October 14th, 2011

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Multipurpose--Collections and Crafts and Customs, oh my!

First: Le collection update!
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Second: I've discovered that I loooove painting figures. I've painted plamos before, but I've also done a few repaints now too, and I think they turned out great!
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And finally, some custom slots! Due to time and schedule craziness, they will once again be auction style, and I'll be doing two slots.

Follow meeeeeeeee(w)!
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Slots end Wednesday the 19th of October at 5:00PM EST. Please follow all comm rules and happy bidding! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.
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First sales post :'D

Hello everyone! It's me again! Sorry for posting a lot recently ^_^"

After a few days for taking pictures and organizing, I'm happy to bring you my first sales post today~!
You can find zukans,  pokedex figures, kids and more in the post. 

Click this happy Tangrowth to be transported XD

off topic: I really want to draw something new for my sales post banner, but I have no time to do so  D:  I'm using my old drawing instead. I promise I will have a new sales banner next time  lol

Thanks for reading!  <3


Is this seller legit?

Normally I don't do posts like this, but since it deals with an item that is essentially one of my top wanted items (So much so I consider it a sort of grail) But I would like to know if the seller emiii0_3 on Ebay is legit or not. They seem to have recently posted a lot of old school Japanese pokemon figures, including the one I have been after for a while.

So has anybody here had dealings with them? 

Also if they are legit then I will provide a link to the item, as they have managed to find multiples of it and it being a pretty rare item I'm sure there are other collectors of this guy that would like one for their very own.

Well Nevermind XD  I mentioned them and then suddenly they started selling out. So I decided to go for it and am glad I did since right after I bought mine, the last one sold.

If you want to know what it was, it was this bad boy X3


ID on settei's and some sticker sales!!!

*sorry about the first post being weird i didnt realize it had posted it since i was still editing it o~O;;;
COME AND GET YOUR STICKERS!!! you know you want them!! :) every purchase comes with a little gift! and all the paypal fees and shipping fees are already included in it!
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Reintro with a huge update and offers

Hello community!  I have been a member here for just over a year now and have a good update to show you all and with all the new faces the past few weeks I thought I'd reintro as well!
My name is Melissa but I tend to go by Middy.  Shortcake comes from a small joke way back in middleschool that just stuck.  I
 am a rat mama (though currently ratless RIP my babies) so the little Rat pokemon found his way into my life.  I branched out my collection with primaraly rodent based pokemon.  Rattata and Stunky were my main collections when I first started collecting with small sides of Lopunny/Bunneary and Plusle/Minun..but now 5th gen has fated my wallet to be forever empty when they came out with Victini.  The apple bunny has won my heart and being the Pokemon with the most merch out of my collections he has became my absolute main attraction, though I still love my purple angry rodents =D
I'm also a collector of "that is a cute/beautiful item I want it" merch so I've found myself buying pokedolls/kids/zukans of pokemon I don't seriously collect. so you'll see Larvitar, snubbull, lucario, Riolu, phanpy and others in there as well.

Please enjoy my collection update and some poor photoshop work of mine XD

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And now For the main attraction the Victinis!!!
Image found on HappylittleBento

Collapse )Finally I have an item up for offers.  If you remember at the top of my post I was showing off my new Hotplate, well I won two hotplates and the other one I don't really want, so I will be taking offeres on it until next Friday at 11 pm.

Features Goldeen, squirtle, Totodile, Wigglytuff, NidoQueen and Pikachu Lovely art work in perfect mint condition, will come with Pokecenter box.  The box is a little bent but still a really nice box!
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Jessie Grace

Last lots of Pokemon for sale on ebay , Grab a goodie!

I just wanted to let you all know that i have the last items out of my collection up for sale 2 lots on ebay so here are the links if you are interested:

Lot A includes: Starts at $80.00

*Gyarados - Hasbro Beanie Has paper and material tags
*Totodile - Hasbro Beanie No tags     
*Totodile - Banpresto no tags
*Totodile - Tomy Beanie "terry towel material" has material tags 
*Pokemon Water museum - Pikachu, Togepi, Diglet, Butterfree
*Pokemon 3D erasers - new in packet "packets are a little battered" 3x Pikachu, Wartortle, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Psyduck, Charazard, Squirtle, Blastoise, Gengar, Meowth
*DX Totodile - Brand new with paper and material tags
*DX Venusaur - No tags

*ANA charms - Pikachu w/balloons "metal", Pikachu & Pichu "metal", Togepi "rubber", Marill "rubber", Cyndaquill "rubber.

Link AU:http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/260873015518?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_7196wt_1396
Link USA:http://www.ebay.com/itm/260873015518?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_7196wt_1396
Link UK:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260873015518?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649#ht_7196wt_1396

Lot B: Starts at $70.00

*Talking and Vibrating Psyduck - WORKS! and has material tags
*Pikachu - Heartland/Tomy Minky
*Shaymin - Tomy "missing voice box"
*Slowking - Banpresto Paper and Material Tags
*Slowking- Hasbro Beanie Has material tags
*Psyduck - Hasbro Beanie Very Loved no tags
*Psyduck - Tomy "Terry Towel" Beanie had material tags
*Minun- Plush Purse New with Tags/paper and material
*Applause Plushes
-Slowbro "tag"
-Seel "tag but half tail is missing"
-Zubat "tag"
-Jigglypuff "tag"
-Squirtle "tag"
-Charmander "no tag"
-Vulpix "no tag"
-Charmeleon "no tag"
-Horsea "no tag"
-Ivysaur "no tag"
-Spearow "no tag"
*Mixed Pan Stickers x19
*Cyndaquil DS Stylis
*Pokemon Battle Cards GBA "ruby sapphire in packet but packet is damaged, cards are in excellent condition still in clear film"
*Topps Cards x3
*Post Cards x3
*Key rings - Black and white assorted x4
*Roller stamps - all working


Hoppip friends
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Hundreds of new goods - kids, zukan, stickers, plush!

