October 19th, 2011

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Tomy MC figures pick up!

Hello Everyone ^_^
I am doing a pick up for Tomy MC figures! These are the new ones that comes with a free spinny base!
A lot of different ones are available and they are only $8 + shipping each!
These include all starters and their evos and legendaries from all generations + a number of others. I will be able to pick it up if it's in one of the pictures below C:

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- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 25/09/2011
- Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees
- Shipping: Shipping for first Tomy figure to non-Asian countries is $2.5 with package or $2 without, + $1.5 for each additional figure with packaging and $1 without.
- I ship internationally from HK via standard airmail. You can choose to add an extra of $2 for a registered mail,  which tracking will be included.

- You only have to pay AFTER I picked your items, but if you fail to pay 3 days after I have your items on hand and gave you a quote I will leave negative feedback, unless we worked out something before hand
- In case I fail to pick up your items, I will let you know. This might happen if too many people want the same one
- I will give you a total before next Sunday (30th Oct).

- Shipping can be combined with items in my sales post if you don't mind waiting
- I can do trades with items in my want list

Please use this form to order to make my life easier, thanks. C:

- Which pokemon(s) to pick up: 
- Do you still want the rest if one or more of the items is not available? : Y/N (Please specify in case this will depend on what I am able/ unable to get)
- Do you want them with original packaging? Y/N (shipping will be cheaper without the packaging, please see above rules)
- Country to ship to: 
- Do you want registered mail at an extra $2? Y/N

[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Sales update! Make offers too!

Hey all! I've updated my sales. CHECK IT:

Click the banner to go!

I have a few items up for offers as well! An uncommon Quagsire pillow and some rare "chirimen" plush!!

Check it out and make offers below on the sales post! I'll be taking offers until interest dies down. c:

I'm willing to haggle on pretty much EVERYTHING! I also have a few gen 5 pokedolls for sale, so come on in! (on wednesday i won't be at home to weigh items for shipping totals, so haggling with me might get you an easy total and better deal! :D)

(For those of you waiting on the mystery dungeon house GA, it's currently on it's way being shipped to my house! I went ahead and covered the international shipping since it wasn't much and I'll combine those costs with your final payments. :) Thank you for your patience!! <3)
kyouko oh

Couple of plushes I'm after

My first post here, so I'll introduce myself as well. I'm 18 and got into Pokemon all the way back when it came out. My first game was Blue version, it was also my first game that I got with my Gameboy Color.. that I even still own to this day. My favorite games though are the 2nd Gen games, and I can't say I have a favorite Pokemon, I like too many of them. Honestly I don't have too big of a collection, so there's really nothing much I can show off, mostly I collect my favorite Pokemon and merch that's neat to me or cute. 

At first I came here hoping I could get some help looking for some merch I want, but hopefully I can meet a lot of nice people as well! :) Kinda nervous, haha.

The items I currently am seeking areeee~

Under the cut

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Want: zukans and tomys

A few weeks from now I came with a great idea about making a HUGE diorama for all the zukans figures I have the problem is that I don't have enough. I got moltres, sudowoodos, mr mimes, tangela/tangrowth, sneasel, elekid/electabuzz/electavire, staraptor line, porygon line, shieldon line, bidoff line, roselia line and kangaskhans thanks to poliwhirl</lj> ).
I'm from Chile so I think it would be convenient for me if you offer me not only small figures. But anyway, everything would be cool.

So basically I'm looking for zukans figures as cheap as possible, I don't care if they are baseless or without their pegs.

and also it's been a while since I don't post anything here, since then my tomy collection is almost done. Now I only need FOUR TOMY FIGURES of the second generation  I only need SLUGMA!

I can pay +$25 for each. I hope to end my tomy collection by the end of this year.

Thanks for reading :3

Ed and Chaboikan

GA Reminder!

Just a reminder that this GA ends in 10 hours! Click the picture to be taken to the auction!

Edit: We won! We had some competition, but we managed to win for a few dollars under what we raised. Since this was still on the front page, I'm just going to reply to everyone's winning bids with the spreadsheet. As it's an ebay auction, I need payment asap. Thanks for participating!!

