September 25th, 2011

PKMN: Sailingtoed

Looking for some photos of things

This'll be a bit of an odd one today. c:

I'm going to be seeking the hang tags for both the Jakks Politoed and UFO Politoed plushes. Yep, just the tags. My plush don't have them and I need them for my tag wall since they have Politoed on them, of course! I can't purchase them at the moment (not that I'm expecting anyone to actually have these things right now... XD), but I'm here to request some photos and ask a question.

First, my question: I think I read it on an eBay page so I'm not taking much stock in it, but from the wording it sounded like there was a D/P/Pt tag for the Jakks Politoed plush. It sounds strange to me, but I wanted to make sure. I assume the Johto tag, if there is any other kind, would be this:

So... is this the only Politoed Jakks hang tag?

- Answered, thank you! :)

Secondly, the photo requests! This is the only photo I have of a Politoed UFO's hang tag:

And yeah, it's from PokePlushProject. You can barely see the tag, obviously, so if anyone has a photo of either just the hang tag or a better photo of a UFO with the tag more visible, do you mind sharing with me? <3

The other photos I'd like to request is Politoed Kid stuff. I'm not sure if every Kid was available individually packaged or if some were only available in sets, but if Politoed had its own box and card (I think they come with a card inside?) could anyone share a photo of them? I'm also looking for a photo of the Politoed Topps card (or cards? I don't know how many there are) if anyone has one! I need these photos for my wants list. :)

Here's a couple bonus photos as thanks for reading. :D

A recent newcomer Pichu plush from breethezebra! I had a bit of a scare with this one since it took about a month and a half to arrive. I didn't want it to get lost! :c But it's here now, and look at that ridiculous cutie. It's with the usual welcoming committee! Pichu's cute and all, but I'm not crazy over it. This plush, however. Gah. One of the cutest things ever. Turns out it's a Banpresto magnet plush! Never heard of them before until I was snipping loose threads on its tush tag and my scissors were suddenly stuck to its butt. XD I got it for my boyfriend but I'm going to have a seriously tough time giving it up, haha.

And I shared this previously in a comment but thought others might enjoy it, since Nathaniel Cutetwig seems so loved. XD

Someone's got a crush on Camellia ♥
Yoshi! :)

Package weeding sales

Hi everyone.
Ok, so I decided to break up the whole lot that I posted up about like 2-3 days ago. Now I'm putting them all up for individual sale. So yeah... sales time again, I guess? XD

Small Preview:

Collapse )

Last thing, I'm considering parting with these, but I'm still a little unsure about them. Especially the Thunder Badge. I may take offers later on them. What do you guys think?
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I Choose You... Eeveelution!

Yes, I'm doing the craziest thing you can do in this world... I'm considering starting an Eeveelution collection. In other words, I'm considering going broke. However, I plan to do it slowly, one item at a time and, considering each item is worth a pretty penny, far between.

I start university Monday which means in a few days/weeks I'll be getting my student finance. Obviously this means I should buy Pokemon plush, as they're essential to my student experience I'm not even kidding.

So why am I boring you stiff? Well, I need your help! I know a lot of you are dedicated 'lution collectors and know the worth of the products. Some of you may have certain items I'd like for sale, or are considering a GA with certain items I'd like in it (I'd be happy to co-host :3).

My favourite 'Lutions are: Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon and Umbreon.

I'm more into plushes than figures, so I'll go after those first then any figures that take my interest!

So please, please tell me, how much are the following worth, and is anyone currently offering them for sale?

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Thank you in advance for any help :)

On another note, my sales will soon be updated and posted here again, once I've shipped off all GA packages and settled into Uni life!
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ModPost: Monthly Reminder

Alrighty folks, it's that time again!!! That's right. Grab your reading glasses, get the children rounded up and gather 'round;

Let's hit the ground running:

In case you missed it, GA/GB rules have had a MAJOR update. PLEASE read the following modpost:

Click the image to be transported...

GA/GB/Pickup/Store Run Posts and Reminders
There is only need for ONE "reminder post" for your auctions/best offers/store runs/group auctions/anything you are running. We've been seeing a lot of "reminders" lately for all of the previously mentioned subjects. Please make sure you are complying to this rule. We've provided a lot of warnings this month for multiple reminders. This will serve as a final one. We shouldn't have to continuously bring this rule up as a reminder.

