October 5th, 2011

  • lucario

Gothy GA Status(es?)

Hey guys!
If you're waiting for a package from me, don't worry, I haven't forgotten. They'll be outta here this week, with some silly added bonuses tucked in to apologise.

To everyone to took part in the Jensoxen GA: Thank you for being amazingly cooperative and making it go so smoothly. I sent the one big payment to Jensoxen last week, and didn't need to remind any of you more than once. I'll update you guys again when the stuff hits these sunny shores (England).
For now, it's outta my hands, so I can't answer any questions until it arrives at this end. <3

To everyone who took part in the masseeeve GA: Thank you too! I've never had a GA sorted out so quickly. You guys are tops!
The seller posted out the box o' stuff today (Tuesday), so hopefully by Friday, I'll have some nice photos of your gear for you.

Tomorrow, I got a huge clear-out salespost coming your way. Kids, figures, plush, cards, it's all got to go because I'm downsizing.
All this, plus more:

Night all. x
Parfearie Sabi

I need a Jolteon and Leafeon Canvas!!!

I'm desperately trying to get my hands on Jolteon mostly but the last one I had my sights on got BIN'd...So look here:

Click on the picture to be transported.
I've got a lot of things up for grabs and am willing to trade! I was trying to sell a huge chunk of my collection so that I could have enough to BUY Jolteon...but no bites. So please! If you need a new home for your Jolteon Canvas! Please consider!
I have sales permission granted on 8/4/11 by denkimouse.
  • joshpho

(no subject)

Hello Pkmncollectors! Just a wants list update from me. I've added a few pics to make this post less boring xD
  • I'm still searching and very interested in the Mudkip Zukan Piece. If you have one, please contact me!
I have a few new things new things too...
  • Flygon Zukan piece:

  • Torchic line Zukan or just the Blaziken and Torchic Zukan pieces:
  • Jumpluff Zukan Mint, or used:

  • Any R/S/E Zukan (darkred base) Mint, used or broken.
As always, I am also looking for any Zukan bases and pegs!

Thank as always everyone! Have a great day~

Gauging interest on Jolteon Jakks

Hello community!

I have two Jolteon Jakks figures, and even though I love them both I'm thinking about selling one because I'm going to China for two months and could use all the extra money I can get. Since it's pretty rare and I don't really see the reason to have 2 anymore I've decided to sell at least one. Perhaps the second one aswell, depending on my desperation for cash in 2 weeks lol

This picture is not mine! Found it on google. If it's yours let me know :)
I will ofcourse post a picture of the original figure when it's going up for bids or straight sale.

Which brings me to my question, bids or straight sale? I have a minimum I'm willing to accept, namely what I paid for it myself. However I'm not sure if it's wiser to put it up for bids A: so everyone gets a chance and B: I might end up with a better price for me :)
Straight sale however is quick and easy and I would want it sold pretty fast.

If anyone has any input? I'd appreciate it!

(no subject)

Hey yall! Wondering, does this calculator work correctly?


The "with paypal fees"  total?
If i were the spreadsheet/threadmaker part of the GA, can i use it? It looks so simple :)

If so....would anyone like to be the shipper/bidder on this beautiful lot?
Id ofcourse claim the deoxys.. xD

Thanx guys! Ive been looking for this guy everywhere :O

Also, its on Y!J! So we'd have to use a middleman service. also, this lot ends in 1 day, 18 hours!

Thanx guys <3

Also, for the custom pokedoll figure delay, im including an artpiece featuring the pokedoll u ordered on it! <33 :)


official pokemon store online

i don't know if you guys know or not but you do remember the official pokemon store on the web that was online years ago.

i remember i would go on it all the time. they would sell DVD's, video games, trading cards, plushies, ect...all kinds of pokemon stuff. i was on the official pokemon site then all of the sudden it was gone.

does anyone know what happened?
Quick Draw!


Good Evening Community

I just realized today, that I have been here a year already D:

My collections have grown SO MUCH thanks to the community, and some have also completely disappeared.
I am currently working on a collection post. It's coming along nicely. Just waiting on a couple things to arrive.
I am also making before joining the community pics and after I joined. It's such a huge difference <3

I have updated my sales with a few new things.
Including Houndour Items, Mew and Mewtwo, Lugia, even a Suicune (OMG did I just say that?! xD) and MORE!

So click the banner please to be transported to my journal ^^

Thank you for your time <3