September 9th, 2011

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Updates! and Questions!

To anyone that bought stuff from my store: I've been super sick lately and I haven't been able to ship anything. I'm gonna ship it all tomorrow and you'll also get a lil' freebie from me for being so patient!

in other news does anyone remember the kurai_tsuki7 GA?

i have a receipt from it from a month ago but its only the first payment... i really want my tafetta charmander :C

any info is appreciated! :D

First Ever Collection Post

And it's about time. But seriously, I never posted one when I first joined because I literally had to next to nothing in my "collection". In fact, I wasn't collecting when I joined; I just owned what I had from when I was a kid where I  had to have everything of every Pokemon. So, here's a formal introduction of what I now do have thanks to all of you. ^_^

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Galvantula and Joltik
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3 new interesting gets and Group Buy!!

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I come here with some interesting 3 new gets of mine and a Group Buy of Latin American postcards that belong to blackdog333! :D

First interesting get:

Yes, this little guy is a regular Jakks plush, but guess who I got it from? Why yes, it's from snowball21 from the GA psy_man hosted!! I do not know much about snowball, all I know is that he is a slow shipper, disappears and never responds to messages and whatnot. Since I have heard these rumors about him, I thought I would never get this plush, but I did (and just a few days BEFORE I move out, man I am lucky...)! Makes me very happy, now my other Jakks will have a twin that I wanted from the beginning! <3333

Are there any other people who got their packages from snowball21? Especially from the GA with psy_man? Who knows, if you have not gotten your items, you might get in the near future! :D

My second interesting get is this guy!

This cutie I have gotten from a GA that entirelycliched ran!!! Now really, I want you to guess what the size of this guy is! :O

Why yes, he is pretty huge as seen with the comparison of my Charmander kid on his head!!! :O

I seriously thought he would be just as small as the smaller one is...but no.

He is very much loved (tush tag is still there though), but heck, this one is probably my favorite Charmander plush (after my old 12 year old plush pillow :P) I have purchased!! He is soft, cuddly, fat and has a fuzzy burning tail!! You can't imagine my happiness about him!! I am so thankful that entirelycliched GAd the lot! Thank you so much! ;W;

And my last, but not least get!

I have never gotten a custom Pokemon plush as a present, until now! I have met psy_man irl, and she is a truly kind, fun and great person to be with! I have gotten this cute guy from her and since then I am bringing him with me everywhere! <33333
Thank you so much for doing him for me! Too bad we didn't meet earlier! ;W; <333

And now, what you have been waiting for! Group Buy for these postcards!!

And here is the back of each cards!


blackdog333 is asking 70$ shipped for these guys. So each of these postcards (except the one with the title in Spanish) will be 5$ before fees and shipping to you.
- I will be making the calculations and threads. My other host 99reddrifloons will be receiving the payments (that will be later sent to the holder of them) and the shipping from her to you.
- I am claiming the Gary postcard and 99reddrifloons is claiming the Ponyta/Rapidash one.
- There will be two payments! One will be for the price of the postcard + shipping from blackdog333 to 99reddrifloons + fees and second payment will be from 99reddrifloons to you.
- Once every one of them is claimed, I will send messages to each user how much they should pay for Payment 1!

Dratini line: combustion__
Aerodactyl: dragonrider49
Nidoran line: okapifeathers
Nidoran line 2:
Slowpoke/Slowbro: On hold for caffwin
Bellsprout line:
Magikarp/Seadra: joshpho
Ponyta line: 99reddrifloons
Doduo/Dodrio: sis_strider
Ash and Pikachu:
Rattata line: rere515
Gary: hebileaThank you for looking guys! <3
My LJ is screwing up, so hopefully this will work XD

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First and Final Reminder: Serperior, 15th Anniv Kids GB

Hey guys, just a reminder on the group buy of the 15th Anniv Kids and Serperior set. I'm intending to place the order really soon once this post fades off the front page. Note that "I will be getting 2 boxes of serperior set, but unlikely 2 for the first set (Sorry!). If I hit 50 claims and an equal distribution (meaning not 10 mienfoos) for all the pokemon for set 2 I will get 3 boxes. It's currently only at 36 + 4 (mine) = 40".

Set 1: 15th Anniversary Kids

Set 2: Serperior Set Kids

Click on either picture to spawn at the page Or click this link:

Just to end off: a Routine sales post :) Please take a look

Mew Walky

Hello wonderful com.
I'm looking for this Mew today....

I know eBay has tons and I'm sure every Mew collector has one (including me).
But.... I'm looking for another one to keep in my car. So I need one to be really cheap because it's going to get dirty, sun damaged, and so I won't DIE if it gets stolen.
So does anybody have one that's already in pretty bad condition that they're willing to sell? I'm thinking along the lines of $5-$7. It can be stained, ripped, chewed on, whatever XD

I'm also always on the lookout for these too! 
Willing to pay unreasonable, ridiculous amounts for these LOL


(thank you Poke Plush Project for images)


The Final GA (flats and stickers)



I spotted a few things in lots i really wanted ;A; So i thought id do a little GA for them, since some lots looked rare like the PKMN center stickers. It wouldn't cost much shipping wise considering id be having it shipped with my Epic Bat Fluff GA and the recent Zukan GA im running with Fizzycat.

Once this finishes, ill be requesting shipping and having it all sent to me.

