September 11th, 2011


Sales and wants!

Carnivine Pokemon Time presents: pre-college-move-in sales! Inside you'll find plush, kids figures, stamps, TCG patches, and much much more!

I've also got some auctions going, for an ANA Flying Pikachu, canvas Drifloon, and Wailmer plush.

And lastly, I'm in search of a couple items! Especially these two, James's Carnivine and the Gallade DS Stylus. More below the cut.

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Galvantula and Joltik
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More collections over one + help please?..

Hi there people!

First, I wanted to inform that everyone who has bought from me in the last days, all packages have been shipped out on Thursday and Friday (except for darkfaeprincess), so expect getting your items very soon! Thank you for giving so many freebies a home, it makes me very happy! <3

Second, as most of you know, I have moved back to my country Slovakia...and of course, it's impossible to bring your entire collection with you...

Not very much seen here, but I couldn't bring almost any of my Charmander collection at all, not even my biggie Reshiram and the bunch of kids I own :(
So I won't be seeing them util March of next year, that is when my dad will come back as well with all those boxes. Thankfully I could bring my entire Snivy line, Mantyke line and other side collections I own, but I will terribly miss the rest :(
Doesn't that happen to you that you have to move and then have some or the entire collection in your box, waiting for you to be opened? That is happening right now for me XD
I am thankful though that I won't be without all of my collection, I am very happy <3

And now, the main thing I am looking for:

No, it's not the plush....yes, I really want the BOX!! Just when I came back home a few hours ago from my tiring flight, I have looked everywhere if part of my collection was in their hiding places....everything was found except for the box I had for the talking Snivy. My grandma has thrown it out, and it made me cry (it makes me just wonder how she has found it in that hiding place). As odd as it sounds, when I purchase items for my collections, I tend to keep everything and cherish the entire thing. I have gotten the talky Snivy from Brian from Hardrockpokemon, mint in box, and I really got attached to the box that came with it as well (and I think it's pretty too). So I wanted to ask you guys, is there somebody willing to part with their box from the talky Snivy? Please let me know, it would be extremely appreciated!! <3

And the last thing, there are still some postcards that were not claimed yet from the GB:

Click here to be transported:

Wants list

Hello fellow pkmncollectors! I'm here to tell you another Wants list for my pokemon applause collection! If you can help me out I would REALLY appreciate It because I only need 5 more applause plushes left ! If Any of you are willing to sell me one, then I will pay with paypal.So without further ado here is my want list!

• Gastly

• Caterpie

• Ekans

• Geodude

• Evee

If you don't have any of these but you know who is selling them then please tell me who is selling them! Thank you so much ^^ !

huge lot for sale...

Unfortunately, I need money, and as quickly as possible so here comes yet another huge lot! Most everything is in PERFECT condition, apart from the Palkia plush (which I've taken pictures of.

I'm assuming no one will buy this huge lot in bulk, since it'll probably add up to quite a lot with the shipping, so I am PERFECTLY fine with someone wanting to GA this! :)

I'm looking for around $450 shipped and if someone wants to GA this, I live and will ship within the US.

I couldn't find a good way to get the huge photos on here, so I have them all separated into this photobucket album, sorry about that!

Let me know if anyone has questions or needs any info on the items! :) You guys are the best. Collection update will be soon... just have to organize my fire puppies so that they look great :D

Last auction GA reminder! + wanted!

This is the last reminder ill be doing for the two one GA's im running!

Ugh :C Sadly we lost this one. It went bloody sky high at the last moment, I just was not expecting that at all!
Damn im sorry guys...

And this one has 2 days left!

Were both doing really well on them, got lovely amounts of bids, thanks so far guys :D <3

But now a quick WANTS POST!
BASICALLY I wanted to hardcore TCG collect to the max, and i'm now interested in owning all the sets from Base to Neo in first edition. I'm also interested in collecting all the more recent sets in reverse holo foil.

Now I know what you're thinking



So in short, I am looking for first edition cards and reverse holo cards!
Happy to trade my customs work for them, or TCG cards from my doubles folder, or pay for them!
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Rare Larvitar and Snubbull Plushes for Auction + SALES!!!!

So I got these two plushes from a local store and they looked quite rare so I decided to get them and offer them to the community! Plushes for auction include a rare Larvitar PlushPlush and a Banpresto UFO Snubbull. I've found out that the Larvitar is pretty hard to find and being a predecessor of the Pokedoll makes it more sought after! The Snubbull may not be as rare but it's still not pretty common. Without further ado, the auctions!!!

Both plushes have NO HANGTAGS, ONLY TUSH TAGS. They're used but in really good condition.

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on June 13, 2010.

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Also check out my other stuff at discounted prices HERE:

maractus 2, cute

Still one release behind, but its something!

