September 22nd, 2011

Zukan Auction!

Hi guys! Apologies if my name keeps posting up around these parts lately - it's my study break, and I've been in a real Poke mood. I'd probably be very low-key starting from next week. ;) Anyway, today's agenda is a zukan auction! For those who know me from when I first joined, my first big auction post revolved around zukans, some of which were quite rare, so it's funnily fitting that I decided to coincide this post with my first one, almost exactly one year later. =D

And the items up are these babies - NIP and mint zukans for Gyarados, Deoxys, Regigigas, Tropius and the Gible, Spheal lines. Take a gander at these gorgeous creatures (these are my pieces!). Who wouldn't want a ball of jolly fat phat Clap, derpy Landshark, giant Fillet o'Fish, gigantic Robotman, Bananadino and Quarter Moonbiscuit in their lives? Auction ends 26 SEP 2011, MONDAY, 10PM PDT. Click the picture to proceed.

I also have the Japanese Ampharos, Bidoof/Pachirisu, Wooper/Farfetch'd, Stunky, Tangrowth, Kricketot, and Rotom zukans (mostly NIP unless otherwise specified to you) for direct sale on the same page.

Lastly, I stop accepting offers for my Eevee clipping figure tonight (Wednesday, 21 Sep, 10PM PDT). 

Thanks for reading, and happy bidding!

News roundup!

Worlds decks... -_-
These got announced. Meh.

Noble Victorieeeeeeeees!
As expected, Noble Victories cards.

Pikachu Press?
This one was a bit unexpected.

"Pikachu Press is the debut Publishing imprint from The PokÉmon Company International! Launching our very first titles in Spring 2012 (based in the Unova region of PokÉmon Black Version and PokÉmon White Version), Pikachu Press will publish exciting titles and new formats, aimed at kids (and the young at heart) everywhere!"

Pokedex figures!

I was just wondering, since soon I'll have some cash, can anyone give me any info on Pokedex figures?? I really like the style of  these figures, and I would like some pics and sales links too. so if anyone can provide these things, please comment here O:
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Magnet GA!

A tiny announcement: All the items bought from me have now been shipped! :3

And now my actual post... I was watching this lot for a while, really wanted it, and then I got a better idea: I'll try my hand at a group auction! So let's do this!

The threads have been made, BID BID BID! :D
Note: I decided to make the bidding end a couple of days earlier since we're doing so great already and I want to be able to BIN this as soon as possible :3
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Pokemon lot sale/blackberrypie ga update!

Hello everyone! Today I bring a lot for sale (sorry for posting so soon but I need to make room for my new Pokemon! Lol plus I am trying to stick to my main collections)
So I bring this lot to you today.

This lot includes jakks plush/figures Hasbro plush banpresto arceus a few pokedolls custom Pokemon keychains and one necklace all made by me and a bunch a tcg's.

(Sorry for the bad picture my mom took this and it was super hard to explain to her what I wanted her to take a picture of so I blacked out all the plush I still want to keep.)
But the lot also includes the huge meowth and togepi plush the big poliwerl plush (slightly loved) and the jakks plush the pachirsu is loved.

The plusle and Minun are booties so is the pichu but it is still amazingly cute.
I want $320 shipped for this lot. I will only ship this in the US. Cause it will cost ALOT to ship international.
Feel free to ga this. C:

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Just letting everyone know who participated in the blackberrypie ga that it has arrived to me safe and sou d! I am in the process of going threw it all and getting everything ready to be shipped. There are extras that I will make a post about once I have everything organized! Thanks a bunch. C:
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Wants list!

Edit: Also, question for Y!J/Japanese-fluent collectors: what is the term for pokemon kids in Japanese? (For example, Zukan is 立体ポケモン図鑑.) Thanks!

Hello everyone! I hope the community is having a good week. Just a wants list post - I updated it with some other Lati@s figures, shiny kids, clear kids, Mystery Dungeon figures and some other stuff as well. Take a look if you'd like!

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Thanks as always =)
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WANTS - Toto line, Rhyhorn/Rhydon, Nidoking

Hey fellow collectors! This is my first post to the community in a looong, long time, jeez. I'm still horribly overdue for a collection post, but I keep thinking "I should wait until my collection is less measly before posting pictures..."

Anyway, I'm looking for items of any of the above Pokemon, but in particular Totodile-line (especially Feraligatr and Croconaw), Rhyhorn/Rhydon and Nidoking! I mostly collect figures, but plush and flats are a-okay too!

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Glasses Shift

Custom Anime-Styled Paintings + Sketches!

I'm offering both sketches and paintings (artist-grade acrylic paint), both on 9x12" bristol board. 


Also, if I were to buy some cellulose acetate, would anyone be interested in me painting some fan-cels with proper backgrounds? Just wondering as the acetate is expensive and I don't want to buy a load if no one would want one. ^^

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'chu bros

Show me your Charizards!

Greetings fellow pokemon collectors! I have been seeking out Charizard items for a while now and would like to add more to my wants list. If you have charizards in your collection or for sale, post them! I would love to see! Charmanders and charmeleons are good too, though I have most of the easy to obtain figures. I also love derpzards. Go Charizard!
Alola Vulpix
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Eeveelution Trading Post

I had been flip-flopping on whether I wanted to put my canvas plush for auction, but in the end I decided to do something different. I tried to do this around a year ago - hopefully I'll have some better luck this time.

(picture from rypeltajaroll)

I'm looking to trade for a Vaporeon or Jolteon Canvas Plush.  All my plush have hangtags attached and I'd be looking to trade for canvas in the same condition.  I *may* consider selling them (and conversely, buying Jolteon and Vaporeon) but I want to wait first to see if someone wanted to trade :)

In the incredibly unlikely event that I get my hands on both Jolteon AND Vaporeon, I'd be interested in finding a Flareon to complete the trio - but that probably won't be the case.

Thanks guys! 
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Link exchanges,anyone?

Hey guys! Its been awhile,and while my website hasn't been updated too much from the last time I worked on it, it has changed some. I was looking at my links and noticed atleast three of my links had been closed-down. This leaves me with not so many affiliates, so I thought I would ask for some new ones!

Any site is fine as long as its a pokemon-collection website, and it is kept up, its alright if you don't update it tons. c:
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Wonderful surprise burd!

Just yesterday I recieved the most wonderful surprise from Pannsie, as a late birthday present! Taken straight from her DA-

Seriously you guys, this is one amazing, tiny bird! SO CUTE. And just...well, look at those pictures! Isn't it wonderful? I stole her pics simply because my photos didn't do it nearly enough justice! Since I already have a bootei!cuno:

Just one burd off a full trio now!


Pokemon Badges: Hoenn

Just a heads up, I've passed this project onto a friend of mine, Neo_PKMNBdages.

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I've fallen woefully behind on the johto orders. My life's pretty much been ... non-condusive to such a business project. Like internal bleeding and family members getting cancer, to name a few things. Seeing as how johto orders were about a third of the number of the kanto ones I handled pretty easily, it should hopefully give you guys a good idea of how messed up its been for me.

I'm still working on getting the orders I have out, and I haven't forgotten about any of you guys. Have fun with the new guy, I'll still be reachable through him.

Sorry, and good luck!

The Final GA (flats and stickers) Payment #1 + want + payments/messages


So payment 1 is due now, and payment 2 for this and BatFluff GA is just around the corner after this :D


But I really wanted the stickers i claimed, and I know others really wanted what they bid on, so i dont mind coving whats left! <3
Just because sdl;fkdlsd FUZZY BATS <3

The spreadsheet can be found HERE

Please send all payments to , please add your LJ user name and FLAT/STICKER GA to the memo!

Also guys

I LIKE, LOOKED ON ALL THESE LOTS ON Y!J THINKING ''oh god itad be cool if a batty one exists or even a Carnivine or cactus''
And I found nothing.
Then when Googling 'Carnivine' for a drawing reference
I must have it ;________________________________; <3 HALP?

!!!!! PLEASE READ: !!!!

I'll tend to payments owed and messages right now/early morning, im sorry guys! This new job I got had me run ragged this week ;___; Thanks for your patience <3
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Seeking Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS

I'm looking to buy one of these, it's majorly wanted ;w;

I just recently lost a bid war for one, so I'm hoping there's another one for sale somewhere in the community?

Ever since my first one got stolen in grade school, I've wanted to get another, but no luck. There's a couple on Ebay but they're well over $100 and I can't afford that.

I'm willing to over money and/or trades for one.

Thanks for reading!

flare, happy

seconds auctions reminder

Stopping by for a quick reminder of my on going auctions. X3

Click the photo! :D

On a small side note, has anyone heard from jeansama lately? :< I know they answered a few people on the 12th, but has anyone received their items yet? jeansama contacted me and let me know that he was going to contact everyone he owed items, but that he's still around. Just had a bit of IRL problems and had to delay shipping. All in all, don't worry about it and just PM him if you haven't gotten a PM yet, I suppose. :3