September 15th, 2011

  • ditto9

Custom headphones auction

Hello everyone again!

I was wondering if anyone was interested in these...cant do anything but try!
I'm bringing you an auction for a customised item I love doing~

They're hand painted headphones! And I used the theme of the intro movie to Pokémon Yellow as inspiration for these!

Info for this set and a custom slot are under the cut (if it works!) - The auction starts at $30 for the 'Yellow' pair c:
(Please wait for threads to be posted)

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PKMN: Sailingtoed

so many tears!



Fine, don't guess. I'll just show you. You're no fun. >:/

SADTREES. AREN'T THEY CUTE? <3 Recently hyper_potion, aisarang, and myself got together to split firebomb's Bonsly lot for sale and this was my share -- minus one Pokedoll, which I got from vulpixlover. I had already bought the Pokedoll (on the right), but I couldn't resist the idea of twin sadtrees so I asked for the Pokedoll in the Bonsly lot as well. XD

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What is/are your biggest Pokeplush(es)? And are they official or customs? Pictures make it more fun! ;) Especially with a size reference of some kind.

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GA reminder and a new Card GA

Just a reminder to get your bids in we have under 2 days left to bid.

Bidding ends September 20th 8:00 am pst
We Won :)

I will be claiming the Krookodile Expansion pack and 1 pack of cards for 10+

1.Paypal only please :)
2.I will need payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice
3.All Community Auction Rules apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Non payers will have negative feedback left :(
5. Please bid in increments of 1.00

WANTS! Gimme your stuff!

I'm only a few figures short of completing my raichu and manectric collections. Any help you guys could give me here would be great. I'm ready to buy almost anything, but if there's any Pokémon you'd consider at least a partial trade for, I'd be happy to negotiate with you (Sales permission granted on 9/3/2011 by dakajojo

Pictures and details under the cut. Also; if I used your image and you'd like me to remove it or credit you, please say so. I just used random images off Google.

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  • eeveez

Talking Oshawott advice

Sorry about posting soo much ( like, five days ago ) But I'd love some help on a plush. :) 

I would love some advice on trying to get hold off the Talking Mijumaru - Oshawott. I'm in the UK and would like to know if anyone has one, or knows where to get one relativly cheap ish? And does anyone have it and could tell me if it's worth it? I've seen SO many videos and it's really made me decide im so badly after one! 

Thanks to so many of you, I decided to get one off hobby link japan, thank you so much for the links and deciding for me :) 

I'm also after any oshawott merch you may possibly have guys, so anything, I may need! Do show me :D I have the pokecen one before anyone asks.. 

The blue critters starting to seriously over-rule eevee at this rate X) 
again, I hope you all are having a great day 


Small update, auction reminder

I'll be leaving for college in a couple days, so this will probably be my last collection update for quite a while. Some of you may remember my vast search for a certain Squirtle plush. I finally got him thanks to a GA run by entirelycliched

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I have some auctions ending in about 3 hours, at 8pm PST! This is your last chance to get the flying balloon ANA Pikachu figure, Drifloon Canvas, or Wailmer Banpresto plush. :3

They can be found in my sales, below!

Added new Jakks figures and Tomys! I won't be able to do many sales at college, so anything you can take off my hands is appreciated.
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Update on Serperior/15th Anniv Set Group Buy (Extra for Claims) + wants + sales

Hey guys,
remember this Group buy I did about a week back?

Well, the order got confirmed and I bought Two Serperior Sets and 1 15th Anniv Set. So these are the compilled lists of people that have asked for a Kid or two:

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Note that people 1st for the 1st set other than for those I'm claiming and those 1st or 2nd for Set 2 are confirmed getting your kids, but it's likely there will be doubles so not worry if you're third or 4th in line.

I will be accepting more claims on some of the Pokemon:
Set 1: Petilil (2), Liligant (1), Excadrill (1), Gothorita (1), Vullaby (1)
Set 2: Duosion (2), Tynamo (1), Beheeyem (2), Shelmet (2), Gigalith (1), Cubchoo (2), Deerling (2)

Price: Set 1: $8.50 Shipped.  Set 2: $8 shipped. (Not including material, paypal fees).

And mostly importantly, no you don't have to pay yet, this is just a friendly update. I'm expecting the first set to arrive in early October and ths second set to arrive in early or mid november.

To add on: A short list of wants XD
1) Minun Canvas Plush
2) Oshawott Dream World Plush
3) Samurott DX Tomy
4)Pokemon Zukans: Sigilyph, Tyranitar, Scizor/Scyther, Garchomp line, Cinccino, DP12 Pichu Pikachu, Piplup, Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile diorama.
5) Pokemon Platinum Cartridge (Almost got one I think, trade in progress)
6)Reshiram Full Art (Im hoping I can get a trade for this)

Mini Sales Pug:
Well that's all from me, thanks for reading.
PS: I'm a guy not a she XD.
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Huge collection weeding + kids sale!

Hey guys, long time no see!
Today I've got about 50 items for sale/offer from my personal collection~ Many lovely rare goodies, both official and custom! All pokemon in my LJ offers are listed in the tags of this post.

Also, around 50 new pokemon kids have been added to my shop! Aaaand, if there are items that you had your eye on previously, they may be further discounted now!


Got a need~(wants)

Evening everyone! Just wanted to update that I have sent all packages out that have been from my previous sales this last weekend and Tuesday evening. All buyers should be receiving their items soon :3

Though I'm currently on the hunt for a couple of things. Hoping you guys here on the comm can help me out o.o


Mudkip Zukan-- Looking to purchase one in decent shape-- for my fiancee's collection. Anyone looking to sell please don't hestiate to send me a message or comment :D

(image from hardrock-pokemon)

I also have a minky JP w/ tag Jolteon pokedoll and I'm currently looking to trade (or purchase) an Espeon pokedoll. If anyone is interested in a flat trade-- I'd be game. :3 I need one of these little guys to be my new travel buddy! 


rill pd

Pokedoll Charms: A Collective History

Hey collectors! I come to you today with a slightly strange request...

I love pokedoll charms. I love love love love love them and I know I can't be the only one out there who does! Recently, however, I've discovered the main problem with these adorable chibi-sized charms... we really don't know everything there is to know about them. We've heard rumors, etc, etc, etc... but no complete list exists with picture evidence. I know there are old posts on the comm with the same goal in mind, but I want to make sure we have a permanent, comprehensive list organized with images as proof.

I've been on an intense research spree and have found out quite a lot about these elusive charms but now I come to you for help! I'm looking for pictures that I can use for my history of pokedoll charms/collection site of each charm that we HAVE OBTAINED and also for pictures of the COMPLETE SETS that they were released in. I have tons of pictures already but I don't want to steal images without asking. =[

Ideally I would like the photos of single charms to look like this (close up and detailed with just one charm):

 For complete charm sets, virtually anything is acceptable as long as you have all three-four charms visible in the photo! If you already have a picture taken of your charms and can't be bothered to take another I would still be happy to use it and give you credit.

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Additionally, if you are a pokedoll charm owner, I'd love to know what release years you have on the back of them. Not every charm has a release year but it would help to find out who has which release year! Once I get my history of pokedoll charm site "more official" (via your pictures and release year info) I will share it with you guys. =)

Also also if you have any pokedoll charms you might even consider selling I would be a very very happy, interested and enthusiastic buyer. =3 Charizard, Mewtwo, and Lucario would be my highest priorities (since they are the boyfriend's favorites)!

Thanks for your help guys! Any information or pictures is appreciated.

  • joshpho

Wants list update: Myst Dungeon house figures, Lati@s

Edit: Unrelated to wants, but I've found a Y!J auction I might be bidding on through Noppin and was wondering with any experience with the service could check it out and make sure it's legit? It would be my first time doing so. Just drop me a PM, thanks =)

Hi everyone! Just posting my wants list, updated with some new Mystery Dungeon merch and a few other things. Let me know if you have anything!
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Thanks as always guys!

Eevee &amp; Vulpix
  • vepsmin

I'm back .. with sales!

It's been forever since I was here last.. well, here I am again! So, hello all of you fellow collectors =D 

I should be making a one-year-at-pkmncollectors entry but no, I was cleaning my sales instead .. and adding new things, of cource! Prices are kicked down very fairly on some things.. get them out of my sight, please? :3

Enter my shop here :3