October 11th, 2011

Parfearie Sabi

I gotta brag!


Look at them all! :D I still need Jolteon and Leafeon's canvas and I'm sure you all are tired of hearing that from me but I'm sorry!!! I want! :'C Waiting to receive a few beautiful payments :3 but they're to be saved for Jame's mixed lot GA and 13 hour GA! Anyways, gots some stuffs for sale still if you'd like to help a chica out in getting her grail! Hardrock's Jolteon canvas is up to 175!!! >:C Redonkulous! They start 100 dollars less than that! pfff. Anyways, I know I just posted a reminder for my Lugia figure for sale but this is purely for bragging :3 and I just realized I never transfered pictures on to my lappy for bragging! Oh well...Just Eeveelutions for now. But aren't they beautiful :3

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i have closet-cleaning and collection weeding sales with some very quality goodies! most items super duper cheap! includes a ZEBRAIKA CHUPA!

my sales policies can be read here!

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think that's about it!

but PS: refresh http://sunyshore.com/ and you might see the new easter-egg banner art....
also! taking link exchanges for POKEMON COLLECTION websites! if you've asked me before and it's not there i apologize :( i'm a bit scatterbrained all the times sometimes. i'll get'er done now :D

Jakks BW Set Two


I managed to snag an extra Mini Plush Woobat, $15 total shipped if anybody still needs one. I can also go back and pick up Deerling or Drillbur or various figures if they're not available where you are <3

I'll trade him for the plastic Jakks Woobat if anyone's got one!

(I do have sales permission in case no one remembers me)

Collection Post!

Well it's been a long time since I've done a sort of collection post here, or any post at all for that matter! A few days back I was finally able to get around to unpacking a few of the main focuses to my collection, that being Dactyls, Bats, Snakes, and Koga! So I figured I might as well share :O!

HUGE photos under the cut!

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Finally since I haven't made a wants post in Ages,

I'm currently Looking to buy

Zubat, Golbat, Crobat Johto Charms and Tomy figures, I've been looking for the charms and crobat tomy for years now, I seriously can't believe how hard they are to find 8I!

Also still searching avidly for the Clear Sitting Aerodactyl Kid - If you have one for sale PLEASE let me know, I will seriously make it worth your while.

And as always, if you have ANY Aerodactyl/Koga merch you want to sell, and you don't see it here? Let me know! More likely than not I will gladly take it off your hands!

Hope everyone is having an awesome October!  Thanks for having a look-see as always!

Quick Draw!

Pokemon Movie Bottlecap GB is In & Auction Reminder

It is IN~

To those who participated I would like to know if you would like your sticker of the figure(s) you bought.
Also would anyone want the case they came in?
And lastly, anyone want my Darkrai sticker? I'm not a big sticker fan - w-;

Once you comment that you confirm that you saw this and if you'd like your sticker I'll give you your payment #2. Please also confirm your location/country please :3

And there is only about 24 hours left for offers/auction on my Houndour Zukan Piece in my sales:

Click the banner to go there :3

Also anything that isn't sold within the coming week is being put on ebay. I need the money and I am tired of having this box in my room - w-;


A Fluffy Custom Plush Update

Alright, I just couldn't hold out any longer. Expect a bigger update of everything when I get my 3 final plush I'm waiting on hopefully toward the end of the month, but for now here are some amazing custom plush that have made it into my collection. Featured artists include the ever talented Junolover, the oh-so cute Usakochan, the down under girl Pannsie and the mysterious Atateatarin.

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  • hamsteh

Collection + wants+ sales and stuff.

Soo.. :D I’ve decided on something I’d like to collect, but he doesn’t have much merch. D: So I’m pretty much getting anything and everything available. XD I don’t have much yet but I wanted to share! :3 I’m also waiting on a few things in the mail but I’ve a feeling they’re going to take a while to arrive and I wanted to get my wants out here. xD

What I’m mainly after is a Pokemon Center Shuckle charm from HG/SS, I’d also like a shuckle swing chain (Though I know they’re not easy to come by. xD)

But if you have anything that features Shuckle, lemme know! :3

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Still have lots of stuff in my sales, which can be found here:
I guess I’ll accept trades for merch of shuckle, though I’ve never done a trade before so I’d probably prefer not to. xD;

I was also wondering if anyone is selling a pan sticker holder/album. (I believe they're called seal holders?) I was considering buying one from y!j but I don't wanna get screwed over by fees/shipping. XD; I'd also like lots of pan stickers if anyone is selling them cheaply. o: They're really nice and I've heard they're easily reusable so I'd like some to decorate things with. :3
I think that’s about it anyways. O: Throw your Shuckle merch at me! XD

Sales some more

Sales permission granted by denkimouse</lj> August 2010

Need to raise some extra cash for Christmas, so I'm selling some items from my personal collection i thought id never sell :( I don't do trades often but for any item of equal or lesser value i'll trade for one of the new ty axew plushies :)

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Galvantula and Joltik
  • hebilea

Payments due! + help please?

Hi there people!

We have WON THIS GA! :D <333

We didn't end up with any discounts, since the shipping from Australia to the US is pretty expensive, but we reached so much that the extra we have to pay is not as high as you think! :)

Here is where you can find the original Auction: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/120786532900?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_960wt_1396

And here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aue7Lg8F5RBQdDFmb2ktbjNEYUZET3Z2RjVfSExOb1E&hl=en_US#gid=0

The payments are in the BLUE columns, so please send all payments to godudette(@)gmail.com, write your username and "Prawnographer GA" somewhere in the notes, and also edit the spreadsheet if you have paid and add your location!!! Thank you!!! <33

And now a question: Does somebody know where I get these Halloween sticky notes?

Or if somebody has them, is somebody willing to sell the Snivy and Whimsicott to me separately? And also:

Where I can find any merch with this scene? I would like either the clearfile or the hanky.

I know that these Halloween goodies were sold out so quickly, but any information on them would be appreaciated!

Thank you guys! <3
  • truxor

A really important want!

I know I posted yesterday and that I'm still "techinically" on the front page, but I really want this card

This is the Pidove egg promo. I've been dying to get one since I found the packs at my Toys R Us a while back. I bought 5 of them and I pulled 4 Pansage and 1 Axew -____________-

So if you have it, I can trade it for one of the Pansages I got or we can try to figure out a cost. Thanks guys and gals!