October 12th, 2011

Cool Raikou~

My anniversary! and anniv commissions C:

Wow guys, still can't believe it's been a year since my first post!
It's been a fun year, i've learned a lot, spent a lot, and practiced my English a lot too C: (psst, guess my real language and get freebies with your order)
All in all, i can't say i regret joining the comm AT ALL. I owe you guys the collection site i was going to make, but i owe a lot of other things first xD University for example! also the fact that my BF has more than half of my collection (ingluding giant Dialga and Palkia) doesn't help much...

I never imagined i was going to call myself a 'pokémon collector'.Never EVER. But it's so fun! i never imagined it would be so good C: i look at my shelves/storage tins and boxes and each item has a nice story behind it, i just love to look at them and think of all the travelling the figures and plush have done for me!

And because i was feeling happy, i now feel like making stickers C: i have money to ship things, so they will go out late this week/early next week with some other things i have to ship~

Have a preview (sorry my scanner is not working):

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An Intro, my Collection, and Wants!

Hello fellow collectors!

Some of you may already know me, but for now I can't really explain how I ended up finding this place. All I can say is I found my way here when members of this community started contacting me. I've met some really nice folks, and I'm glad that I joined up!

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ANYTHING Victini - I don't like plushes with the overstuffed poofy ears though
Slowpoke figures and plush
Shaymin (Landmin) figures (I just bought some plushes, so I'm set for now)

Oh and this is kinda important---> I'm not interested in collecting any kids!
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Lifesize GA update!

We won! For an absolutely ridiculous amount (about $15 before shipping, Noppin fees, etc). Postage is going to be heavy, but split amongst bidders, it will still be a great discount.
Thanks to technicolorcage for all her hard work putting threads up and doing maths. When I get the first invoice, I will pass it along to her to announce your totals for payment 1. I am your shipper, and I will keep you updated. 

pika cap2

Reintroduction & update

Greetings well I gotta say I've been alittle lazy lately with posting anything but I'm back and with new stuff I've over the summer and this fall.But first to introduction myself I'm pikachux but real name Marcus.I'm a artist I love drawing Pokemon and my own characters I'm also autistic(just throwing that out there). I've been with Pokemon since to very beginning in 1998. But I knew about Pokemon before it even came to the US after reading about the porygon seizure incident in 1997 in Japan. My favorite Pokemon to collect is of course Pikachu (judging by my username) also love collecting any of the starters mostly the BW ones at the moment and any other ones like Riolu,Scaggy or Pansage.But now let's see what we got here my friends.

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Blaziken,dark lugia,and lucario oh my GA

All ga packages have been shipped off and it is now time for more ga mischief ;3.

For this GA I will be claiming Charmander for 20+ basing off the two times I missed him

Bidding ends October 15th at 2:30 PM PST  Bidding is over c: we won with very little discount.
"All Plushes have the original tags attached, the boxes are all unopened."
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I will need payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice
3.All Community Auction Rules apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Non payers will have negative feedback left :( this looks like it will be going pretty high.
5. Please bid in increments of 1.00

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and this GA I will be claiming salamence at 15.00+ :3

Bidding ends October 16th at 7:30 AM PST Arg we lost this,before I put my bid in my computer reset itself D:<.
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I will need payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice
3.All Community Auction Rules apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Non payers will have negative feedback left :( this looks like it will be going pretty high.
5. Please bid in increments of 1.00
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Baby Legendaries!

Moar Beanie Babies for sale!

Hi everyone! After seeing some of the other posts here, I went on a mildly insane Tesco trawl around Edinburgh and came up with some more Beanie Babies! Yay! I'm so happy that the UK is getting some really fun items. They are so soft and have a nice weight to them too. I've already picked out what I would like to keep, so the rest are for sale!

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Postcard pick ups?

Hi there people!

I apologize for posting this fast, as my post is still on the front page (will remove if needed), but today I came to another find! While I was searching for TY plushies in my Tescos (yes, we have A LOT of Tescos in Slovakia) with no luck, I went to other toy stores while finding these cute postcards again!

(the camera must hate Ash...nevermind I did a sucky photo..)
By again, I mean that I have found these once and purchasing only some, and then regretted not getting all of them. Now I have found one toy store, which has even more of these and even more kind! Click on the pictures to see bigger photos. There are some Pokemon on them that you might like! :)

These postcards are old, but originals and copyrighted by Nintendo from 1999 and were made in Korea, here are photos of the backs and from near all the copyrights:

I was thinking that for pick ups, how does 4.50$ SHIPPED anywhere in the world, fees included sound (in a regular envelope, if you would like in a bubble mailer, please let me know, but it will affect shipping)? Just let me know please, I am also willing to haggle! I would do it that you would send me payments right away and i will do the pickups tomorrow and send them out on Friday!

Oh, and forgot to include that I got sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March :)

Thank you! <3

Missing Lotto + Tomy GA Payments #1

I didn't wanna do this, but I'm missing two last payments from xmaiya (your PMs are turned off and I just can't reach you) and lemonbeverages. If you see this, please, please check out the spreadsheet linked here and send payment TONIGHT. If I don't get it by morning, I WILL be leaving negative feedback tomorrow. You've already had three days.

To all other participants, thank you SO MUCH for getting your payments in on time. I'll be paying the seller shortly and hopefully the package will be shipped soon afterwards. I'll make another post once it arrives. Again, thank you so much.

Edit: Anddd I just noticed lemonbeverages must of JUST deleted their account. Nice.