September 12th, 2011

Wants Post + Small Sales Update

Hi! I've consolidated a short list of items I am currently keen on, do let me know if you have them for sale and I'd consider!

1) Banpresto Halloween Gengar plush

2) The Minccino Contest plush

3) Non-plush merch (not as if there are many plush for him anyway) for this guy! Drilbur/Moguryuu. I love the derpiness so bad. XD I already have the kids and Tomy figure for now.

4) As usual, all Piplup merchandise I don't have, I promise to take a gander and consider. ;)

Since I'm here, I'd do a small sales plug. I added a few items, such as the Eevee clipping figure, a few Zoroark items, and miscellaneous other items. (Everyone should check out the most obscene Starmie item ever invented, it is positively rude. XD) The shop will be closing for a month or so after this, so get your items while you can! Click here to proceed to Larvitarscar's Bazaar. Also, for those bought items from me from the last sales post, they have not gone out yet as I am still awaiting outstanding payments from some buyers, but rest assured they will be going this coming week. =D

Thanks for reading!

american sellers, i need your help!

Hey all!
I really, really need a t-shirt for my Sandile collection, but unfortunately Hot Topic refuses to ship it outside the US... Would any American sellers be willing to order one and act as a sort of middle-man for me? Of course, I'm willing to pay a bit extra for your time and services!


So it's been a while since I've made a post. Mostly because I have been busy with college and all, but I have been lurking and buying a few things, so I am here.

Anyway, As titled, I am in current search of some of my wants right now. As my laptop is over a year old now, I sorta consider it out-dated (in electronic terms) And the top is getting some rather ugly scratches, just from everyday use. (I am very much in love with my laptop, and I take good care of it, but scratches are inevitable.) So! I am looking for some really good and cute stickers. And honestly, they don't HAVE to be Pokemon. If you offer other sale and have stickers, I would love to look. I want to make a sticker collage on the top of my laptop. And of course, I am here becuase I love Pokemon stickers.

Stickers I would love the most:

Anything to do with these Pokemon:

Shiny (or regualr I guess) Drifloon. (new fav)

Those are my tops.

but I will look at any sticker offered. Especially Electric Types!!

Shipping would be to the USA. Thank you!

TCG wants~

Looking for japanese VS series: Karen's Tyranitar, also looking for these, in english or japanese:

Promo: 2000 movie card: Articuno, Evee (11)
DP7 CranidosDP13 Buizel, DP34 Drifblim

POP 1: Tyranitar EX  (TrollandToad has it at 4$)
POP 3: Combusken , Jolteon
POP 4: Pidgey
POP 7: Ampharos

Southern Islands: Jigglypuff (8/18)
Sandstorm: Arbok
Hidden Legends: Gorebyss
Team Rocket Returns: Rocket's Suicune EX (willing to pay 23$ for english, 30 for japanese)
Dragon: Gyarados, Salamence
Majestic Dawn: Darkrai
Delta Species: Latias
FireRed/LeafGreen: Caterpie, Metapod
DP Secret Wonders: Nidoking, Ho-Oh
Call of Legends: Smeargle, Suicune (SL11) (willing to pay 10$)

Also want: 15th anniversary kids promo TCGs: Haxorus, Bisharp.

Still looking for Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis
-Gym Challenge (need Giovanni, somehow had no idea it existed)

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards.) ((have VS Will pack and all 3 BW))
If anyone knows where to obtain said boosters (DPt era and up is on Hardrock pokemon I believe) especially the older series, I would like to obtain them if no one does have any empty packs. I have scoured around but Neo3 up to the first Diamond and Pearl set seems amazingly rare.

Also looking for single deck protector sleeves to collect~ I have many of N, Team Plasma along with Zoroark to trade.

Pan Sticker Trade!

Hey, fellow Pokefans. I just got a bunch of pan stickers in and thought getting a community trade post going might be fun. So if you have some just lying around (provided you also have sales/trading permission), post a pic in the comments and a list of your wants. Maybe me or another member might have something you like better. :)

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Edit: Also, has anyone actually used their pan stickers? Are they really as reusable they sound? Do they leave any residue? Thanks!

anyone want to claim these?

Poor little klink is the only one left. Someone want to give it some love and a good home?

So I just bought this set for tynamo and eelektrick
I don't really want the others so if anyone wants to claim the ones left they are yours.
I haven't got to total yet but once I do with shipping I am guessing each one will be around $15 or so to claim.
give or take a little.
And then there will be one more payment from shipping from me to you.


Battle dice GA payment 1 due!

invoice just came in and it's a whopper...

we didn't get discounts, instead we got ANTIdiscounts lol....

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yeah i still use the old fashioned way...


Bid: $30
US: $39.48

Bid: $2
US: $2.91
NonUs: $2.94

Bid: $1
US: $1.61
NonUs: $1.62

Bid: $5
US: $6.83
NonUs: $6.89

Bid: $11
US: $14.66
NonUs: $14.80

Bid: $15
US: $19.89
NonUs: $20.08

Bid: $1
US: $1.61
NonUs: $1.62

send payments to:

please, PLEASE! get these to me ASAP! i don't have that much money in my bank account lol

places to buy Poke goods in LA?

So it looks like I'll be in LA for a quick trip on the weekend, and I might have a chance to check out a store or two for nerdy Pokemon goodness^^ I'll most likely be in the Universal Studios area. There was a couple places I Yelped for anime stores, but for you locals, which is the best bet for Pokemon goods, and what merch do they have and how are the prices on these places (or any other suggestions)?

Anime Jungle (#1, since I hear it more involves figures, and #2 is more movies etc)
I bought some stuff from these guys at Fanime and they sold Kids for about $3 a piece ($6 for DX ones). How their Kid selection at the store? Are they still the same price? What other Pokemon merch do they have there?

Kinukuniya (Well, it's a block away from AJ)
How is this Kinu's Pokemon stock? Any Kids or anything?

Sugoi Life (This one's a "maybe" only, because of its location)
I saw a pic on Yelp where it has a HUGE selection of Tomys and some Banprestos by the looks of it (although the pic looked older, since I think I saw Elekid there). How's the stock currently, and how's the prices?

All help is appreciated!!^^

giant offers post!

Today I bring you a Giant Offers Post! I have a ton of Celebi, Suicune, and Lati@s movie and Pikachu short goods, as well as nifty keen metal charms and various figures.  Rules and info and stuff can be found in the post.

Click any of the above pictures (or just click HERE!) to get to the offers post! I've also updated my sales post with new things, so take a look! Thanks :D
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Shaymin Sales?

I got a lot with these two in it, and I don't collect Shaymin (and I'd keep the pokedoll but it kinda creeps me out. :X) so I thought I'd offer these guys up to you all... But I don't know what they are worth. Click the photos to see larger versions!

Landmin Pokedoll - I believe Japanese and minky. Only has toosh tag. Looks new other than that!

Skymin Tomy - NWT, seller said they purchased this plush from Japan themselves.

I tried googling to find old sales posts for these but I was unable to find anything too recent. D: Feel free to make an offer if you are interested or just help me out with pricing these! ^^

Oh and.. Granted sales permission by 07/02/11 by dakajojo!


Also does anyone have a Tsutarja/Snivy pokedoll for sale or does anyone know if they will eventually be brought here? If they are, I can just wait and get one at my local kiosk. Any condition is fine with me. I noticed Hardrock Pokemon and Sunyshore do not have them. :C
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Where is Jeansama?

Okay, so I purchased a couple of items from Jeansama about 4 weeks ago and haven't received them yet, a friend of mine in the community did as well and neither of us have gotten our items yet; I had ordered some flats, an Elesa card sleeve and a pair of Halloween stickers but they haven't shown up and I can't open a paypal dispute, I've contacted them directly to ask what was up but just to be on the safe side I decided to post this up, sorry if it isn't allowed but I just wanted to know if anyone else has been having this problem as well?

Smaller But Cute GA Update!

Hey everyone, unfortunately we didn't win the "Smaller But Cute" GA, we just didn't get enough bids in, even when lyndsaygorawr bid in a bit extra for us :( But thanks to everyone who did bid! :)

But, in some more exciting news, I will have some awesomely awesome GA's coming for you at the end of the week, so keep your eye out for them. They are HUGE! I'm so excited to be running them XD

And finally, once my last few items arrive sometime soon, I will post a small collection update, including a grail of mine, and maybe a few small sales, but nothing particularly special, mainly TCG :)

Sorry about the boring/sad post. To make it less boring, here's some cute-chus for you all XD

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Good Ol' Wants post

Hey guys, here's my updated list of wants once again (note it's been partially reused from the last time):

1) Half of my Visible Grail: Minun Canvas Plush, I've got the other half already

2) Samurott DX Tomy

3) Oshawott Dream World Plush

4) Pokemon Zukans of my Team:
Sigilyph, Tyranitar, Scizor/Scyther, Garchomp

5) More zukans - Cinccino, Minun/Plusle Diorama, DP12 Plusle/Pikachu/Piplup, Chikorita/Cyndaquil,Totodile Dioramas

6) Pokemon Platinum Cartridge (used is fine - North American version)

Note: Those in bold are of high priority. Pictures from Serebii and Pokeplushproject

7) An awesome charm for my 3DS, I don't know if I should get an official or custom one (Help me decide!)

