September 20th, 2011

  • lucario

Shiny things! Shiny things!


...Hi. These are actually prize support for the TCG league I'm setting up in a nearby city. I thought you guys might want to see various prize cards though, so I photographed them!

And now I've got your attention with the shiny, I could use help with a valuation of a lot, or if you know individual prices for some of this stuff, that'd be awesome. I don't even know what some things are to start with.
Would I be better selling it as a lot, or breaking it up? I just need space right now. Any advice is appreciated.

Most of the lot (ignore background bears):

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On a nother side note, isn't this the tiniest Zangoose? It is the tiniest Zangoose!

  • mdk8400

A couple Wants

Hello everyone, I recently came back to this community after gaining a new love.

Mr. Scraggy that is!!

Anyways these are a couple things I am looking for.

I want specifically this Zukan but so far have only seen complete sets. If anyone has one to sell I would love it

Up Next is this dancing guy, I would love one in or out of the box, which ever is cheaper.

Finally, is this giant guy...

I know he is fairly easy to find, I was just hopping someone might be willing to part with him for less than $150.

Looking for these

at a non too crazy price. I know what they go for on Ebay but I was hoping someone on the community had one or both for a more reasonable price! Condition preferrably near mint/mint but I can live with some edge wear if that'll lower the price.

I'm looking for Karen's Umbreon for around $30,- / $35,-
Skyridge Umbreon for around $15,- / $20,-

If you're up for it, I'm also willing to trade for either of them. I've got a very near mint Flareon Goldstar which I am going to put up for sale. I also have a creased Espeon Goldstar, creased yes, but still very rare. You can view pictures of Espeon in my sales post:

Other than that I have a bunch of countdown calender cards from a promotional calender which was released december 2008. One of the cards is this one:

For my other WANTS please go here:
  • pogaf

Wanted: Shinx DP15 Promo

Hey everyone! I'm slowly working on completing some of my sets (only about 10 cards away from having Base through Gym Challenge done!) but I wanted to kick a few promos out the way as well (in no order, mind you!). The one I've really been looking for is this sucker:

Does anyone have this guy for sale? I'm also willing to trade for him- I have hundreds of cards from all the sets- so if there's something you're looking for (mainly non-holos, but a few holos too), let me know!

I'm also on the lookout for the Tropical Wind promos (DP5, DP25, DP48). Not looking for the 9-card set, just the single promo. 

Thanks guys! :D
  • kassia9

We Won! Invoice Time <3~

We raised $113 for our GA and it totaled out to $57.19 in the end so everyone is getting an awesome discount ;D Please send all payments to *Please include your username and that this is GA payment 1 in the paypal note.* Thanks everyone that participated and congrats to those who won the auctions! We'll be making a post later if anyone would like to purchase the extras ;D

Alright everyone, it's payment number two time! The extras sales took off a little bit of the brunt for international shipping, but it wasn't enough to eliminate the fee all together. Oh well, it could have been much worse, but everyone is to send $1.85 to *Please include your username and that this is GA payment 2 in the paypal note.* Thanks again to all of our participants! <33~

Everyone can check out what they won from this auction here:

Payment 1Payment 2Payment 3

captainangel - $1.88
sis_strider - $1.86
mazzewsaurusrex - $2.38
clestial snake - $4.26
blue_toothpaste - $0.83
pantherotter - $1.34
noksum - $5.03
perry_platypus - $1.86
little_ledyba - $0.83
autumnrain - $0.83
ridi - $5.56
pannsie - $1.35
mandyseley - $1.34
jeansama - $5.56
rypeltajaroll - $7.14
combustion__ - $5.51
kriscarmi - $3.43
emurii - $0.82
paperoid - $4.47
kassia9 - $8.11

captainangel - $1.85
sis_strider - $1.85
mazzewsaurusrex - $1.85
clestial snake - $1.85
blue_toothpaste - $1.85
pantherotter - $1.85
noksum - $1.85
perry_platypus - $1.85
little_ledyba - $1.85
autumnrain - $1.85
ridi - $1.85
pannsie - $1.85

