September 10th, 2011

  • eeveez

Heya - Wants list. Oshawotts? :D

Heya, I'm not new around here, I've just had allot of time off due to personal reasons. 

I wasn't going to post a wants list or anything, but allot of people have just said to do so! XD; 

I'm collecting Oshawotts, im so badly after the japanese promotional Mcdonalds toy, the clipping figure? And a couple more
I've made a wants list here

If you can click that ^^ 

I live in the UK as well, has anyone heard anymore information on the UK Tomy plush releases? :]

Thank you so much, I'll promise when I get enough otters and my rooms done up, I'll show you all my collection :D 
happy Ritsuka

Re-introduction + mega collection update

Hallo! I'm Flare and I've been here for over a year, I collect flareon things, a bit of leafeon, some pikas, a bit of zoroa, and everything else are plushes/figurines/other things that I end up finding absolutely adorable. XD I'm a huge lurker, so you only see me around sales and GA/GBs.

Moving on, let's poke around what I've gotten since the last time I posted (which was around October? or so).

WARNING: super image heavy. Thread with caution. XD

Collapse )

Let me know if anything(everything?) needs a bit of resizing. I'll work on it asap.

Before I forget again, I'm still looking for a pre-order arceus figurine MIB (still sealed in his bag) for $5-$7 shipped. Let me know if you're selling one, or if you've seen one around. :3
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Pokemon house figures? (Mystery dungeon style)

Hey everyone,
I saw these Pokemon houses on google images, and was wondering if anyone had any info on them:

(Photo credit:

Are there more of these guys? I wasn't able to find anything through google; just this photo on a flickr account as said. I'm wondering as I was always a fan of the Pokemon houses in the mystery dungeon games. Might be interesting in purchasing if anyone has them UFS!

Any way, thanks guys! =)

Pokemon - Buds


I made a mistake on the ending time, it seems! Oh god!

Regarding the items below, it seems I made a booboo on the time zone!
Curse you, Daylight Savings time!

So it seems I'm AWFUL at DST and stuff. The offers on these ends in about 3 hours from now.

Countdown timer here!


(I'm sorry, since my old post is still on the first page. I just want to make sure people see it since I messed up x.x)
  • slatias

First Auction~~~

Hi everyone, few days ago i saw the picture of the Halloween and Christmas post from pokemon center. i really want to take them home, but i had buy too much pokemon stuff those few months, that make me dont have enough money to buy all the stuff that i want T_T.So here we go~~~~~~ i decide to sell out my old collection to earn some money to buy more new pokemon stuff ^_^.
I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo


- All community rules for auction/sales will apply, which can be found HERE
-bid at least $1
-No retracting bid/offer. A negative feedback will be left in the community, and you will be banned from my future business.
- I only accept Paypal
- I ship from U.S.
- I do ship internationally. But please ask me for an estimate cost of shipping and fee before you send your payment if you are concerned.
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost items once they are in the post system. In this case, I can add insurance with request but additional fee will occur in this case
-free smoke and pet

Offers end at Noon (12pm) EST Time on Sunday, September 18


the weird poke ball is a water gun  (the one that i circle in brown color)
Clefairy figure
Staryu is a tool use to scoop up the water (the one that i circle in red color)

There is more pokemon sale in my sale post ------>

(no subject)

Hey guys! Ive found a thing, that includes a lot of rayquaza merch, and im wondering, is there anybody out there that loves rayquaza(or just wanna resell the merch that i wouldnt claim) , and has a bit of money? It would be awesome if some1 would team up with me! Its almost just movie merch, some very rare things too!!

So its like this, id be getting the deoxys merch, and the other person the rayquaza merch! Gimme a shout if ud be interested, and see a picture! or get more information! :)

Im asking this as i dont have VERY much money at the moment, if i did, id buy the lot and then just resell the stuff i dont need :P

thats why i do like this instead! <3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


Hi everyone! Here are the reservations for two new sets of stuff!

I am taking up to 25 orders/capsule. The cost is $10!!! THAT INCLUDES ALL PAYMENTS AND SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! These come out in December. :D

Next are the October kids! I wil be taking 5 orders/kid. (1,2 are guarenteed, 3,4,5 are a good chance. :D) $9.50 SHIPPED anywhere in the WORLD! :D 

All orders will be kept on a personal spreadsheet! :D The kids come out in October and the Zukan in December. If you do not pay within 4 days of my posting, you will get negative feedback. Thanks for looking! 

Thanks! :D

absol happy love

Wants post!

hello! again! i was wanting ta know if anyone had any of these out there to sell er trade for? Ill trade anything from my sales page to attain these FINE items SALES POST HERE!!!!!!!! i would even have no problems trading for a small custom item so dont be afraid to ask!

V-TRAINER ITEMS!!!- damn i love these things! i play the games and im awesome at them! >< but im missing some of the pokemonz! i needz them!
other vtrainer items that i want

UMBREON (i have no money for this thing yet, unless you want to give me an amzing deal ;D
Sceptile (unsure if its real)
Steelix (hasnt been released)
Bulbasaur (unreleased)
Blastiose (unreleased)
Metagross (unreleased)
Bugsy gym board
may gym board
clair gym baord (if it exists)

thanks! and if you just to buy sumthin from me then thats fine too! goodluck with collecting! ;3
  • dezchu

GA Galore

I still have my lot for sale :)

and a new GA <3

Bidding ends September 17th at 12 AM PST 
Collapse )We won :)
I will be claiming Oshawott,Mienfoo,and the Vaporeon Jakks for 60.00+
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I will need payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice
3.All Community Auction Rules apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Non payers will have negative feedback left :(
5. Please bid in increments of 1.00
* I am currently asking the seller for pictures of the flats so when I get those I will add them in for bidding :)
This was the answer I got :) "I already have the lot packed up (as I do not have space for it anymore) so I can't give you any pictures of the flats." I will put the cards and the armada stickers in a bid for all of them since I don't know whats there.


Yamask lot for sale

Hi everyone! I'm here today to sell my Yamask/Cofagrigus lot. I really love these guys and would have loved to keep collecting them on the side, but Hoothoot's stolen my heart and demands all of my cash ;v;

Just a few quick things:

-I was granted sales permission on 9/3/11 by dakajojo
-I ship from the US
-Paypal only, please!

Here's a picture of the lot:


I'm asking $30 shipped OBO for these guys, to anywhere in the world. The lot includes

*Yamask Banspresto (MWT)
*Cofagrigus Attack kid (With the sticker and the box, which'll be flattened)
*Cofagrigus tin from the Dot Sprite Campaign 
*Yamask pan sticker
*Yamask Ensky magnet

Thanks so much for looking! :3  Oh hold! 
  • clankid

(no subject)

So guise, how much do Pikachu pokedolls usually go for?
I've been wanting one really badly but I think I might just wait for someone to do a Nintendo world run so I could get a DX one instead x]
Buuuut.... if anyone has any Pikachu or weavile pokedolls for grabs I'd like to know how much they'd be :O
I need to start saving up cash lol.
Sad Aipom

Still looking for monkies

I've had sinus headaches for the past few days. They haven't been fun. :(

So to make myself feel better, I want to try to find more Aipom and Ambipom items. I'm still greatly interested in the Battrio pucks. I believe there are four of them.

As far as the TCG goes, I'd like to move my focus away from there for now, so right now I'm looking for figures, maybe plushies if they look good, and the aforementioned Battrio pucks. But if you have any Ambpom TCG cards... show me anyway. I don't have a single one yet. :(

So, lemme see what you have. :3

Monies needed + GA reminder!

Hey everyone, first off, a few days ago, I was trying to do commissions for people, but no-one seemed interested :( Was it the pricing? Or am I just not talented enough to do commissions? :/ Anyways, I thought I'd give it one last go since I need some money for my driving test and to keep my collection growing. Here's an example, that will be up for sale :)

More info under the cut!

Collapse )

And last of all, I have an early reminder for the Smaller But Cute GA that myself, and lyndsaygorawr are running! I'm reminding you all now, because when the auction will be at the 24 hour mark, I will be asleep 'cause you know, time zones and all :P The GA finishes in 33 hours time!

So here's a link to the original auction!

Get in and get your bids in, 'cause we need a lot more bids if we want to win this lot guys! I know we can do it ;) Also, everything is still pretty cheap, and the Combusken and Blaziken kids don't have any bids yet! So get in here and get yourself a bargain!

Here's another picture of the GA to entice you a little more XD

Thanks for looking everyone :)
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R E D ♦ P O K E M O N
  • pattsun

Poke☆Sweet Auctions + Commissions Reminder!

Hi :D Just giving a reminder and an update on a time mistake I made with my PokeSweet Auctions
I had mistakenly put Monday, September 9 as the final day (which is impossible since it's a Friday for Sptember 9) - it was really meant to be Monday, September 12. So this upcoming Monday is the day that the auction ends!

I am auctioning off a custom slot for my Poke☆Sweets Train, a Poke☆Parfait, and a custom Poke☆Sweets Frame. They are all at low starting prices, so please check it out by clicking the picture to lead towards the auctions.

There is also some straight sales of poke☆sweets, as well as my $10 poke☆cookie commissions that are still open! I currently just finished the first part of my batch!

They are all super tiny! Almost 2cm each as you can see compared to the Emolga Kid
And they are now ready to be sweets-ified on their cookie bases, with cream and sprinkles :D
If interested in either please click the pictures to be transported!
Thank you ^^

As a total side-note that I hope isn't too off topic -  I'm starting a new project of custom Pokemon Trainer dolls 8D ~ which is so freaking expensive to do aggggh

So I've been picking up making doll clothes again and the such, and thank god Pokemon human designs clothing wise aren't that complex.

Almost done with a beta, but I was wondering if anyone owns/does custom Pokemon Trainer dolls? NOT Pokemon Human plushes - but actual dolls (with actual hair/syntheizied hair) that are posable and whatnot. Umm I suppose BJD 8D ? Nakamaaa? :D
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pkmn; skorupi

Re-intro and collection update!

This post is for the lovely and wonderful mizuhokusanagi

A while back I said I was going to make a re-intro post and never got around to it, so I decided to do it now! I got some more things in the mail recently, including a commissioned plush by invadrlexi inaldrexi! You know you want to see it x3 I decided to take a huge group photo of my Pokemon plush collection (minus my talking Jakks Bidoof who was just too difficult to get to ;-;)

So without further ado, here's my re-intro and collection update post!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Holy crap what is all this~
Getting all image heavy up in hee-yuh, yo.

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