October 1st, 2011

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Nostalgia-Attack "Urgent" Want(s)!

Hello friends! forest_snivy coming to you live from college!

I have a sort of "urgent" want and a question about it! I've seen them on eBay but I want to know if their prices are actually fair or not...so how much do these usually go for?

I'm currently undergoing a nostalgia attack, and for complex reasons I was never able to get the pre-order coin for my favorite game in the Pokémon series. I would really appreciate if someone here was able to sell me one for a good price! Again, I'm not sure exactly how much they go for so I have no idea if the prices on other sites are reasonable or not.

My only criteria is that the coin needs to be in its original "packaging" and that the "packaging" has to be in mint condition~ If I could get multiples I wouldn't mind if the duplicates weren't in the packaging though xD

Thanks for your help everyone! :D My regular wants are also here if you'd like to take a look! :D Thanks again! <3

Back Again with More Boosters! 5 for $15 Shipped

Hi Everyone, 
I am almost out of these so if your interested please let me know right away. 
You can click the link below for pictures and what I have available.
Also, i'm looking for more followers on my facebook business page, so if you guys would like to join that'd be great :)

Link to sales

You can also visit our website for many more pokemon related goods!

you can have my money, i just want your stamps/badges

Hello AGAIN. I know, you're all probably sick of me by now.
But this is the last want post in a long time, I promise :3
This one's for me, not my friends, or my Christmas shopping! So...

I need your:
Ditto(/Dittochu if such things exist?)

Note: I'm not gonna buy all of these, just a couple of each :) These are just the pokemon I would like as a stamp/badge on my school blazer :)
Eevee &amp; Vulpix
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Epic things happen when you go shopping

Yesterday I went to one large shopping center here in Helsinki and decided to pay a visit at Game stop. Well, this is where the epic begins:
I found TheTomy Mystery Dungeon capsules ~YAY~ I had wanted the Pikachu one for a while so I decided to start a serious Pikachu hunt and spend some money XD 
First I bought two capsules and both had Chimcar FFFfffffuuUUUUUUUUUUU

After that I went home but I came back to the very same Game stop at the very same evening and... this time I bought four capsules. Yeah, First I thought about buying all of the capsules that were still left but I decided that four will be enought this time. And I got lucky: the wanted Pikachu was in the first capsule I opened ˛happy me!

The following three capsules contained 2x Muchlax and one more Chimchar which is a little bit ironic cuz I was like "If I get any more Chimchars I will seriously RAGE" XD   But then again I have you guys here and


 PKMNcollectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojoCollapse )

Finnish Hoothoot 2001 lemonade etiquette up for offers 
This epic thing will start at 2$ , i seriously have no idea of their actual value, so it's up to you guys :3
This is offers, so I can stop the offers whenever I wish, when there are no more new offers coming or I get a nice offer :3

front side of the etiquette                                                               At the other side of the etiquette is Magnemite lineart
                                                                                                          - it was a colouring contest when the lemonade was still for sale 
Feel free to take a look at my regular sales post as well 

new jakks figures revealed!!

(Once again, I hope I'm not double posting this >_<)
Well, I have to say these look AMAZING!!! The starters look like they are CG'd (unless Pignite really is... he just looks too good!) Seriously, these new Jakks keep getting better and better! I can't wait to find them, of course, I'm still looking for some singles of Series 2 that I haven't been able to find yet, and no plush yet either of Series 2 (let alone 3).
Sorry that the pic is a little big! But aren't they adorable??

And and always, a plug to my sales since I don't have a pretty banner to use for it^^ http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10316650.html#cutid1

Vaporeon collection & wants =]

ok so as promised here is my vaporeon collection =]

1st is my whole collection =]

2nd is my paperchildren =]

the biggest one in the middle along with the little fishie were made for me by About12Kittens on DA
the 2 with the real bows on them were made for me by tavington on DA
the rest were made by me =]

3rd are my ACEO cards and 1 sketch

the sketch and the 2nd ACEO card (of the pink and blue vaporeon licking her paw) were made for me by SalamenceClaw on DA
the other 3 ACEO cards were made by me =]

last but not least MY PLUSHIES!!!!!!

the pink and blue one (same as in the 2nd ACEO card) is one of my OC's Starlight. she was made by LindsayGoRAWR on DA
the 2nd one is modelled after another one of my OC's name crystal (she doesnt have the neck fin) this is her twin Cerulean made by wolfycubsbaby on DA

welp that's my collection so far :D

anything vaporeon really lol mainly plush but if you have any vappy products please let me know and show me =]
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Question about Zukans + Price Check?

Hi everyone, I've recently decided to start collecting zukans!! (which is going to put a huge hole in my wallet XD) Since don't know much about them I was hoping someone could answer my questions, any help is very much appreciated! :)

I found this eevee/leafeon/glaceon zukan up for sale for a pretty cheap price, but the paint looks funny, especially on the glaceon. The brown paint on eevee's neck also runs into the yellow fluff part, and bits of paint are missing here and there. Is this a booty zukan? I've bought from this seller before though, and I received legit items last time.

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cheap cheap sales!

Hi guys. Went a little overboard this paycheck... so that means great prices for cool stuff for you! These prices will last through the week, then it'll go back to my permanent sales post. So get em while they last!

Items include figures, gachapons, plush. Deoxys, Zekrom, Charmander, Squirtle items are left!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo 9/3/11
All pkmncollectors rules apply
Shipping is from CA, USA
Prices INCLUDE shipping
Trades will still be considered... for Mew merch/flats/tcg only.

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Another thought..

So I thought I'd bring up an interesting point about those rumored kiosk/NWS Pokedolls that were posted! After digging around a bit you can see that the Treecko and Torchic 'remakes' are both minky, but when I looked for Mudkip I found this..

What do you guys make of that? It leads me to be concerned about the legitimacy of the Pokedolls/Tags since only one of the Hoenn trio is made in velboa while the other two are minky.. not sure what to think xP

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What's in the box?

Hey guys. As promised my post is something special.Ever since I found out on here that he exsits- I had to get one. Once I got the bpx, I had to make a photostory to go with it. The box arrived on Monday ( I say arrived, I meant picked -up from depot) Uni has kept me very busy lately, so I found time today to post. This is my first online photostory. warning image heavy!

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Quick questions:
1. does anyone know anything about the Chargan- Raw GA run by Captain angel? I paid three weks sgo on saturday 10th september and I haven't heard anything since. I am too shy to comment to them. - don't want to be annoying. I guess its one of the reasons why member GAs were banned. Other then that =, i have gotten everything so far I have bought from here.

Its Ok captain angel contacted me!

2. I am looking for a salamence tfg. Mine has no wings. If anyone has one i'll take it.

3. can anyone identify the large Palkia figure in my photo. It is made by jakks pacific and is HUGE!
4. I have Charmander, and bulbasaur hasbro beani fro 2004- anyone know where i can find the squirtle? There is one on ebay but it is from pokabubu-(pokelots)
Thanks everyoine have a great day!
Glowy Evil Merm

Collection Downgrade

Some of you may know me as the Emongamaniac.
Some of you may know me as the Wafer Extroardinaire.
But most people know me as "that girl who can't decide on what to collect!"

Well, it's been nearly a year, and I've changed my main collection a good 4-5 times. I love my Pokemon to death, but life gets in the way of collecting all too often.

This is what my collection looked like when I first joined the community.

More pictures under cut, extremely image heavy!

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I'm still picking things up, mind you!

My main focus are Maggyo (stunfisks) and Elesa.
Elesa is my absolute main collection, but since she only has one official merch item, I'm in the safe for now.
So, if you have any fishies or sexy electric women customs, offer away! I really want a large Elesa plush :)
(I'd be happy to do a trade for one, too! http://punkspacewafers.deviantart.com/ )

And that's how equestria was made.

Thank you, Community, for the time of my life. <3

Normal type update - on the home stretch! Wanted!

I have several things on the way, so I can't do a solid collection update, but this is too exciting to hold back because it's for my main collection. I was able to get this~

I cannot stress this enough. These little suckers are TINY. So so so TINY. I see why they're on their own bases. Despite their small size, they are freaking adorable.
So, with the addition of Castform to my Normal-type family, I am almost done with the collection. I just need Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

Besides the Slakoth line, there really isn't much else I'm really looking for at the moment. I'm still after the Ambipom Battrio. Anything Aipom and Ambipom would be great, show me anything (no stickers though XD) For those of you who collect Settei, are there any for Aipom or Ambipom? I'd love some of those if they exist!