mandyseley - $1.85
jeansama - $1.85
rypeltajaroll - $1.85
combustion__ - $1.85
kriscarmi - $1.85
emurii - $1.85
paperoid - $1.85
kassia9 - $1.85

captainangel - $
sis_strider - $
mazzewsaurusrex - $
clestial snake - $
blue_toothpaste - $
pantherotter - $
noksum - $
perry_platypus - $
little_ledyba - $
autumnrain - $
ridi - $
pannsie - $
mandyseley - $
jeansama - $
rypeltajaroll - $
combustion__ - $
kriscarmi - $
emurii - $
kassia9 - $

Extras Sale Here:

Also, I'm looking for this plush:

Is there anyone that has this cutie that would be willing to part with it? =;A;=
Photo taken from pokeplushproject.

ga payment 2

payment 2 is due for this GA

it's a little more than i expected but that's life for ya...

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everybody owes $4 for payment 2
send payments to:

i will cross out your name as soon as i receive your payment. please try to get those in to me ASAP!







o4. prince mijumaru.
  • xreni

Hello, new member with collection and wants!

Hello~! Nickname is Reni and fellow Pokemon lover and plushie collector. Well, this is my first time actually posting here, though I have been lurking for a few months! I'm always looking for more Mijumaru/Osahawott to add to my little army~ So if you have one for sale in good condition [and one that I don't own yet], feel free to drop me a message~ 

Just a little preview of what's to come~

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  • psy_man

First, Second and Last Auction Reminder

Hey Y'all... theres just under a day and a half left on my: Eveything starts at $1 Auction!

(click photo to go to that thing there that this is)

TFG's, Tomys, Thinkchip+'s, Beany plushes, Marbles, a Full color dex figure, theres 1 zukan, v-trainers, power rollers, and more.

Lots of stuff still just $1!

plus, i think i figured out how to get a timer up ... HERE. In case seeing time slowly pass by us forever is what motivates you to spend money ... i know it does for me.

formally introducing myself and a collection update thing.. :)

Hi! Himanuts here, I decided I should formaly introduce myself to the community. I've posted twice before, once asking for the rarity of the Aerodactyl Tomy Model Kit, and the second, a post on the supposed trainer plushies Jakks Pacific is releasing. Also have been lurking around and buying Zekrom and Reshiram stuff.

So here I am! Introducing myself.. About me? Been a fan since 1998. Never really took Pokemon collecting seriously until my brother graduated from school about two years ago. I thought that since there was so much stuff that collecting it would be a pain, specially since I already collect a kajllion other things. But yeah, my brother started collecting and I gave him a hand with finding stuff. And working at TRU helps. It wasn't until recently, thanks to Gen V, that I decided to heavily involve myself in our collection. We collect a bit of everything. But my main focus is Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem. :3 So if you're selling anything related to them, I'm your girl. Mostly figures and plushies. <3

I also hunt for any of the human figures and plushies (so Ash and co. and whoever else). Though my personal favourites are the BW player characters and N..but there's virtually nothing on them..yay. :'D

Anyways, speaking of Zekrom and Reshiram..asdfgh! I had a painful day at work today. Another one of those..grrr! days. But then I got home. <3

(Please ignore what's behind Zekrom...>_>)

FINALLY my Lottery Zekrom and Reshiram figures arrived. I didn't expect them till mid October, but whatever. They made my day alongside another non Pokemon order I made that also arrived today. And both this and that order brought the most awesome random freebies. xD

But Arceus, this figures are gorgeous. When I got home my brother had taken them out from the mail package they had come in. And I was stumped when I saw how big their boxes where. Probly because I'm so used to the silly and small american figures and packaging. But Arceus, yes! This are EPIC. <3 And their overdrive mode..of which I had nothing of till this arrive. I lol at them at the moment..considering all I have besides this is whatever has been released in America of them. The collection looks so sad..XD

Finally...Kyurem BETTER receive the same treatment as they did, or I'll be a very sad himanuts. -.-

Sales post update!

I've finally got around to going through my cards to post. *whew* Took a while to sort out! I also added tons of card wrappers too! Also, I just have a bunch of other odds n ends, and some items from when I was at PAX, like the AR cards for PokeDex 3D which seem to be very popular. 

Come check it out, as I don't have a fancy banner to attract more buyers :p

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Introduction/Small Wants

I'll keep this short because I'm sure a lot of you wouldn't want to read and Intro post a mile long. I've been a lurker for about a month now, and I've bought quite a few things off of the comm. so far. I am a huge fan of Ghost type pokemon and I'm basically looking for all the little ghosties out there so I can add them to my collection! I'm still not very good at this so I don't have a picture of my collection for you guys, but I promise that when I'm more experienced I will make a collection update as soon as I possibly can :3 thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any ghosties that need a home, I'd surely be interested<3
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Power Roller GA, payment 1! (reminder post has been deleted)

Well, we won this guys! But only because I fronted the difference to make sure we could bid .-. so unfortunately, no discounts.
Everyone will have $1.25 added to their total for shipping from the seller to me(this splits the shipping cost evenly among us) + whatever 'fees' have to be added of course. Totals below!
Please send all payments to and include in the memo somewhere your username, what you won, and that it's for the power roller GA, thanks!

eeveelu eeveelu Espeon-$1.00+$1.25+0.38 fees= $2.63
methuselah31010 Blaziken- $1.00+$1.25+0.38= $2.63
spideyroxas Cyndaquil and Quilava- $1.00+$2.00+$1.25+0.44= $4.69

rainyan Mew- $1.00+$1.25+0.38= $2.63
  • dragowl

(no subject)

Just a super-quick question..

How much do Tomy Zorua plush normally go for? I saw a video recently with one in it and I thought it was adorable o3o Curious as to whether or not I want to try and purchase one, haha.

Also, next week I'll be posting an official commission post for my colored pencil mini-porttraits mentioned last week! So if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled~ :3

Annnnd still looking for a Zekrom Pokedoll, haha. Willing to trade/partial trade for portraits/etc. And I do believe a while ago there was some user who was selling them for $45 shipped...anyone know who I'm talking about, and if they still do that? o.o

That's all for now..toodles~
  • dripbat

Pokemon Mini for sale

Hey all! I bought this last month on eBay, and while I really like playing with it. (The games are SO addicting..) I've decided I'd rather go on the hunt for a Sceptile pokedoll to go with my want to collect all grass pokemon pokedolls so this would make a nice pocket of monies to have ready for one. :)

Its the US purple "Smoochem" version, but there is no Pokemon on it or anything, the Pokemon version just dictates the color. No box for the unit is included. In perfect working condition with manual. Comes with a Pokemon Center carrying case and 4 games. (PKMN Party, PKMN Pinball, PKMN Puzzle Collection, PKMN Zany Cards) The later 3 games come with their original boxes and instructions. I'm also including a custom charm on a lanyard for your new Mini! :D

I am looking for 105 shipped (for US with tracking/insurance, for international it would be more because I'd rather not ship it without tracking/insurance/etc :X) I'm also open to trades/partial trades but only grass pokemon pokedolls that I don't already have or a Leafia canvas. x3 (I have Treeko, Chiko, Bulba, Turtwig, bootie Cherrim.. not interested in Landmin because its creepy)

Sales permission by 07/02/11 by dakajojo.

Also what is the current going rate for a Septile pokedoll or Leafia pokedoll? I can only ever seem to find booty Leafia pokedolls and they are going for like 30+. Yikes!
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Looking for...

Hello I want to introduce myself, I'm obviously new to the community. I'm an avid pokemon collector in conjunction  with my daughter. We have been running into a bit of a snag looking for some specific items like the talking Togepi, so far I've had close to no luck. The same has happened with the Butterfree shiny plush and the regular Charizard, Evee and Mewtwo plushies. I would definitely appreciate help with locating these items as long as they are not going for exorbitant prices. Soon I will post pics of my collection for you guys to enjoy. Thanks.