Hello all! The other day Iwas at the Meijer by my school, and they happened to have B&W stuff!
This was just surprising to me as none
of the stores closer to me ever have anything in stock.
Anyways, if you're in that same situation and looking for something in particular, maybe this store has it in stock n_n
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I also snagged a new, MIP foam Pokeball; its the only "normal" one I saw there. I'm selling it for $4 plus shipping =] (I don't think a picture is necessary, haha)

And I do know you have to contact a mod beforehand if you want to do store runs, but I wasn't 100% sure if this "officially" counts as one? Since this is more of a "let's see what they have, then maybe I'll get something" post. I could be wrong, though, so if I am please let me know!

Granted sales permission by lineaalba on 7/7/10

Custom Jolteon and Shiny Litwick Auction

Hey guys its time for another customs auction. This time I am auctioning the jolteon plush, along with the cupcake jolteon painting, as well as the shiny litwick plush. Jolteon is 9" tall by 6" wide and Litwick is 7" tall by 6" wide. I really enjoyed making Jolteon, but all of his little spikes made my hands hurt. Lolz. Also the shiny Litwick is the same one I posted before, but I edited the base and made it not as wide.
Here is the link to the auction please come by and check it out.


TCG Lot For Sale + Updates

I have 250+ TCG cards I am desperate to get rid of. They range from Base to B/W. There are some doubles of certain cards, but most are singles. I also have a small handfull of Trainers and Energies from the newer sets (I don't know specifially which ones) I want to throw in for free. I would like to get $50 (before shipping) for all of them, but I am certainly willing to go lower. Note, however, I'm not going to give them away. Be a reasonable haggler. :)

I'll also use this chance to plug my regular sales :

If you have not paid for your items from my last sales post, they are being relisted. If you still want them, you need to claim them before someone else does. My holds policy stands. I'm also welcome to trades for any Lugia, Lapras, or Snivy merch.

Those of you who particpated in my last customs post : your items have been packaged and will be shipped either tomorrow or Tuesday, but likey Tuesday.

Sales permission granted on 7/20/11 by dakajojo.
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I am very happy my pokedoll collection is growing! :D I also took a group shot of all the B/W plushies I have now:

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1.How much do whiscash pokedolls typically go for? Thanks!

2. I'm looking for the giant tomy regigigas plush:
Is 50-70$ a respectable price to offer?

3. Does anyone have pictures of an oversized Kyogre pokedoll? Thank you vetty much~

Pokemon TCG Packaging lot- Just pay Shipping!

Alright, I'm getting rid of a pretty big lot of Pokemon packaging. Most of it is empty booster packs and booster boxes but there are a few other interesting bits of packaging too. Shipping may actually be quite high depending on where you are, which is why I'm not asking anything extra for them. If you're interested, leave a comment with your country and I'll get back to you tomorrow with a shipping price. It'll probably be a minimum of about $10. Thanks!

Help! Does cuddlefist have a different username here?

I'm asking because liek a couple of months ago i had sent payment for  a big suicune plushie, the last time i heard from her was like 3-4 weeks ago, and  she said she'd send it out that next week after i had talked with her and she never did, so I'm tryingt o get ahold of her, i havent gotten my plushie yet so I'm worried. >__< She has a email that i sent a message to but no response. I had accidentally deleted her main username in my inbox, so im not sure if cuddlefist was her same username?? She had a shinx avatar if that helps. I just don't know what to do right now. D:

Last Reminder for Auction!

Hi everyone! This is my last reminder for the auction that I have which ends in under 9 hours. The items include things from this years worlds (such as the tropical beach promo cards) +items from past worlds as well as autographs I got from the voice actiors of the pokemon tv show.

Link to auction
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some new stuff!

hi guys! okay, i was derping around on the Pokemon company website and i came across these. i apologize if they have already been posted (i checked and i didn't see anything, but i might have missed it)

new Banpresto halloween plush!
i believe they are supposed to be UFO prizes? but i am not entirely sure. ;_;
Axew looks so cute in his tiny little hat! xD

apparently they're supposed to be released sometime this month,
here's to hoping they go up for grabs on Y!J <3

sorry if someone has already posted this, feel free to take it down if someone has ;_;

sales updates and my wants...again

I have updated my sales
there is a couple of pokedolls some Hasbro and jakks plush
Jakks figures
and some custom keychains C:
Check out my sales (HERE)

Also I am still after a cyndaquil pokedoll. I want one of these sooooo bad. If anyone has one for sale let me know! I will take it off your hands. C; haha
Also I want the jakks cynda!
this cute little guy has taken my heart. Lol I can't stop thinking about how cute cyndaquil is and I just want to get his cute plush! :D haha

  • spcake

Intro and collections post

Hi there!
So, I've been lurking around this comm for months now but was under the impression that it was a 'sales only' community for super serious collectors. Having finally had the time to sit down, read through the rules, all that jazz, I've finally joined. I'd like to share part of my collection with you.

I'm not a hardcore collector, so if I make some horrible pokemon collecting related faux pas please tell me so I don't do it twice!
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I also found a bag of mysterious Pokemon discs at a yard sale over the weekend.
No pics yet, soon though!

A little about me-
I've been playing Pokemon since Yellow came out. Some of my favourites are Clefairy, Sandslash, Oddish, Furret, Porygon and Vaporeon. It's an odd mix.
I've been making plush for almost 10 years, but just made my first pokeplush over the summer (that Oddish). I have a list of Pokemon I'd like to plush someday, it all depends on when I have free time to spend on their patterns. I'll be sure to share them with you once they've been completed.

Final GA Reminder!

Hey everyone, again, sorry for having two posts on the first page, but I needed to do one final GA reminder!

The Smaller But Cute GA ends in 7 hours and 52 minutes! So get your bids in super quick guys! If we want to win this lot, which I'm sure you do, we HAVE to get those bids in! Everything's still going pretty cheap, and the Combusken and Blazkien kids are still at their starting prices of $1 :D

Here's another picture of the GA;

And here's the link to the GA;
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Eeveelution wants list!

Hello, all! Today I come to you with a kind of broad wants lists, because I'm still not 100% familiar with the many pieces of merch that the Eeveelutions have. ^_^'

For the most part~ I'd really love to get my hands on their megabloks. The things are so adorable. ;-; I purchased the Jolteon and Flareon megabloks from a member of the comm a few days ago. (I'm sooo happy and can't wait to receive them :D)  And it just created a desire to find them all. I'm also very interested in the zukans. But will consider any of them if I feel the price is good. ^_^ I guess I'll basically consider anything. xD So if any of you lovely members have eeveelution merch that you want to get rid of. I'll gladly take it off your hands. :D

ALSOO~ I'm interested in any Tyrogue line merch. My boyfriend LOVES Tyrogue and its evolutions, so I figured getting him a few pieces will make a very nice gift. ^_^

Thanks for the help, guys! 
[Pokemon] Quagsire
  • zenity

Double Pokemon of the Week!!

OOPS, so last week I totally forgot about Pokemon of the Week! so let's have TWO pokemon/lines this week! :)

This week's pokemon are~!!!

#43, Oddish!! Which means Gloom, Vileplume and Bellossom are included! :)

The second pokemon of the week is:

#438, Bonsly! So Sudowoodo too. :D

Post all your Oddish-line and Bonsly-line stories, pictures and collections! Share the love!

Quick wants Post!

Hey everyone nothing fancy since boring post is SO FRIGGIN BORING!

But i'm looking to see if anyone has any items of the following Pokemon for sale?

Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Magby, Magmar, Magmortar, Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire, Hitmontop & Snivy.

As people know i have alot of the more common Cyndaquil stuff but i'm always willing to look at ANYTHING just in case

dratini, dragonite, dragonair, pokemon
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Custom Charms for September + eevee auction

I'm just finishing up last month's orders, there's only one person's order that i haven't gotten to yet as it was placed around the end of the month, so I think I'm ready for this month's round!

UPDATES: I've recently discovered that the 3DS doesn't have a phonestrap holder, which saddens me. :c  (Apparently not) So, as these are falling out of favor, I'm wondering what else I should offer... This month if you want, I can put your charms on ball chains (the short ones) instead of phonestraps if you prefer, however I'll need a little bit of time to order some. ^^;

UPDATE2: I apparently have a Facebook fanpage now for my charms (a friend made it months ago and made me an admin just recently xD) so if you want to Like it, you can check it out here! I'll post new designs whenever I do a batch, new etsy listings, link here whenever I do my monthly posts, and offer promotional deals or contests every once in a while, so please watch it if you can!

Something else new that I'm gonna try offering are these pixel pokemon pendants. I have two oshawott available (40mm or 45mm) for $5 each. They do not come with a cord/necklace. I can also make other Pokemon if their sprites are small enough. Feel free to ask. c:

Cut for charms and Bottlecap Pendants!

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I'm also auctioning these glow-in-the-dark eeveelution keychain figures. I love them, but there's most likely an eeveelution collector that'd appreciate them more. They are in fact bootlegs, about the size of FCS figures, but there isn't any official merch quite like them, and they're really rare (these are the only ones I've ever seen/heard of). Please bid in the appropriate threads.


- Bids start at $3 each
- Bidding ends Friday, September 16th, at 10pm PST
- Threads:  Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon
- Paypal only
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heres a quick list of my wants

charizard chess piece!
charmeleon attack kid
charmeleon socks
anything charmeleon
thank you. i should have a collection update soon!
  • rainyan

Pokekids pick up/group buy

Anyone want Eeveelution kids? I noticed a local toy store has these sets in stock, so I thought I could pick some up for you next week! :3

But! Because Finnish shipping system is so expensive, we would save a lot of money by sending everything at once, group buy style. So these pick ups will only happen if I find a kind soul (preferably in the US or somewhere else with cheap shipping rates) who could ship these forward to the buyers :3 Would anyone like to help out? They will of course get dibs on any kids they want to buy. A shipper has been found!

A full set is $24, Eevee + evolutions are $7 and the others are $3 (shipped and fees included!)

Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

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