September 13th, 2011


Lot Sale

Hey guys! Long time no see. After alot of thought, I've decided to do a bit of collection weeding. I don't have alot of time on my hands at the moment, so I'd like to sell the items below in one large lot. I'm asking $550 shipped for everything. There are additional photos underneath the cut.       Lot soon to be a GA...thanks! :)


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(no subject)

I'm here to find a Christmas present for my best friend. his favorite Pokemon is rhyperior, so i'm looking to buy a zukan of it and its pre-evolutions. I dont think i've ever seen them for sale here on the comm, but im trying!

I WOULD put up a picture, but LJ hates my guts tonight.
Card Icon Mew

Clearfile Auction/ Eeveelution customs set

I was going through my small clearfile collection and noticed that though I DEARLY love these folders, I think someone else will want them more. Larger images and rules under the cut. Some weird Hoenns and Blastoise on one. Whut? XD

Other things. I finally finished my full eeveelution cellcharm set yay! You can buy a set (85), or individuals (they cost 13 each), or even ask for a commission of another Pokemon if you're looking for something I don't have.

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Help identifying a possible bootleg?

I'm still super-new to the world of Pokemon collecting, and when I first discovered it, I bought a couple plushes off ebay from sellers in China without realizing that was a good way to end up with bootlegs. I'm positive that one I bought is a bootleg because of a couple small but obvious issues, but the other? I have no idea whether or not it's a fake.

Thus, I turn to the much more experienced members of pkmncollectors!

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Ok, so I live on the KSU campus, and last night I went to the local Drug Mart to buy some hair clips and what do I find in one of those "pay 50 cents, crank the lever" thingys where the prize comes out in those little bubble things?!



So please, if you happen to win one, or happen to have one. PLEASE TELL ME! I would really like to get one.

Other wise I might end up spending all my quarters trying to win one. (Last night I tried and instead ended up getting a blow up beach ball. T.T

Sales and offers!

Hello! I come to you today with a quick sales and offers post :3

1. I ship from the US to anywhere!
2. Pet friendly but smoke free home
3. I ship 4 days after receiving payment (usually, but keep in mind I am in college)
4. Paypal only please, and no e-checks at this time
5. Haggling is welcome!

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Finally, everyone who ordered from me before, your items have been shipped as of today, with the exception of a few that will be shipped first thing tomorrow. I apologize for the delay :( A lot of stuff has been going on around here, and I was not able to make it before closing time until now.
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Emerging Powers Booster Sale!

I just stumbled upon some promo packs (I'm a sucker for those), but I don't need the boosters that come with them, so I offer them to you all for a discounted price! All packs are SEALED. 

4 packs for $14 shipped in the US ($15 International) 
OR all 8 packs for $25 shipped anywhere

Mini Card Binder: $4 shipped in the US ($5 international)
(front and back shown)

I still have many cards remaining from my previous Emerging Powers Sales Post if you're missing any!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


Arceus bless holidays.

Yesterday night I took a shower around 1 AM and had a cup of coffee. I decided it was a great time to shoot pictures of my collection.

So, uhm, my collection became quite modest, but I guess I enjoy it more like this. Also, I don't have space ._.

Let's take a look then! (I really need to move that Bugs Bunny, it's not even mine. >:I) 

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Excited Litwick

Looking For Lucario Pokedoll

Hello again. :) I'm really in need of finding one of the cutest things to ever happen:

This fella's been eluding me for far too long, and now I'm ready to look anywhere. But I can't find one anywhere. If anyone has one or knows someone who sells one, please let me know~! I'm looking for a cheaper price than most, so let me know~!

Greetings + wants post!

Hi all! Posting here since....What, in a few months? I've been posting something here and there, but mostly buying and commenting to other people's entries in here. As some of you may know, I live a somewhat busy life but things are really starting to quiet now a bit again now that I got accepted to university. :)

I have even been working on my collection site, which not only features my whole Pokemon collection but some anime/manga/game merch as well! It's still on the works though, but I've done something about it. I plan to do a re-intro in the future too.

But, let's get to the point, shall we?

This guy has been evading me for so long it's becoming ridiculous. :(
I have seen him before but he was either way too expensive/snatched before my eyes.So please, if you have one and/ or know someone who is selling one please contact me! It is the very big Takara TOMY plush.

+(Ensky Stamp)

Also! If someone has these Servine for sale, I'd be glad to buy them off your hands. :)
I have gotten a fixation to collect him somehow. He's just adorable.<3

You can also offer me on any Piplup/Darkrai/Bayleef/Buizel stuff, but prepare for a lot of" no thanks" for Buizels since my collection of him is pretty much complete exept some items and most of the plushies. (I don't have the proper room for Bui plushes, but I plan to get them after I move to my own apartment in the future)

As a final note, please bump/note me if I own you any feedback. I love to give feedback but mostly I forget from who I  have bought from. >_>
Luxio, Satoshi


So. Guys in this GB:

They're in! Some of them have a few flaws though, and none except Jigglypuff had hang tags ;_;
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By the way-

Does anyone have this Bui for sale? I lost contact with the person I was originally getting him from. Please help? D:
Also, some new items from box over at Krokorok's Stop!

wanted: ears

I'm wondering if there are any Gen 1-4 plush made with the ears folded as Deerling's or Emolga's are, like this:

If anyone has some (or a pink Ditto) to offer, I'm willing to buy a couple :d

Quick question

Soooo I am wondering if anyone would be interested in these derpy but cute Pokemon bead creations?

Here is a cute bead charizard I just made for myself. I made up the pattern and everything myself.
This one is about 7-8" long from top pf the head to tip pf the tail.

I can make Pokemon that are simple in design. No Pokemon that has crazy detail...cause that would be hard. Lol

Anyways, what do you peeps think? C:
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The kids are in, extras for sale!

Remember these? :3

Well, I made a successful pick up trip today and got all the kids that were ordered! So if you ordered something, you can send the payment now, I'll send messages to everyone regarding that. And I couldn't help buying a few extras for myself too, which means I also have a few leftovers that I'm offering to you now! They will be added to the Group Buy lot and shipped to acciolucius who will ship them to their new owners :3 The more stuff shipped at once the better, right?

Flareon and Jolteon are $6.50, Eevee is $4.50 and the rest are $2.50, shipped and fees included! Help me get rid of them :D
Still available: Jolteon, Chikorita, both Totodiles

(The original post is here)
right here
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Quick Reminder~

Just a quick reminder my auctions are going to be ending tomorrow here: sales journal

includes: -Chatot pokedoll
-Primal Dialga
-Shinx Plush
-Shiny Gyarados charm
-a few zukans
-big Tomy Giratina for offers!

please check it out~ Roughly 20hrs till its gone~

Sales / auction and wantlist updated !

I put for auction the mysterious european bath Charmander plush =D
+ more sales

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo

Sales Rules

- I accept Paypal only.
- Dont forget to add your LJ username and what you bought in paypal note before to pay.
- Payment must be made in 2 days after the purchase.

- I do ship to worldwide
- I ship from France ! The shipping price to worldwide, so ask for quote!
- I am not responsible for damages lost or stolen items in the mail.

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Auction :

This Charmander plush looks like the bath buddy but he's a bit diferent. Good condition but tagless.

Start at $5
more pictures

Sales :

Play by Play 30 cm Pikachu $5
Good condition. The shipping could be a bit expensive to US...
more pictures

Banpresto Giratina keychain $8

Poster + french TCG mag (pokemon / yu-gi-oh)$4

Kids, all in good condition (no paint rub)
Quilava $3
Typhlosion $4

Hunchkrow $4
Milotic $4
Porygon2 $3

Mystery dugeon Turtwig diorama $4
Roserade Zukan $3

Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon 2$ each
Happiny strap $3
Palkia strap $2

Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles


Just a quick reminder for my offers that are going on:

Mini Pokedolls, and Mew and Mewtwo Banpresto plush! Since there's been no interest in Mew or Mewtwo this far, I'm changing the starting bid to a BIN price. (: Please give these cuties a home! Unless there is any more interest, offers will be ending in approx 24 hours time. Also still for sale are Totodile and Snover Pokedolls amongst other things!

Also, a question. I'm currently making a fleece DX Wailord Pokedoll (this one is double the size of the normal one, I think the official DX is bigger?) and want to put some up for sale to the community. As you can imagine, these will be quite big plush so I wouldn't want to be left with them if they don't sell. ;-; Would it be okay to make myself one as an example then auction off slots? I don't have a clue how to price custom plush and I wouldn't want to under or oversell myself. XD So while I'm here, would anyone be interested in this kind of thing? Once I've done the Wails I will probably do DX versions of other dolls too. (: