September 14th, 2011

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Jensoxen's GA Reminder (more stuff added)!

Hello! I have updated jensoxen's GA with better pictures of the plush and Zukans! There are over a hundred items up for bid, so go and check them out! it ends tomorrow evening, and many items have no starting bids yet!


Also for those of you who like weird rare bootlegs, we've added these tin launchers to the GA! There's over a dozen different ones!
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A silly question! + Shipping update!

Hey there guys and gals of pkmn collectors! truxor has a silly question:

Can someone give me a back and side view of both a spinda and rotom pokedoll?

Because they are both rather pricey, i'm considering making a mock of each

Also (in seller news) stuff is going to be shipped out today (wednesday). So if you bought something from my sales post or I'm doing a trade with you then it will be shipped! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Thanks everyone!
Custom Ambipom

Monkey time!

Rich text edit ate my post so much I had to delete it and try again. And now the cut isn't working. Why haven't they fixed this yet?

Anyway, I got a few things this week and I wanted to share them with all of you. :)

My monkey collection is growing steadily. The inner-tube Aipom from jeansama, the DX Banpresto plushie from godudette, and the Ambipom Pokédoll from captainangel. Thank you for letting me give them a new home. :)

The Zorua and Zoroak tin from dunsparce. I must apologize to atlantia_rai, it's not being used for cookies. ;-; Finally, the Rainy Castform dex figure from neeko48. Despite the terrible picture, it's still adorable. :)

This is what I'm still after:

For Aipom and Ambipom:
Ambipom Battrio
Aipom and Ambipom TCG
Anything else for them (plushies, figures, etc.) I'm not interested in stickers

For Castform:
Clear Rainy and Clear Snowy Kids (Maybe, I haven't decided if I want these yet)
Any other Castform dex figures

For the Normal type Zukan collection
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

Thanks for looking~!

Mystery Latios/Latias Figure Question Plus Some Updated Sales!

Hey there community, I come (unfortunately XD) bearing sales, but also a question!

So, first up let's start off with some sales! As always, here is my main TCG card shop (Warning!! Image Heavy; Now accepting trades for Squirtle, Sandile, and Tirtouga line things in either sales post!) :

Or click this!:

And here is my Plush, figures, etc sales, (I am very ignorant in these things, so feel free to haggle or tell me prices are too high, etc.):
 I added in MIP Jakks Reshiram, Oshawott, and Zorua figures.

*Insert banner here*

Onto the question!: Does anyone know what the figure in the back where Ash is riding Latios? Is that a lotto figure, some kind of special figure or...?

That's all for now, still waiting on 1 package before I make an update, so I am really hoping it gets here soon, so thanks guys for viewing/posting/buying/whatever!

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Looking for older TCG cards?

Hi all! Today I bring you kinda a lazy TCG sales post. I finally finished going through aaall my cards and I have a ton of older ones to sell. I currently don't have access to a scanner, so I can't put them up with my other cards, so I'm gonna do it this way:

If anyone is looking for any specific older TCG cards (Base-Neo Genesis), please let me know!
I am open to selling and trading (my not-yet-complete wants list is here. I've actually completed the base set, so please ignore that)

Also, my newer cards for sale can be found here. (my rules and terms can also be found there). Again, if you're looking for any specific, please let me know, as there are still some I haven't added yet!

And don't forget, I'm still willing to pick up some B&W merchandise my Meijer has in stock, including the (apparently) popular Snivy-with-Pokeball keychain!: Here

Granted sales permission by lineaalba on 7/7/10
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price check and other things?

okay so I bought a set of zukans off y!j and I only bought it for the legendary dogs. this is the set:

screencap of the set from zukan ranger
I have no idea what the different sets sell for. I only wanted entei, raikou, and suicune, so does anyone know what the rest sell for? thanks!

Also, I bought a lot of kids to get some for me and my friend and holy shit the invoice is scary O_O I should have known better... xD so I was wondering if anyone would be possibly interested in some of the kids from the lot? the pic is horrible and blurry, but you can still make out what kids are in there.

you can click for a bigger pic

Collapse )

if anyone is interested in some, I can come up with some cheapish prices just to get rid of them and help me pay for the scary invoice. the list above shows which ones are available. if you see one and the name isn't on the list, it's because my friend or I have claimed it :P ask me about any if you want some!

and if you didn't notice, we won the cute dish GA. And at the starting price, so expect discounts ;D

that's all for today! I might edit after who knows! and YES some year I will have a marill collection update ;-; i am sooo lazy
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Bulba and Pokedolla GA - Third/Final Payment

SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG! Mailer bags took a while but I have them! However,  because I really don't want to keep you guys waiting much longer, I  decided to just put up estimates of what I think shipping will be for  your item as I can only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think (still not sure how US shipping works lol). If its high, I'll refund the difference, if its low, I'll cover the difference as I've made you wait long enough that its only fair.

Spreadsheet is here
Send third payment to dreamingofhope[@]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Remember to put your LJ name and item in the note
Please put down if you've paid in the spreadsheet.

The leftover items are Latios Pokedoll, Minum Pokedoll and a Piplup Plush. Their conditions can be seen here.
If any of the participants want these, go ahead and make an offer (before you pay the third payment!). Come Sunday, any left will be open to the comm.

I have an update coming soon including a beautiful little grail and a couple of high wants :D so keep an eye out coming soon :D

Sticker and Flat GA update - More added!


First of all :(

This lot of stickers from our GA, sadly was lost. I emailed Treasure Japan asking them why I didnt win them after I put in all the details and money, and it was because they were asleep because it was past twelve in Japan.

So yes, sorry about that one guys :( But i have one of the other lots to buy still, and I found some more few bits of Black and White related flats/stickers, so i threw them in the GA too, just because FUZZY BATS.

This is the final update/reminder, and final GA i'm doing.

GA now ends in 2 days!
I'm really excited about these new items i added :D <3

Also I found this sticker just too damn hilarious to not save

Slaking Grail

Holy Grails Of Epicness!

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Ok. Guys.....guuuuuys. Seriously. Guys. 
This post breaks all rules of collector physics. I just received some of the most ULTIMATE packages any collector could ever get!
These are GRAILS OF ALL HOLY GRAILS! I kid you not. 

Seriously. No joke. Come see. And be prepared to have your mind blown. 

Sneak peek to the awesome, right this way.....

What could it be? ...........You all better click OR SO HELP ME! >:[


I've also given my SLOTHYSHROOM website a total makeover! With a huge update on the site! I'm still creating banners/art for a lot of the B/W pokemon but be sure to give it a look!

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me during my years of searching. :> And the support during my quest!
This community can really lead you to things you never imagined you'd find. To everyone who thinks you can never find that ONE item, don't give up! Thanks everyone for reading! 



Line of Trainer Plush..?

Googling around for Pokemon stuff I stumbled across several online stores listing pre-orders for what seems like a set of Official Pokemon Trainer plush.. It's listed as "Series 1", kind of reminicent of how the small Jakks Pluhies tend to be listed. I just emailed Jakks and am waiting for their response..but I've had bad expirience with emailing toy distributors before (*glares at Spin Master and Bandai*) so I have no idea how Jakks works and how good their services are.

According to one listing, they're two plush? And this was supposed to come out in June...>_>

So I'm posting here to see if anyone else has heard of this. Maybe someone here knows? I got more information than I expected the last time I posted here so I thought this was the place to ask. Lol.

UPC: 039897282589


Apologies if I did something wrong. ._.;
dragon shoe
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(no subject)

Hey all! Sorry, not a TFG update today (that is coming though...oh, yes) but a plush Wants post! I'm looking for the Pokecen Deerlings.

Oh, I resisted at first but I've pined after them so often now that I think I have no recourse but to apply the soothing presence of Deerlings to my aching heart. I've found some locally for $35 shipped so I'm hoping to get a better price than that. Fall/Autumn is my priority deerling want. :3

Also: the TOMY Spring Deerling plush? Does anyone own one and can say what they're made from?

And finally, I'm also looking for the first Blitzle MPC. This guy: Found!

I would also be willing to trade for these items if that's more your style. :3 I have piles of sales/weeded items for trade fodder.
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Luxray Marble Shooter

I went to the city with my brother today and we also went to Toys XL (because I wanted to haha).
They were selling these:

Is anyone interested in this figure? I can go back to pick them up. However they are pretty pricy. They are selling for $21.00 and shipping would be $24.00.
Also, all the straps from the GB I held were shipped yesterday.
Cool Raikou~

Mini update + GB reminder

So...i've been promising a collection update since November, i think ._. If you guys still remember My first post, well. My collection might be six times bigger now (not kidding :X) I've amassed plenty of cute items thanks to you guys C: And my first anniversary will be soon, so i'll set up a humble collection site for that date.

But well, without further ado, let's see what i have to show you guys today (:

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And one last thing: this GB ends this Friday and there's still about half of them unclaimed, including the Team Rocket's pokémon one!

They are rare Latin American postcards from the year 2000, so grab one while you can C:

Click the picture or here to be transported!

sales! and customs?

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you guys sick of me yet? XP
sorry for so many posts the past couple of days, but for the first time in 6 months I actually had time off work!

I went through my collections again and totally updated my sales post! more figures (mews), more plush (bootie umbreon!), some pkmn manga, and lots more! and I drastically lowered my prices! -help me get rid of this stuff! 

(fake cut to sales!)

And I'm coming into a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to put my professional glittering skills to use!
Made these Eeveelus today: Up for sale if anyone wants them!

(lj cut! y u at top of page?!)