PLEASE edit the spreadsheet once you have paid for your items! Any concerns please leave me a comment in this journal!


quick sales

I have several rare items for sale! Eeveelutions and fire puppies!!! :3

I would rather not sell these, but I took in two adorable gerbils and while they didn't cost much... all the supplies to take care of them and everything else was like :o

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- HAGGLING IS ALWAYS WELCOMED, but don't be upset when I'd rather not lower the price; it depends on the item.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.

 Jolteon - SOLD 
Vaporeon - SOLD
Flareon - SOLD  
Red Growlithe - $6.50
Green Growlithe - $6.50
Silver Growlithe - SOLD

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks guys~

zukan GA!

Hey guys! Well, I'm finally back from my holiday and its back to comm business! To kick things off, a GA payment reminder first off!

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secondly, we have a MASSIVE Zukan GA!

Includes charizard, blasoise and venusaur zukan pieces, as well as houndoom and dragonite lines!

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