September 18th, 2011


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Hey collectors! Ever have an item pop up that you just *have* to have? But are low on funds? Yeah that's me right now ^^; I'm sure we can all relate!

So today I'm making a tough choice to part with my Shiny Suicune Pokedoll. But just so she's not lonely, I'm also including her sister, a regular color Japanese tagged Suicune pokedoll.


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A Boxful of Happiness

So, this giant box arrived in the mail a few days ago!
Cell phone is for reference size.
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Someday soon I will have to do a proper intro/collection post. But since there is an already pikachu intensive post on the front page, I figure I should release the chus on the community later!

15th anniversary kids payment post!

Remember about a month ago when I made this post? Well, the release date on these is supposed to be late September, which is roughly a week from now. I want to start gathering payments together, so when they come in, I can just send payment, get them in hand, and send them out. If you want to include your shipping payments with them as well, then I can send them straight out! Shipping will be 3.00 to the US, and 4.00 anywhere else for one kid. Below are totals with shipping! I'll be flattening the box in the envelope and including all the extra stuff with them, including that candy we all can't get enough of!

All payments should be sent to with your username and kids purchased in the subject line! It'll make things easier for me when the time comes to get these babies shipped out.

All payments are in USD!

Set 1:

Haxorous-@lyndsaygorawr 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Excadrill-@badshines 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Bisharp-@paperoid 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Whimsicott-@Omgitslph delivering in person, 7.00 total.

Petlil and extra Lilligant-@arceus 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international! Now if you want to wait and see if there is an extra Lilligant before sending payment, let me know. I won't know of the spares until they arrive.

Lilligant-@mellow_candy 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Ducklett-@kenai3000 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Gothorita-@darkfaeprincess 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Liepard and extra Ducklett-@riolulz 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international! If you want to wait to send payment to see if I get a spare Ducklett, you are more than free to do so.

Vullaby-@first_mate_kate 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Cincinno @mizohokusanagi 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Set 2:

Haxorous @raikou_chan 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Excadrill @nasija 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Bisharp @moguryuu 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Whimsicott-@Marshallgregson 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Lilligant and spare Cincinno-@krista0000 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international! If you want to wait to send payment to see if we get a spare Cincinno, let me know!

Ducklett and Cincinno-@pacificpikachu 17.00 if in the states, 18.00 if international!

Gothorita-@likeatruck 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international!

Liepard and spare Gothorita-@usagimakeup 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international! If you want to wait to send full payment to see is there's a spare Gothorita, let me know!

Set 3: You guys are the pending crew. If we get extras of these, you are next up on the list!


Now, I have unclaimed guaranteed slots on a Vullaby and Petlil Kid. If anyone is interested in them, they would be 10.00 if in the states, 11.00 if international, shipped. Or 7.00 more tacked on for any of my group buy participants.
Custom Ambipom

More monkeys :3

I got a rather nice package in the mail yesterday, but I was on my way to work so I couldn't fully enjoy it until now. :3

Three Aipoms have joined the collection from pikachux. Thank you~! The Pokédoll is my favorite of the three, It's so adorable!
pikachux also included some Aipom and Ambipom cards~! Whatever that blue card is, one of those doubles of the one Aipom, and the one to the left of the one eating the apple, and the two Ambipoms. The first Ambipom card was one I wanted for a long time. Thank you~!

This is what I'm still after:

For Aipom and Ambipom:
Ambipom Battrio
Aipom and Ambipom TCG
Anything else for them (plushies, figures, etc.) I'm not interested in stickers

For Castform:
Clear Rainy and Clear Snowy Kids (Maybe, I haven't decided if I want these yet)
Castform Dex Figure
Snowy Castform Dex Figure

For the Normal type Zukan collection
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

Also! Small inquiry... what kind of Metagross plushies are there? My friend's birthday is coming up and Metagross is his favorite Pokémon. I looked on eBay, I saw a UFO Plushie and a Pokédoll.

Thanks for looking~!

Collection post + TCG trades! :3

I haven't been posting here in a long time. :o I've been so busy with work, but I have been buying some Pokémon stuff here and there ofc. ;D
I used to be collecting mainly Turtwigs, but I decided that collecting only one Pokémon isn't so fun. Now I have been mostly buying merch of Pokémons that I like. Most of them being plushies, because plushies I like the most. :3 And TCG cards of course because I like collecting them, old and new~

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Following up some TCG mumble if you are interested. :3

I managed to browse through and organize my TCG cards from HGSS to EPO. :D
I made an google spreadsheet of what I have and what I'm missing, and I found it very useful.

SO! If you are interested in TCG trades, feel free to see my now up-to-date card list
from HERE!

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I'm looking for Virizion and Terrakion cards from EPO-set. I have three Cobalions, would anoyone be interested af trading Cobalion for Terrakion or Virizion? :3

I have an sales permission like an year ago from linneaalba.
Thought now I'm a bit lost, has she changed LJ account or something? @__@

Pantherotter MPC plush GA: Payment 2!

Noppin is on the ball and the items already arrived at the warehouse and are already in the process of being shipped to Pantherotter!
So payment 2 is due :)
Spreadsheet is here:

Please comment when you have paid!
Please send all payments to
Only one more payment to go and the plush are yours!! :D

Lol booties at fleamarket and sales update

I figure this is for a good laugh. Also, if you happen to go to the fleamarket and decide to ignore the fact that the people selling 1.00 boosters of Undaunted and Arceus is a bad idea, let me go ahead and tell you this. It's a bad idea. Don't buy 1.00 booster packs. If it's too good to be true, and the boosters feel kind of like cheap gum wrappers, don't get them. So, to make this post even more hilarious, have some scans of my six rare cards and three trainers. From the same pack.
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I've also updated my sales post, with some new stuff!

So I went to a flea market today...

At the flea market, I got myself quite a bit of Pokemon (and Hello Kitty, teehee) goodies at very nice prices. I thought I'd share! I also have some questions about a binder of TCG cards I purchased, which I'll put at the very end of this post. Btw, LJ is being mean and not letting me put anything under a cut, so I'm sorry for the mild imagespam >_<

This is a Pikachu calculator I found. I haven't put in the batteries yet, but there seems to be a speaker on the back so I assume it might talk once the batteries are in! I also got a nice Topps tin with Charmander on it (obstructed by a large Pinkie Pie I also purchased...yay bronies!)

Someone also sold me a binder full of Pokemon cards, both new and old, for only $5...Not all of the cards appear to be legit, but there's at least 50 in there and put together I'm pretty sure the overall binder is worth waaay more than $5 ^_^ (I've got some questions about telling bootleg cards from legit ones at the bottom) Not pictured, I also managed to pick up a Ponyta figure, the first Official Handbook, and How To Draw Sinnoh Superstars - and everything here cost me a total of $15! :D

Slightly off-topic, but I don't want to make a whole other post just to brag about this: A couple weeks ago, I went to Dorney Park and with the help of my brother, we won a large Tepig!

He's a Toy Factory XLarge, and not nearly as squishy as I was hoping he'd be D: Honestly, he feels like he's stuffed with packing peanuts. Oh well.
So anyway, questions about the TCG cards I got: Are Bulbapedia and very reliable for checking the cards with? What I've been doing is pulling aside cards that don't totally look legit and then looking them up on both Bulbapedia and Serebii then comparing the image on there with the one in my hand. It's tricky for me to tell the difference, because I'm not really a card collector and most of the cards I'm familiar with are the old kinds. I've found at least 2 bootlegs in the lot already, (not to mention a few random Yu-Gi-Oh! cards thrown in there, one of which I know is a bootleg) and I'm a little paranoid that some of the ones that I've checked aren't as good as I think they are...If someone could also share a couple tricks for verifying them, that would be very helpful! In addition, these two are baffling me:

They're both from EX Sandstorm, and for the most part they match the pictures I saw on Bulbapedia. However, they're missing the e-reader strip at the bottom. I tried looking on Google Images for pictures of the same cards without those strips and found some, but the majority of the results showed them with the strip. Does anyone know if these are authentic?

Customs Reminder + GA updates - make some claims! + OHYES

Just wanted to fling a quick reminder about my Litwick customs ending in 2 days <3
*click the image*

On GA news
We won everything in the flats/sticker lots :D
As as soon as the totals are in I can request shipping and ill have the BatFluff GA in to me as well within a week or two.

Now, because I really don't want anything left over, and have to cut out and photo stickers for sales :(
I'm offering up all the un-bidded on flats. Everything that isn't claimed is half price!
So more or less, everything $0.50!

Simply head on over to the entry and reply to the desired thread with ''CLAIMED'' if you'd like the flat.
NO BIDDING! This is first come first serve claim

Again, this is ONLY for participants, i will be checking! There will be no additional postage fees for you, go nuts!
Any questions, just ask :D

*click to go to the GA page*


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OMG! So today I went home again to finish up laundry and some mail had come yesterday that I hadn't gotten yet. So when I got home I got a package.

And guess what it was!?!?


I was sooo frekkin' excited!! It was from pikachux !!

As you may know, I was looking for the Pikachu bobble head and pikachux was willing to sell to me. Little did I know, they threw in this surprise! Charmander!! for free! and the pikachu "cards"!! It was a total surprise and I am so happy because I REALLY liked and wanted to charmander too! I was sooo happy when opening it! Thank you!! <333

Please give me a link to your feedback so I may leave a wonderful comment!! Thanks again! <3333

My feedback :
(Pokemon) Cubchoo

Lot for sale!

Hello community!
I've been mostly lurking for the last few months due to busy busy times of final thesis and graduation (finally done with school forever!), and then travel plans/applications. @_@ Right now I'm still trying to clear my long backlog of commissions and trades, so this won't be a customs post! Anyone with concerns about progress, feel free to PM me. :)

Before the main focus of this post, I have a question to deputy users! What are the deputy services that are usually not blocked by users who don't want to deal with more common services like SMJ and Noppin? I have a friend who needs help getting something he's been wanting for years, but we don't know anyone currently in Japan who can help. :( Any help or suggestions regarding this is much appreciated!

Main point! Another grailish thing. :') Last night I found a grailish plush want of mine. Maybe not something counted as "grail" to many because I don't openly ask for it or do daily searches, and then I also labeled it as "not gonna happen" because of its rarity and price...but now here it is! While there is a veeery slim chance of me actually winning it, it means a lot to me, I'd like to at least try. ;A; I can't open more commissions (for my own sanity and for the people waiting T___T), so I got myself to compile all the sales things I have in one lot! More details under the cut~

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I'll end this post with a little progress picture of my Cubchoo collection! I've received a lot of neat new custom things (wishuponjirachi♥), and soon I will be opening my boxed collections to display once again. ;A; So excited!

Take care everyone<3

quick group buy! + trying to get rid of these kids group buy :P

okay. so. like. marill and princess really need a friend. and I recently realized I love Deerling. I have decided I want one in my life. so GROUP BUY TIME.

I'm claiming Deerling. This is a BIN auction I found and it ends in less than 3 hours, so if you want to claim one claim it fast! D: Payment won't be required until the first invoice, and each plush will be at least 5.70 each before shipping. Which is a pretty good price! ^^ there will be 3 payments as this is a y!j auction but they should not be too high!

Purrloin -
Deerling - karoia!
Patrat -
Minccino -
Axew - amandajo567

I did not have enough interest before the listing ended. if they choose to relist, I will try again!

also, I am still trying to get rid of some of the kids from this massive lot I bought XD

click for bigger pics and post

I'd love you forever if you'd help buy these x3 since there are so many!

in the near future I'll be doing a big sale of random items I have leftover from lots and some weeding sales... need to make rooms for marills and trubbishs (and deerlings...!?)
Harry Potter - Plz

Birthday Want - price check?

Hey guys,

It's my birthday in November and my mum's given me a total that I can spend from her :) I was thinking of combining a bit of it with my own money and getting a Eeveelution canvas plush.

Currently I'm interested in Flareon!

Does anyone know what it's going for now days? And by any chance has one for sale. I'm monitoring one in a GA right now, but I might not win it.

Thank you for any info! :)

October/November Banpresto MPC Plushies/Christmas Plushies Pickup. + DP7 Zukan Group Buy

Hey guys, I'll be doing Preorders for some October November Banpresto Plushies at my local shop and I thought some of you might like it too :)

September Emboar MPC Set - Arriving in Mid-October

October Samurott MPC Set - Arriving in Mid-November

Christmas Plush - Arriving in Mid-November

Additional Info: Christmas Plush is 14cm, MPC plush is approximately 10cm.

Pictures from Banpresto Website.

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MPC Plush - $24 Shipped each

If you buy more than one, add an additional $20 only

Christmas Plush - $31 each
If you buy more than one add an additional $28

Well, that's all from me for now. Check out my sales post with (Wailord) DX Kids, MIP Zukans, Sugimori Clearfiles and more. Click the banner to get there.

Kindof multipurpose :P

Fisrtly, theres still plenty items to claim from the "deoxys and company GA!"  Go here to claim! :
(sorry for all the mess in that post :C <3)

Also, WE WON!

with some small discounts i beleive :)

 The first payment will be when i we get the invoice from the middleman service, that should be soon i guess :)

Secondly! I have some items, that i thought id maybe let go, cause id need money better at this point!

Is there anybody searching any of these items??

: pansear pokecen plush, mint without hangtag
Giratina wormy form pokedoll, good cond without tags
MAYBE! gonna sell this one: bulbasaur (mini?) pokedoll, very good condition with tush tag only :)
Arceus grass banpresto UFO with tush tag.

If ur interested in any of those, please feel free to just throw me an offer ^^ <3


Bulk TCG Sale

hey guys! I'm looking to get rid of all of my pre gen 5 cards as well as some gen 5 extras & random topps cards.. I tried selling them individually with little interest, so i'm looking to sell them as a lot this time!

I'm looking to get 41.50 (1.50 to cover fees) shipped (US) for this stack, minus two cards that I sold previously. I had them all laid out page by page in my sales post HERE. Be sure to check it out, as I have a bit of leftover items in there that i'm looking to get rid of as well :)

Also, I have these online TCG codes if anyone is interested.. of course, they haven't been used, as I have no interest in the online aspect of the game xD IDK what to price them at, so just make an offer if you are interested in one :)

Thanks! <3
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