September 29th, 2011

Still looking for stickers. Also...

So I did a post about 2 weeks ago looking for some Pokemon sticker.

Like I said before, I am open to ALL sticker sales, so if you have them, please link me to your sales.

However, I PREFER:

(Shiny) Drifloon

Other elecetric Pokemon too.

Also, I just have to add this in here, because I cannot find any. I am looking for other stickers too, including sticker flake types like Crux, Q-lia, etc. (Pokemon sticker flakes would be AMAZING!!) And Anime Sales. I cannot seem to find a commmunity like this but for general anime sales. If you have Anime sales, or know where I can find some, please let me know. (I hope this little section was allowed here, if not let me know and I will edit it out.)
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1 and only offers reminder!

Just a quick reminder that this stuff ends Saturday! Countdown is here: This stuff is new and mint :3

All threads are here! GO HERE:

I goofed. Umbreon and Flareon on the cloud will have the black bases. Clear Flareon and Clear Jolteon will get the orange and gray base.
Thanks [info]rypeltajaroll for pointing that out!

dento omg squeal!!!!

Mienshao!! And Mod Notice


Moderator entirelycliched and myself will both be in Nara, Japan this weekend (together) so please direct any pressing problems to dakajojo. I will still be answering questions and problem emails sent to my gmail (yes I am answering all my emails these days!) though so if it's not an urgent matter feel free to ask!

In other news, I've gotten a few awesome new additions since returning from the states, but this is by far the most impressive...

Meet my Mienshao sculpture created in cold porcelain and hand painted. She is the second Mienshao in what I hope will become a big happy family of kung-fu weasels. Hurray for kung-fu weasels!!!

Click to enlarge (sorry the images are a bit dark):

Thanks guys!

Plushes wanted!

Right. I need all of you pkmncollectors to help me :D
I'm Christmas shopping already! :D
I am on the lookout for:

Would like to pay:
$30 shipped to the UK ~ $8 shipped to the UK ~ $20 shipped to the UK ~ $40 shipped to the UK

Note: These prices are just vague ideas, if you want more, feel free to comment anyway with how much you want! :D

Pricecheck on a few items I'm looking to buy:

The Ichiban Kuji, 10" UFO and 51cm Movie Arceus plushes!

I think I remember seeing something about pricechecks in a modpost, but can't find it now, so if I'm not allowed to do this, I'll happily take it off the post :)

All pictures from PPP <3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


NOW, I have reservations open for the December set of kids!

(Pic courtesy of AAPF via flag)

As usual, five slots per kid, $9.50 shipped, yada yada yada. I will leave negative feedback in the event that you do not pay within 3 days of my posting. Be responsible!

Thanks! Oh, and BTW, as soon as I ship everybody's orders, I have a Axew/Drilbur line collection update to post! :D:D
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Weeding Auctions - Part 2

EDIT: All auctions are over and totals are being calculated!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first set of collection weeding auctions, just about everyone has paid already and it was a big success. As promised, here's the second wave!

Again, most of the stuff under the cut is from my personal collection and the starting prices reflect that. If something gets no bids but you're interested anyway, feel free to throw an offer my way after the auction is over.

Here's the link to Part 1 auctions - anything that has no bids is for straight sale at the starting bid price or open to offers:

The auctions on this post will end in about one week, on Thursday October 6th at 9PM EST. (countdown here). Please note this time is different than originally planned due to the scheduled LJ maintenance.

I ship from the US and require payment by Paypal.

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And these two guys are for straight sale at $120 each. I'm very attached to these guys and am only selling in hopes to get my hands on Vaporeon/Jolteon, so the price is firm. Thanks for understanding! EDIT: Espeon is sold, only Glaceon is available now.

zukan discussion!

Hello everyone! Isn't this surprising? Not a wants or sales post hahaha. Anyways, I have got to seriously thinking the last few days and I wanted to share this with you all. I have been reading the community everyday and have not seen anything related to this, so if this has already been discussed before, then I apologize!

