September 8th, 2011

Collection Update + Sales Update!

Hi guys! I have a big collection update today. What merchandise do I
have this time, you say? Let's just say there's a bit of green, a bit of
fat, and lots and lots of blue. ;)

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In other news, there's also been a massive sales update over at my shop! New Tomy Keychain Stampers (Blastoise! Squirtle! with updated stock for Blaziken and Eevee in particular), Lapras and Moltres roller stampers, adorable ball keychains (Spinda! Pikachu! Castform! Jigglypuff! Some of whom are already balls!) Zoroark/Zorua merchandise ahoy (Exclusive Movie Screening Gift Keychain! Can Badge!
Glow-in-the-dark Stamper!), reversible plush, new Battle Museum and Dex figures, MPC plush, and an assortment of random flats, magnets, and figures!

(Click here to proceed to the Larvitarscar Bazaar!)

Thanks for reading, and have a good week ahead!
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Current stock at Nintendo World NYC?

I apologize if this is kept pinned somewhere but I couldn't find a link. Does anyone have a recent list of what's in stock at Nintendo World NYC? I have a friend heading to New York shortly who is willing to pick up some Pokémon for me, but I'm not sure what to ask for. Any tips on what to expect so I'm not wasting her time looking for something that hasn't been in stock for years would be greatly appreciated.

Question About Plushie Tags

I'm asking this because both my Raikou & Pikachu Poke Doll tags are a bit beat up. Raikou's tag is bent in the top left quarter of the tag, and Pikachu's is beaten up in various places (to be fair Pikachu is one of my sleeping buddies, so that may be why in his case, but my other sleeping buddy the Poikemon Center Oshawott plush's tag is fine, so it may be the material the Poke Doll tags are made out of as they feel more laminated then the B/W plushies do which are obviously paper). I've also noticed that my Jakks Manaphy & Sneasel tags are beat up too. Manaphy's tag has a tear in it, and Sneasel's top front side is peeling off, and they are just being displayed, so I don't know what happened in their case. Am I being too OCD about the tag condition or should I stop worrying about it?
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Small Sales~

I've posted a sales post with some auctions and such here in my sales journal.

Auctions will be ending on Sept 14th 2011 and include Chatot pokedoll, a few zukans, a small shinx plush, shiny Gyarados charm and a Primal Dialga plush.

I am also taking offers on one of those big awesome Tomy Giratina plush (the legged one).
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So, I have an interest that I was just reminded of a while back, and even through extensive research I cannot find what I'm looking for. 

When I was in Kindergarten, I hated Pokemon. Well, didn't hate, but didn't know anything about it, and the whole "Evolution is anti-Christian thing blahblah", but that's beside the point. 

For Valentine's Day, this kid gave me an Eevee sticker for a card. I had it until a few years back when I was finally into Pokemon and peeled it off and... not good things happened to it, but I really want to find another one now to keep forever and ever. :( 

All I remember about it was that it had THIS Eevee. (pictured below) 

Other than that, I'm completely flabbergasted as to what card it is, or even the color scheme, but none of the stickers I've seen in sales or collection posts spark exactly how it looked. :( 

I don't know if anyone can help me if it is INDEED this elusive, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt to ask. <3

Thanks in advance for helping, I hope someone's able to help me! 

FOUNDDDD. Now, does anyone have an extra Eevee Fruit roll-ups sticker they'd like to sell? :3
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Eevee wants!

I only want a few more eevee goodies for my collection! Help me out :3

Eevee clipping figure

I have one but it's a bootleg and has a horrid paint job!

Eevee purse thingy

I saw them all the time and now they are gone D:

Also, eevee plushies and charm/keychains. Let me see what you have!! :3
I still need my 1:1 eevee plush :(
Custom Ambipom

Let me get that monkey off your back.

Hey all, I'm looking to add to my Aipom and Ambipom collection. I got jeansama's Aipom and Ambipom items this week and I feel like I need more. If you have any items of said monkeys for sale, please show them to me. I'm particularly interested in:

*Battrio pucks (I think there are four of them? At least that's what I'm seeing on Bulbapedia...)
*TCG cards of Aipom and Ambipom (I'm only interested in TCG cards if I can get a few or more from the same person.)
I'm not that interested in flats because I'm not really sure what to do with them. XD But show me anything else. :3

Here's what I currently have in my collection. An Ambipom Pokédoll is on the way. I also have the Aipom in an inner-tube plushie... but the rich edit is still being a jerk. So no pic of that.

Speaking of the TCG... I got three packs of Emerging Powers and HGSS Triumphant the other day, I got serveal nice cards, plus one I was hoping to get.

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Oh, and of course, I'm still looking for my usual suspects, the Castform and Slakoth Zukans.

Thanks for everything. :)
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GB update and question about Ebay sellers

Hello dearest community. I bring an update about this Group Buy:

I bought the straps some time ago and I am expecting them around Saturday. I'll contact everyone in the original post about your totals. =)

In other news, I've got some Pikachu items on my wishlist!
 Pikachu Banpresto keychain  Pikachu MPC set 5
And the new I <3 Pikachu merch is just too cute. I want the 'pocket A plush' and the sleeping plush.
The thing is, there are some sellers on Ebay (and other places) selling some of these items. They all claim they sell 'genuine items'. But I'm not sure..  from Hong Kong: Givingfun, Abworkz and Magbshoop. And from the USA: Animeraro_com, Egamestar. What happens if I buy from them and the items aren't the real deal? Is it easy to get a refund?
And then they are these sites: Sonrisa Toys, ToysLogic and PowerAnime.