October 15th, 2011

  • psy_man

Collection update ... Finally

Howdy Y'all. So for a long time now i've been promising a collection update that included the groundbreakers TFG's i got from Gin, the duplicated Flaaffy i hyped up, and all the other stuff i've been getting from you guys... well here it is.

start with a wide shot:

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as always if you want to help me out my Wish list is here

my store is closed since i sold off most of it in an auction recently (by the way i'm sorry it took a while, but everyone who bought from me and paid has thier stuff in the mail.)

Thanks Everyone!

Oh and i also just realized Its been almost exactly 1 year since i joined this community ... wow... what a fun year it's been.
  • donny9

Updated Wants + Reminder: Dec Kids GB

Hey guys, just an updated list of my wants! I'll keep it short and sweet

1) Half of my Visible Grail: Minun Canvas Plush, I've got the other half already

2) Samurott DX Tomy
3) Pokemon Zukans of my Team:
Scizor/Scyther, Garchomp line
4) More zukans - Minun/Plusle Diorama(On Stump), DP12 Plusle/Pikachu/Piplup, Chikorita/Cyndaquil,Totodile Dioramas
5) Minun DX Pokedoll
6) Minun/Plusle Clear Tomy

Also, the one and only reminder of the December Kids Group Buy I'm doing. A lot of kids don't have any claims yet so get yours in!

  • belchor

Looking for some mc donalds toys!

Hello everyone!

Recently, the pokemon toys arrived to our local mcdonalds and i really love them! But.. only 4 of them arrived!: Zekrom, Reshiram, Zoroark and a different pikachu (wich looks pretty cool as he is in an attack pose!)

Sadly, i was really looking forward to getting zorua, snivy, tepig and oshawott so i was wondering if any of you have them for sale!
I live in Argentina so i would be glad if you could give me their total price shipped. Also, im looking for the lowest price and it would be great if i could buy the 4 of them from the same person!

So, anyone has zorua, snivy, tepig and oshawott mcdonalds toy for sale? Please say yes and tell me the price you have on mind =)

Thank you!

Here are some pictures of the pikachu they are giving here! its in attack mode and it cames with that red base, wich you can use to throw pikachu but.. its not like he moves that much o.O anyway, you can take him off the base and he looks great (I hope the image´s size is ok as its the first one im uploading. If its not, please tell me!) by the way, sorry for the qualityi of the images XD

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10th Anniversary Pokedolls Offers (& more!)

Hello community! I hope it's okay for me to post again, I deleted my other post about the gets for these Pokedolls! Click through the cut or through the pictures to get to the offers! :D


Well here it is, I am sending off my complete set of Kanto and Johto 10th Anniversary Pokedolls! Offers start as listed and count as the reserve price I am willing to accept on these Pokedolls! All are tagged and I have provided pictures of each individual tag. If you'd like more pictures, just ask! Don't be shy :D

*Totodile has some funky thing going on with his stitching.. he came like this but I'm sure there is something wrong with him. He's still a cutie! But because of this, he will start lower than the other plush. (See his pictures for details)


  • I will only accept Paypal as payments. E-checks may be accepted, ask first!
  • I ship from Texas, USA.
  • Please allow me up to one week to ship your items out.
  • I am open to haggling for sales.
  • If you would like shipping insurance, please ask!
  • Sniping (bidding within the last five minutes) will extend the offer at hand by ten minutes.
  • My starting prices are the minimum offers I'll accept; sorry for the confusion guys!
  • I am open to payment plans! Just ask beforehand.

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On the hunt!

Hey guys! I know I haven't made a post in forever, so my apologies that this isn't some awesome collection update. That should be coming in the next couple of months sometime, when my collection can be displayed again. It was stored away in the process of moving, and we don't have any shelves for it yet.

Anyway, I'm on the lookout. A friend of mine back in Texas really loves Umbreon, and I'd like to buy her a few things for Christmas, namely the Pokedoll. I'm looking to spend $15-$40 on the plush depending on which one I can get a hold of, and condition. Ideally I'd like to get one in pretty good condition with the hang tag, but if there's nothing else I'll consider others as well. Either Japanese or American release would be fine, though I get the feeling I won't be able to find a good condition Japanese pokedoll for my price range. I'm also interested in buying a few smaller Umbreon things, so if you've got some little figures or something, I might be interested as well. I realize I could just go to ebay, but the amount of bootlegs makes it hard for me to find a seller I could trust.

Thanks in advance!
  • beriel

Collection+intro post

I've been around here for a month+ buying some stuff and building my collection up so I thought I'd finally introduce myself to the community.

I like to collect fire Pokemon, especially Entei, Reshiram, and Ho-oh. I also want to collect the rest of the legendary beasts and the Musketeer quartet once more merch comes out (especially of Terrakion).

(kinda image heavy)

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(shortest ever) HALLOWEEN CONTEST IS ON!!!

It is I vonce again, back for anuzzer year of spooky scary Pokeymons. Yes, zee one and only Count Raicula! I vas trapped inside my coffin a little bit long zees year, but now I vill demand for your blood sacrifices!!!
Or photo sacrifices, zat is also okay I suppose

WHAT!: Take your toys, and dress them up for Halloween. This can mean any number of things! Make them a costume to send them trick or treatin' in, or set them up in a Halloween-or-autumn-like photo! Your goal: appeal to the masses! Take the best and most creative photo, and all the entries will be judged by the community! You can post as many photos/photostories as you like, but must pick only one of them to submit for voting in the end.

HOW: Take your photo or photostory. If you posted multiple entries or photos, pick ONE entry that will be voted on by the community in a poll. When you post your entry (using the CONTEST tag or it won't be included!) make sure you just let us know which is your official photo for judging (in the case of more than one photo).

WHEN?: Get your entries in by OCTOBER 30th!!! That's FIFTEEN DAYS FROM NOW!!! ARRRRRGH!! We will spend the days of Halloween checking out the entries all together and voting to keep the community in Halloween spirit!

WHY?: Because the winner gets a Pokedoll or similarly priced (we can discuss if you win what you want) item from the Pokemon Center shipped to them free of charge courtesy of your MOSTE EVIL ADMINISTRATOOR! And once you are all on my side, I will suck out your souls Just trying to spread Halloween cheer! :)

Post any questions here but remember, your entries must be posted as separate posts with the CONTEST tag!! Now go my darlings mix up your dastardly brews!!

-Only one photo/entry per member will be accepted into the official vote this year, just trying to mix it up.
-You can photoshop your entry to your heart's content.
-You can use custom made Pokemon! But I recommend against creating a custom item JUST for this contest - it's not a contest about art skills :) Try to use custom goods you already have if possible.

  • al_ecko

Anniversary post and collection update

Update time! I was planning on posting on my one year anniversary but ended up thinking I'd joined in September. Turns out it was August. So I was going to post on the anniversary of my first collection update (September 15th). That went to pot. xD So here's my one year plus two months anniversary post and collection update!

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question about the starter tcg boxsets (with the jumbo cards)

I have an... odd question about those new start boxseters that have the jumbo cards, figures etc... I noticed when I went to Walmart, they ONLY had the Oshawott boxes, and Target ONLY had the Tepig boxes... Are these... store exclusives? Because I noticed a bit of a trend:

Oshawott -> blue -> Walmart
Tepig -> red -> Target
Snivy ->  green -> ??? (I actually haven't seen any Snivy starter boxes yet!)

Has anyone else seen more than one at a store, or am I on to something here? 0_o