October 18th, 2011


This is my Contest Entry!

     I don't have any plushes, so this is done with my figures instead! It is a story about a Halloween Dance (only there is no dancing ;D)! I am a bit biased in this story, but I love each and every character! It is not the most extravagant story, maybe I'll do a better one next year! So please enjoy! 

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   Hope there is a great turn out this year, I can't wait to see everyone elses entres! Hope you enjoyed my somewhat interesting story! Seeya next time for tea and cookies ;D
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adeku wave it off!

sunyshore updates + talky emongas

i've added some stuff to sunyshore that comes out this weekend and already in hand as well :)

i am also taking up to TEN slots for talky emongas.

they are 85$ shipped WITHOUT A BOX. i simply don't have the resources to ship with those boxes right now, which is why i never picked up talkies in the past, but if you really, really do want a box, just let me know and maybe we can work it out :D

just comment to reserve. would need payments by saturday!

EDIT: the emongas are ordered, so those on the list can pay anytime. when ready just send 85$ to denkimouse (at)gmail.com. if you plan to combine it with poketime or christmas pokemon items, send only 80$ and mention it in the note!

1. rocket_chick
2. slothyshroom -- PAID
3. darkangellilith -- PAID
4. asterelle -- PAID
5. moolerb -- PAID
6. angelfish3 --PAID
7. beckycuh -- PAID
8. starletchu -- PAID
9. lovelychu -- PAID
10. lilstarjolteon -- PAID

thanks guys!

Bragging time! And more....

Ok, first off, I got  2 packages last week, and I have not yet got to post about them.

In the packages I received these:

I accidently deleted who they were from, so whomever sent these, please let me know, I would really like to exchange feedback, as they came in EXCELLENT condition! Thank you! =]

Next, BRAGGING TIME!! hehe. I just finished making this and it came out sooo good I just had to show everyone.

It is over 3 feet long, 42" total. Ad suuuper lovable! It was done for a private commission on another site and so yes, it is already sold. and seeing as I DO NOT have sellers permission (yet), I will not be linking to my DA. If you want to find me, you will. I just really wanted to show everyone. =]
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My Halloween 2011 contest entry!

This is my first time participating in one of these. I am excited!
I wasn't going to, but when I pulled in to my driveway my niece ran up to my car presenting me with something....VICTINI'S HEAD!
I'm sure you all remember the victini incident of mine...if not you will mwahahaha
Anyway, I had to dig through my trash to find his body but it was so worth it!

I didn't use any photoshop ^__^ (I'm a terrible photographer and that is an accomplishment to me XD)
Catch Phrase:
"Nothing is scarier than having your collection destroyed!"
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Photo Entry for contest:

Thanks everyone!
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Sales Post

Alright lovelies, it's sales time ;D I have a few groups of stuff for cheap. It's old stock and I'm trying to get rid of it since I will be having new stock coming in soon. These groups are good for anyone whose just starting out with new sales or is just looking for some new stock to rotate into their store! I've also got some eeveelutions up for grabs! There's zukan, metal swings, keychains, patches, and so much more!

Follow the cut for the sales!

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A Wild Halloween Contestant Appears! 2011 Activated! RAAAARR!!!

ALSO, Happy October everyone. I've never joined a contest before, and this is the first time I've seen one here, too so I thought I'd join in for once. I had a lot of fun making this one. Hopefully with what I could scrounge up at this house, I hope I can still scrounge up...your hearts. Awwww....

The following story is based on a true story

that I just made up.


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An Update of Derptastic Proportions!

I just got back from my trip to Hawaii yesterday and I came back with some new stuff! I haven't posted anything in the past few weeks, so I felt like posting some stuff I got. I got some silly bootleg stuff from the flea market(I was tempted to buy all the fake cards for lulz, but I didn't have very much spare cash put aside for the flea market.) I did also go to Toys N Joys and I picked up a few things there. (I was $10 short of buying a 1:1 Emonga...I regretted buying some cheap jewelry a few days ago after that. ;_; )
New stuff is under the cut~
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Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

sales time again!

Sales time again! Take a look under the cut for the rest of my TY beanies, and serious collection weeding in preparation for the shedload of Mudkips on the way in the next month or so! Pokedolls (Eeveelutions!) and kids! :D

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Also, people who previously bought TY beanies off me, they were all shipped on Saturday! <3

And does anyone know any more about the Pokemon Time merch coming up? I know of the list of what it's going to be but I'm getting anxious for pictures (my wallet needs to know how many Mudkips there are!) XD

Long time, no see!

Hi everybody! I'm still alive, even though I've been quite inactive in the community. I've been concentrating on my studies (I started Japanese as a secondary subject this autumn o.o) but hopefully my next collection update won't take another three months.

Thank you again for all these great things! I can't stop wondering the power of this community and Internet in general - without them it would have been nearly impossible to get most of these things in such a far-away country as Finland. ^^*

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