September 28th, 2011

  • lucario

Stinky GA!

I am unfortunately housebound this week, so to alleviate the boredom, I'm running two GAs! So be ready with your little bidding fingers. ;)

Huge one is not nearly finished, but click here to have a look at the items: Click I will make a proper post tomorrow, I'm nowhere near done threading it up.

Here is the not so huge one, lots of fun things!

Gothy GA#1: Stinky GA! Dem Vileplume!

- Auction ends 6PM GMT (that is GMT NOT UST - UST is an hour slow) on the 2nd of October.
- There will be two payments: A) Cost and postage to me. B) Postage to you (about $3-4 tops unless you buy the entire lot!)
- What you see is what you get. I can ask questions to the seller if you wish.
- If you do not pay within a week, I will offer your items to the comm and leave you a negative feedback.
- I will send a reminder PM and leave a reminder comment.
- Bids are to be placed in $1 steps unless otherwise stated.
- No sniping! Bids in the last 5 minute of the auction will extend the bidding time by 30 minutes.
- I am claiming what is probably a Nidoran for £1, only because I'm curious what it is.

  • kokooro

Looking for Paki Paki Mewtwo Plush

Hey guys, I'm currently looking for the Paki Paki Mewtwo Plush, but had no luck on Ebay so far. I'm not 100 % sure for how much he goes, I was guessing around the $60 mark give or take, but obviously I'm open for any suggestions and bartering, so this is not a set price.

He's one of the few missing pieces in my Mewtwo collection, so help really would be appreciated. ♥

Payment would be done over Paypal within at least 48 hours :)

Biohazard: 狙撃兵

Super Secret FLATZ Business

So I got two very exciting packages in the mail yesterday. While I can't show off one of them here (because it's not a Pokemon thing but equally exciting for me anyway), one is a big, BIG get for me that I've wanted for such a long time. I can't exactly say grail, because while he's gorgeous he isn't exactly the bird. ;)


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Thanks for looking!
indiffernt quagsire
  • akeyma

Halloween Pokemans in September? oh my!

Hay all! It's been a while since I posted anything! But I still watch the comm often.

So... in preparation for my most favorite month of the year I have made some special little poke plush pals!!

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AND!! omg: Small Collection Update!

I'm so in love w/my dittos and quagies. *sigh* If you have merch of them that u are selling and dont see here let me know! <3 <3
( i have some other water pokes and charms stuff but these guys are my real collection. )
  • lampent

Deers n Pokedolls n Updates Oh my!

Hey collectors! Got some more sales going on. Just trying to get the final weeding done, I think this is about it!

Got some rare goodies, like pokcen Deerling plush, and a vaporeon pokedoll! Plus lots more.

Check the cut for all the details:


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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

(no subject)

Less than 17 hours to go and many items are still at their starting prices!
Click on the picture above to be transported magically to the GA!


Those who were part of this GA, I have, as of yesterday, shipped out all who have paid! Some were shipped out end of last week but I cannot for sure say who so you should have htem all hopefully by end of this week (next week if youre international)

A couple of people still haven't paid according to my PayPal so if you haven't, please click here to be transported magically to the third payment post!


And lastly, just a couple of wants
These are the last pikadolls I'm missing as far as I'm aware of plush-wise so please please please let me know if you have any of these for sale! I am willing to pay top dollar for them! Alternatively, if you have any non-plush merch, feel free to let me know!

I will do a collection update soon! I know I keep saying that but then I buy something and I want to include that so I wait and then I buy something and its like a neverending circle XD right now, I'm looking at something so chances are I'll have to wait until I get that and then it goes on XD
  • caffwin

Huge sales - Part 1!

Hi guys! It's been a while; I've been on vacation a lot this summer and I've returned home to a huge box from Japan with lots of extras, which means many goodies for you. :D

I suppose this would be a fairly *late* back-to-school sale! I will be including freebies with every purchase, as I have a lot of older merchandise laying around in boxes and not enough time to list it all up~

This is only part 1 from this box, there will be another round with more plush, mini models, figures, etc. in the near future. Just so this post isn't *too* chaotic, I will be posting a collection update separately in a little while so the two aren't clumped together. ^_^

So come browse around for some ultra rare Japanese Pokedex cards, MPC plush, various figures, keychains, figures, clips, cards, cheap flats and everything else!

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More wants~

Oh boy, once my flooring and everything is done, I will oh so need a camera so I can get pictures of my collection~

Now for the TCG wants:

15th anniversary kids promo TCGs: Haxorus, Bisharp.
DP34 promo Drifblim
POP 3: Combusken
POP 7: Ampharos

Team Rocket Returns: Rocket's Suicune EX (willing to pay 23$ for english, 30 for japanese)
Majestic Dawn: Darkrai
Delta Species: Latias

BW Alomomola (need it in japanese! somehow it's the only english card in my all-japanese pokedex card binder and it stings to see x.x; )

Still looking for Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis

-japanese boosters ( Need Neo 3 + onwards. Up to the DP5 Temple of Anger expansion)

Rainyan Pokekids Pick Up/GB - Final Payment

The kids are here and I have the shipping totals calculated!

Please send payments to asap. I plan on going to the post office before week's end, so get your payments in now so your packages won't have to wait until next week. :) I will package and address them as soon as payment clears. Make sure you inlude your LJ username in a PP note along with your payment.

kickasskendra = $2.28

lucario = $5.93

akihio = $3.22

tjtoot = Awiting first payment. Please pay rainyan asap so I can get your shipping total.

krista0000 = $2.59

neeko48 = $2.28

crayzbrawlr = $2.28

emii234 = $2.31
cute pidgey

Looking for Purple Dactyls and Tiny Birds

Its been a long time since I have last posted in this community. But I decided to come back and look for some nice birds and dactyl's to add to my rather meager collection.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to items I want though, which has ended in me not buying much, but maybe after these few months some new things have appeared to add to my collection.

I am looking for anything Aerodactyl that isn't a flat and isn't one of the items I already have.
What I have is: Tomy, both Zukans, All three Kids figures, and what I think is the stadium figure (not sure if thats the right name, it has a black base and the figure has one arm up) and a bizarre sqweaky keychain thing.

I'm only am looking for smaller things at the moments since I have a limited budget. High on my list are metal figures, mini figs and stamps. But anything you have I will gladly look at to see if I wants to purchase it.

Also Pidgey's I want these to. I have a lot of pidgeys already so don't be surprised if I say no if you offer something. (If you have silver metal figures of Pidgey and Pidgeot, I'm totally looking to get those)

(Also I want to start collecting Archen and Archeops, but I will make a post about getting their items when my budget is much higher)