September 17th, 2011

Deoxys and company GA-WE WON! Unbid items open for claim!

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Countdown timer:

GUYS, you can claim any unbid item at the starting price by replying to the thread and say "claim!"

And im so sorry for the messy post, i dont know how to fix it :P 

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I will claim the following: the defence forme chou get, normal forme chou get, the magnet, the roller figure, the sky base??figure, and the attack forme dex figure for a total of $30!
i might as well bid on some other items as normal :)
Blue_huyaku wont be claiming anything!

The end time will be in 14 hours(will add countdown timer soon)

DONT SNIPE if u place a bid within the 5 last minutes of the auction, the thread will keep going til bidding is done.

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Small figures start at $1, bigger figures starts at $2, some figures will start at $3 also, the ones i know are pretty rare :)

Lets do this, shall we??

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All threads for items i could recognize are up! If u see what any of the blurry inplastic figures are, please tell me! ^^

Also, this is my first GA, if i do anything wrong(or leaving any info out), please tell me! <3

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Gauging Interest + Big Want!

Hello everyone! Today I come with some art to see if I could possibly take commissions! Or, at least, it anyone would even be interested XD

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And my big want: a Zekrom Pokedoll.

I've decided that I seriously need one of these in my life ;3; However, I really can't afford to pay $45+ for one now, what with college and everything. However I'd LOVE to do a trade/partial trade for one! I can offer these drawings, I make keychains (not taking commissions atm, but if you want to trade a Zekky for some PM me), and I have lots of stuff still in my sales and TCG sales. I don't expect anyone to fully trade for this, but...anyone interested ina partial trade? D: Or is anyone selling one cheap? >.> lol.

Thanks guys! ;3

Giant Pikachu collection update & big sales update!

Hi everybody! This took a really long time, but I'm finally here with my giant Pikachu update! Through a combination of wonderful people on the comm selling their plush, running GAs, eBay, Y!J, ToysRUs/Target, and a wonderful friend that's living in Japan at the moment, my collection has grown stupendously.  Before discovering the comm, I only had one Pikachu plush (and I'm pretty sure he's a bootie).  Now, well... see for yourself!

Tons and tons of Pikachus.  And even more, under the cut!

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Also, as a result of my collections, I did end up with a few duplicates, so I'll have those up for sale in the plush section of our sales post!  Or you can just click the picture below.  ^^

And the boyfriend has spent a massive amount of time updating the sales, so please do go and check them out!  And as always, in terms of TCG, if there's anything specific you're looking for or a Pokemon you'd like to have cards of, do let us know!  We have boxes upon boxes of TCG that we'd love to weed out a little bit.

Click the picture below for our general sales! Everything is at BIN prices, but we're very open to offers!


Revelation Lugia stamper set offers reminder

Just a quick reminder that offers for my lugia stamper set will end in less than a day! It ends Sept.17th @ 7pm PST! ~Countdown timer
Click here, or the picture to go to the post!

I also still have plenty of plushies (pokedolls, canvas, etc.) that are still available!

  L astly, does anyone have a clear jakks latias for sale? I would really appreciate it if someone would sell me one ;3; or point me in the direction of one that isn't too expensive C:       

dento and maggyo flop!!


I apologize for taking so long to get these up for you all: But the new Pokedolls are in stock now! And all other orders placed in the last two weeks will be picked up and sent by next week when I return to Japan :)

Check out the dollies:
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DP15 Zukan GB (Help me out)

Hey guys, sorry for posting so soon again, but I decided instead of just posting my wants to take some action to getting it.

So I'll be doing a group buy for the DP15 Zukan.

Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11
  • Shipping: I ship from Singapore.
  • Payment: I accept Paypal ONLY. You are required to pay after all have been claimed.
  • Prices: All prices are in USD and do not include material and other fees
  • I will not allow anyone to claim an item if he is banned on Pokemon Collectors
  • Note: Upon making a claim there is no backing out or I will give negative feedback
I will be claiming the Tyranitar line Zukan

The price for each zukan will be $9 shipped to anywhere in the world.

       Claims       :

Zoroark Standing:elisha1288,
Zoroark on fours: Beriel
Motres: angelfish3
Ambipom Line:
Ralts Line: tofu256
Chansey Line:
Tyranitar Line: donny9
The routine end off: Check out the DX Wailord Kid, sugimori clearfiles, lightup keychains and more XD

Auction Reminder + Mini Wants

Just a quick reminder that the Jakk's auctions end tonight! Poor Reshiram has no bids, and Zekrom is still at his starting bid. Click the picture to be transported!

And now for some small wants, because WHY NOT?! Recently jadekitty777 purchased this lovely little notebook, unknowing that there are FLUFF in the corner! She has kindly given me some pictures of this little thing. If anyone has any more information or happens to have one, you know I want it!

Second, I'm looking at you plush artists. I'm looking for some very small plush, as in phone strap small. If anyone is comfortable making itty bitty plush, please let me know. I'm looking for several!