Floaroma Pokemart has updated with hundreds of new goodies!
The images below showcase only a small part of new goods; click the banner to shop it all!

ALSO, many plush on eBay; including some Luxio customs. 10% is also donated to charity.

10% of ALL proceeds (including shipping!) go to the following cause:

The Horn of Africa Food Crisis

World Vision is working across this region, including Kenya and Ethiopia, to respond to the drought that is affecting so many. Across this part of Africa, more than 13.5 million people are in dire need. World Vision is providing nutrition supplements to malnourished children, improving healthcare and sanitation, increasing the capacity of earth dams in anticipation of rains.

  • aleyina

Rare christmas mug 2003 pokedolls

Up for auction is an exclusive Pokemon Center 2003 Christmas mug! These are out of print and I have never seen one on the community.
I am assuming its pretty rare. This one is in mint condition. Never used it. Used it for display. Wiped all the dust out of it XD

All community rules apply
Auction ends Monday Oct. 17th at 5:00 PM
Countdown is here:
Reserve is $50
Sniping extends time 20 minutes.

The flash did not do this justice
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I also have this on ebay


custom pins + sales :3

My friend's birthday is coming up soon. She likes collecting Pokémon stuff, but isn't like hardcore, yet I wanted to give her something cute and Pokémon related. So I had an idea of making pins! Her favorite legendary trio (as is mine) are Raikou, Suicune and Entei, so I decided to make those for her in both regular and shiny form. The pins ended up resembling Japanese Pokedoll tag style, and I think they came out terrific, and arrived today! XD

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And now for a shameless sales plug. :D

I have loads of Japanese TCG, a lot of English TCG, added some coins and Pokédolls as well!
Click the preview below to go to my sales!:

  • neeko48

Gets and Sales!

Hi everyone! I got some awesome stuff in the mail this week!

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In other news, I'm going to my first anime con ever next Saturday! :D I'll probably be carrying around my audino pokedoll, dressed up as my oc :) And I'll have pokeballs attatched to my white purse. So if you're going to Anime Banzai on saturday say hi!

emmet and denchura beep beep!

plamo news!

First of all: TOMORROW BEGINS THE SHORTEST CONTEST EVER ON THE COMMUNITY!! You'll have 15 days to make your Halloween Contest Entry -- how many will do it in time?!?! THIS IS YOUR ONE DAY HEAD START! :D

I really am sorry guys, for not starting it a month in advance like usual. What a crazy autumn it has been so far in my neck of the woods. Holiday contests and hopefully another in later winter/early spring will go according to plan :D I want to keep continuing the Guess the Pokedoll contests too but it seems to have become a "just say three Pokemon names and you might be right but probably not". Still, people seem to have fun anyway. What do you guys think about it?

Anyway, Plamo news!!!

December: Kyurem with real clear plastic bits! We knew about him.
January: SAZANDORA EVO LINE!! Amazing, unexpected, and incredibly difficult looking too... fun, fun fun!!
March: COBALION!!!! Any of us who have been sweeping entire sections of shelf clean with their arms in anticipation of some stuff of him can now cheer. It begins!!

Also special 100 limited metallic versions of Victini, Zeks and Resh.

By March we'll also know the stars of 2013's movie... sometimes the goods even begin coming out that early... OHHHHHHH WHAATTTT......


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PS: Oh right, on another note: THE "INFO" TAG IS FOR MERCH INFO AND NEWS... not for info on your personal stuff or regular sales posts... i have had to edit the tags of a lot of random things people put under "info". Keep it in mind please! D:

thanks guys!
Baby Legendaries!

Limited Beanie Babies restock

I've managed to get a restock of more Beanie Babies from Tescos! I know some of you who missed out in the first round may have managed to grab them elsewhere. However, they do seem to be selling out quick so just in case anyone is still looking please follow the fake cut to my restocked post! I will be doing my best to get another restock in tomorrow so keep an eye out if you are still looking for something and sells out, this will be my only reminder post for these sales as I don't want to uber-spam the community.

(Oshawott, Tepig and Axew are back!)
happiest rapidash

Postcard GB, Sales/Offers, and Mini Collection Update!

First off, Postcard GB participants, our postcards have arrived! My mail came rather late today, so apologies for the bad lighting orz

blackdog333 has already labeled everyone's postcards, and they're all ready to ship ^^
Please send $2.50 to gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com with your username in the memo and I'll have them mailed out ASAP (Thursday is my next international shipping run, as usual :3). Everyone also has the option of combining anything from my sales for no additional shipping charge ^^ caffwin, yours will be shipped with our trade ♥

This brings me to my next topic: I've updated most photos and added a ton of things to my sales post: rare flats and misc figures as usual! \o/ It also includes some zukan sets and PokePark stickers~
(If you didn't pay in my last sales post after I gave you a total, your item(s) have of course remained in my sales bin :c Please make sure to read my rules/instructions if you're buying from me.)

I've also got a quick 48 hour offers post for some rare and pretty Pokecen stationary :D Most of the items start at only $3, so click here or the photos below to check them out~

Last but not least, mini-update for my collections!

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Next time I'll be doing a Ponyta/Rapidash update, but they've overrun their shelf space. XD I'll be going through my water type, fire type, babies and misc. collections to see what I can part with and rearrange over the next month or so~

Quick wants: If you have any non-English/Japanese Ponyta or Rapidash TCG, I'm very interested :D It's my goal to have each version in every printed language, and I'm lacking a lot of Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch cards, and have NO Korean or Portuguese cards! D: