October 3rd, 2011


Bead Sprites~

Hey guys, it's been a while! I haven't been very active lately, and I miss this place terribly. =[

After months and months with no computer, I finally got one! And so, I wanted to open up my bead sprite commissions again! :D

Sorry for crappy webcam pics. orz
Kid used for size reference.

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Comment and ask for a quote!
I LOVE TRADES!! Looking for GEN 5 merch, and possibly Pikachu!

And a mini collection update! Here are my two additions - 1/1 Mijumaru and Reshiram Pokedoll! <333

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Auction Reminder!

Hey folks! just wanted to remind everyone about my league poster auction! It ends Tuesday at 12:00Am! (that means the minute after 11:59 PM on Monday!)

Come get your bids in! Poor tepig doesn't have any bids yet and all the other are still at their auction price!

Click the picture or [Here] to goto the auction!

What be there of Archen and Archeops?

So I haven't done much with Gen5 as far as collecting but there is one pokemon line that I do intend to collect to the fullest of my ability and that is Archen and Archeops.

So I wonder. What sort of merch is currently out for the two or what might be coming out soon?

For Archen I have the kid figure and a custom plush
For Archeops I have the kid figure and TOMY figure.
(All but the Plush are currently in the mail, so can't make a collection update with them quite yet)

I know eventually they will be getting MPC Plush, but it seems that it is unknown when....hopefully they won't make me wait like a year or so for these two :c  As well they will get Zukans (I mean doesn't every pokemon eventually?)

Is there anything else out right now?  And if not is there anybody that is offering customs. (Mostly custom figures because I like them the best...also I will warn you I'm a might picky)

Other then this I am also looking for the Red TFG and the Dragonite Kid with the shoulder bag and wonder what sort of prices these go for.

Multipurpose Post: Pokemon Fan, DX Plup Pokedoll Want, Sales

Hi guys! This is a multipurpose post. (Like that wasn't ob- Common Sense Editor.)

FIRST UP - I got the latest Pokemon Fan issue, and it's a lovely issue! Filled with loads of gorgeous pictures of upcoming merchandise, and sneak previews of new comics. Makes me darned jealous of those living in Japan, the sheer amount of daily use items and merch! The icing on top of the cake is the clear Pikachu Tomy and Pikachu Battrio that came along. =D

NEXT - Wanted dead or alive: THIS WANT. DX Piplup Pokedoll. If anybody knows how to get one, let me know!!

FINALLY: I have added many, many zukans to my personal collection recently, and will definitely do an update soon. What is interesting is that I have accidentally acquired a very, very extended Gible family. I couldn't resist doing a little photoshoot for the bickering landsharks. I love them!

After settling my zukan sale recently, I now have two one NIP Gible zukan to find homes for. They are a pretty rare bunch, and i'm letting them go for just $40 each just so they find appreciative homes fast! You can find them in my shop. Also, I am raising funds for a special somebody's 21st birthday so I am having some slight weeding and sales. Now available are gazillions of Chous (Glaceon, Shinx, Gabite, Legendaries et al), Reshiram/Zekrom/Zorua Banpresto plushes, a Pikachu lot, and lots of random items!

Thanks for reading!

Eeveelution fever!

Looking to buy JOLTEON, Flareon, Espeon, Eevee, and Glaceon pokedolls!
(Already have leafeon, umbreon and vaporeon)
**booties please because I don't get paid for another 2 weeks!!

Non booties if they're cheap :)

Also seeking anything Eeveelution like! (Tomy, canvas, etc)
But must be on sale! Unless you might hold something for me :)
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Magnet GA won!

Great news, guys, we won the Magnet GA with great discounts! I finally got the shipping invoice for the package, so I now have the payment 1 totals calculated and the package will be shipped soon! That means I want your money now :D

Screenshots of the invoices: here and here

Please send all payments to lore_poke @ hotmail.com and update the spreadsheet with your country when you have paid! Thanks!

Also, feel free to check my SALES POST! The shipping can be combined with the magnets when they arrive :3

Stamped Worlds Promos for Sale! (Quarter/Semi/Finalist) (2010+2011 Promos)

I was given Sales Permission by denkimouse on 06/7/11.
Hi all! I'm looking to sell my stamped Worlds cards. The ones I have in possession are:

1 Tropical Tidal Wave Finalist (2010)
1 Tropical Tidal Wave Semifinalist (2010)
1 Tropical Tidal Wave Quarterfinalist (2010)
2 Tropical Beach Finalist (2011)
2 Tropical Beach Semifinalist (2011)
2 Tropical Beach Quarterfinalist (2011)

You could only obtain the cards if you placed in the Top 8/4/2 in the Pokemon World championships!

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Happy times!

I got something really awesome in the mail this week!
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Also here are my sales! I totally revamped it because LJ was yelling at me because my entry was too long. :\ Also everything paid for has been shipped :D


Commission Time - October 1/2

Click the Snivy to go to my keychain commission page. :)

Also this month I have some magnets up for auction.
Cilan is on his own, but the Litwicks come as a set. There are two normal Litwicks and two shiny Litwicks.
Each magnet is inked, colored, sealed and cut from white card stock.

The auctions will end on October 6th at 10 PM Eastern Time.
Bids should be at increments of $.50 on Cilan and $1 on the Litwick lot.
Sales permission granted on 7/20/11 by dakajojo.
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GA's lost + wants

hi again everyone. unfortunately we lost the LyndsayGoRawr GA, and the Pokedoll/Canvas GA. We just couldn't raise enough for either of them! Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, here's to having more successful GA's in the future.

Aaaaaaand I have some wants. As always, I am looking for the Groudon Zukan. It has seriously become my grail, I need to own one. ;_;

Second - If you saw one of my previous posts, I am starting a gen3 kids collection. I am looking for ALL kids from generation 3.
Right now I would rather trade than buy, but if you have a LOT of them, I would buy them (so this means if you just have one to sell, don't bother.. xD) BUT if you do have ANY, please post them thank you.

I made a list of everything I have (and everything I'm missing) in order of the pokedex! please take a look here to see what i have and don't have so you know what to offer me. :3

So other than all of those, I would love to see what you have!

Aaaand here's a sales plug. xD

okay i'm going to stop posting so much now. xD
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GA Payment 2, Collection Update, and Auctions Soon!

Lots of stuff to go over in this post so let's get to it ;D I've got updates like crazy cause it's been a busy week, but this post will hopefully answer any questions anyone had about anything that remotely concerns me =0w0=

Firstly, GA payment #2 is here for the mini models GA me and paperoid ran. You can check your second payments here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10313224.html We also still have many extras leftover if anyone's still interested ;D There's a link at the bottom of the payment page and anyone can buy the extras!

Secondly, I'm gearing up for some halloween auctions ;D I'm making some custom halloween themed plush that include: drifloon, duskull, rotom, shuppet, and lampent. I was gonna do spiritomb, but I just don't have enough time =;v;= I'm hoping to finish each plush up tonight and have the auctions up by tomorrow! If anyone's got any questions about them, let me know ;D

Thirdly, everyone that was waiting for me to ship out things, they have been shipped as of saturday. =0w0= Emolga, Mew, and Cyndaquil Keychains were all sent out!

Lastly, COLLECTION UPDATE! I've gotten a whole bunch of stuff that I just took pictures of today ;D Follow the cut to see what all I've gotten ;D WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY!
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auction reminder and rad sales

first off i have some auctions for custom pokedoll style plush, custom miniature teddy bear style plush, and a custom DX  pokedoll charizard ending tomorrow at 2PM MST]

not a lot of bids yet! so go here for the auctions!

also i have a wee sales post with great plush, zukans and figures

go here if you're interested!
thanks everyone!
Pokemon - birds of a feather...
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Stuff for Sale

I've decided to make the long, hard conclusion to part with some custom Braviarys and other things from my personal collection (notably fragile sculptures as I really have no shelf space for them ;_;), spurred by wanting to focus my Braviary customs on his shiny form and most of all, a grail-tier item popping up that I'm hoping to raise some money to help me win! Along with the aforementioned customs are official plushies, TFGs, a rare EU-exclusive Monferno figure, and a second go at selling my custom Dewott and Servine bell plushies. :D

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While I'm at it, I wanna show off my haul from Sunyshore which arrived today!

The only things not pictured are With You buttons of Pidove and Ducklett (I couldn't arrange them into the picture~) but my gosh, I am in LOVE with how soft and adorable Ducklett's pokedoll is!

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Does ANYONE have a ekans, geodude, or eevee applause plush that they would be willing to sell to me? I am having a very hard time finding these plushes ( yea I know applause geodude, he's really common :/ ) and I can't seem to find anyone selling them! I am willing to pay for:
Evee: 30.00
Ekans 25.00
Geodude $10-20
If you have Any of these or know anyone who has these and are willing to sell them to me then please help me out here :] I'll make a good deal with you x3