Has anyone noticed that the new Black and White zukans have changed? All the rest of the zukans uses pegs and with these new lines, they have been using "blocks"? Examples are below:

(Image from animeraro and amazon)

I am wondering what spurred this change and if you all think it makes the zukans look better? I noticed they used pegs for stuff like Zorua line and Snivy line, but am confused why they would then make blocks for the levitating/flying Pokemon when they have used pegs before. Do these "block" zukans have peg holes to fit them in? Or do they just rest along the indents of the block? If they each have pegholes, I guess I could just find another peg and base for them to go on... xD

I really like to interchange my zukans and these blocks make it so you are "stuck with the line". Well I guess that's how most people display their zukans haha. But I like my Pokemon all over the place.

Also, I believe that pegs make the Pokemon look more majestic. There are no empty spaces below them, so for the aquatic, flying, and floating Pokemon, it makes them look DARN COOL. Haha. So for the really high flyers this generation, they would have to be sitting in front of a HUGE WALL OF PLASTIC D:

This is from my collection (Not the best picture in the world -___-)  and I just love how the pegs make them look. Imagine if they were behind these "blocks"/"cube" things. EH XD Discuss your preferences and if you think they will stick to the blocks and other good stuff. Haha. LASTLY, I hope you all have a wonderful day. I cannot wait for the weekend!

Pokemon diorama!!!

So currently my friends and I have been going kid crazy and have been buying Pokemon Kids. And so one of my friends decided to build a diorama for her kids. When we saw it we automatically decided we wanted to contribute too. So we all are making different dioramas for our kids and will connect them all together like a little town and have all our kids in it. lol So far this is what mine looks like. I still have much more to work on. 

I sitll need to add a base, the stage for the back of the building and also some other buildings. Hopefully I finish soon. I have more kids on the way.

15th anniversary kids figures are in! Extras for sale!

Everyone who claimed figures and paid will have their orders shipped in the next week or so. I'm waiting on payments from some people, and I have messaged everyone who has not paid, and also messaged those who were set as backup claims! After everything was claimed, I have the following kids left over:

2x Haxorus
3x Bisharp
2x Excadrill
1x Liepard
1x Cincinno

Each of the kids are 10.00 shipped to the US, and 11.00 shipped to anywhere else in the world!

Thanks for looking!



I came home a couple days ago to my roommate saying, "Jessica... there's a giant package for you," and I knew what it was. BUT, before I delve into that, I received a new addition to my group of Sandiles and Shiny Sandiles 8D

It's my Shiny Sandile pillow! This beauty was made by nightmare_chan2. Isn't it gorgeous?! I love the color of the fabric that she used on the pillow. I love how the his blue belly still distinctly sticks out from the blue on the rest of the pillow. AHHHH. It's just wonderful!

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That's all for now! I don't usually do updates frequently, but I think this was a special occasion to warrant a collection update so soon :'D


hey everyone i am pretty new to the site but i think i am slowly figuring it out hehe

i am a newly collector of Vaporeons. my collection now consists of paperchildren and ACEO cards and very soon to be (already bought and made just in a box waiting for them to get here :D) some custom made plushies.

but i am looking for some of the official vaporeon merch (it can be the real one or even a bootleg or a custom made one i really dont care i want them either way hehe)

here is my list of wants and if anyone can help out by giving me links or even if someone has one they are selling that would be great

-vaporeon canvas plush (NUMBER 1 WANT)
-pokedoll (all 2 styles if possible)

anything else hehe and i dont have a whole lot of money and i take trades for things i make plushies, keychains, ACEO cards and paperchildren

let me know and if the last part isnt allowed or any part isnt allowed let me know and i will edit it =]
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A Blasting Turtle Collection Update and Mini Krok Update~ + Wants!

I am terrible at puns, I'm sorry >_>

So I haven't done one of these in a while XD So I guess it's time to get one done!

I won't do a full on collection update, but just some general stuff, I have obtained since my last update. A ton of great new stuff including my new 5th gen stuff!

So enough talking! Onto the collection update!

credit to aburamechan for the picture!

Just a warning, it is image heavy!

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Second Part of this is Wants!

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Lastly (as always) sales post!:

As always, here is my main TCG card shop (Warning!! Image Heavy; Now accepting trades for Squirtle, Sandile, and Tirtouga line things in either sales post!) :

Or click this!:

And here is my Plush, figures, etc sales, (I am very ignorant in these things, so feel free to haggle or tell me prices are too high, etc.):

 I added in MIP Jakks Reshiram, Oshawott, and Zorua figures, League Patches (Unova Starters, Raichu, and much more), and Pokemon Pencils! .

As always thanks a bunch for reading/comment/viewing/posting/whatever!

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Selling pokedolls, a mini, and sleeves! Also looking for some leads on grass pokedolls!

So.. I'm having to cut a bit more from my herd so I'm dropping most of the non grass pokedolls from my collection. I really hate to do so, but I'd really like to get my hands on a Sceptile or Leafia/Leafeon pokedoll (funds will go towards them) as well as my fiance asking me to clear up some space. I'm also reposting the Mini as long as I'm posting, I'm dropping the price a bit as again I'd love to have those funds available for those two!

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Arishok looking left

Child-sized B/W starter costumes

Hey, everyone. De-lurking to ask if there's a good costume-maker in the bunch ^_^

My coworker's daughter wants to be one of the B/W starters for Halloween, and I was wondering if any of you know how to make such a costume, or if anyone has any tips, or anything. I'd appreciate any replies! PM me and we can talk about pricing and all that. Thanks in advance~
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pokedolls ahoy!

I believe I promised a pokedoll update after my drifloon update...

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If there's anything you'd like to see a close-up of, let me know and I can dig one up for you or take a new one tomorrow :3

Also, I perpetually need to clear more space in my room, so check out my sales as well! I've got figures, metal coins, stickers and more :3

Lastly, I'm still looking for the drifloon sucker swing mascot! If you are selling one, I will gladly offer money + a halloween drifloon mascot. Ooooorrrrr if you spot one for sale/auction and link me, I will shower you with love, unicorns, and glitter ;A;

A get, major sales update, and the like!

So recently this little fellow came in the mail!! I've wanted him for so long, and he makes me very happy ^^

I love those bug eyes!! Anyone else here have him? :3

Also, I've loaded my sales with LOADS of TCG! :D I won't be updating it for a while so this is the last you'll hear of it until like next week :3 Thanks everyone! I also still have my Vaporeon and Treecko up for auction. x] Thanksss~

Click through the Vaporeon to land in my sales post! :D

Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle

Looooooking for a co-host! :D

To do this spiffy dx kids auction with me. There's not much time, it ends in 2 days. @_@

Pokemon Kids DX 31 _ Image Found
I would be claiming Mr. Wailord and Mr. Rampardos. :3

I currently can't do bidding, but I can do everything else--shipping, posts/threads, and spreadsheets. :3

Also, someone with some middleman experience would be really nice. ^_^

Oh, and of course, I have sales permish. I don't remember exactly when I got it, but it's from dakajojo. 04/07/11 by dakajojo. ^_^

Please drop me a PM or leave a post if you're interested! <3
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Buying plushies

Decided not to join extra language classes today 'cus half of the syllabus I already know, so I've found myself with lots of extra money. First place I run to? Pkmncollectors! xD

Top priority at the moment is this guy:

Or maybe the Halloween Croagunk plushie. If you're selling any of them for a reasonable price I'd be happy to buy them asap.

Also seeking all other Croagunk and Slowking plushies!

(Commission peeps, I'll scan in and send you all the sketches tomorrow or Saturday in one go.)

Thanks guys! ^^
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Anyone Need Jakks Umbreon Eevee or Espeon for 14.99?

I was on ebay, found toys r us was selling the TUBES online but even better

They sell them on their dot com!

I like to try and watch the community as much as possible. Being an EMT and working 50+ hrs a week it gets hard. So I haven't been able to share much with you guys at ALL since I got hired last Spring. So I bring a tip I havent seen anyone post in the past week or so (I browsed back and didnt see this either)

And they're on sale by ONE dollar :D Haha!

This link is for the Eevee tube

This link is for the Espeon tube

This link is for the Umbreon tube

You may not want to pass this up! They have plenty but its also a plus to get the cute little Pichu and cool Lugia and Chikorita!

Hope I helped you guys out! Much love!