Tomy release dates courtesy of AAPF!

There's been a lot of Tomy merchandise news posted on AAPF in the past couple of days, so here's a recap of upcoming release dates:

* Monster Collection figures: Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Beartic, Braviary (all are the same as the movie set MC figures)

* Monster Collection Plus figures: Braviary, Volcarona, Kyurem

* Monster Collection figures w/ 1st edition-only Battrio pucks: Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus

* Furifuri ("shaking"/"swinging") plush: Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Emolga, Minccino, Cubchoo
* Talking Minccino plush
* Emolga PokéCon "Here and There" remote-controlled toy

* Regular-size plush: Archen, Ducklett, Rufflet
* Monster Collection figures: Stunfisk, Cubchoo

* Monster Collection figures (re-release w/out Battrio pucks): Volcarona, Kyurem

* Large-size plush: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion

* Monster Collection figures: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion

* Kyurem PokéCon "Battle Action" remote-controlled toy

* Monster Collection figures: Throh, Sawk

Lots to look forward to, as usual! :)

Problems with the Feedback Thread..

Hello community! I just wanted to express a problem concerning some feedback that I and another person tried to leave this morning.. Every time we tried to do it we received this error message (on both ends.)

I figured it was an error with the thread at hand but no matter whose previous comments I tried to reply on, it wouldn't work. Is there an overall comment limit for threads on LiveJournal? :o

Also I'm not sure if this type of post is allowed haha, but I figured it just may be something that would affect the community as a whole, so yeah..


Also, offers plug! I still have my 10th Anniversary Pokedolls among others up for offers in this here thread: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10494964.html .. Feel free to swing on by~

a zukan advertorial

Hi, guys!

Today, I bring to you a much overdue collection update - my zukans collection! My goal isn't as ambitious as to try collecting everything - I have some specific criteria. ;) Here's a preview:

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That concludes my zukan collection update! Speaking of zukans, I would like to thank the comm for your support of my zukans + more GA that is currently being organised, we are close to approaching my goal! =D Hope you guys get the items you want. If the GA is successful it would be majorly helpful for my Canada exchange programme next year to have some extra funds. ;)

That's all, folks! Have a great week ahead.
jiricomputerover--by me

An apology and looking to buy

I want to apologize to people who've tried to buy from blackjacksales in the past few months. Things have been a mess here and I haven't been able to find a great deal of what people are looking for, despite having things listed. I'm terribly unorganized and this hasn't been a very good time for me both online and offline. I've been sick a few times in a few months (usually I get sick maybe once a year), I've been running around with convention stuff and then having people try to slander my character when I try to run for board, so it's been emotionally taxing...

But still I have really no reason to be so physically disorganized. The room where I keep stuff is a mess and I need to buckle down and go in there and clean it up. I hope I find everything soon, and when I do, I'll let you know.

Anyway, at the risk of making myself seem even more irresponsible than I already am, SELL ME YOUR LANDMINS. I want your Landmins, especially plushies. I have the talking one, the vending machine one, the Jakks one, and the chibi one, as well as some ones I've yet to identify, but I know there's more out there. Are there any of Landmin wearing clothes, like in a costume line?

pricecheck? /help please

Anyone know what this Big Charmander stamp goes for these days? I heard it's rare - is it? it is old so the stamp has unfortunatly started to dry.
And this big Squirtle, what would his cute butt go for? : 3
They need new homes soon.
(Caterpie kid size ref.)
pika cap2

small card sales

evening all got some more cards for so check out

1.paypal only
2. I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 2 days

Charon's chance $5
Zekrom $5
Electivire LV X $5
Ampharos prime $5
Electivire LV X
Magmortar LV X $5
Garchomp C LV X $5
Slowking prime $5

thanks for viewing
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A little story and share your stories!

Hi there people!

Today, I would like to share something with you! 

As most of you probably know, I have moved away from the USA and I am back in my homeland, Slovak Republic. While I am being here and going to university, my dad is still staying in the USA until ending of January/beginning of February. I can pretty much imagine that he feels lonely without us, his family here, but yet, he is not super bored. He actually enjoys shopping and just going into random stores. In the last days, he has written to me that Target is selling the Jakks single figures for a cheaper and limited price (I think it's 3.99$). He doesn't know a thing about merch, but he wrote all the names down and available merchandise they had. He asked me if I would like some of them. And of course I have said YES! I have listed him some things I wanted and he searched them for me. Just now I have gotten an E-mail from him with a picture of what he got for me, here is the picture!

(Pffft, and i thought he sucked at sending photos by mail..)

He even surprised me with some items that I didn't think I would receive. OH MY! The happiness!!!!! <33333333
Can't WAIT to receive these guys! My dad is a sweetheart!!!

SO MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: How supportive are your parents or siblings or other people from your family/you are living with towards you collecting Pokemon merchandise? I am so curious to know about you! :D

So from my side, my dad is asking me most of the time: "Don't you have enough Charmanders/Snakes (he calls Snivy and it's evos snakes XD)?", but still he buys me stuff from time to time, even though I have a large collection. I think he understands me collecting Pokemon the most, because he himself collects Herpa model planes (he is a geek about anything with planes). My mom and my older sister are more "meh" towards this. Though at one point, my mom tells me how orange (Chars) and green (Snivys) everything is and it suits to my room....

So that is mostly from my side! Share your stories please! <3

EDIT: THANK YOU GUYS for your stories! I will promise you that I will answer them all, it will just take me some time XD

Aaaaaand, lookie what my dad got me today!!!

OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG, I wanted this baby right after I have seen this on the community here! And my dad found it for me at Toys R Us! <33333333
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Take my stuff please?

Hi guys! So I finally got the call on Monday that I got a new job! After over 4 months of procedures, interviews, tests, exams, background checks and more, I got the job as a Jazz Aviation flight attendant (Jazz belonging to Air Canada does mostly within-Canada flights, though a few go to the states and to the south.) This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I'm unbelievably excited to start. ALTHOUGH. Here's the deal. I have to move across the country. For you Canadians, I'm from Cornwall, Ontario (about an hour from Ottawa) and my position is in Vancouver, British-Columbia. In two weeks I have to move to Toronto to start my training, and 6 weeks later I'm off to Vancouver. Moving there, I can only take a couple suitcases with me so I will not be able to take my collections along except maybe a few pieces.

But more importantly, I need money. It's a big move and I wouldn't mind clearing some space and having the spare dough. Last time I hosted sales though, I had to shut them down because Canadian shipping prices don't make it worth it to sell small figures for small prices, and no one wants to pay more shipping then the figure is worth. I'm going to put some of my stuff again, but I'm warning you, shipping BASICALLY starts at >12$ for any kind of plush, and figures.. we'll see. So what I'm going to do is take offers on my stuff, and we can try to work something out. I WILL take a trip to the Post Office tomorrow and get quotes for what people are interested in. I NEED THIS TO GO. It is all now up on eBay. Offer me eeveelutions. :c


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emolga love her afro

Simple TFG Auctions! And my usual random questions!

Hello all! Today I bring you a Flareon TFG auction. I am also going to auction of my Lt. Surge as my last post showed a lot of interest and it swayed what I should price him as. xD I was just granted sales permission so while I sit through and price the bagillion things I want to sell, I'm going to smart small and do this!

More pictures and auction info under the cut!

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And now, a question! Does anybody really care if cards are first edition? I collected from Base through Gym Challenge, mostly, before I started again at B/W. I've finally sorted through my cards after years of them sitting in a box and realized I have a ton of first editions, mainly commons and uncommons but there are still quite a few holo and rares! If nobody cares I will price them like normal but if there is care, how much more should I sell them for? Thanks and any other advice and pricing TCGs would be MARVELOUS. I seriously have over a thousand doubles to sell. xD

Also within the next week or so (I know, I keep saying this ;-;) expect a collection update!

Thanks you guys, you're awesome!!