September 23rd, 2011


Piplups, Piplups Everywhere!

LJ cuts have been breaking on me... so hopefully this will work!

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I've been moving around a lot, and I've been so busy especially since I had to deal with an incident with my dog who ruptured a disc in his back :( And then I went to Seattle (where I saw a kiosk in person for the first time!). But now school's started, and I can finally do a proper collection update!

Soooooooooooo,for those who don't know me, my name is Jessica, and I collect Piplup! Ialso collect Growlithe (which is actually my favorite pokemon... not Piplup) and Sandile (and his shiny form). I limit myself to plushes though, since if I collected everything else, I'd have no room. :C I also collect Pokemon Tales books (English versions)!

Here is the picture I always posted of what my collection looked like before:

And here is what it looks like now...

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I always knew I had a lot of plushes, but it didn't fully register how many I actually had until I was taking these pictures for my collection update. XD

You can ignore that bottom row of random plushes ;)
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So after the slew of pictures... I'm gonna end with a meme! C:

I'm asking you... if you had to move, but could only bring five things from your collection, which five would you take with you, and why did you choose those out of all the other things in your collection?

My five are:

1) Top left Growlithe custom: It's so beautifully made, and it's become one of my favorite customs!
2)Middle 1/1 Piplup: Before I got this 1/1 Piplup, I had another one thatwas in a more loved condition. When I got this one, I sent the other Piplup to my boyfriend as a gift so he has something of mine to keep him company since we're currently long distance, so we have matching Piplups. C:
3) Far right Growlithe: This is the first custom I've ever received as a surprise gift from my boyfriend. I was always complaining that Growlithe had no official plush (at that time), and so for our anniversary, he commissioned that plush for me! :'D
4) Bottom left Shiny Sandile: Same with the Growlithe custom on the top left. It's just SO well made and SO cute and probably my favorite Shiny Sandile custom :'D
5) Bottom right Piplup: My boyfriend also surprised me with this Piplup, and it is the first Piplup I've ever gotten. IT'S WHAT STARTED IT ALL. 8D
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Mew 1:1 plush

Alright, kind of a boring post, but I want to slowly collect now. Right now I'm looking for a suicune super get(chou get? This one: ) and I would love if someone could give me some information on the Mew 1:1 plush. First off, I'd like to see a picture of it. I don't know what it really looks like, like what material, what pose, what color pink, what maker, etc. Also, I'd like to know about how much it would run me. I want to continue to grow my legendary dog collection. I have the pokedolls (regular and shiny) and I would have to take a picture of my current collection to figure out what else I have. I know I just recently got the straps and the Raikou and Entei chou gets so I REALLY NEED SUICUNE!!! Anyways, if anyone has information on the Mew 1:1 plush I'd love to hear it! Or if you want to sell me your suicune chou get for less than 7.59 shipped I'd love it! :D Also, I have a ton of tomys and a couple jakks figures, anyone interested in some figures? Nothing too rare, but I really don't like the sinnoh dex so I'd be selling those from the sinnoh dex. To make it less boring:

Check out this pidgeot I drew :3

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Reminder: Banpresto MPC Plush/Christmas Plush Pre-order/Pickup + GA loss update

Hey there guys,
This is just a friendly reminder of the pre-orders/Pickups I'll be doing from my local shop. I will be accepting this pre-order until 27th September (Tuesday).
Click on any of the pictures to go to the original Post

Also remember this GA? I'm sorry but we didn't manage to raise enough, we were about $40-50 short to even counterbid. Hope we can do better next time.
Well, that's all from me, Just another sales pug. I have a Wishcash MIB Kid that I haven't took a picture off but which I will be selling for $5 if anyone's interested (It isn't in my sales post yet). There's still plenty of items left in my sales post - Sugimori Clearfiles, MIP Zukans, DX Kids(Including a Wailord),  and more , click the link to take a look:
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Make An Offer Sale!

Yep that's right, everything in this post is make an offer! I want this stuff gone, and whatever doesn't sell is going to end up in a giant eBay lot.
If you see something you like please don't hesitate to make any sort of offer!
Lots of kids, plush, and even more~

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Very quick pokemon want list

I have a few things I am looking for. The first is a pokemon Laynard for ID cards

I have just started University and have got a new ID card. I want a Pokemon laynard to hold my Uni ID that is not too expensive. I know some of you are selling them, and I want to see them. I am not sure how it fits on the card holder.  
Its the sort of strap used to hold ID cards. They are called Lanyards thank you to Myvampirelust!

EDIT thank you I have found one on ebay - from Animeraro!
On another note does anyone have any Pokemon Charms for sale?  My backpack looks bland without one.

My dragon collection is growing thanks to you. However I need some Dragonairs

My main wishlist is

BK dragonair plush

Dragonair kid

Any Dragonair figures except the original Tomy.

Sorry for the boring Post. My next one is going to be special.
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OMG! CARDS! Extravaganza Update [Part 1]

My boxes of Hail Blizzard and Psycho Drive (henceforth being crushed together to form Psycho Blizzard for the rest of this post) arrived, and it's about darn time I updated with some card goodies, especially ones I haven't posted about yet.

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As for when Part 2 is coming? You'll see. You'll all see in November.

*Blows-a-kiss* thanks for reading, lovelies.

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I had no idea what a pokemon kid figure was until I joined this community. I recently bought some from bluehyaku. So my question to all you is can you tell me what a kid figure Is like a description? Also I put my kid figure under a light and it lit up, is this suppose to happen? I want to learn as much as I can from kid figures.