October 13th, 2011

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Auction reminder :D

This is a reminder for my auction which will be ended on Thursday 4pm GMT.
Items include Charizard megablok, various pokemon blocks, and a huge Eevee figure.
Most of the items have a starting bid only. Go place your bid if you're interested on the items ^_^

Auction ends! 

Click the following pictures to the auction post!

Before ending this post, I'd like to get this chance to ask for some help ^_^

I have this Mew zukan, but some parts are missing.

The complete zukan should look like this.
Image from: http://photo.xuite.net/ccwshuan/1565860/58.jpg

Is anyone selling the missing parts of this zukan? Or interested in buying this incomplete zukan? :(
Also I'm looking for this rotom zukan piece.

Please let me know if you have one for sale :'D

Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day C:

More wants~

This is going to hurt. aha~ Here is what I need from the latest two expansions... No idea what current prices are, but last expansions' full art cards ranged about 40$ each. I guess I'm willing to put that up on each this round too. Saw EX cards at 10$, and Regi is ugly, so unwilling to pay as much for it :O

Hail Blizzard
-Regigigas EX (low want)
-Kyurem Full-art

-Groudon Full-art

Psycho Drive
-Mewtwo EX
-Level Ball
-Shaymin EX Full-Art
-Kyogre EX Full-Art
-Mewtwo EX Full-Art

As always, my TCG wants from earlier expansions..

BW1 alomomola Here is the art I want, except I do need the Japanese one~
Team Rocket Returns: Rocket's Suicune EX (willing to pay 23$ for english, 30 for japanese)

Still looking for Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards. Up to the Temple of Anger expansion)

larvitarscar's eBay lot!

Hi guys!

In order to raise funds for my Canada exchange programme next year (I'm mega excited XD), I've consolidated all my shop items, as well as added some zukans I've saved for this occasion, into a lot and placed it on eBay. There are some brilliant stuff in there, particularly in the zukan department! This will be your chance to get some of the items at GA-discount-esque prices. =D Bigger pictures and details are after the cut.

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Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead!
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Tesco Pokemon TY Beanie Baby Pick Up! (Limited spots)

Hi folks! This afternoon I am going to a Tesco, the second biggest Tesco in Europe! So hopefully they will have some lovely Pokemon TY Beanies for sale! If they don't, I will be checking two other huge stores this week!
Sales permission granted in June 2011 by [info]dakajojo

Each Beanie will be $10 which includes Paypal and conversion fees. 
Postage will likely be about $3 for one beanie to outside of Europe, which includes packaging.
Postage inside Europe will be about $2.50, which includes packaging.

Okay guys, at this point there are well over 20 beanies on order, so financially I probably can't cope with many more beanies tomorrow, if we find enough to fill your orders.
I can continue to take requests, but from this point, we will be looking next week. Though if you want a Pansage, you stand a good chance, as nobody so far has wanted Pansage.
I'll keep in touch with anyone who posts and does not get their beanie, until you have the ones you want, one way or another.

Ready to post? Copy this into your post and make my life easier:
1. Beanie(s) wanted:
2. 2nd choice of beanie(s) if 1st is unavailable?
3. Do you only want me to collect if ALL of your picked beanies are available? (e.g: if you want Pikachu, Tepig and Snivy, and I can only find Snivy, what do I do?)
4. Would you accept a damaged/missing paper tag if the beanie itself is mint condition?

- I need payment as soon as I confirm I've collected your beanie.  The only exception is if I have sold to you before.
- If you cannot pay within 24hr after I collect a beanie for you, then I will leave you a negative feedback for wasting my money! I will also sell your beanie to someone else!
- First come, first serve. So if the person before you wants Pikachu, and you want a full set, if the shop only has one Pikachu, they would get the Pikachu.
- I may accept a trade, but unless I agree on a trade BEFORE going to pick up the beanies, don't bank on it! I don't need to get home and find out you were expecting me to trade for something I hadn't read about, and have no money.
- I will let you know either way, and give you the open of a later pick up if there aren't enough plush today.


Pokeball-shroom Get and PhotoStory~

I have been waiting for this pokedoll to finally pop up in a group auction and the one held by dezchu had one, I was so excited, so I had to win, and I did, but enjoy my First Photo story. Be prepared for images and the crappyness of a first photo story.

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Question: What was your first pokedoll, or what do you want your first one to be?

Mine is obviously Foongus <3
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Flats for Sale and GA Payments

Hey guys! I've had to cover for a couple users who haven't paid in two expensive GAs. =[ I have been contacted by some members about payments, but I am still looking for the following:

pikaquil: You can view the spreadsheet for the Prawnographer GA right here.
pocketm0nsters and
silverbuizel: The spreadsheet for the Giant irethsune GA is located here!

Please send the correct amount to godudette[@]gmail.com and include your username in the memo somewhere!

Needless to say, money is a bit tight with all my funds spread out! In an attempt to generate a couple extra dollars in the case that I may need to cover for someone else again, I'm bringing some flat sales to everyone! There are some hard-to-find Advance Generation Topps cards, Movie cards, Pikachu film cards, and lots of other unique little flats in this post, and everything is less than $1!!

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Sealed copy of PKM Black ~

Hi. :B Slightly boring sales post, I know. However, I've been holding this for some time but the person I've been holding it for hasn't gotten back to me so I'm relisting it. I just want it gone, lol.


I was granted sales permission on PKMNCollect on 06/7/11 by denkimouse.

Feed back post! - http://ego-black.livejournal.com/819.html

There it is. It's never been opened. I was looking for $30 + shipping? But I'm definitely willing to haggle.

Thanks for looking!

TARGET stock =]

Hi all! I'm a bit early in doing this this time (since I can't actually pick anything up until Monday), but I needed to post this in one of my rare free moments @_@

You may remember my previous post about the Meijer near me having a bunch of B&W goods...well, now its Target that has a bunch! Including some things I've never seen before!

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made by a user on gaiaonline

Quick update + wants

Here's a small update on my collection, partially featuring my TCG collection. =3=

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And for wants:
Any Joltik and Galvantula merchandise, kids, pan stickers, whatever. Anything to do with the disgustingly cute thunder-bug.
Coro Coro Magazine issues: January, February and March 2004 - apparently they have the Pokemon Snatcher Leo manga that I've been itching to get my hands on.

It will be about a month before I can scrape some cash together to purchase my wants, but I am interested in working out how much I'd have to pay for them.

Thanks for reading! =)
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Magnet GA is in! + more sales

A box full of magnets arrived today! Aren't they beautiful? <3

And that means its time for the payment 2!

Since I think an envelope is just enough for shipping just a magnet or two and it's cheaper, I have provided two different shipping options: an envelope and a bubble mailer. Bigger amounts of stuff are of course safer in a bubble mailer... But it's your choice, just send whichever amount you'd like. :3

Please send all payments to lore_poke @ hotmail.com !
And in the memo, please include your username, the magnets you won and if you want an envelope or a bubble mailer. Thanks!

corvyie and leporidae_bun, I still haven't received your payment 1 so your payment 2 includes that, too. Please pay as soon as possible!

And there's still time to combine your magnets with stuff from my SALES POST or the new sales below! Just tell me what you'd like and I'll give you a new total. :3

And now that that's done... Yes, I found more stuff lying around, so it's sales time again!
And by the way, all the previous orders have now been shipped :3

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Truxor's Late Nite Sales Post!

I made myself a New Banner! So to celebrate I'm posting my sales!

In other news I'm gonna end my two auctions I posted and have the items up for straight sale in my TCG section because there's been no interest in them :/. (if this isnt allowed, then let me know)

Thanks everyone!