September 19th, 2011

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Quick Power Rollers GA!

Today I bring you a GA for Power Rollers! These are pretty cool, and there are a few pokemon in here I know people like, so let's do this!

More info and a bigger pic under the cut!

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Please wait for me to make the threads before bidding! (you can bid on the one you want as soon as it has a thread, just don't make your own please!)
Threads are up! Gogogogogo!
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Questions+Possible Sales (Taking offers :3)

Okay, two things:
1.) Is anyone interested in purchasing these and/or do you know the worth of any of these items?:

The Pachirisu is a talking Jakks plush and still works. :3
The other things are Jakks Tepig/Zorua(both mwt), Riolu Pokedoll (tushtag only), some strange Pikachu I found at goodwill, Applause Seel plish (tushtag only), Croagunk Throw Pokeball (MIP), and a hasbro meowth (tushtag only)
I'm looking to sell all of the above, so if you're interested, feel free to make an offer~! Thanks =)

Also, I was granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse (Forgot to include that, hee hee.)

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question + offer reminder + sales update

Good day, comm! I realised I was a doofus and forgot to include the end time of my Eevee Clipping figure that is up for offers, so here's my only reminder: Wednesday 21 Sep, 10PM PDT.

QUESTION: What are these items' official names, does anybody know, and when they would be released? The image is from AAPF. I need me some Cubchoo!

I was packing my room and lo and behold, I forgot I had an entire stash of items I wanted to put up for sale during the summer holidays. =X Without further ado, up for sale now are tons and tons of Chous, zukans (including Wooper), BW Battle shooters (featuring Victini movie characters) gashapon items (Wailmer, Charmander family, Legendary birds, Mewtwo), Milotic and Gible water squirter figures, DP timepieces (Dialga, Palkia, Pikachu) and a bunch of other items. Prices have been slashed all round too! Click any of the pictures to proceed!

Thanks for reading!

MPC News

There are more plush updates on AAPF -- be sure to look if you love the I <3 Pikachu series especially!!

However this is the best part! New images of actual new MPC plush, the first set of 2012! Or is it? The final set of 2011 has been pushed either into later december or january (not sure) an another set has taken its place as MPC set 12, making it MPC set 13. It hasn't been canceled so fear not! But the new MPC 12 lineup is now!

Winter Sawsbuck

big photos below the cut!

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thanks guys!

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If anyone remembers this video at 2:52 where Tsutarja wears matryoshka's hoodie, it was quite epic. I managed to get someone to comission one for me since I put Tsutarja on the shelf and it collects dust : P so now its easy to brush off

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Hi :3

I just wanted to say hello to all of you since I'm soooo happy I'm back in the Pokemon mood. I guess why I wasn't feeling it before was because I wasn't feeling B/W as much as the other games. Sinnoh was my fave region and I miss the D/P/PP games.

But my birthday is coming up in November  and I usually get like, $200+ dollars each year. I'll probably be spending most of my money here on the comm. My Pokemon collection must GROOOWW! Hehe. You can never have too much pkmn :3

So, here's a question so this post isn't pointless... What was/is YOUR favorite Pokemon game?
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Shiny Suicune Pokedoll - One and Only Reminder

Hey guys~! Just a quickie reminder I'll be stopping offers on my Shiny Suicune Pokedoll (which comes with her regular conterpart as well) later on tonight! There is a BIN which can be used to end it whenever, and includes free shipping.


Details are here:

Also I have some deerling pokemon center NAME straps, that need some new homes. Is anyone interested?

older photo of mine:


I have the following: spring, fall x2, winter

They are 15 shipped to US, and 16 shipped elsewhere.

purchase spring, fall, and winter for 40 shipped, and save 5 dollars.

Arcanine Figure Offers!

So I've had two of these figures; one in package and one out of package. I decided I need some more funds so I'm selling my MIP one. I just took him out of the packing to take proper photos and such.

Offers will end Thursday, September 22 at 1 PM EST. It'll start at $30 (which is the lowest I'll accept) and it's BIN for $60.


- Don't back out. It's not cool. Be serious when bidding.

- And I ship from the US.

Photos: (Just to clarify, THE ONE PICTURED BELOW IS WHAT IS BEING SOLD! I just took it out for a moment to get some pics! :D)

Let me know if you guys have any questions! And I'm going to end this post with something to make it semi-interesting... it's one of my old AMV's starring Umbreon! :D

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First time poster!

Hey fellow Pokemon collectors!

It's my first time posting here, I just joined and wanted to say something, since I've been lurking this community for like forever!
Hope you people don't mind me. ;w;

I've been collecting Pokemon stuff since... Well, when ever I got my first Pokemon plushies (in -99 or so, I think).
My favorite Pokemon is Dialga and my main focus for my collection is Dialga. But I do collect all kinds of Pokemon stuff, mostly figures and cards!
I don't have much Dialga stuff tho, it's so hard to find anything here... D:
Sucks to live in north Europe because nearly everything I want is not available here.

If you have ANY Dialga stuff for sale (plush, figures, cards or other flats), please tell me!
I'm mostly interested in ANYTHING Dialga related!
Also if people have Togekiss stuff, my girlfriend would be a potential buyer. :3

I would like to put some pics of my collection here, but I'm at school so I can't. :'D
Maybe later then~

card sales

Hi all. I have some cards that need a new home. 99% of them are Emerging Powers and every single one is in minty fresh condition.

I'm up for haggling and will trade my Reshi for a Zekrom ultra rare! Click the cut below to be taken to the sales.

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I also have 34 unused online codes available! If you are interested I'm open to all offers :) Thanks guys!
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Cards want

Hello Pkmn Collectos! I look for some Pokémon cards for the Pokémon tournaments in my country. I can buy or trade (VS others japanese / english or france cards).

Want list :
x3 Donphan Prime
x3 Yanmega Prime
x4 Parichisu Call of legends
x4 x1 Shaymin Unleashed
x4 Crushing Hammer (Trainer) emerging-powers
x4 Pokémon Catcher (trainer) emerging powers
x2 Lost Remover (trainer) call of legends
x4 Seeker (trainer supporter) Triumphant

My sales post

Thank you very much!
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rainyan GA - final payment

hi guys! the rainyan GA is in and i have shipping quotes~!


Please send all payments to:
Please comment here if you've paid, i made the spreadsheet view only so i can make sure everyone's paid. :3

also - i have sent out everything from the Pannsie GA (finally) save for the 2 late payers, those will go out sometime this week along with everyone from this GA! Oh and everything from my sales has been sent out aswell. c:

Lastly, I have updated my sales. I need this stuff out of my house.
I need to make a new banner but this will do for now... xD

also, LJ notifications are being screwy again. i keep getting messages 15 minutes after they're sent, but i'm checking around to make sure i don't miss anything, please be patient @_@

Super Arceus Zukan GB

Hey guys i'm gonna now host a GB for a set of Arceus Movie Zukans.. which includes all 17 types.


Sales Permission granted on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse
Once a Zukan is claimed it's final, don't claim if you can't pay, since i don't have money to cover everyone & negative feedback will be left if so.
trugrow is letting us try to get as many claims as possible, if any Zukan's aren't claimed i'm going to cover the difference myself
Comment below with the type you want to claim, for Example "Can i claim the Fist Plate"

There will be two payments:
1st payment will be for the Zukan & shipping to myself
2nd payment will be for shipping to you


Normal Type: beriel
Insect Plate:
Dread Plate: byakuya
Draco Plate: dragonrider49
Zap Plate: supertablebunny
Fist Plate: spideyroxas
Flame Plate:
Sky Plate:
Spooky Plate: chaos_21
Meadow Plate: dripbat
Earth Plate:
Icicle Plate:
Toxic Plate: nasija
Mind Plate: corn_dog_solo
Stone Plate: bolin
Iron Plate: shadowmoth
Splash Plate:

If you're not familiar with color/name there's a picture of each type here:
Scroll down until you find them.
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Reduced Prices Sales!

I reduced prices like mad. Come check it out!! :D
EDIT!! DID ANYONE BUY BULBASAUR BUTTONS FROM ME?! I cannot find them. Where did they go? Never saw them inquired on in a post or in FB either D:

Feedback here please!

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know!  I also ship from the USA.

Payments: I prefer Paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk). I will take money orders but ONLY from the post office or Wal Mart. NO BANKS!

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc. All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. Sales permission from Lineaalba.

NO MORE HOLDS! That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless I have worked with you before, NO HOLDS! No trades at this time, please!

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Awesome collection update & questions

I have received some very awesome things lately; it has been a very good few months for collecting.
I'll start from what I received first:Collapse )

And two questions regarding EU released Tomy Yujin:
After the Legendary Set 1 (pictured above); was there a 2nd set? Just wondering why it was called Set 1!
Yujin also released Pokemon Mystery Dungeon figures. Were these to scale?

Watch this space for offers on my duplicate Zukan for Ash's Adventure!

Lampent Lot GA is in!

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Woohoo! This GA is in:




Edit: At school! Will not be back until 6pm PDT Sorry for the inconvenience

Aarux: Lampent has indeed shipped Miltank with your other Zukan(:

zukan swaperoo?

Hi all,

Thanks to the wonderful lampent, I received a Lati@s zukan in the mail today. Upon adding it to my modest collection though, I realized I already had one, and somehow just forgot about it, it seems. Duh. Anyway, it has company, as I find myself with extras of a few somewhat uncommon zukans.

So, I'm wondering whether anyone might have something I'm looking for, and would be interested in a trade? If you wanna see mine, and are not afraid to show me yours, please click below. :)

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The Circle of Pokemon

I went to see Lion King in theatres (non 3D cause it's more expensive and not worth it). oh and i had to bring someone...but who might that be? my luxray plush, otherwise known as Pandora! (i keep changing her name for some odd was big Mama now pandora)

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So my boxes of both BW3 sets: Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard came in, so I have a lot of new stuff for you! =D
I also have put up all BW2 holos and a lot of older LEGEND, DP and DPPt set holos!
Don't forget to check out my English TCG and Pokedolls and figures! =D
Aside from those, I have updated my sales so they are divided into three sections for easier browsing (and much less clutter): Japanese TCG, English TCG, and Plush/Figures/Other.
Those who have checked out my sales before have seen how much TCG stock I have, so that's why I have decided to split them up like that.
Without further ado, MY SALES! =D

Also, I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I will put up my collection soon. XD
I have a lot of Pokedolls and TCG to show off. =3