September 24th, 2011

GA payment 3

wow SMJ ships fast...

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well if you can't see from the pics, the boxes are all a little beat up but nothing serious.
also, mystery pokeball thing ended up being some kind of of old pokemon sticker holder/dispenser. i might want to keep it but if somebody really wants it, don't be afraid to offer something (shipping will be raised for GA participants)

atlantia_rai: mystery pokemon ended up being a moltres battle dice =]

as for me...

yay for complete starter set!

aren't they gorgeous?!

of and an awesome surprised!

so i got both of the dice boxes in the GA hoping i will get one of the sets i'm looking for, but i didn't get one of them... i got both!!!

and the articuno set included a dice holder!

oh my beautiful almost complete set!

and look at this bag of random dice!

the colors...

i'm hoping to share my collection as well as some info on these battle dice someday, since the comm doesn't seem to know much....

but for now...


US: $5.75
NonUs: $7.75

US: $4.00

US: $5.75
NonUs: $7.75

US: $4.00
NonUs: $6.00

US: $3.75
NonUs: $5.75

US: $4.00
NonUs: $6.00

send payments to:

please get those to me ASAP!
and thank you all SO MUCH for joining this GA!
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Pokemon TCG Trades... + Wants~

Hello! I are Mik4MaY :) and im lookin for some trades!

I made a video about my cards on my friends profile.

these are basically all my shiny cards im probably willing to trade. Tho some of them in there (which i mention in the video) I dont want to.

I have a BUNCH more since that video is just all my holos so if your looking for anything in particular just say so~~~

What I'm looking for im particular though is (in order to what i want the most)

Kingdra Prime and its Pre Evolutions.

Rare Candies

Pokemon Collectors

Mandibuzz -

This one to be exact.

~~:D Ty~~

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yes our teeth and ambitions are bared!

Some MAJOR GA Rules updates.

These changes have been underway for months, with each one carefully worded to hopefully eliminate all questions or problems that may arise. I will highlight the major changes in this post, but you can also just go to the


First is the major major change. For everyone who has been plagued with problems due to these and is completely sick of 70% of community posts being nothing BUT these, you will rejoice. If you have never come across an issue, you might be confused or mad with me, but we will try to sum up the billions of reasons this needs to be done for the good of the community and the sanity of the mods.

You may NOT Group Auction/Buy anything for sale by a member on the community itself (IE; stuff members wish to dispose of in one lot). This is non-negotiable. If you wish to sell a box of stuff, it can not be GAed by the community unless it is for sale on a third-party auction site such as Ebay (putting it on your own LJ is not an applicable loophole as it is not an AUCTION site). The practice of GAing member's lots caused over half a year of endless confusion and trouble for PKMNcollectors mods and members, resulting in this ban of the practice. Our apologies.

Please note: If you put a lot on Ebay to be GAed by the community, and you add a reserve price to try to force them to bid and shell out the maximum amount they raised, or get a friend to shill bid to the same effect, this is exploitation of the members and the GA system and will result in an instant ban. We're on to you. Don't even bother.

"But why? I love them and they are great." If this is your reaction, below one can find a list of the sorts of problems these member lot GA's have created. So many in fact, that when we tried to tackle it, we would have needed multiple pages of new rules just to keep them in check, and some of the issues are simply impossible to moderate at all! It causes ten times the work for mods, and headaches for many people involved, runners and sellers alike. This is an extremely busy community with tough issues even before this trend began, and the time has come. It's for the best, I know it. Who could have guessed that you and Member Lot GA's, somehow someway, we have to say, goodbye.

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Unfortunately, even if those reasons have not stirred you into agreement, this is a non-negotiable rule, and will not be removed. Which means:

-Member Lot GA's that have raised the proper amount and are in the payment/shipping process can finish.
-The ones that are ongoing and have not yet been able to raise the asked total must be canceled. I apologize for any wasted time and effort on the part of the runners.
-If you were ready to post a lot and hint that it ought to become a GA and are angry or disappointed, you can still put it on Ebay and advertise your Ebay auction as long as you have sales permission. You can still post lots for sale to the community of course! This was always OK! It simply will not become a GA in that case. Someone will have to buy it.

These are other noteworthy changes, rewordings, and updates. Please take notice!

What is "realistic worth" (for a claim)? If it is a rather rare or sought after item, check/ask the community or ebay/Y!J to see what sorts of prices the item has recently sold for. Usually, something around that area or somewhat lower will be just fine. For example: if you see it last sold for 100$, you may claim it for 75-80$. It isn't low enough to cause an issue, and it is high enough to claim this is its "realistic worth". DO NOT BEGIN ARGUMENTS IF YOU THINK A GA RUNNER'S CLAIM IS TOO LOW. DO NOT HARASS OR BADGER THEM. Simply contact a moderator to discuss it with the runner. That means you are no longer allowed to be confront GA runners for their claim prices, especially if their claim is only 5-10$ under what it last sold for. Claims do NOT NEED TO BE the EXACT price the item last sold for. NO ITEM that is not currently on shelves has an exact price or worth!