Finally, I've been trying to gather information about the sleeping Pichu promotion that was held in pokecenters a little while ago. Specifically, I'm looking for a list of merchandise made for each of the pokemon with Pichu. Lapras, Kangaskahn, Snorlax, Dragonite, and Altaria were all featured, but for Altaria I only have 3 pieces of merch from the line (clearfile, stickers and little hand wipes). The other pokemon have been featured in little candy tins, even little canvas and drawstring bags. Does anyone have more information about the promotion?

nintendo world

Does anyone know of its current stock? I have a friend who might be going there but we have no idea what's in stock there atm; I wish their website told us :/ is there any halloween themed poke merch?
Thanks everyone!

Question/request !!

hi guys,my brother is going to travel to China next week and I want him to bring me some pokemon figures,can anyone tell me what kind of pokemon figures available in chine?,I think tomys and kids are available their ?

thank you guys you'are really big help

but is there any chance that he would fin palmo sets there ??
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Brief Sales!

This is just a quick sales post that has some items that have been left over from store runs or kids buys from the past! Prices have been cut!

Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Pidove, and Sandile (No Munna. :()--$6 EACH + shipping

Pansage Reversible Plush--$15.49 plus shipping (WILL BE SHIPPED WITHOUT BOX UNLESS REQUESTED)
Pansage Attack Figure--$7 plus shipping (Will be shipped in box, but shipping will be high, unless we agree otherwise)
Golett, Golurk, Palpitoad Kids--$4.99 plus shipping

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GA Galore Won :3 and sales

We won this with no competition C: but since the price was already high we got barely any discount ;-;.
Send your payment to Sockmehard(at) and put your username in the subject <3.
and Don't forget about this auction C: we have more then 2 days left to bid

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50 cents each
(Minun and Piplup are marked up,the geodudes are just so common I can't get rid of them XD)

75 cents each
(Minor marks on everyone and pikachus missing his tail like always :d)

1.00 each
(No marks that I can see but I may be wrong)

1.00 each
(Poor charizard and shinx :( )
Gone: Charizard

2.00 Mcdonalds Japan Pikachu

3.00 Jakks Groudon

Leafeon Perler Bead Designs
(Glaceon is 10 inches high from ear tip to paw and 10 inches long from tail tip to the side of her head)
(Leafeon is about 9 inches high from tail tip to her paws and 9 inches long from the back of her tail to her ear)

Got some Mail today!

So since I am away at college, all my mail goes to my mom's house, and I go about every 1-2 weeks to pick it up. Today I went and got to of the many things I have ordered lately.

Stickers from slatias

and a Pikachu wallet from havvaiibabe

They both came in great condition, so thank you! <3


Thank you so much, both of you! Can you please refer me to your feedback. =]

Also, for leaving me feedback,

Things I am still waiting on:

1. Large Pikachu Sticker
2. Large Lugia Sticker
3. Pikachu "bobblehead"
4. A bunch of little custom made stickers.

(If you owe me an item, you know.) (No rush, I'm sure most are on thier way by now. =] )
misc; tainted love

(no subject)

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing well. :D

I went to my local mall today and noticed one of the Japanese niche stores had a handful of Pokemerch. :D

There really wasn't a lot, but it was a bit different from the usual plush stock. Might be of some interest to some people?

What I remember seeing:

TOMYs of Gyarados, Hypno, Hitmonlee, and Deoxys
BW Soft gliders (cut-out planes you put together yourself)
A Pikachu Kigurumi hoodie sweater
DP and BW pencil cases (these kinds)
The usual Pikachu plush

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any photos because my phone was dead. XD But if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to take some the next time I go there. :D
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Sales update!

I finally did some clean up in my permanent sales post! Some stuff from my previous lot sales is now available as individual figures, I reduced some prices, and there are some new items, too!

There are FCS figures, mini models, stampers, TCG league items, stickers and much more, so please have a look!

EDIT: Added even more stuff that I forgot to add at first!
N &amp; Snivy

2/2 September Commissions Post

Keychain time again. :) Click on the Snivy to go to my journal. I hope to have other custom items up sometime next month, but I'm not making any promises. I've started working on several things, but just haven't put the finishing touches on them.

***From now until October I will be running a sale. If you buy any 2 keychins, $2 will be knocked off the total price. In other words, it's a 2 for $8 sale.***


I'm Back and I have stuff

Hey everyone! I am back from my holiday! I was going to post a little later next week. But I have some new stuff thanks to you guys- plus somthing that I only ever dreamed of getting. 

First I did take my Pokemon plush on a day out or two. However the weather wasn't with me.( Didn't help with Hurricane Katia whipping  the north of England! ) 

l'ii Bandit is hanging out by Ulswater

Here's Frisby at Windermere! ( well ambleside on windermere) Yay Sunshine!

Pokemon platnum, a  ds case and the victni box.

Guess what I found in the last packet...

So I am now looking for both the reshiram cards!

And As i predicted I had  lot of parcels waiting for me whe I got back. I'll upload an update later in the week so stay tuned.

EDIT My cut screwed up so I had to shrink the photo
I also delated the last photo as it was off topic.