8) Any awesome Minun/Plusle/Oshawott things that you think will interest me

9) Reshiram Full Art (Im hoping I can get a trade for this, there are some cards in my sales post including a Tornadus Full Art Card)

Just to end off with a sales post: I wouldn't mind trading anything from my sales post for my wants: This includes sugimori clearfiles, quite a lot of DX Kids, Clipping Figures and more


price check + wanted PBP celebi

Hi everyone!

I plan on making a sales post sometime soon, and just want a price check on a few things since I haven't been keeping track of their values as of late :)

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Image from PPP

I also want this pretty darn badly :\ playbyplay is one of my favourite plush companies, and I had no idea they made a celebi........... Does anyone have any info on it? anyone have one they'd be willing to sell? Know where I could get one? ;~;

edit: I found out they made a lugia too! how exciting! info would be lovely! *u*

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Mini Model Group Auction and Updates

Updates first:

Commissions: I'm mailing out this week, probably Thursday. The plush that are finished are Sleeping Female Pikachu, Exclamation Point Unown [R&S], Tynamo, and Hoppip. I took pictures today, and they will be up by the end of the evening if not earlier. I'll be messaging everyone with shipping information later this evening.

Plush GA: The plush group auction, [], I was running ended, but we didn't win :( I'm very sorry to everyone that participated. We just didn't have enough =;A;=

Now for the amazing group auction I'm going to be running: I'm looking for a co-host as I'm going to be out of town the end date of the auction! I'm able to do the threads and such, but I need someone to do the bidding.

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Set 1 Zukan GA - Ending time change + Jantyls Zukan GA

Hey guys, I know I posted just yesterday about this but this is an important change to this GA!

I've changed the ending time to - Wednesday 14th September 23:59 London time!

Why? Well, we've raised more than enough so theres no need in keeping it going for a whole 5 days but I dont want to stop it just yet so I can be fair and give everyone the chance to participate if they so wish :D

Countdown Timer Here!

Original Post Here!

Thanks to everyone taking part in this! Its so exciting! :'D

On a second note, I forgot about Jantyls Zukan GA Im hosting! So im extending this until wednesday at the same time too. So sorry about that I was so busy over the weekend it seriously slipped my mind!

We've raised just over half so far, so lets get the bids in for this!

Click Here for Jantyls Zukan GA!

New Jakks Plush & Shipping Status!

I saw these while browsing Toys N Joys' website(I'm going there in a month and wanted to see their pre-order stuff.) I hadn't seen these posted yet, so here you guys go!
Also, remember that no matter how tempting these are, I really advise against ordering from them!

It looks like Zorua is a re-release, but the rest are new! Yay Dewott! Too bad I'll probably never see these. I still haven't even seen the last set. (I wanted Minccino...)

And a note to those who bought from me recently:
I haven't sent out your things yet because I'm waiting on a flat rate box/envelope delivery. As soon as those come in, your things will be going out ASAP~ :D Thank you for your patience.

TCG wants

Hi again everyone.
So I bought this new binder for my TCGs so that gave me a chance to re-organize. I'm pretty close to having all the original 150 of the jungle/fossil etc sets.... but still missing 23 D: I know you guize have them- who wants to sell/trade some?!
I have plenty of 1st gen cards for trade, or if you're willing to sell the ones I need, I can pay up to $1.00 each.
Here's the list!

*don't care if they're holo or non holo
*all cards must be 1st gen jungle/fossil etc
Jolteon *HOLO*

EDIT: found them all! thanks godudette! still looking for mews though: vvvvvv

I am also interested in ANY MEWS! (except the 1st promo and the ancient) I will trade multiple cards for single mew cards. (or pay up to $5 per card) or any Mew flats or stickers or whatever that can fit inside a card pocket (will pay up to $1 for flats)

Here's what I have to trade. And a shameless sales plug. Help me get rid of these lol.

Thanks so much my darlings :)
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A tale of two Lugias (Question)

So recently we got a package from ebay with a Shadow Lugia inside.
He had his hang tag, and we were planning to swap him for our semi-loved shadow lugia without hang tag.

However, I noticed that these two pokedolls had very different tush tags.

Does anyone know if there were multiple releases or some special edition perhaps.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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CT shops

  Hey everyone, I've been following this group for a while and I recently joined. I'll make a more formal introduction later but for right now I have a quick question. 
  I'm in the New Haven, CT area right now, and I was wondering if there were any stores nearby in southwestern or eastern CT or NYC (besides NWS) that sold pokemon merch or possibly resells pokedolls. I'm not really in to the B&W merch at th moment at the nintendo world store and dont want to wait until xmas and be possibly dissapointed. thanks in advance.