Also the Chargan_Rawr GA came in to me today, ill be wrapping that all up for shipping this afternoon :B

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Houndor DX Tomy auction!

Alright, I've decided to let this guy go and to do it in the form of an auction. He IS tagless, but I figured there are plenty of Houndor fans that might want to snag him^^ He's in great condition!

Anyhow, rules etc...

-Usual auction rules, no snipey, play nice, etc
-I'm ONLY shipping within US right now, but you can always middleman if you want^^
-SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY, in the form of Paypal please, and please pay within 24 hours if you win, or else I'll have to give you negative feedback (normally I do holds, but being an auction and all...)
-auction starts at $20, please bid in $1 increments

Auction ends SUNDAY SEPT 11, 8PM PST!!! (So, yeah it's a quickie weekend auction^^)
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Another big lot for sale! :o

So its a big possibility that I will be moving in a month or two, and I figured.. to make things easier I'd kill everything non-main collection related. So anything from my sales, plush, figures, etc that are pokemon related and aren't any of my
main collections, pokedolls, or zukans are out of here!

This means I'm jumping on the bandwagon of offering a huge lot up for sale. I have greatly discounted my sales prices and did low end estimates of all the items so i can get them out faster. Most of the loved plush/figures I just put in for free.

TCGs, Plush, Figures, Pokemon Black Edition DSi, and more.

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Also does anyone have a Latios pokedoll for sale? Preferably in rough condition, tagless, or even a bootie as long as its not too pricey. x3 I just got a Latias pokedoll from a lot and I'd like for her not to be alone! :D

Multi-purpose post.

Hey everyone. As some of you are aware I am on holiday from tomorrow (Saturday) until the 17th Spetember. So I am doing a quick collection update,   some wants and other stuff.

First up the update: I was hoping it was going to be longer, but my post is S-L-O-W in coming to me.  So I only have a few things so far. No doubt on my return where will be a much bigger one!  These items are the first I have bought from  fellow comm members. These guys are the frist to arrive. They might be more when I get back

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I am looking for these - the Burger king Dragonair. I had this but gave the little guy away :-(

Here is the link from pokeplush Project

I am also looking for a dragonair kid. I lost the last one. So If anyone has one too sell i'll happily take it off your hands

When I get back I have a (hopefully) great update including a grail for me!

So It's not just text I am taking my Dragonite Frisby and Riolu I'll bandit away with me. Hopefully I can take them somewhere interesting.

that's all for now!

Thanks for reading
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Horrible Victini Accident

Oh community. I come to you with a very graphic story. Those under the age of 12 please look away.
This story is hilarious. It is hilarious because it is so sad....

My mom approached me today and said "you are gonna kill your father." I am thinking he is in a bad mood and I am gonna kill him because he is being difficult. My mom says "oh no, you are gonna physically kill him." Then she starts to tell me about how he was mowing the grass. My first thought was what did he do to my car.......OMG WHERE IS MY DOG?!
Apparently my dad got the mail today and unknowingly dropped a package (it is bright yellow mind you) He then proceeded to mow the lawn and well, pics are below.
Ignore the email denkimouse....he arrived....D:

This was what was left of the packaging and wrapping

He has died a horrible, hopefully painless, death.  His head was not found at the scene of the crime.
Cause of death: Lawn Mower Blades.

Thank you elisha1288. Hopefully my dad won't go near this one!!!!

P.S. My dad is 66 if that explains ANYTHING hahaha

Wanted and trade offer!

Hi all!

I'm currently looking for a copy of Pokemon White (in English, including box and manuals) and was hoping if anyone happens to have one they don't mind parting with? I really prefer to trade for it, in exchange of any of my plushes below. I also have some other Glaceon, Wailord items if you're interested to trade for those instead.
I have sales permission granted by denkimouse and I ship from Malaysia.

I am also open to Pokedoll trades, do show me what you have for trade :3
(For Samurott, I accept 2 pokedolls/depending on rarity,condition or Zekrom pokedoll)

All have tush tags (hang tag detached) except Raikou which is MWT.

TakaraTomy Arceus is for straight sale. I also accept trades for them too for any items in roughly equal value. Arceus is $80 shipped OBO
Oshawott is SOLD!

Thanks for looking! Please let me know if there are any concerns :)


I have been a lurker for a while but i think its time to formally introduce myself. I am undercgrowlith, my good friend aleyina brought me here (practically dragged). I hope to make some new pokepals here. my collection is small but growing. my favorites are mostly fire water and electric type, but flareon vaporeon and raichu will always be my favorites. anyway im really new to lj so sorry if i did this wrong =< heres a pic
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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Spooky wants and meme time!

So yeah, next month is Halloween, so I've started searching for two particular keychain:

A Shuppet Plush Keychain, and a Drifloon Plush Keychain! I think they are from the 2009 Halloween Promotion, I'd really like to get both of them, although Shuppet is a little more important to me.^^  I'm still also looking for the 10th Anniversary Mudkip Pokedoll and a Wooper Pokedoll, all plushies generally wanted with all their tags. :D Thanks in advance for any help.

So unto the meme, it's actually quite simple: If Pokemon were real, what would your very own team of six look like?

For me it would probably be like this:
- Chikorita or Hoppip
- Wooper or Chinchou
- Mareep or Plusle
- Teddiursa, Skitty or Buneary
- Misdreavus, Shuppet or Drifloon(I'm so indecisive XD)
- Torchic