September 27th, 2011

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Hey guys! I know I don't post often, but I decided to now as I have a question for you all. I was just roaming around the web and happened to find these. So the seller's description said they were from a "connection in Japan" and hard to find, from the 90s kind of stuff. I still am not sure what to think if they truly are real, nor do I have any idea what kind of figures or whatever they could be. (The other stuff at least looked real) So help identifying these if at all possible would be much appreciated! The pictures aren't the best but hopefully their large size should help. Thank you, guys!!

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More Mail! =]

So I got more mail and I now have 2 new stickers! Woo!

They both came in GREAT shape!

Here they are:

The Lugia surprised me for the size, I thought it would be bigger, but I still love it. =]

Pikachu from elisha1288
And Lugia from illumeee
(Hope I got those right)

Anyway, they are both adorable and will soon be collaged onto my laptop. =]

I would love to exchange feedback. Here is my Feedback:
Can I have yours? Thank you!
OMG James

E Gads!

Have these American releases of the PC Lugia plush been out already or are they part of the new stock? Answered.
For those who have seen them for sale anywhere lately, how much do they average costing?
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more custom auctions!

haha today seems like custom day >.< sorry to add to all the customs! i'll make this quick.

  i've got auctions for that DX charizard pokedoll custom, 2 custom regular pokedoll style plush, and one miniature plush. click here for more (and bigger) pictures, and the auctions!

Huge Want List! <3

Hello again everyone ^^
I have a huge list of things I'm after, so please let me know if you have any of these items or know where I can buy them!


I'm looking for any kind of Cyndaquil plush that is laying down like this one. I would love the Pokedoll version but I've seen those go for $60 :( So I would love to find one that looks similar if anyone can help<3

Heracross plush! I've been looking everywhere for one.

I'm not sure if this is from a UFO machine or not but I want one so bad!! Any help is greatly appreciated^__^


IF I EVER GOT THIS I WOULD SERIOUSLY CRY!! This is probably my most wanted Pokemon item: This Lugia is electronic and makes the same noises/sounds like he does in Pokemon 2000 The Movie. You can see what he sounds like on a video on youtube. He's so amazing, but I know how rare he is. So I know I'll probably never get him XD


Shining Rayquaza (Rayquaza Star): The cheapest I've seen him go for is $100! Are there any out there for cheaper? ^^

Shining Entei (Entei Star): Same as Rayquaza! I'd love to find one that's not crazy expensive.

Pokemon 10th Movie Commemoration Cards: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Latias and Latios please. These cards have the 10 symbol at the bottom of the card and are in Japanese. I only need these ones to complete my set!

Jirachi PLAY Promo 32:
I've wanted this card for years! Any help as to where I can find one would make me very, very happy!

McDonalds Mareep Card:
It's the only Mareep card I'm missing. I'm desperate, so thank you oh so much for any help you can offer:3

Thank you so much everyone!! I really appreciate your time and help. :D

Pokemon - Flowers

A bit of an update

Both collection and sales-wise.

Now, I haven't gotten much in the mail in the way of collection. I'm assuming there's going to be a flood of Fighting Trio/Muskedeers merch at some point, so I'm holding out.
(This is partly why I've been weeding, too)

I do, however, have the beginnings of a new arrangement. This time all of my Pokemon plush (well, my talking Pika doesn't fit yet, and I have a Jakks Munchlax to shove in there) are with my collection. Even my large plush.

This was a daunting task at first, but I managed.

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phew that was a lot of text!

Eventually I'm hoping to have a TCG collection update. Maybe a video for that, it'd be quicker to go through everything.

Here is the sales update. I added some cards, and some things from older sales.
(I haven't shipped anything yet due to allergies taking me out today. I will combine.)
(I will also trade/partial-trade! I need some of the recent (HGSS-on) TCG cards!)

Also, what are the odds of anyone here just happening to have a Sawk MPC (the blue one)?
Cause I'd like one. No idea what it'd usually go for though.
Maybe $20?

I may set up a GA at some point though, if anyone likes Mandibuzz, Stoundland, Gothitelle, or Beartic
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~A Wailord Of An Auction~

Hello again, fellow collectors! ♥
After much input from the community yesterday, I have decided to host my first customs auction!

Up for grabs today are...
Two mini Wailord pillows (both regular and shiny) AND a Large Wailord pillow!

Under the cut is more photos and some information!

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That's all for now!

My regular commission post is here: click. Though I am only open for hats and simple plush and pillows at the moment!
And my regular sales is here: click.

Pokemon Rumble blast pre order bonus

I haven't seen this posted on here, so hopefully I'm not late on the game :p
Apparently Pokemon Rumble Blast has a preorder bonus at Gamestop, a set of cute pins! (Yeah yeah Gamestop, but let's keep the bashing to a minimum, shall we?) I figured some Pokemon fans who want the 3DS game would maybe be interested :)

Also, plug to my sales post, while I'm at it :p A couple new things have been added: