September 26th, 2011

Pokemon - Ranch Arceus
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Kyrios and Jet do Philadelphia (and a collection update!)

Last weekend I went out of state for a certain mod's wedding and two of my Pokemon tagged along! :D It was a very eventful trip involving Pokemon and lots of fellow collectors, so I let my Pokemon take part in it as much as possible and I recorded their misadventures wherever they went.

Kyrios the Sky Plate Arceus and Jet the Braviary invite you to click the cut!

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emmet and his big sucky!

NEW KIDS SET, sunyshore stuff, yeah yeah

i have COOL COOL COOL new things in sunyshore, my god they are cool, so cool, come look at all this cool stuff. you gotta admit it's cool even if you don't collect these pokemon. this stuff is just cool.

now, new!

Here they are!
ランドロス Landorus
トルネロス Tornadus
ボルトロス Thundurus
バニブッチ Vanillite
バニリッチ Vanillish
シビビール Eelektrik (!)
マラカッチ Maractus
モロバレル Amoongus
ドッコラー Timburr
アギルダー Accelgor
モノズ Deino
シキジカ(ふゆのすがた) Deerling (Winter)

also these new soap figures (also in december). in case anyone is curious, the kami trio is getting so much stuff since they are having a pretty big hyped anime special in december. anyone smell muscular crazy hairdo pokedolls? mmmmmhmmmmm!
high-five! awesome!

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Hey guys :D Quick note to anyone who bought from my sales/auctions - I sent about half of the packages out on the 24th and was planning on sending the rest today, buuut.. Long story short (ish), my bank changed owners, names, and routing numbers very recently, so I'll have to wait until the stupid online banking stuff is back up before I can add the new account to Paypal, have it confirmed, and have my shipping money sent over. I should hopefully have everything sent this week by Saturday at least, though. Thank you for your patience!

And now for some wants! A friend of mine just joined his college TCG league (Buckeye Pokemon League! Anyone else a member?) and is looking to buy a few Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar (Prime, I guess?) cards from the Triumphant set. Let me know if you have any for sale (or want to trade for merch here)!

And while I'm at it, I'm interested in base set Vulpixes in languages I don't already have (current collection here.)  I may also be interested in a Litwick Pokecen phone charm figure depending on price. Thank you very much for any help! C:
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Reminder: DP15 Zukan reopen for claims

Hey guys, the first and only reminder for the DP15 Zukan Group Buy that I will be doing. Only 2 more needs to be claimed (Chansey line, ambipom line). I will purchase it if one of the two gets claimed, so help us all out here :) It's only $9 shipped so what are you waiting for :)

Click on the Picture to go to the actual GB page.
Sales Link:

Hot Topic Finds

About a week ago, my friend told me that she saw a pikachu hat at our malls Hot Topic. I work at the mall, so after work saturday, I went to buy one for myself and the man who greeted me there told me there was a hoodie too. I was so excited, and it was just what I was hoping for.

The hoodie has pikachu's stripes and tail on the back of it too. The girl who rang me up said I was the first one to purchase it, so I imagine it was just stocked saturday morning!
I bought a large hoodie so it would be kind of baggy, but it ended up still being pretty form fit. However, it's likely in Teen sizes or something. That's just a note for other people so they don't buy one too small.

and for those who are curious, I bought the hat too! It's a knit hat, and at the end of the danglies are pokeballs (with buttons sewn in place of their clicky buttons! lol!) It's really soft and comfy, but it's still a little warm to be wearing it around. All the same, I can't wait till winter.

That's all! I hope hot topic continues to bring in the pokemon goodies!

Strider Sales!

Hey everyone! I'm here today with a pretty boring post: I've put up a sales post in my journal! You can check it out by clicking the totally rad coolkid:

Ahh, so boring! So to spice this post up a bit more and (hopefully) drag it out of Borefest, I've got a question:

If you could only collect one Pokemon (not evolutionary line, just a single Pokemon), what would it be and why?

I'd choose Torkoal, because I absolutely love the fire turtle! He's only one of three non-starter fire-types in gen III, and he was owned by Ash; he's got a lot more merch than I'd think. Plus he's always got a special place in my heart. How can you not love the guy?

Generic/Cute pokemon merch wanted?

Hey guys, I come to you today with a need for electric mice and cute pokemon! (and Arceus, of course :D)
The story is, one of my friends recently came to my house for a birthday sleepover, and, seeing my pokemon collection, became hooked!
Now she is obsessed! (LIKE ME)
SO, I promised to help her our getting her first merch. pkmncollectors post time it is, then :D

So I am looking for any cheap merch of:
Plusle (she loves him)

She likes plushes more than anything else, but other stuff is cool, too.
Thanks soo much guys!
Pachirisu - I'm so cute
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cute custom charms for sale!

Hello! If you're wondering where I've been with my charms, well you can blame my ink cartridges! But now I'm back, and with new style~ round faces cute Pokemon happy awesome bright scribble charm sets! ...those are just a bunch of words I like to describe them with.. but maybe you'd prefer pictures?

(Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu and Emolga are also available!)

Charms are $5 each plus shipping!
They come with black straps!
Made from shrinkable plastic!

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Also, I'm going to be finally moving to Japan on October 12th, at which time these will become unavailable for a good while! Until then I have an unlimited supply, so get them while you can!

That's all for now!


Custom Shiny Dratini and Swablu Plush Auction

Dratini by far is the largest plush I have made yet. It is 37" in length! It is also wired through the body so that it can be worn or posed. Which will be great just in time for Halloween.
Swablu turned out so cute XD! This little one is 15" from wing tip to wing tip and is 5" tall. Also I have not sewn down the eyes because I was not sure how people would like the big watery eyes. So the auction winner can decide to keep these eyes or to just do the little dot eyes like swablu actually has.

Here is the link to the auction it ends at Friday September 30th at 11:59pm EST. Please stop by and check it out for more info and pictures XD.

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First Collection Update! Venonat and Venomoth (& friends)

Hey community! I've finally decided to do my first real collection update for you guys. I put it off for a while because I hadn't received the rest of my packages (and still haven't received some at all) but anyhoo here comes the fuzz!

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OH in other news, my husband and sister in law were making something special for me for my birthday, but had to end up telling me about it before hand. They were making a folder with all original 151 pokemon cards from Base, Jungle, and Fossil TCG sets, they were more than halfway done too before I found out! and when I did I got teary, it's so beautiful, unfortunatly my camera went flat and the pictures of the folder turned out glare ridden and awful. Anyway, i've ended up getting every single card for the folder except one: Base set or base set 2 Charizard. So i'm asking if anyone here has one that I could buy? Condition isnt too important, but I'd like it to be not too pricey. Pic for reference :):

Thanks for looking & reading!
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Gimme yo monies. And I want a 1:1 eevee

Payment 3 for pantherotter's GA is due! The faster you pay, the faster you get your items. Nice trade, no?
Please send all payments to:
Spreadsheet is hur:
Please comment once you have paid so I can mark you off. If you don't then I will pester you via PM demanding money or homemade cookies of equal or greater value!

You three owe for payment 2 and 3. Please pay Miss Pantherotter ASAP. Or I will give your plushies to the little girl from Finding Nemo!

And just so they don't feel left out
spideyroxas and jadekitty777 participated too XD


I am also looking for a 1:1 Eevee plush WITH TAGS.
Please show me pics of one :( I want to buy one!!

Multipurpose Post

Hi comm!

First up, I think these haven't been posted before - January MPCs and DX Plush!

Secondly, this is the only reminder for my zukan auction, which ends Monday, 26 Sep 11, 10PM PDT. Countdown timer is here. Click here or the picture to proceed. Note that half of the zukans are new and unopened in original packaging! =D

Lastly, some quick sales: I have NIP Glaceon and Shinx Chous now available in larvitarscar's shop.

Thanks for reading!
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle


Well, one turtle in particular. It'd be a fun collection to do all turtles but I simply don't have the money or the time, so I focus more on my gf's snorlax collection. :3 To be off topic but still on Pokemon topics, is there a clear snorlax kid? Does anyone have one? :D

ANYWAYS, on to turtles. Juice turtles, to be specific. :3

Does anyone have any information on Shuckle kids? I've seen a few around the comm, but not very many, and they look like they're hard to find. @_@ Does he have a clear kid, too? I would assume he does, but even after searching, I couldn't find anything. :( I'd be happy with any information or a picture or something. :) 

...But yeah, any shuckle kids or the clear snorlax kid (if he exists) are what I'm looking for. Anyone have any info/any way I might be able to obtain one easier/have one they're willing to sell? :D