What is a reasonable amount of claims? Up to 3 items is a typical amount claimed by runners, with one or two items being the most common amount claimed. In most cases, any more than 3 claimed items is unreasonable, as it is too big a percentage of the items. If you want to claim the majority of items in a lot, it is better to simply buy it yourself -- GAs are not designed for runners to get member help in buying armfuls of plush just for themselves. However, sometimes lots include hundreds of little items -- in cases like this, you may claim more than three of the items, as it barely begins to scratch the surface of the majority. Just ask if you are unsure.

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FINALLY but an update I know many will love.


In summer we brought you the new, 3+ negatives loses you your sales permission rule! But what about non paying buyers, you cried? What do we do about them? It was a tough problem, but a simple solution was just around the corner.

As you can see on the Wall of Shame, people who buy and then do not pay will now be temporarily banned, until all payments have been made, and possibly for longer depending upon the severity of the problem. Please check the Wall of Shame for updates on who may or may not be allowed to sell or buy at the moment. If you have a non-paying buyer, please give them negative feedback! It helps strengthen the case for their temporary ban.

Any questions, problems with wording, or whatever whatnot whatever there may be, just comment and ask. DON'T jump on people with potentially unpopular opinions in the comments. Leave it to us.

blackberrypie GA final payment!/Extras

I got everything calculated and the final shipping payments are ready! :D

ZOROARCADE please pay for your item.

Please add your username in the SUBJECT
(Spread sheet here)

There are also some extras. If you want any please leave a comment before paying so I can adjust your payment.

For participants only

Smaller pikachu figure and tauros figure .25
Beans and stickers. .50
Abra tomy, clear celebi kid and McD's toys $1
Plush and talking togepi $2
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New gets and a want!

The box that I never thought would arrive from Noppin did! After 2 and a half months!! YAY!!!
These are my spoils from the wreckage. Everything else will be shown shortly ;)

I cant figure out ho to make Raichu light up :/
Tomy keychain bulbasaur and mew were an utter surprise. SO happy! They are MINT. They both have unique poses as well :)


Anyone selling these or know what they are?? D:
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DP15 GB Reopen for Claims + Looking for partner for Zukan GA

Hey guys, remember this DP15 Group Buy?
Well, the someone claimed 4 out of 6 of the items, but didn't pay (And appropriate actions has been taken), but if this GB is to carry on, I would have to reopen it up for claims so here it is. I have claimed Tyranitar, and both zoroarks have been claimed, the rest are still OPEN.
Update: I need one more claim either for ambipom or chansey line and I will purchase the set.
Click on the picture to go to the original post with the rules and prices ($9 Shipped)

Also, if we are not able to get enough claims, I'm afraid I will have to cancel the GB, but I will refund the two who have paid so no worries.

Next up, I'm interested in holding a group auction for an DP7. However, as this is my first GA (The previous one did not carry out successfully), I need someone who has some experience to help me out :).

Image from Zukan Ranger.
So if anyone is interested, please comment here. That's all from me. Have a great Day everyone.
happy rattatas

Multipost of Customs and Questions!

First up I have a Crochet CubChoo Teady-bear style up for offers. 
Sales permission by dakajojoJan 2011
I take Paypal Only at this time in USD
I ship from the US, Austin Texas, to worldwide but do be aware that shipping prices for international buyers does go up.
feedback is here

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I am also taking the time to open for a custom Teddy-bear jointed style Crochet doll! To be completed by the END of October.
Simple 1-3 color teddy-bear will be $35 plush shipping
More challangeing (more colors/details) will be $40 plush shipping.


I am also reopening some spaces for minions.
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I guess I should plug in a small wants too!  I am looking for/price checking the Victini Hand Puppet, Talky Victini and the Victini from MPC group A, (the happy victini) I do know some of these are on Ebay and such I just wanted to check with the community first before splurging my money on complete strangers so to speak =D

So this post isn't toally boring, here is a look at my Victini plush is growing.  A full collection update is soon approaching, just waiting on a few more boxes and the items listed above =D

I also have a question!  I want to start a really cool blanket project that will be fairly time consuming and will call upon my patience.  I was wondering which pokemon you fellow community members would like to see most!  Since it will be my first attempt I would like to keep it a somewhat simple pokemon, minimal colors as possible.  I was thinking of old school Red/Blue Mew but I want to hear what you guys think!

Thanks Again for looking!

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Just something little

Because I don't know what to post!

I went to little shopping today and grabbed a Zukan/Evolution figure with me.
It was Dialga edition and I picked the heaviest one, because I wanted to get Dialga.
Well it wasn't Dialga but that's okay, I got a nice one anyways.

Too bad Electabuzz was missing the little piece that holds it on the platform and Electiwire can barely stand. But I like it.
I wanted to buy more but I have to save. :'D

I also made wants post to my journal, you can see it here!
I want to start collect Panpour! xD
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INTERESTING Hobby sotre find! Interest post only!

Long story short, I'm home for the weekend! My boyfriend bolstered me into going to a hobby store to pick up some die for D&D, and I saw something that made my jaw drop.

