October 7th, 2011

Question about Prices

Not sure if this is allowed, seeing as questions about the Pokedoll stock in Epcot/New York/Etc. aren't allowed anymore.

Can anyone give me the price information on Pokedolls at Epcot or Nintendo World? 
I lent my friend $20 a few days ago to pick me up a Pokedoll at Epcot, and I'm wondering if it was too much/not enough.  Also, I'm going to NYC next summer and I need to know the price as well so I can buy a bunch of Pokedolls. xD
Of course, I mean the regular Pokedolls, not the DX prices.  But if you could give me the DX price as well, that would be helpful, as I might consider buying one next summer. c:
thanks in advance!

Custom Pokemon Charms

Well here they are my first try at Shrinky Dinks and I didn't catch the house on fire. Whoot! These things were so cool in the oven I thought that Moltres was going to be ruined, but I was wrong. When I opened the oven door it had flipped all the way over while baking so I thought the design might have gotten messed up, but it didn't so I was very relieved.

I will now be taking comissions for these little guys. I will do customs of any pokemon eating any treat as well as go ahead and start taking christmas themed orders as well. I would take halloween, but I don't think they would get to you before halloween. However if you don't care if it will get to you before then or not I will totally do halloween themed ones as well.Collapse )

1. emii234 - jolteon, umbreon, espeon
2. nasija - litwick

rill pd

Quick Awesome Cards and GA reminders!

Hey guys! I had a couple GA reminders to post about but that seemed really boring... so I decided to include some small recently acquired awesome card sales just to spice things up a bit. =3 It may take me awhile to get back to you due to workr, but I will be home in eight hours for sure to get all responses taken care of. <3

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First up is the giant irethsune group auction between rally274 and myself.

This auction ends in just under eight hours! Please put in the max bids you are willing to pay for an item so we can win! There is some really cool stuff in here: Mew Walky purse, Celebi/Glameow pokedolls, rare tins, MIP Black and white chous and phone charms and so much more! Don't forget to bid on that rare Dittochu plush that everyone seems to want these days! 

Click the picture or here to go to the original post!

BIDDING IS OVER! Thanks for participating guys! <3

Next is the prawnographer group auction between hebitheivan and myself. =)

We have some competition on this auction, so please get those last max bids in! The auction ends in two days- click the image or here to go to the original post! Lots of stuff doesn't have a bid yet so please check it out. =)


50% off + Card Lot Sale

Sorry for posting again so soon, but this will be the only few hours I get to post within the next few days. I'm putting all of my items on a 50% off sale until further notice. I mean everything; take whatever price is listed and cut it in half. Here's my sales page : http://acciolucius.livejournal.com/3574.html

I also still have my lot of 250+ TCG cards. I will let them go for $25 shipped anywhere.

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Thought I'd do a mini update! I got a couple Jakks items recently, but here are some Japanese items I've gotten first!

Zuruggu With You badge is super cute~ And a tiny playset figure that is also cute! And had to get this little metal keychain thing, considering it has two of my collected Pokemon on it!

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Also, a quick want!!!

I very desperately need the Piloswine from this Korean eraser figure series! There was a post about how these are in Sanrio stores, so I hope some members have some lying around!! Please let me know if you have one or spot any, any color is fine. Thank you!
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Hobbystore "trading chess" pieces auction/ 1 1/2 day GA!

EDIT 10/8:
NEW GA~ ! Ends at 7:30 EST / 4:30 PST on October 9th, so get those bids in there! Click the pic to be teleported by my abra accomplices.

Hey guys.
Due to illness and workload last weekend, I was unable to make it when the figures came in. This weekend was slim pickin's, but if anyone is interested in Male trainer (w/ yellow cap), treecko, mudkip, torchic, manectric, tauros, seviper, misty, or kirlia, let me know! I'm here for my birthday this weekend so I have very little planned in the way of obligation.

The ones I figured you all would be most interested in, I picked up.
So today we have misty, haunter, and banette up for auction! The first two start at $6, and banette at $10 (only one, hesitant to let it go) with $1 bid increments. Shipping is not included.
Bidding ends October 8th at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST!

Sorry for the cell phone pic.

EDIT: Does anyone have any info on this plush? It's the cutest thiiiiing. I wan' it.

houndoom and slowpoke


Heeeey guys! Long time no post! :D I think the last time I posted was before my summer trip to NYC, and I just realized I never posted about my new loot from the trip! D: I also have some new gets from the community and Anime Weekend Atlanta to post about, so.... LET'S GET STARTED, YA'LL. <3

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TEPIG BACKPACK YES YES YES (being held up by grumpy Jakks plush. Now he has a reason to be grumpy, lol.) I finally found it. FINALLY. He's super freaking soft and super freaking cuddly (for a backpack) and I love him more than like anything. xD Like seriously. I saw him on ebay and I was like, eh, he's cute but expensive... but then I held him at the con and was like HOLY CRAP GRAIL I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED IN MY LIFE. (And its ears have wires in them to hold them up and pose. Cuuuuuute!)

....Ok. I think that's enough pictures and stuff for this post. I haven't posted in so long I HAD TO MAKE IT GOOD.
(ALSO- I just totally realized I passed my 1 year PKMN Collector's anniversary on Sept 21st. YAY TO ME. :D)

Anyway... I'll be back next week with some AUCTIONS AND CROCHET COMMISSIONS (and probably some new gets), so stay tuned for that! :3

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Super Friendly GA Reminder + Sneasel Wants

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to post a GA reminder, but I thought that a GA reminder post by itself would be a bit plain so I guess I'll post a wants too :3
First and most importantly however, is the GA that myself and wildtentacruel are hosting.

Click the picture or go here to go to the original post!
It seems as though we've got some pretty stiff competition bidding against us so please put in your bids so that we can win! There are also a bunch of plushies with no starting bids on them! The auction ends in 6 hours so get in there and bid, bid, bid! x3

Annddd...I want me some new Sneasel Merch! It's about time I go back on the prowl to increase my sneasel collection x3 I'll take Weavile merch too, but it's not as prioritized :3

[Here are just a few wants to name.]
Sneasel/Weavile Pan stickers!
Sneasel Pokemon Time: Candy Tin, Bookmark, Clearfile
Weavile chou gett [less of a priority]
Weavile retsuden stamper/stickers
Sneasel swing chain <333

And any other sneasel/Weavile stuff you guys have got to show me [that I don't already have haha].  Sneasel stuffs are more luff though <3 And a few things about my wants, I don't collect TCGs and I'm not really looking for those stickers that come out of the Diamond Pearl Sticker/ Sticker album stickers.  If you've got pan, restudan, or amada stickers though, I'll gladly take those off your hands!  So show me all your sneasel! and some of your weavile! :3

Annndd....That's it!  Thanks for Reading! x3
Lugia Sky

Trade Perhaps? Small Wants-

So I'm looking for one of these, one that is new and hasn't been assembled yet. I just went to my Japan shop and picked up the over drive black and white dragons but they had an extra Zekrom.

Would anyone in the community be willing to trade a new Unopened Lugia Plamo model for a new unopened Zekrom overdrive Plamo?

If not, is there anyone selling a Lugia Plamo model kit? I'm looking to spend $15 shipped since thats how much I spent on the Zekrom. 
This Zekrom plamo will be going in a huge ebay lot if I have no takers for him. 

And if any one has anything on my want list, please feel free to comment! :D


Gauging Interest/Price Check

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in either, the Chikorita keshipoke or the Scizor Keshipoke? Also, about how much do they go for? If there's any/a lot of interest, I may auction them off or something :D Also, how much do Skiploom Pokemon Time tins go for? :D
Sorry for the lack of pictures, and the rather boring post :(

Also, I will have quite  large update next week, so keep an eye out for it :)

Thanks everyone for being so awesome ;D <333