October 4th, 2011

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New this update!
-Original Ash League hat
-McDonald's figures
-Learn English book
-Friends plush
-Pokemon ReBURST volume 1
-Pokemon Special, Hoenn books
-Window decals
-Dot Sprite tins
-Pokemon Pikachu pocket pet
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Reminder: Local Store Run - MPC Plushies/RoundHead Plush/DX Plush. Sales Update!

Hey guys,
Just a reminder of the pre-orders I'm taking for the Banpresto items my local store is bringing in. I will be taking this round of pre-orders until Saturday 8th October. I might do a second round for those arriving in January and February at a later date, end November. But as there has been a surge of people ordering Pokemon items, best you get your pre-orders in now, or else they may be gone. Also for the January MPC set I need to persuade the store owner to bring in more, but only possible with higher demand so yup XD

Also, I am looking for a Minun Pokedoll, used or new it doesn't matter, so help me out!

Click on any of the pictures to spawn there!
Lastly, I've made some additions to my sales post: Hail Blizzard Cards, Snivy DX Plush, 15th Anniversary Kids and other kids. There are also plenty of stuff left over from the last sales post such as DX Kids, Sugimori Clearfiles, Light-up keychains etc.

Click on the picture to go to my sales post
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Who's that Pokémon? It's Bonsly!

Hi everyone, my name is Otashem. I've been looking at this site with my partner for a while and so now it's time for me to post too! My favourite Pokémon is Bonsly and I think I have a worthy collection:

There's some more pictures after the cut, along with some wants :) Enjoy~
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Shinshi Doumei
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Pokedoll Questions?

Does anyone know the vending machine (Pokemon Center) stock in Washington? Is it still the Black/White pokemon? I'm mainly wondering because I heard someone (at this post ) mention they might be starting (rereleasing?) pokedolls of the original starters (or at least Charmander and Squirtle)

I'm wondering if anyone else has heard anything about this? Or if they've been released? (although I think a post would have been made about that)
  • yueyen

My Pokémon Collection~

Card in Dutch:

I have more cards but I can't find them *-*


Mew ball

Used to have 66 Pokémon plushies. These are the ones I kept :3

My talking Pichu ~~<3

When you click on Pichu's arms it starts saying 'Pichu' in different ways and the cheek's starts glowing.

Also Pichu's ears and mouth moves.

FINAL Auction Reminder! Minky Vaporeon & 10th Anniv Treecko!

Due to the maintenance going on on LiveJournal I figured it'd be easier to just extend my auction's end time- the auction will now end Wednesday, October 5th at 11:59 P.M.!

Treecko also is still at his starting price of $35, so yeah :D Click through Vaporeon to land in my sales post / auction!

Oh I also have an extra MWT Scraggy Pokedoll up for sale! Only $20!!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 9/25/11


Mainly this little guy, the Oshawott Pokedoll! Also wanted are the Reshiram Pokedoll, Giratina Origine Forme Pokedoll, and Whimsicott Pokedoll. If anyone has any and would like to shoot a price at me, feel free ;]

Alola Vulpix
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Community Suggestion Box

Want to see something mentioned in the next modpost rules reminder?  Have an idea for a new tutorial or contest?  Think one of our rules could use updating?  This post is where you can leave all of your general suggestions for the community moderators.

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Reminder Varjak_Paw's weeding sale!

This is a reminder that my auction is ending tomorrow 10/05/2011 Wednesday @ 08:00 (20:00) PST!

The notice from Livejournal says that  it will be scheduled for maintenance for 3 hours beginning at 3:30 PM PST meaning it should be done around 6:30 PST.  You should have two and a half hours to bid, so I am not concerned about you guys not having enough time to bid :) If something should happen, we'll deal with it as it comes and you can check the main thread for details! Sniping rules apply!

A LOT of my stuff is still set at very low prices! Go check out my thread, I know a few of you collectors have been pinning for that Jakks Suicune figure!

Click here to take me to this crazy auction!

Hope you find what you're looking for and give my stuff a good home :)

<3 Varjak Paw!

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Mini collection update

Haven't posted in some time!
So I got some stuff in mail today, to fill my small Panpour collection~ :3

Panpour White collection cards from a friend (normal and rev holo) and attack Panpour kid from eternal_rena! Thanks~
I also bought some boosters and pulled out two cards of some of my favorite Pokemons, Cobalion holo and Scolipede rev holo!

And I also got this Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan/Evolution figure. The Glaceon is too small for his peg, so he keeps felling on his face all the time. ): And the paint job on him is pretty poor lol. But I like it! (Still no Dialga Zukan ;_;)
  • hamsteh

Sales! ;o

Added some stuffs to my sales! Also decided I might collect slugs. XD I hate real slugs but Slugma and Shellos are so cute, trying to pick some Shuckle stuff up too. :D How much do Shuckle dex charm thingies generally go for? I love charms and would like some of my favourite Pokemon. :D

Anyways, I have added lots of things to my sales post, click “here” or on the image below to get there!

Small teaser pic of a few of the things in there ~

And much more! :3

Which pikachu pokemon plushie should i get?

This is friggn crazy pokemoncollectors!!  I have a huge collection of pokemon plushies, I have a few more I still want but I still have no pikachu plushie, i mean duh he should totally be in my collection!! XDD He's teh one that started it all and its cuteness lol

So....what type of pikachu plushie is the cutest, do you think? Name the brand, and price.

I was thinking about getting a Pikachu canvas but the cost is alittle pricy. Opinions? :3