October 6th, 2011

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Anyone hear from captainangel lately?
I paid for an item from their bat fluff GA back on Sept. 6th. Payment 2 never came and they won't respond to PM's or comments. :/
I'll wait another week I guess.

Look what the epic dripbat did for me! My lil Vappy looks normal now after his surgery. XD
It's PERFECT! Color matches, looks professional, and even got into the small crevices!!
I love it!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! I can't stop smiling at it. I've shown it off to everyone I know <3
I sent your items the other day. Hope they arrive safe and sound :)


Everyone who bought from my sales, your stuff has been shipped! Only 2 that haven't are the ones who paid by echeck. Please leave me feedback here when they arrive :)

I also have a want:

Anyone? :)
I blame you pantherotter heheheeh :D
sleepy uwagi

Shipping for US participants of Jeansama's BW dewott kid set

Hi! I'm posting on behalf of jeansama, who arranged for me to ship out the US portion of the  BW DEWOTT KID SET Group Buy.  

I'm looking for

tagami_yami : Dewott paid :)
megami36: Dewott
vodka_mutini: Joltik

If you see your name here, please send $2.40 to mollybot-at-gmail.com this payment is for shipping from me to you!  Please include your username and which kid you bought in the paypal memo.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment. The kids will be shipped as soon as I get the shipping payments. :)

dewott joltik sammy
cuties ;o;

Poke Figure Project?

This is something I've been wondering for a while^^ I LOVE the PokePlushProject alot, since it nicely lists the plush that's come out for a Pokemon, AND you can add your own content if something's missing... However, I love plush, but I love figures just as much! Has there been any thought to have a PokeFigureProject created? I guess I'm asking this to everyone in general, as I do not know who the official creator of the Plush one was (I'd assume Gin, but I really don't know!)

Although I'm not really good at creating these type of things (even though I suggested it^^) I would sure LOVE to contribute photos of sofubis, zukan, kids, Tomys, Jakks, etc etc etc! I just thought I'd mention it, and see what others think.

I think this would be GREAT too for when people make topics of "what merch have they made for ____?" I mean, I know there are TONS of figures out there, but if tons of people help contribute I think it would turn out nicely :)

EDIT: one more thing I thought of is this idea works out: what if the Plush project got broken down a bit? Click on a Pokemon to see a folder of plush on one side and figures on another? Although, I'm not sure if it would be more work or less work than just making a whole new site, but having 2 in 1 could be handy, perhaps?

Looking for these plushies(mainly the new ones/ufo/pokedolls/center)

I'm getting paid on the 15th and it's my birthday at the end of the month/also getting paid again then and wanted to see if I could find any good deals on pokemoncollectors for these plushies I'm seeking. just name your price and if you'd be able to hold till either dates. Also, they can be tags or tagless as long as they are good condition like no stains. Also state teh shipping price, my area is 61615 Thank you !!^_^

-corsola (UFO banpresto one)~ http://cgi.ebay.com/POKEMON-Corsola-6-UFO-Soft-Plush-Doll-Japan-Pokedoll-/270763622640?_trksid=p3286.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D740768827514134654
-duskull jakks ~ http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41X4aU8QoBL.jpg
-glaceon tomy plush ~ http://www.hardrock-pokemon.com/image/cache/Pokemon-Glaceon-Large-Plush-Tomy-Side-500x500.jpg
-whimiscott pokedoll
-mismagius pokedoll
–vanillite pokedoll
-raichu canvas
-torchic pokedoll
-sawsbuck autumn, spring,

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Hey there, guys! Couple things today!

1) To both the Pan Sticker and Battrio GA Participants - I will make a post next week about your second payments, so be ready guys! :> I'm sorry I've taken so long on this, there's been a lot going on lately. ^^;;

ALSO I need money from dezchu ($1.18 for the Pickachu Battrio) and mommymoose ($.92 for Roggenrola Pan Sticker). Please send your payments to mijumaru226@gmail.com as soon as you can, please! ^u^


I have added a bunch of new stuff, and I have several things up for offer including rare Umbreon and Raichu goods, Snivy and Tepig Clear Kids, A Shiny Suicune Charm, a few rare Shaymin goods, and more!! Click on the banner to go!


Batfluff / Flats/Stickers GA Payment #2 + Shipping updates



This GA MyVampireLust was running of mine was shipped on the 4th of October :D You can check here on the post for the proof of postage slip i scanned in for the package.  Shes on holiday from Thursday till the weekend so i should imagine she'd do an update with that when shes back! So sorry for the delay on that guys ;___; <3

Second of all, YES!
Rolling out payment 2 on my 2 GAs I did.
HERE you can see a print screen, Treasure Japan had just been busy these past 2 weeks so that's the delay in things T___T But they got back to me today, yay, after like 3 emails I sent to them ahaha!

The Final GA (Flats / Stickers)

The spreadsheet can be found HERE
You can send all payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk - Please include your LJ user name and FLATS/STICKERS GA in the memo please!

BatFluff GA

The spreadsheet is HERE
You can send all payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk - Please include your LJ user name and BATFLUFF GA in the memo please!

PLEASE NOTE! I can't cover anyone currently, considering i dont get paid until the end of the month with work :(
So when I have ALL payments, i will then pay for it. Reminders will be PM'd out after 1 week and you will all have until the 25th to pay, OR I WILL GET SRS BEANS ON YOUR BUTTS.


For everyone in the Chargan_Rawr GA I ran, i mailed out half of your packages a week or two ago, got proof for them all! And now going to mail out the rest either tomorrow or Saturday :D

For anyone else expecting goods from me, they'll also be going out this week~

I am working on my customs atm of what i owe, if theres anything else ive missed or something just throw me a comment ;__;
Love you guys! <3
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

The Cute Little Pikas GA - Reminder

Hey guys, this GA has one day and 10 hours left.
However, we are currently unsuccessful as we're up against some serious competition.
Quite a few of these plushies are at half of less of their actual worth and I'm already boosting my claim price up so please please please bid as much as you can to help win this GA if these are items you are seriously interested in adding to your collection, as they can be hard to come by

Click on the picture above to be transported to the GA post!