October 16th, 2011

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Hey all. Still no collection update, boo!

I got a couple of boxes of Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard and though they're really gorgeous sets, I'm just not feeling it. :C So! I'm selling them off - hoping to make my money back. I have the full set of EXs available for sale, Regigigas and Kyogre SRs, and most if not all of the other (non-SR/UR) cards:

Regigigas SR: $35
Kyogre SR: $35
Mewtwo EX: $20
Kyogre EX: $15 (2 available)
Shaymin EX: $15
Regigigas EX: $15
Groudon EX: $15
Kyurem EX: $20

You can find pics of the rest of the sets here at Collector Viper
Uncommons: 50c
Rares/regular Holos: $2
Anything else (commons and goods cards) I'm happy to include as freebies with purchases. :3
Pics are not of the cards I have in hand (which are NM, straight into sleeves) but I can provide photos on request!

I ship from Australia, sales permission granted by denkimouse, um, a couple years ago.

My Collection Part 2!

Hi again everybody! Since I didn't get to take pictures of everything I had in my intro post (Located here if you want to see!) I decided to make a second post for the stuff I didn't show before.

(Preview of my bed full of newer plush)

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Also I created a wants list, if you could take a look so I can give you my money <3
~~~~~Wants list link! C:~~~~~

Introduction/collection and wants.

Hello everyone! Been here for a few months and decided what the heck let me introduce myself. My name is Cindy and Iv been a Pokemon fan since I was very young, yet I never really liked playing with the cards (uhoh) I really enjoyed watching the series.

My favorite pokemon types I like to collect would be water, grass, and ghost. Favorite pokemon would have to be poliwhirl! Oh he is so amazing...that swirl..those cute eyes....ahem anyways. I started collecting about two months ago when I got back into the pokemon spirit! It had fadded for a couple of years but it is back yay :3. Im more into collecting pokemon plushs than anything else...and that is it :D

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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

LET'S DO THIS. Fire up that randomizer.org!! And the random number is:

#507, Herdier!! Which means Lillipup and Stoutland too. :) There's not much in the way of merch for these guys yet, but I figured I'd let a gen 5 number be pulled this time since there IS merch of them after all. If any other gen 5 numbers get pulled, I won't eliminate them from future PtoW. c:

Post your Herdier line collections and items! Even if it's just one thing, pictures make it all the more fun! c: Show your terrier love!
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Rare/mint Pokemon xmas mug 2003 reminder

The bids are still a little low D:
This ends tomorrow at 5!


Also, what is this?! I found the set yesterday and went 0__o

Look at my new get!

Bobblehead with fully moveable parts <3 Love these things!
I have Pikachu
Are there any other sets? I know of 2 :(

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Oh hai!
I haven't posted in a while, so I decided to do a brag post :D
Because I just finished sewing this beauty,and i want to share <3 <3

I love him so much OWO
This one is sold, and I won't post any links to my gallery because I don't have sales permission yet ;)
But I am going to make another fluffy one just like this plush here and put it up for auction as soon as I do :D
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Need help with identifications! And a super tiny wants...

...and they're all kinda related to Rotoms (o゚ω゚o)

Okay let's start with this mysterious Rotom Pokedoll I found yesterday from a local toy store:
 (Umm just ignore all the random plushs aside :p)
Why is this Rotom so mysterious? It's because I found this in a pile of random Banpresto plush and bootleg Sinnoh starters Pokedolls ∑( ̄□ ̄;)
And then I'm from Hong Kong, the mysterious place where all the fake and factory reject Pokemon plush gathers (?)

So...the question is, is this Rotom Pokedoll a bootleg or a legit?
I've tried to find more photos about the bootleg one rumored around the internet, but I had no luck except finding this pic over and over again (/ˍ・、)I would really appreciate it if someone has a photo for the fake one.

All that I know about the booty Rotom is that the tiny round thing under their body isn't that roundish at all, but I can't really tell if mine is not round enough or not (-ι_- )

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Another interesting thing about this Rotom is that, I actually find this with another Rotom Pokedoll with different tags OwO
The other Rotom Pokedoll has a really used hang tag, even though both tags stated that it's from the 2009 release(?) And the colors on that hang tag seems to have faded a bit than the 2008 one I got home too.

So...if both of them are booties, looks like it's time for everyone to be more careful with the newer Pokedolls since then <:3c

And for the second question...it's about chou gets!
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Last but not least, here is a super tiny list for my current wants:

A Frost Rotom kid and a Wash Rotom kid! I regret so much about not getting them years ago when they appeared in Toys"R"Us ;w;
...and yes that's all I need right now. I don't have the money for the clear Rotom kid /is shot

Some Wartortle stuff (non-flat) would be nice too, but then I am quite picky about the quality...sometimes even the painting jobs on zukans doesn't look right to me

Small-Medium Bead Sprite Commissions <3 (oct. customs #1)

I don't think anyone has offered these in a while, and since making them is ADDICTIVE OMG, I'd like to open 10 spots for menu, walky or trozei sprites. <3

My sales permission was granted in April of 2010 by lineaalba. A lot of members don't know me so I'll state this up front.

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1. Aisarang- walky shiny Leafeon

thanks! <3 once I get my camera back I intend to do a re-into and collection post. If you like floons, torbs and regis, stay tuned!
houndoom and slowpoke

Commissions! Auction! New stuff!

Hello, community! :D I come today with a few special things!- Some new gets, a new auction, AND.... COMMISSIONS! *_* Let's not waste anymore time, nya? :3

Let's start with crochet commissions first. :D

I'm offering two commission slots at this time, and its first-come, first-serve! (Although I may start a waitlist if there are more people interested in plushies!) Prices for commissions range from $45-65, not including shipping or material costs. Please click the banner above to be transported to my official commissions post in my LJ- it has all the information you'll need to know to commission me. :3 Thanks so much!!

Now... time to show off a big juicy box of stuff I got from ebay about a month ago and never posted. xD Lookie, lookie! (More pictures under the cut!)

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Also, did you notice a certain yellow figure in those pictures that I failed to mention?

Yeah. That one.

Yup, its a Jakks Jolteon figure! Its in excellent condition and was a TOTALLY unexpected get. I was looking through the stuff, pulled that out, and went, "Oh, cool, a Jolteon.... waitaminute.... that's a ... JAKKS JOLTEON." *freak out moment* Annnnd, as much as I love the eeveelutions, I'm a Flareon collector, so I thought I'd offer this guy up for auction on the community! I know there are more die-hard collectors of the eevees than me. :)

*Offers start at $25 and do NOT include shipping. (However, I will include free Delivery Confirmation/Tracking for people in the U.S.! International people can still bid of course, but tracking/insurance costs are too much for me to front myself.)
*Auction ends next Monday, October 24th, at 11:59 pm, EST. (Countdown here.)
*Please bid in the appropriate comment thread below this post!
*Please be ready to pay immediately upon the auction's end if you are the highest bidder. If payments are not paid within one week of the auction's end, I will offer the item to the second highest bidder and will leave you negative feedback on the comm.

And finally... I have a simple request for you guys! :D
Does anyone have a Charizard Pokemon Center pillow, from the 10th Anniversary series? They look like this:

I would absolutely love to get my hands on one of these babies. If you can help me out, please let me know! <3
Ok, that's enough typing. x3 See you guys later!
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lovely arbok&lt;3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

swirly, slithery gets!

I've gotten some really snazzy stuff in the mail within the past month, so I figured I'd share them with you guys today! :D

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Also one more thing, does anyone have any information on this Seviper figure right here? [the one that's circled]

I didn't even know it existed until a couple months ago! x) Any info on this guy would be wonderful! <3
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collection update :3

hi all~! since i am going on vacation for the next month and a half in a few days, i figured i'd do a collection update cause i'll really miss all my stuff ;u;

soooooooooo. lots of pictures under the cut oooof my Groudons, Munchlaxes, Kyogres, Snorlax, and kiids. xD
(i forgot my Swadloons buuuuuuuut. oh well ;u;)

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okay, lastly, i have a question for you guys! Who is/who are your travel buddy(ies)?

These two will be mine! (Since I cannot bare to leave home without a Groudy or a Munchy)

Baby LB, my Tomy Munchlax (who is super soft and is named after my friend LB who is a "Snorlax" xD) and Shrimp, one of my two Groudon pokedolls. <3

I'd also love to see pictures of your travel buddies in different places~!

GA reminder, sales update and a re-intro!

Hey guys! Me here with one hella long post <_>

firstly, this GA here:

I'm still owed a ton of payments from this!

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Secondly I have a big sales update! Includes a charizard paki paki plush, a whole bunch of rare mewtwo things and tons of old playing cards! Prices have also been slashed, whatever doesn't sell WILL be going on ebay, so this is your last chance!


I also have that massive pikachu lot up on ebay! if youre interested in it let me know and don't hesitate to make an offer!

And finally, my long overdue re-introduction!

For those that don't know me, My name is Danni, and I live on the sleepy south coasts of the united kingdom. I've been a pokemon fan since late 1996-early 1997, when my dad's friend in japan sent over some drawings he had done of pokemon and the effect that pokemon had made over in it's home country. Since then I waited patiently for the game's release on english shores, and was not disapointed on it's inevitable release. 14-15 years later, I'm still as big a fan as I was then as I am now.

I've now been a member of this community for around a year and a half, and I've met some of the most wonderful people during my stay, collecting my favourite pokemon :) So without further ado...


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and FINALLY! EXPO is just 14 days away! Thank you so much to all the UK members who have given me feedback thus far, but if you are going to be at london expo and havent commented on the potential meetup post, please do so! We'd love to see you there! I will be announcing the day and time next week, so let me know asap!

Click the picture of fake cut for more details!


and that is FINALLY. FINALLY. the end of this monster post. Thank you so so much for reading, and I love you all! Thank you!

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Multi-purpose Post!

Hello all! Haven't posted in a long while, been rather busy.

Collection Update! Follow the cut!~ 

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I'm on the hunt for 2 items:
Treeko and Torchic Pokedolls. I already have a Mudkip, and he's rather lonely being the only Johto starter in my collection...
Also, I was wondering if anyone knows about the re-release of the Kanto Pokedoll starters..? I don't know when they were/will be released, but I'd also like all three of those also.
Thank you!

New poke shirts?

 So i was reading a favorite artist of mine. she posted a little photo blog of what she got. i see on the far right side is a pokemon shirt that i have never seen.

she said she got it at the Nintendo world store in New York city.

has anybody gone there lately for some shopping in anything in general. i would like to know if there are more shirts like this one or the other 2 legendary beast's. or maybe other pokemon shirt!
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Hai thar. >.>

I just joined a few days ago, after looking around this size for Pokemon merch... I thought I should introduce myself by posting some pictures of what I have so far...

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