September 30th, 2011

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*september sales post* & wants!

Added a bunch of new items for sale!

All prices include shipping, "shipped prices" available to US only. Shipping to other countries cost more.

I accept Paypal, shipping from Canada.

Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010. Feedback here.

♥ Pokedolls
♥ Plushies
♥ Kids
♥ Pokemon Time
♥ Cards
♥ etc

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♥ minicots
♥ ditto-transformed merch

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Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that my auctions for my pre-made drawings end tonight at 10pm EST! Neither have any bids yet! ;-; Click either picture to head to the post!

In the same post I'm offering custom drawings commissions. I still have all three slots open! If you're interested, please check them out! 

Thanks guys! <3

Eevee Dangle

Noseless GA Lost

Sorry this is late, guys! =/ I'm not going to go into it here, but I've had countless RL dramas in the last few days, and I lost my internet connection twice now, all while my shifts at work flew right up in number. From this afternoon I have to get back to it and start worrying over my poorly dog too, but I wanted to just put a little note here about this GA thing before more people get angry/worried.

Remember this GA?

As you know, there were dramas surrounding this GA, and basically, segamew was banned, and her $100 winnings went to another auction. Then, as per the new GA rules, I was informed that the $41 we were short could not be split up among participants, so we needed to actually raise $141. We raised $60, and as a result, lost this GA =(

So sorry, guys =( meowllz has informs me she plans to sell the plush in smaller lots more slowly so you can keep an eye out for her sales.

As with last time I lost my internet connection, I am going through all my owed payments etc. now. I'm so sorry for the delay. ><; 

HUGE Collection Weeding SALE plus offers on GIANT TALKING LUGIA FIGURE!!!

Today's the day!!! I finally had a day where I didn't have class on the same day I didn't have work! :D Awesome right? So I bring you JiangWeiChick100's Sale to Pkmncollectors! Here's a little preview of what's inside!!! :D Lots of Jakks plush and figures! A few other figures of unknown origin, a few thinkchip figures, some burger king toys, and even some TOMY figures!!! Awesome right!? It is a HUGE sale and I mean HUGE!!! Click the cut to be transported!!! Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse. Also, if someone could tell me how to make a permanant sales post that would be most helpful!

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Auction Reminder

 Well it is coming down to the end of my custom plush auction which ends tonight.
Dratini by far is the largest plush I have made yet. It is 37" in length! It is also wired through the body so that it can be worn or posed. Which will be great just in time for Halloween. Also it does not have bid so far.
Swablu turned out so cute XD! This little one is 15" from wing tip to wing tip and is 5" tall. Also I have not sewn down the eyes because I was not sure how people would like the big watery eyes. So the auction winner can decide to keep these eyes or to just do the little dot eyes like swablu actually has.

Here is the link to the auction it ends Tonight at 11:59pm EST. Please stop by and check it out for more info and pictures XD.



Alright, so this is a pretty short and boring post but anyway. ALL ITEMS I HAVE SOLD HAVE BEEN SHIPPED OUT! :) (they were all shipped out on Tuesday). So everyone should have gotten or be getting your packages soon! Also, I have a few wants so I figure I might as well post them:

Girafarig tomy! (not a bootleg, pwease)

anddd this o.o

I would seriously be SO HAPPY to purchase one of these... would be willing to spend a lot... :)

ALSO, my huge Pokemon lot is still up on eBay if anyone is interested :

1 custom plush slot auction

Hey collectors~
It's been a while since I posted, I promise a cactus collection update soon since some really epic grails are coming my way soon <333

But for now, I bring you a custom slot plush auction :D
I'm almost done with my current commission/trade list, but I wanna pull off something nice and quick.

So, this auction will last five days. And you'll be bidding for a custom 8" plush by me.

Some samples~

You can see more samples here.

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Auction Reminder + Sales Updated

Hello again everyone~! Just here with a reminder that my custom Wailord pillows auction ends tomorrow night. Here's your chance to get a super squishy, HUGE custom Wailord pillow from me~! As well as My two mini whales, too. :)

Click the picture to go to the auction!

Aaaaaaand, after much thinking, I have decided to cut back my collections to ONLY my main collections, and parts of side collections.
So basically I'm getting rid of everything not part of my main collection, one or two of my side collections (include Spinda /sob) or simply cutting down my side collections. Soooooooo i have lots of stuff for sale.

BUT i have decided to start ONE more collection: Kids. I want to collect atleast one of ever kid figure from gen 3. Gen 3 is my absolute love, and to pay homage to that, i want to have a kid figure of every Pokemon from that generation For now I only want one of each, but eventually i will get to the point of collecting all types of gen3 kids (different poses, clears, shinies, special ones etc) I am not looking to buy right at this moment, but i will happily trade stuff from my sales post.

Sales includes lots of new plush, figures, and LOTS of custom items, made by others and myself (plush, hats, sculptures, charms!)
I am willing to trade anything from my sales for gen3 kids!

Pinky the Groudon implores you to take a look c: Just click the picture!

Everything from my previous sales has been shipped! I am going to make it a habit to take walks to the post office every few days (even though it's +1 hour of a walk) So i will be getting out my items much quicker as long as it doesn't rain ^^; trying to get nice and healthy!

Sugar0verd0se sales

Kids Shipping for 1kid in EU $2, outside of EU $3, ask me for total if you want more than 1.

Charizard wooden walldecoration handmade custom with hanger on backside straight sale  $6. Shipping in EU $5, outside of EU $6

charmander rare stamp $5

all kids are sold

- I only accept Paypal
- I live in Sweden and I ship Worldwide
- Offers end when people stop to offer or I'm satisfied with an offer
- Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
- Please increase offers with $1 and reply to the last person's offer
- Haggling is okay if an item has not been offered on at all in some time
- Trades are welcome if you have feedback
- Here's my feedback:
- Sales permission granted by [info] Lineaalba (light_touched)
- I am on vacation 8-15 and may not check livejournal as much during that week.