October 10th, 2011

Starletchu Tanu


I wanted to know if anyone has a Takara Tomy talking Emolga for sale, or know any where I could purchase one from? New or second hand in good condition preferably. Unfortunately for me the Emolga in Best Wishes has caught my heart and is already pulling at my wallet! 


yep: these babies are real. http://www.iwantiwant.com/cgi-bin/cat_display.cgi?9639&IWIW-1318271985862514216135262 you can find them here! Thanks everyone!!

So my friend sent me some pictures of Axew and Tepig, they looked like regular plushies, but they had TY Beanies tags on them

He said he'd found the pictures on a post on /vp/ on 4chan, with the OP claiming they bought them at Tesco (a UK grocery store). I'm not too knoledgable on the UK, but my friend is from England and said he has doubts that they would sell bootlegs. the thread is still going (I can share it with commenters who request, but I won't advertise it on this post) and I've taken on the possibility that the poster may have just attached TY tags to pre existing plushies, but does anyone know if these are real?
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First and Only reminder about the offers on my Giant lugia figure going on! It ends 13 OCTOBER 2011 11:59 EST! Click the image or link below to be taken there for offers! Still at it's starting offer! Don't miss out on this! http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10392945.html

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Auction & Sales Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that my halloween plush auctions are ending today =0w0= Lampent and Shuppet have no bids yet, so lets get some bids in to give them good homes! ;D Either click the link or the link below the image and it'll take you to the lovely halloween plush =^^=

CLICK THE IMAGE or here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10437025.html

Also I have some patches for sale in the same post: Mareep, Eevee, Celebi, and Bulbasaur are left. I cut the prices a little bit so take a look ;D

Newbie Here!

Hey PokemonCollectors!
My username is FlammableLizard, but many people on the internet call me Coolio or Pineapple. C:

I am completely infatuated with Charizard, Flygon, Tyranitar, Shiny Pokemon (Especially Shiny Entei), and Haxorus among others, so I have a large variety of different Pokemon in my collection. The TCG and video games greatly influence my collection,
I've been working on my collection ever since Pokemon became popular in the US, and I like to think that I know a lot about the different types of merchandice.
My goals with collecting are to obtain all of my wants (of course) and to make some awesome new collector friends. :D

My collection is barfed all over my room, so I'll show the more organized bits of it now to make my post less boring.

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Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, guys! I hope to become a good addition to this fantastic community. C:

poke cards from Chinatown

  Went to my local China town in Chicago. i buy some pokemon stuff here and there but not much this time....i did buy some real pokemon cards. 2 packs for a buck!

EDIT: i some people have helped me out and say they are fake. i didn't know so i'm sorry and thanks for helping out.

i think i got a some good cards~

i'm not gonna spam each and every card cause that would be too-too much.

i would love to trade if anyone wanted a card out there but i still haven't gotten any note or e-mail about approval on sales, trades, ect...

hopefully in the future.

thanks for lookin~
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Pokemon TFG pick ups...wants?

Happy Columbus Day everyone!...now onto more important things...


I went to knoxville today to pick up Lion King stuffed animals and I came across a store called Dae Do. They had some pokemon TFG's. I am not sure if these are rare, common, worth picking up...suggestions? They had:

Trainer Sean
Trainer Misty
Lt. Surge
Trainer Brock
Trainer Ash red
Trainer Ash yellow

Never fails.All I wanted were Mightyena and Flareon :(
I got Pikachu tho. yaaaaay *crickets chirp*
happy Ritsuka

ga reminder and collection update! :3

Let's start with the reminder!
This GA I'm running ends next Monday. I'm going to be rather busy this week to post any reminder closer to the date other than on Sunday night, so I'll just do it now. :3

Just click on the photo to be transported. :D

Second is a collection update of a few cool things I've gotten these days :3
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Glowy Evil Merm


Has anyone seen my_chapstick around? I believe she still owes a bunch of GA items and sales items, and considering she only sent me half of the Pokemon merch I payed for back in March when I first bought from her, I'm pretty upset about this random disappearance.
Countless messages have been sent and presumably ignored.

Please forgive me if this has already been discussed and/or prohibited-- my LJ time is limited these days ;w;
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My Collection - vol 1

Hey guys! Here are some pictures of my small but growing collection of Pokemon merch. I promised pictures of my Topps collection in my introduction post, and they are coming! I photographed my cards, but editing all the pictures for this post took a fair chunk of time + this post will be lengthy enough as is, so I'm saving them for my next post. They're also kind of awesome and deserve a post of their own. :)

The main focus of this post is on a Pokemon papercraft magazine I bought from Japan in 2001. I thought it might have been tossed out along the years, but it was stowed away with some of my brother's hockey cards, go figure! I was quite excited to see that my 13-year-old self (or younger siblings) hadn't decimated the magazine ten years ago. Pics of that and more under the cut. :)

My most recent get, what's lurking in the box?

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