Weird, right? These were on display with Yellow trainer, Tauros, and Seviper on shelves. I spoke to the owner about these, and he said he didn't know anything. Luckily, he told me next week that they were getting them in from a neighboring store, and that they came in a big bag in a huge assortment of random figures. Tauros, Seviper, and the Trainer I haven't seen in chess pieces, and charmander's looking suspiciously like a TFG to me, they seem like TFGs on chess bases!**
I gave him my number and asked him to call me when the others come in. These will be various and sundry figures! Please keep it limited to the TFG you can find in the 4 sets here, or the chess pieces. Unfortunately, he has no digital camera/camera phone, so I'll have to drive home in person to take a look.
Since I don't want to go home blindly and try to jam these pickups into the course of 1-2 days, I'm opening an interest post! I'll make a list of who wants what, and then buy the ones requested. By asking me to pick one up, you agree to pay the price listed below. I won't take payment beforehand, but payment is expected within 24 hours of pickup. I'll make a reminder post so you know when to expect payment. This is to ensure that unpaid figures can be resold to other comm members or returned before I'm stuck with them forever.

These are going to be $6 + Shipping, which may go down depending on how many I pick up. I do need to drive 1 1/2 hours all the way home just to pick these up!

**Obviously these seem like booty potential, but if there are figures from those two prototype sets, this may be your only chance.

zukan auction redux

Hi guys. As you all know, there was a recent community-wide ban on a seller who created multiple accounts to bid on zukans in GAs, GBs and personal auctions/sales alike, and this person had placed bids on virtually all my zukans in my personal auction. I am writing this post to inform you guys that I have since voided all their bids and hopefully this would undo the taint and intimidation on other potential bidders, as I assure you that I would closely monitor the proceedings for suspected impropriety. A shame such things happen, but oh well.

Anyway, once again, these babies are on auction - NIP and mint zukans for Gyarados, Deoxys, Regigigas, Tropius and the Gible, Spheal lines. Take a gander at these gorgeous creatures (these are my pieces!). Auction ends 26 SEP 2011, MONDAY, 10PM PDT. As part of beefed up counter-measures, all payment must be made within 24hrs of the notification of item won, which would be sent rapidly after the auction end time. Click the picture to proceed.

Thanks for reading!

Huge collection post! + Sales update!

Hiya! Anyone here still remember me? :> I moved to a new apartment this month, and I finally got around taking new photos of my collection! I've received lots and lots of stuff since my last update, so I will only highlight my newest plushies and not figures for now and then proceed to post photos of my collection. You can see the new figures in the collection pictures anyway. ;P

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Oh well, we're done with the "new plush gets" part. Want to see my complete plush collection? I know you do! Here's a teeny tiny preview:

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ANYWAYYYY, time for figure collection photos! *feels tired already* But I won't give in! Not before this update is don-- zzzz

Teeny tiny preview v2:

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That wraps up this collection post. Hope you had a great time! Thanks for looking! And now for something else...

I updated my sales with some items. There's very little to see at the moment, but maybe you'll find something interesting? There's a brand new Dewott MPC, too!

Oh, one more thing! How much is a Growlithe/Arcanine Zukan (without base) worth? I haven't seen them for sale lately so I have no idea and would love to know!
[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Special Quagsire Update!!

Hello! It's not often I do a collection update of any kind, but right now I want to show off an item I got recently for my quagsire collection. He'd been eluding me for a couple years, ever since juumou linked me to a y!j auction that I foolishly turned away from (At the time I said "Nah I'm not a serious collector" :| :| :|)

But at last, I have found him:

a Quagsire Chirimen plush!!! He's so much smaller than I thought he'd be! He's only a bit over 3 inches tall. c: I'm going to name him Clementine (which I suppose makes him a she?? Today I got a "Cocoa Clementine" candle and my quagsire collection mascot is named Chocolate (the beanie in the background of those photos!) and midnitesilven suggested that I name a plush Clementine. c: )

I bought the Chirimen quagsire in a set, so this means I have chirimen plush of all the other pokemon shown on her tag! Let me know if there's any interest in them. :) I'll be selling them all at some point! Please note that these plush are very hard to find!! (So I've been told!)

I also wanted to ask the comm a question:

As you can see, I ended up with two DX Sleepy Quagsire pillows. When I opened my noppin box, the one on the right had a weird odor and so did his blanket. The quag on the left had no smell and was fine. (He did not come with his blanket, but does have his tag attached still!) SO I washed the one on the right, in the washing machine and once soaked in oxyclean/water over night. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the quag plush on the right is much brighter now than the left! (Plus, the odor is now almost completely gone! I'm gonna take some fabreeze to him.) I'm going to be keeping the quag on the left (and giving the blanket to him) But I was thinking Maybe I should remove the tag and soak the left quagsire in oxyclean too? What do you guys think? Should I lessen the value of the plush (which I don't plan on reselling anyway) by removing the tag in order to brighten his fabrics? Any advice would be a big help. :)

Also, if anyone has any interest in the quag on the right, let me know. :) I'm not ready to sell any of these guys yet, but I will be! It'd be good to know if anyone's on the look out for these guys.

Thanks for reading! After I decide what to do with my DX Quag I'll be reorganizing my quagsires and hopefully have a LARGE update on my collection as a whole!