I'm still looking for something for my friend's birthday this month. His favorite Pokémon is Metagross. I'd really like to get him a Metagross plushie, but I think that'd be kind of expensive. :( His only piece of Metagross merchandise is a Metargross Kid. Any suggestions?

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GA Galore is in :)

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I don't know what I'm suppose to put this guy at D:,I had originally planned to keep him if no one bid but when I got him I didn't like him as much,he is made of terry clothe and is 24 inches from head to tail and 11 inches from head to butt.
 Could someone let me know whats fair to put  him at while still keeping in the rules and not looking like a greedychu ;_;  entirelycliched

after some urges to auction him I've decided I will auction him off C:

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Large Gizamimi Pichu , eeveelution cards, Meowth Lot + Collection Weeding~

Tis time for another clear out of my collection~ I'm weeding out all the ones I don't need.

I have a Pichu lot up for sale as well as a Meowth Lot for sale~ Come by and check it out. Shipping will start out at just $3 for each lot~

I've got a lot of eve lotion cards left and I'm just trying to clear them out. Free shipping with any purchase of three cards or more~

Haggling is allowed~

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Multipurpose: 15th Anniv Kids Payment + New Pickups from Local Shop.

Hey guys, the 15th Anniversary Kid has arrived and so I'm asking for payment now so I can ship asap. These are the people who will have to pay and the cost.

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I apologise to jerybunny,angelfish3, princesspatamon. There weren't doubles or triple of the kid you wanted.
However, there are still a few extra Kids namely: 2 X Excadrill, 2 X Petilil, 1 X Vullaby. Add $6 to get one more. IF you are getting one more, or combining anything from my sales post here: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html , Please do not pay yet and wait for me to recalculate your total.

Please Pay within 30 Hours, or the expected consequence will occur.

Second up is is an update on my local store Preorders
I have ordered everything that people have asked except for a few and this is because they only buy limited sets (Half a set of 80 plush), and the distribution of each Pokemon is not even (E.g. some have 10 while some have 2). I will of course be improving my pre-order system to make sure this doesn't happen often.

But I apologise to these few people who I could not place your pre-orders
Litwick Xmas Plush : trenchkamen, shadoweon (I got your Lilipup don't worry)
Sawsbuck MPC Plush : silverhawk33
Tynamo MPC Plush: irethsune, smirkier (This is mainly because of the mess that banpresto created by changing the Pokemon from Duosion or solosis to Tynamo)

For these people, I will be refunding your payments within the next week so don't worry :)

Third up is NEW PREORDERS. I will be doing pre-orders up to January and I'm doing this early because of a few reasons.
1) I have exams first 3 weeks of Nov
2) I hope not have a repeat of not being able to pre-order some people's items because it's been ordered by someone else

In Summary: I will be doing orders for November, December, January MPCs, Round Headed Plushies, DX Plushies

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Well that's all from me, have a good day everyone.
By the way, I just pulled a SR Regigigas from the Hail Blizzard set. I'm looking to trade it for a SR Groundon or Kyurem, if anyone is willing to please comment here as well :).
Galvantula and Joltik
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Prawnographer GA!

Hi there people! Here I come to you with another great GA!

What's included in this lot:
- Rare large Pikachu laying Plush from the Pokemon Center in 2001
- Rare Mew Banpresto plush
- Reshiram Oversize Pokedoll with tag
- Snivy DX UFO plush
- Snivy Tomy plush
- Zorua Jakks plush
- Stunky UFO
- Corphish Hasbro beanie
- Scraggy Zipper pouch/plush
- Musharna Pokemon Center Plush
Zukan: Mr Mime, Plusle & Minun
Kids: Clear Ditto, Crawdaunt, Lopunny
TCG Figures of Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig
Palkia DS Case
Black and White Art Folio
Gloomy Bear keychains


- This GA will be hosted by me and godudette. She will be doing bidding and shipping and I will be doing the threads, spreadsheets and everything else.
- There will be two payments. First for the payments and the shipping from the eBay seller to godudette, and then from her to you.
- I will be claiming the Snivy DX plush for 17$, willing to go higher if needed for winning this GA, and godudette won't be claiming anything.
- All GA rules apply, no sniping, deleting of bids and so on! Should you break any rules, I am on a lookout, as everything is sent to me by mail!!
- Please bid in increments of 1$ at least!
- This GA will end October 10, at 14:00 or 2PM AEDST. Countdown timer here: