October 2nd, 2011

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Spooky want! Again... And meme time! ...Also again :o

Hiya everyun :3 Still looking for this cutie:

Halloween 2009 Shuppet Plush Keychain!

I'd really like to get one before Halloween (since I'd like to use it for my costume:3), but I'm not relying on my luck to much there. Any infos/offers would be really appreciated though.^^ As for the meme...  Which town of the Pokemon world would you like to live in if it was real? And why? For my part, I think I'd like to live in either Cherrygrove, Olivine, Fallarbor or Fortree. Cherrygrove because it looked so peaceful and flowery in HG/SS, Olivine because it has a cool lighthouse and is near Moo-Moo Farm, Fallarbor because I find the ashen rain rather curious and liked the landscape and Fortree because I'm a really nature loving person and living in a tree house would be awesome! So what about you?
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Varjak_Paw's Weeding 1.00 Or Less Auction!

So now that I'm starting to acquire a good handful of my wants and grails I finally have no more room to collect the other things I specifically want :( So! I am offering the things I can do without pictured below! There are more things that pictured in that picture so check inside for more details! Everything starts at a dollar or less! I really want to have more room so please bid away and give these guys new and happy homes! 

I was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo !


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Wants :)

Hello. I saw these on a sales post a couple of days or so ago and they really caught my attention. Besides reminding me of my childhood, I love playing puzzle games, and what better than one with Pokemon characters! The badges just look so neat and I'm a "complete set of stuff" kind of guy. I saw the badges, but they were selling separately and some where already sold ;(  which would've meant having the set incomplete.

Anyways I'm interested in buying these and I was hoping anyone have them for sale, or know about them it'd be great. I was counting on a budget around $30 to $45, but I'm not sure how much they are running total. Any comments, help, info would be great.
Thanks :P

Best Regards 

Fernando Mata
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multipurpose post!

first off i have a very exciting collection update! i'm bad at taking a million pictures and building suspense with photostories and cut texts, so here it is:

oh man this little bugger was haarrdd to track down. thank you emurii for trading/selling him to me! XD XD

now for the other purpose of this multipurpose post, i need help pricing a couple things:
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ok i think that's it. thanks for your help, and expect a sales post from me soon ;)

Specific Wants!

I am a TCG collector and I am in search for Dragonite TCGs (a least near mint condition). I currently have like 6 Dragonite cards and I know there are more out there but have yet to find them. If any of you collectors are selling , could you please direct me to your sales post. I would gladly appreciate it. :)

(no subject)

Hello all!
My name is Geena, and I've been a longtime lurker in the com. and figured I'd properly introduce myself c:
I love Pokemon! As we all do! YEAH!
I don't have much of a 'collection' per say, just a bunch of things I've gathered since early childhood, but here is all I could muster up around my apartment:

I also have a ridiculous amount of tomys and cards, but these are the big guns I guess!
The derpy chu backpack, Pikachu N64, and huge Lugia figure from the 2000 movie are my beautifuls :] I love them so much!
I also have some completely random things here that I haven't seen around the community or anything for that matter....these would be the Meowth mask that I got in Paris, FR, and the two tins, one of them having a Rapidash and the one under it have Ponyta, Vulpix, Growlithe, and someone else.....they're pretty neat though!

But yeah, just wanted to establish myself formally :]

What;s in the box-part 2

Hey everyone. I am sorry to post again so early. But you may remember my post yesterday on my big box of stuff. http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10399440.html

My uni schedule is very packed and I won't have time to post much. I still hang around just not as often.

The box is soo big, I hadn't got room to photograph them all in one go. . So heres the rest- including the rubbish stuff- i.e. bootlegs and broken figures that I am throwing away.

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I wish to thank everyone who helped me yesterday about captain angel's GA. especally Eternal_ rena
Captainangel contacted me today and hopefully will be postng my stuff soon in her next mail run.

one last thing: WTB dragonites.
Dragonite is my faverite pokemon ever, but I have little merch- only a kid, tomy, and the canvas.
So if anyone has any dragonite merch please let me know!

Thanks for reading

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Hey guys! All of you that have comissioned pokedoll figures from me...my aim is to have them shipped out this week! Please be patient with me! first time takin so many spots on one time ^^

secondly, i have a mini? bulbasaur pokedoll that id like to sell *needs money better atm*
Im looking for maybe around $20-30 for him? since i won him in a auction for like, $32 i beleive!  So if any1 is interested, please tell me!
 Hes in good condition with tush tag only! and the tush tag has a black mark on it. Really cute and cuddly ^__^

And as always...if u have/see/knows anyone that might part with a def/atk forme deoxys pokedoll...please tell me! Thats all, thanx! ^^ <3
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Beast GA - Bad News :(

Hey guys! Remember this GA?

Unfortunately, we lost it. D; Even at the end, with me raising my claim, we were still a ways away from even placing a bid. ;__; Sorry, guys!

On a side note - Does anybody else have a bad habit of randomly starting random collections? I keep buying/almost-buying Emolgas and Plusle/Minuns. Make me stop. 

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Trying something new sales

Alright guys I am gonna try something new here. I am gonna try to do HUGE DISCOUNT sales!

***So all you have to do is leave a comment of the things you want and I will calculate a special total for you! So ignore the prices that are already there!!!! This is a one time thing!

What doesn't sell is going on Ebay. This is a first come first pay type deal. Don't tell me what you want then not respond until the next day. Your item may be gone by then. I am trying to get this stuff out as great prices.

Feedback here please! http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/5132873.html?thread=179961929#t179961929

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Hi Again!

Sorry about my unannounced absence.

I kind of had a burnout of sort (and computer problem), and was avoiding everything about LJ for the past couple months.

But stuff that I've reserved in Summer are now piling up, so I am back again to clear out the goodies. ^_^

I do plan to read and reply to all of the LJ backlog of replies and PM's (it might take a few days). XD

For anything urgent, please reply to this post so that I can see it right the way.

Pictures are taken with a 3DS (in Stereoscopic 3D), and I didn't notice the left lens was dirty so it's extra blurry.

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Thanks for looking!  And please don't hesitate if you have any question that's Pokemon related. =D
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Wants + Question!

I'm on the look-out for Lucario stuff, more specifically these things:

I'm especially looking for this guy, so if anyone can help me, it'd be much appreciated:

I know how rare he is, so I won't get my hopes too high, but you'd really make me happy with this. He's my grail ;w; Even if you have information where one is for sale it'd be very appreciated!

I also have a question. Can anyone help me around on Yahoo Japan Auctions? I know that many people buy their pokemon collectables there, but it's kind of impossible for me to get around there. I don't even manage to register :I

Gauging interest/price check/possible auction?

Hey guys, just wanted to know how interested everyone would be if I put these Pokedolls up for auction c: (Ignore the bootie Piplup :D)

I'm also curious as to how much each of these plush go for, if that's no trouble..

I wouldn't really know what to start them at / reserve them at! I wouldn't want to do straight sales as I know they're fairly sought after and people would want a fair chance at getting each of them.

Thanks for your time and help guys :D If there is enough interest expect to see this lot up for auction within the month :]


Wee sales plug :]

I also still have my minky with tag Vaporeon and 10th anniv Treecko up for auction here: Sales Post !
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 9/25/11! ^^

Hope everyone had a really nice weekend :D I have an economics exam tomorrow, boo.. :[