SPECIAL GA/GB NOTICE - If you are running a GA/GB and are just SOOOO close to winning but are just short of meeting the goal, you are not allowed to "raise" your participants bids in order to win. Example; if Timmy bids $5 on a Pokedoll but you need $40 more dollars... you cannot tack on extra money to Timmy's bid in order to win. Now, you may raise YOUR own claim amount in order to win an auction, but to raise your participants bids is completely unacceptable. Sadly, GAs/GBs are allowed to fail if you don't raise enough. Life isn't always fair. But it's extremely unfair not to mention against the rules to raise your participants bids in order to win. If you are seen doing this it will result in a temp ban.

Sales Posts
Only post your sales when you have made a dramatic change in stock. Adding only a few items, or slightly lowering prices in order to post again is not acceptable. There also should be no stand alone "Sales Reminders". You may plug your sales at the end of a non-sales specific post (i.e. a collection update.) If the sole purpose of your post is to pimp your sales when you've already previously posted them to the community and there has been no dramatic change, the post will be removed.

Also, YOU MUST HAVE SALES PERMISSION TO POST SALES ON THIS COMMUNITY. No exceptions! We've had several new members completely ignore this rule. If you are interested in obtaining sales permission, please go to this post and read it thoroughly. If you are unwilling to follow this rule, are unwilling to take the time to apply, or are simply too impatient to wait and gain sales permission - please take your items and sell them elsewhere (i.e. eBay.) We have this rule in place for our member's safety and protection. PLEASE understand that. <3

Wants Posts
We've had a lot of members postings wants lately, and this is perfectly fine. However, please only post your wants to the community when you have the funds to purchase items that are offered to you. Too many times this month have we seen wants posts in which the member is offered the items they are looking for (sometimes at extremely generous amounts) only to turn the offers away. In addition, please don't post your wants too frequently. Chances are if you were unable to find an item you were looking for when you posted just yesterday, you'll unfortunately have the same luck posting them today. That being said, please space posting your wants out.

Posting More Than Once A Day AND Deleting The Previous Post
You may only post once per day, unless you post about new merchandise. Posting twice in one day, but deleting the older post is not acceptable nor is it a loophole to this rule. If you need to post about something else, either add it to your current (older) post or wait to post until the next day. There has been too much of this lately. We're on to you. <3

"Whats the current stock at Nintendo World/Epcot?" Posts
There have been WAY too many of these lately. For now, these are no longer allowed. You are able to check the stock of these locations on your own by calling the stores directly. For your convenience here are the telephone numbers;

Nintendo World: (646) 459-0800
Mitsukoshi (Epcot): (407) 827-8513 option 2

Nintendo World does NOT do mail orders. Mitsukoshi does (although shipping is extremely expensive and so is the merchandise.) You're welcome. :)

Non-Pokemon Items in Sales
As announced in June, you may no longer sell non-Pokemon items in your sales. If you have a sales post on your personal journal please keep your non-Pokemon items on a completely separate post. If you do not want to do this you do not have any obligation to advertise your sales here. You may link to your non-Pokemon sales on a sales post hosted in your own LJ. Non-Pokemon items in GA lots are the one exception to this rule.

Posting Bootlegs/Possible Bootlegs
If you are questioning the authenticity of an item, please post an image of the item and not a link to it. We do not condone supporting companies that mass produce bootlegged copies or rejects of official merchandise. Please refer to our bootlegs guide for clarification as to what bootlegs are. This rule does not bar you from posting about bootleg/fake/unofficial items in your collection, only the advertising of bootleg companies/sellers. You may sell bootleg items, as long as they are CLEARLY LABELED, only because the items are already purchased and no more money will be going back to the companies.

If you are wanting to post bootleg photos simply to make fun of them, please take it to hells_pokemart.

We are finding a lot of thread-jacking comments are unacceptable. For example, it is not appropriate to thread-jack in the middle of an ongoing auction thread. That should be common sense. Or, to bring up a dramatic issue about say a GA or sales item you haven't heard a response about yet when that sort of business really should be conducted in private or on the respective post in question (i.e. the original sales or GA post.) If it honestly is to the point where you feel you would need to contact a member by thread-jacking because you've exhausted all other means of attempting to contact this member privately (PM, IM, e-mail), contact a mod to assist you instead.

Closing Statements
I'm extremely disappointed that some of these are repeat reminders. Continued offenses, especially after you've been warned multiple times will result in a temp ban. It's that easy people.

I would like to ask everyone to please take the time to read our community rules. It will hurt for less than 10 minutes, I promise.

I would also like to personally and formally welcome our new mod, entirelycliched. She may be our group auction specialist, but she is still a full-fledged moderator of this community and she harbors the same authority as I do. That being said, if she contacts you regarding a rule violation I expect everyone to show her the same respect you show Gin and I. She is an absolutely amazing addition to our administrative team and I am very happy to have her aboard. ♥

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day! :3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW3 Jakks Mini Plush GB?

Hey, guys! As some of you might recall, I posted the other day with findings from the 2nd Jakks BW Plush set! This was slated for release in July, but due to Jakks crappy distribution, I couldn't find the plush until September! D: So, this makes me think, by the time the set with Dewott, Pignite, Servine, and more hits shelves, it could be December or later! So, I am going to host a GB for the Series 3 Jakks Plush!

Ok, so each plush will go for $15.50 shipped (Zorua will be $13.50 shipped due to its being a rerelease)! This includes SHIPPING TO YOUR DOORSTEP! It will be the only payment! I will be claiming Pignite. Claims will close on Wednesday, September 28, at 8:30 PM California (Pacific) Time!



Jessie Grace

Ebay action of remainding collection items :)

Hello All!

I just wanted to let you all know that i have the remander of my collection up for sale in a lot on ebay so here are the links if you are interested: the lot includes -  eeveelution Pokedolls, Jakks Plushes, Tomy Plushes and Other Pokemon center plushes and a DX Chikorita the lot starts at $200 :)




I also have a few other items that i might like to let go of so contact me if your interested in a:
Snorlax Plush Pillow HUGE looking for offers over $35 and postage would be $39 AUD. Images here:  ON HOLD for acidtowatta

Pikachu Plush Pillow HUGE 
Jigglypuff Plush Pillow HUGE looking for offers over $20 and postage would be $33 AUD to USA and $30 AUD to the UK. Pictures here:

also i do have sales permition : Sales Permition Granted by Gin aka denkimouse on the 1st of Jan 2011

hope you all have fun on your collecting adventures!
and ill miss yall!

Taking 3 commission slots and Volcarona goodies!

I've finished three and so I'm taking three! I may take on a fourth since I'm a stone's throw away from finishing this last one. Anyway, I'm taking commissions! The school decided it didn't have enough of my money ;) oh college.

All plush prices start at 150.00 base price and this price can change depending on difficulty. Just ask and I'll let you know.

You can find all sorts of information on commissioning me here:

And you can see past plush I've made at these two places:

And I'm still waiting on a thing for my true Larvesta/Volcarona update (my Reuniclus collection has a charm that is currently MIA, so I can't update that yet either) so instead, have some amazing Volcarona customs that I'm in absolute LOVE with.

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Sales Opened!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

I have finally got around to setting up my sales page, so I wanted to post this asap. ^.^
(Sales permission plug can be found in sales post)

As of this moment, the post only contains a few plush, but eventually I am going to be posting figures, cards, and other pokemon merchandice.

In order to get to my sales post, simply click on my username and then click the Sales tab. =)

First post ever on here! *shows off little collection off*

I've actually joined this community long ago probably about a few months ago but have never posted anything here since my collection is prett small. It is still pretty small to this day. I recently bought some kid figures along with my friend from this community so I hope those come in soon so i can add them to my collection. I mainly collect pokemon TCG mainly because I began to start playing it probably like 1 and a half years ago. Which reminds me that i have to get a new binder since I already filled mine up. 

Anywho I just wanted to show off my collection just for fun.

TADA! My collection. I decided to dress up my plushies as if i were to enter them in a contest. As you can see both my Dragonites ( my favoritte pokemon) have won ribbons. haha

I would show off my card but it would take forever to take pictures so maybe next time.. :) 


Sales posty post post

Hello everyone! I have one package left to send out <3 So I thought I would make one sales post that is open until MONDAY MORNING which is when I send the packages out <3

I have lots of stuff here including some customs. Got Jakks Minccino, Derp Nugget plush, mini Piplup Pokedoll and other goodies. Come check it out. I really apologize for the HORRID camera. (iPod touch) I lost my regular camera. :( I know the pictures make it look dull and unenticing BUT I SWEAR THESE STOOFS ARE FULL OF COLOUR. xD

So here you go. On with the sales!

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Rules and stuff:
-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10
-I ship from California, USA
-I do ship internationally
-24 hours with no reply and item will go to the next person
of new postal rates, most shipping starts at $2.50 to cover cost of
shipping supplies and shipping itself. Of course, flats like TCGs and
the like will vary!
-As always, you can ask for a quote before you buy!
-If you want delivery confirmation, insurance, signature confirmation, let me know at the time of purchase
-PayPal only
-I am NOT responsible for lost mail. Proof of shipping will be provided upon request
AGAIN. MONDAY is my shipping day and this post will be closed as of MONDAY!
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someone want to help?

So I want to ga this but I can't do the thread/spreadsheet part of it since I only have my phone for internet. Its to time consuming.
So I can do the bidding/shipping part though.
Does anyone want to help me? :)
I will be claiming the cynda pokedoll

Here is a list of what this lot has
Up for purchase is a Pokemon toys lot that includes:

2 Bound balls - brand new with capsule & insert 1 Pokemon Time Candy tin - brand new,only opened to see who it was,candy still inside (can be shipped with or without) 2 Pokemon Time phone straps - brand new 17 kids - various conditions,please judge from pictures 1 Wind-up Clefairy Toy - used in working condition 1 Pichu Figure - new 1 Dratini Tomy Figure - used 1 Pikachu Coin Bank - mint 2 Foam Pokeballs - brand new & sealed 1 Pikachu Plush - brand new with hang tag & tush tag 1 Cyndaquil Pokedoll - brand new with hang tag & tush tag (new square tag) 1 Lapras Pokedoll - brand new with hang tag & tush tag (red Pikachu tag) Huge stack of cards - the stack is about as tall as 3 kids stacked,probably around 220+. They are all English cards,there are 7 holos,18 rares,76 uncommons,19 misc cards that aren't TCG,the rest are common. 90% of the cards are in mint condition.
Relaxed Torchic

Super extra teeny tiny collection update + a small want + meme?

Hey guys.
Well, I haven't been super active in here lately, on the count that college started a month ago, I've been busy with Homestuck getting things done for school, and I almost forgot about this, but here is a small update.

First. I got the Braviary MPC plush from denkimouse a few months ago.
I love it.
His name is Tomahawk.

He and Alfred became the best of friends. Ever. :3

Ok...that was really all the updates I had.
But just so that this post isn't completely small, I have two things.

First, a small want.
Does anyone know where I can get a Blaziken Hasbro Plush?

(from Pokeplush project)
I've found one on eBay, but I was wondering if someone was willing to part with one before I go to eBay.

And on a final note, here is a (very late) meme.
How many of you college people took part/all of your collection with you?

I took a few plushes with me.

These are the plush I broguht with me. (Ignore the non-Pokemon Plushies)
that's all I guess..

TCG Wants List

Hey everyone, I have been at university for a week now and I have money (yaaaaay!). So I decided to make a wants list of every card I need (more or less) and here it is!

I am accepting trades, and I got sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo.

I'm not too bothered about getting the expensive cards yet(like Yanmega Prime) as I don't want to spend that much money on 1 card xD

I will be home from Uni Wednesday-Saturday so if possible id like any trades to be sorted by then, otherwise I'll have to get my slow parents to help sent off cards xD

Thanks for looking, hope do to business with lots of you ^^
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Looking for identifications :3

I've been lurking on the community for about a month and found out that a lot of members here are really good with identifying Pokemon merchs (‵▽′)/

So here are some random stuff I've found from local toy stores and have no idea what they are:

The Snorlax wind-up toy can wave hands, and the tiny Electrode plush can be transformed into a Pokeball :u
The Lucario figure is a bobblehead doll with poseable arms.

I think I've seen the Electrode plush in some sales, but since mines doesn't come with a tush tag, I cannot find any information about it ˙﹏˙

And a random Poliwhirl money box! The store selling this also have a Lapras one selling too, so I guess they come from the same series...

Collapse )
Hmm I'm just interested in knowing their official name or something like that, so that I can search for similar stuff online and have a look at them (*′▽`) So any information will help!

Changing the topic... I'm sure that most of you have already seen the news about a mysterious lot of Pokedolls from pumpki3...

Well after some search on Taobao, I've found a seller there who sells almost the exact list of Pokedolls shown on the photo there OwO They all have English hang tags too instead with only tush tags, which is kinda rare for Taobao stuff...

While I'm not good at identifying bootlegs and rejects from the officials, I can help with providing photos!

So here are some photos I've found from that store:
Collapse )

And somehow all of the tush tags state that the Pokedolls are made in 2010 instead of 2011. Here's an example:

Somehow there are no Bulbasaur, Totodile or Espeon Pokedolls to be seen from that store. That's what makes me thinking that those can be suspicious...

Hmm I hope these can help with identifying if the plushs from that post is legit or not!
I mean if the Pokedolls shown above are identifyed to be rejects, it means that they're really starting to produce a new batch of official Pokedolls again, isn't it? (′・ω・`)

And this concludes my first post to the community! I hope I got it right ;w;

Looking for Catchers!

Hi everyone! Battle Road Tournaments have begun for the Trading Card Game and I'm looking for Catchers (from Emerging Powers). I'm unable to pay the amount that they are going for (roughly $8). I'm only able to pay $3 for each one. However I have plenty of other cards to trade for them. If you see something let me know. I also have my sales thread here:
so if you see something there, maybe we can work something out. Thanks! :)

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sales! pokedex figures, eeveelution tomys and jakks figures!

I bought a lot of Pokédex figures purely because I wanted the raichu and manectric, and my friend wanted the persian. Now I come to you guys with the remainder!
Plus I'm weeding out some of my eeveelution tomys, and electric jakks

Collapse )

And please don't forget I'm taking offers on my jolteon canvas until this WEDNESDAY.
He still has NO OFFERS! T^T Give a fox a home!
^^Click his cute little face to be transported!^^
gizamimi plush

Zorua kweschun!

Hi again, pkmncollectors <3
I've been indulging in a lot of wonderful Pokemon merch lately, thanks to this community! I'm still waiting for more things to come in before I make a collection update post, although I could make a pretty decent update at the moment anyway. I've already got things in from dripbat, killmeneko and sorcererhuntres, and expecting some beautiful custom stickers from ditto9. <3 Thanks to everyone I've bought from or chatted with on this community. You're all awesome.

Today I've got a question that I've been meaning to ask about this cute Zorua:

She's from the Black/White mall tour earlier this year, and I'm sure a lot of other people have one. My question is this: Is she the American release Zorua Pokedoll? Or is she simply a Pokecen plushie? Her tag is generic with non-Pokedoll artwork on it, basically identical to PC Tepig, Oshawatt Oshawott, and Snivy.

Thanks for anyone who can answer this question!

I don't know about you, but this is how I get around.
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

It's sunday again, and you know what that means!! This weeks pokemon is!!!

Sableye!! A fun fact about Sableye: being a Dark/Ghost type, he is the first pokemon to have no weakness!

Be sure to post photos of any Sableye merch you have, even if it's just one thing!!! Imagine someday a hardcore sableye collector looks back through the Sableye tag and finds this theme post, filled with all kinds of merch photos! It's a tribute to the pokemon of the week and it makes them more enjoyable and useful. :) Also tell stories and discuss Sableye merch, but above all: Try to post photos if you have any items!!

Thanks everyone!

Quick sales update & some interest queries!

Hi guys!

Time for another quick update, just seeing if there's interest in a few things & some new additions to the shop.

First, we've got a few of these Fossil Deck Boxes - the Pokemon featured on the box are Lapras, Aerodactyl, Kabuto and Kabutops. The boxes are made out of cardboard & can be shipped flat.  Let us know if you're interested in picking any up, we're pricing them at $5 each!

Second, also putting up for sale two Japanese 1st Edition Charizard Star!  There's a good condition one for $60 & and a mint condition one for $120.  Please make offers in the "flats" section of our sales post!  

And I wanted to gauge interest on a few things --

1) I think I'm going to start making "packs" of cards featuring one (or two.. or a few, or whatever you want!) Pokemon & offering them for sale. Just a quick, easy way for you to get a bunch of cards of a Pokemon you like, and for us to get rid of some of our doubles! Any interest, and what would you be looking for? I'm thinking ~5 cards for $2? For example, the Eevee/Eeveeloution set below (which IS for sale! Haha).

2) Similarly, we have tons of pack-wrappers... also thinking of just putting those up for sale, do you all buy those? ^^;;

3) Been thinking about GA'ing our sticker sheets - or at least letting people just buy the Pokemon they want? If you guys want, you're free to GA them!

Hmm... I think that's about it!  I should have a nice big box coming in next week, so maybe some pictures of that next time!  And of course, the obligatory link to our sales.  ^^  

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Offers and Low Price SALES

First I would like to show everyone my redone sales page. It was updated with over 100 items and almost everything is $1 and kids are $0.25!
Please come check it out :)

Next, I have some offers! I'd do straight sale but I have NO IDEA what these are worth.
Price I will let these go for is the starting price!
Please ask before you bid.
I'll stop taking offers by Saturday the 1st at 5PM
Timer is here:
All community rules apply. Play nice!

I goofed. Umbreon and Flareon on the cloud will have the black bases. Clear Flareon and Clear Jolteon will get the orange and gray base. I goofed. Thanks rypeltajaroll for pointing that out!

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Please wait til I have threads up!! D: